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ELEAGUE Slip during rocket league
Spain Sneakers Facts.. DOING ROCKET LEAGUE, EVEN UR CASTERS BY MISTAKE ON OPEN MIC SAY ITS A SNOOZEFEST!. COME BACK TO CS:GO ALREADY. Explain why not back in CS:GO? Come back, stop pleasing ur sponsors like a mindless sheep. CS:GO is the king.
2020-08-08 23:11
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If CSGO was profitable for them they would do it
2020-08-08 23:14
true, CS:GO is a money draining game apparently. Valve doesnt want to intervene, mostly because community pressures not to do it. So they keep off. Also most sponsors are pretty low IQ, and dont sponsor CS:GO for terrorists, CTs and bomb. And its true unfortunately.
2020-08-08 23:25
They are not low iq...
2020-08-08 23:27
low iq? Even if the risk of ever being shit on for sponsoring a game that has terrorists is small, it's present and the tradeoff is not that worth it anyway. The game doesn't have sensational numbers that are worth the risk and Valve barely gives a shit about it. The only TO that actually had potential to stimulate growth was Eleague because I could view it even in my shitty country on TV and the production value was insane.
2020-08-08 23:33
most sponsors want to have big view numbers on the platform they are on, and CS:GO is one of the biggest ones. That CS has terrorists? but i thought we were all over this already.. not relating videogames to real life situations. Valve not being in it, doesnt change much. It's up to the T.Os ability of gathering them.
2020-08-08 23:53
'Even if the risk of ever being shit on for sponsoring a game that has terrorists is small, it's present'. You've got Fortnite, Valorant, League, CoD and other games with similar or better numbers to sponsor that have no controversial risk whatsoever and you can see that with the orgs getting into them. Football teams have esports representations such as Schalke or PSG yet none of them bother with CSGO. 'Valve not being in it, doesnt change much.' It changes a lot actually because it's one thing to rely on the reputation of a random TO where your name will be represented (almost all it takes is money to get teams to attend) and another where the company that sells and develops the product gets involved because the standards will be higher and there is some quality assurance, which, a tournament like Home Sweet Home or whatever else can not provide. The current formula with the RMR points is much better as you can label more tournaments as being 'official'. Riot/Blizzard for instance got involved much more actively into their esports and tournaments organized and it showed, a lot more investors were willing to chip in.
2020-08-09 00:29
United States tatsumi
I mean you still got middle aged white moms who think that playing cod will turn you into a school shooter
2020-08-09 00:50
Portugal eilzinho
It is profitable, otherwise they wouldn't have done it for 2-3 years. Problem is that with all the shootings in the US, it's tough to invest in a shooting game
2020-08-08 23:58
He was calling only one series boring, not the whole game. And sponsors is what makes them money, why would they be in cs if cs doesnt make money?
2020-08-08 23:14
yeah usually rocket league is more entertaining, i watch only the world championship and its quite fun. But yeah.. i mean the viewers u get in 1 place u dont get in the other and by FAR.. i wonder why so many sponsors dont care about CS..
2020-08-08 23:54
Because of the image that comes from it. With this whole "violent video games" narrative being put out by the media and politicians, it's just not a good look to promote a game where terrorists are trying to blow up stuff.
2020-08-08 23:58
They will after Vitality becomes top 1(soon) like in rocket league
2020-08-08 23:18
Czech Republic Rewask
NRG is better than Vitality tho
2020-08-08 23:56
Theyre not check liquipedia ranking + not even in the same region
2020-08-09 00:13
Czech Republic Rewask
Liquipedia rating doesn't indicate who is the best. G2 are high and they are terrible right now. And who cares if they are not in the same region, NRG would just wipe the floor with Vitality right now.
2020-08-09 00:16
Renault Vitality superior
2020-08-09 00:15
Netherlands HetIsPatat
2020-08-09 22:24
Another classic hot mic. I think TBS didn't really like having CS on TV, which didn't help.
2020-08-09 00:55
well at least he is honest
2020-08-09 01:02
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