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Bymas new team
Europe Rokiz 
Speculate, Bymas said he got an offer which he accepted and it will be announced in about 1 week. He said that he got offers before Faze from Envy,Sprout,Syman,Smash but all the teams wanted him to quit school. But he said that his new team let him go to school. Source Bymas latest stream He talked that in Lithuanian so not worth to watch that.
2020-08-08 00:26
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2020-08-08 00:28
2020-08-08 01:36
Brazil urisco
2020-08-08 04:02
jL | 
Estonia pj4
yeah hes gonna play in some tier 3 mix probably. with some other fpl friends im guessing gxx/rigon etc.
2020-08-08 00:28
I don't think that he got offers from t3 scene that he accepted don't think that t2 teams wouldn't want to pick up him.
2020-08-08 00:31
jL | 
Estonia pj4
hopefully, would be nice to see him play in some tier2 teams. But those usually require players no have other shit to do school or job etc. they want full investment. So my guess its a tier3-4 random new mix. But i could ofcourse be wrong
2020-08-08 00:32
Germany BernsteiN
Mouz tier 3 lol
2020-08-10 17:48
maybe mouz? ropz was also allowed to finish his school in mouz i think
2020-08-08 00:32
jL | 
Estonia pj4
replacing whom?
2020-08-08 00:32
chrisj probably
2020-08-08 00:33
2020-08-08 00:33
Argentina Joedash
So he would go support again? Maybe with karrigan he will be way better imo.
2020-08-08 03:58
He said that the new team he's joining said he's gonna be entry on the team.
2020-08-08 08:22
2020-08-09 11:45
I thinked that too it could be a guess.
2020-08-08 00:32
why would mouz pick bymas?
2020-08-08 00:33
because they have been performing poorly since online era started
2020-08-08 00:34
no way they would pick bymas, the guy is clearly not prepared for tier 1
2020-08-08 00:35
>mouz >tier 1 Pick one
2020-08-08 00:37
they are usually tier 1
2020-08-08 00:37
usually t1 but in online era they are t2 with this roaster.
2020-08-08 00:49
noob)) mouz will rek teams when lan era starts again
2020-08-09 12:04
2020-08-09 13:12
bymas 0.92 rating chrisj 0.86 rating karrigan 0.83 rating
2020-08-08 00:38
u forgot to say mouz have been having the worst games of their last year while bymas was playing in a stable team
2020-08-08 00:39
lol r u really this dumb? Do I have to remind you that Bymas has never played in t1 cs even t2 lol. He is also only 16 years old. He legit has very little experience. He was also baited almost all the time.
2020-08-08 00:50
He needs a proper igl to help him be a better player which Karrigan can surely do.
2020-08-08 00:54
Exactly. Karrigan already made frozen a beast, he can make bymas one too
2020-08-08 00:55
And surely mouz wants a younger talents cuz ChrisJ and Karrigan is already 30 y.o but Karrigan can still be igl if they have 4 good young talents.
2020-08-08 00:57
Karrigan is not the only reason the three young guys are playing well. Chris is really versatile and he can let the young guns in his team have the spot they like. Chris can be Entry, support, Lurk and also Awp
2020-08-08 08:29
frozen was a beast way before he was on mouz. He was great on extatus, he just wasn't old enough to really get signed yet. In nochance and the beginning of mouz he already had good stats.
2020-08-08 08:49
good point, but frozen already had experience playing in smaller t3 teams and he already had bags and bags of potential; bymas hasnt really had that exposure yet until faze. nonetheless, i do really want to see him succeed somewhere. i generally thought c0ntact would be a good starting team for him but if he doesnt want to play with espi then idk.
2020-08-09 12:33
I'm pretty sure that both Espi and Bymas would like to play with each other. Espi said in Insta that Bymas is great player.
2020-08-09 12:36
Also entry fragger is way better role for Bymas.
2020-08-08 00:57
Yeah he said that the new team offered him entry role and Faze wanted lurker not entry that's why Bymas wasn't kept in faze.
2020-08-08 00:58
Imagine Bymas, frozen, ropz and woxic in the same team with karrigan as IGL. Looks scary :D
2020-08-08 01:01
Yeah that would be sick.
2020-08-08 01:02
Doesn't look much better, if at all when it comes to LAN, then what they have now.
2020-08-08 01:16
It's now online era and karrigan can surely make Bymas good in lans too.
2020-08-08 01:17
I never said he can't just said it's literally the same team except a sidegrade for now.
2020-08-08 01:19
ChrisJ got 0.8 rating my guy they lost everything in online.
2020-08-08 01:21
and that his rating without igl who could help him and with 1 month in t1
2020-08-08 00:39
i'm not saying the guy can't grow up as a player, i think he has talent i just don't think that's a smart move from mouz to replace any of the players for him rn
2020-08-08 00:42
When you watch the ratings in online scene now from mouz you surely do need to make a change.
2020-08-08 00:44
Better than ChrisJ and they will have full younger players who can be better in future.
2020-08-08 00:34
it will be godsent
2020-08-08 00:35
Mouz isn't in t1 and Bymas surely can play in t2-t1 who will be merged in to a beast if played with right players which could be mouz because karrigan surely can help him more than niko.
2020-08-08 00:37
Godsent? Doesnt maske any sense because of the roles Zehn Maden Styko Farlig all decent role players Krystal is the igl
2020-08-08 12:28
also, he's not better than chris
2020-08-08 00:36
ChrisJ is 30 dude he's not playing for long anymore they need new 5th man.
2020-08-08 00:37
Hi :)
2020-08-10 17:43
Serbia hltvmens
Pls no
2020-08-09 11:44
it happened axaxaxaxaxaxaxa
2020-08-10 17:49
Serbia hltvmens
holy shit
2020-08-10 21:09
Told you
2020-08-10 17:43
He got kicked
2020-08-08 00:43
Old news and probably wrong thread we here speculating what team he joined.
2020-08-08 00:44
I dont think it's gonna be a good team, I think the best he can hope for is like Hellraisers or something like that. Maybe contact.
2020-08-08 01:02
It could be c0ntact but slight chance.
2020-08-08 01:35
Contact would be good -snappi or emi +Bymas
2020-08-08 12:28
C0ntact just signed snappi like 1 month ago so there is no way that they will replace him already. Isn't emi the weakest player on c0ntact? I assume he is in danger of getting kicked.
2020-08-08 12:45
Given hes staying in school, GamerLegion HellRaisers Gen.G/Envy? ForZe maybe VP
2020-08-08 01:07
How would NA team workout if hes staying at school? xd
2020-08-08 01:12
Envy prob going full EU -Nifty +lekr0/Alex? Gen.G could sign him after the fact, and keep him on contract until then Also online school exists
2020-08-08 01:31
even FPX could make new roaster and sign him and go full eu with this roaster : Alex or Lekr0 (IGL) Bymas (entry) Smooya (awp) Rallen (lurker,support) Nukkye (2nd awper, support)
2020-08-08 01:34
Is FPX still in the trade market for a roster? I figured once the Heroic deal fell through theyd stay put for awhile, atleast until Corona is over
2020-08-08 02:58
Thorin and Montecristo said that they are figuring out a roaster.
2020-08-08 08:22
Germany I_car
They payed for the spot in flashpoint so they want a team to participate there
2020-08-09 12:02
Souce: 2
2020-08-08 01:13
Secret must be
2020-08-08 01:14
Indonesia lukerey
Secret should just built a new team... anarkez flamez sphinx palm1 bymas
2020-08-08 01:18
Anarkez doesn't wanna play with other Israelies, he became cocky. So he won't be playing with spinx and flamez
2020-08-08 03:42
Indonesia lukerey
dang sad to hear that :( nukkye flamez sphinx palm1 bymas how about that? but idk who's gonna take IGL role
2020-08-08 03:56
Maybe a new team with nukkye?
2020-08-08 01:21
good idea but he told hes in new team and cant tell which i think
2020-08-08 01:32
yeah he said that he can't tell untill org announces him.
2020-08-08 01:33
nukkye is signed?
2020-08-09 12:11
Germany I_car
Bymas is signed
2020-08-09 12:15
ah, ok
2020-08-09 12:15
navi jr.
2020-08-08 01:37
He doesn't speak russian
2020-08-08 01:37
Secret Bymas
2020-08-08 01:43
Said this before but prob c0ntact. They removed LETN1 recently so it would make sense for him to be there. Mark my words hes gonna go there. Best of luck to you Bymas FPL star and insane spray controller. 2020 GetRight?
2020-08-08 01:43
They removed Letn1 cuz they signed Snappi as igl and Emi moved to support
2020-08-08 01:43
Lithuania Ufasas
more money in cs, than in school, maybe fuck school, never learnt anything, apart from counting 1 to 10 and english, still broke and poor, lmao, till today
2020-08-08 01:45
He got offers from teams that got no future, and to drop school for that is not worth for him.
2020-08-08 01:45
Lithuania Ufasas
well, school first then, obviously
2020-08-08 01:47
And he got offer from team which let him finish school and play for them it's the best offer which he accepted. He said that if Faze wanted to sign him as entry he would've left, but faze wanted lurker.
2020-08-08 01:49
He said his parents understand how big this is and that he will get a lot of money and they don't care if he leaves school, but he for teams like syman, sprout etc it's not worth it, or smth like that, if he was in team like faze he would leave it.
2020-08-09 12:39
Ukraine alexftw
Envy needs a player rn
2020-08-08 03:25
He said that he got offer from Envy before Faze's stand-in offer and denied cuz envy wanted him to leave school.
2020-08-08 08:23
nEGRo | 
Finland Nexpo
school lmao
2020-08-08 03:35
He's gonna siucide he's from Lithuania gigalul
2020-08-08 08:31
Very Funny.
2020-08-09 11:30
> Latvia
2020-08-09 12:07
2020-08-09 11:40
It could be if he replaces emi
2020-08-09 11:50
You think espi would be happy with Bymas coming to the team? They could be a sick duo but I feel like espi has too big ego
2020-08-09 11:52
Not Espi has big ego but Nukkye has a big ego, and Espi said that Bymas is good player before Bymas joined faze as a stand-in
2020-08-09 11:53
Also it seems like its not gonna be mouz because chrisj went to the mouz bootcamp
2020-08-09 11:54
Yeah saw that.
2020-08-09 11:55
2020-08-09 12:45
MAD Lions
2020-08-09 11:46
Why would they need 6th if they signed Inocent ?
2020-08-09 11:49
Sweden quacke
Envy is a possibility right now.
2020-08-09 11:54
Envy wanted him to leave school that why he didn't accept their offer.
2020-08-09 11:56
Germany I_car
Maybe they create an European roster now and they let him stay in school?
2020-08-09 12:07
Could be, but Envy is with Nifty like Faze with Niko
2020-08-09 12:17
Sweden quacke
Yeah but considering they were looking for a short-term player and would be making a bigger investment for 2021 it's not impossible they'd settle for letting him continue school for now and try him out for the last months of the year and either swap him or resign him for 2021.
2020-08-09 12:29
Could be, but i don't think he would mention that in stream that he got offer from them and canceled before Faze.
2020-08-09 12:31
Sweden quacke
Eh, if they had already made him an offer before and knowing how desperate they are right now I'm sure he could have a new deal negotiated pretty quickly after FaZe booted him.
2020-08-09 12:36
Lithuania SiTyGas
ropz played in mousports and mouz did let him stay in school :/
2020-08-09 12:03
Yeah but, ChrisJ is already in bootcamp so it's probably not mouz.
2020-08-09 12:06
Sweden quacke
Appearently mouz are rumoured to have offered Bymas a spot as a 6th player.
2020-08-09 12:30
This could be very true 6th man young talent. And having Karrigan as igl it would be very good for Bymas.
2020-08-09 12:32
Sweden quacke
As a mouz and Bymas fan I think it could work well. I just hope they give him an Astralis kind of approach, where he's not a substitute, rather actually being an equal status player for them to develop as a possible replacement for chrisJ when he inevitably leaves the team. After all he's 30.
2020-08-09 12:39
Yeah ChrisJ will play for 1-2 years max I think so they need 6th now to make him better and make him 5th when he gets better.
2020-08-09 12:40
Sweden quacke
Yep. Bymas would fit, considering both him and chris play entry.
2020-08-09 12:42
Yup and he said that the new team said that he's going to be entry.
2020-08-09 12:42
Chrisj is probably gonna play only on last RtR tournament, because mouz cant really lose -%20 at this point
2020-08-10 17:45
2020-08-10 17:51
Team Secret reborn.
2020-08-09 12:25
C0ntact pls
2020-08-09 12:44
It could be they would be sick duo with Espi
2020-08-09 12:46
Germany I_car
C0ntact pls
2020-08-09 12:45
Endpoint max
2020-08-09 12:47
Lithuania SeNSeO
Pls link me source
2020-08-09 12:48
Deleted vod because of dmca on twitch.
2020-08-09 12:50
who cars
2020-08-09 12:49
Romania sky27
mousesports? same thing happened wit ropz, they let him to go to school
2020-08-09 12:50
Yeah could be, they could sign him as 6th man and make him practice with team and join in replacing ChrisJ and going entry.
2020-08-09 12:54
Ur right hahaha Check mousesports Twitter
2020-08-10 17:46
Romania sky27
shit im smart
2020-08-10 18:15
Lithuania jakouu
can you give source? im lithuanian and can understand
2020-08-09 13:30
+1 i want to see that too
2020-08-10 17:47
2020-08-10 17:46
mousesports poggers
2020-08-10 17:51
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