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Liquid unbeatable now ?
United States jack4000 
Now Liquid got finally rid of Bot nitr0 and adreN and have Moses as coach now I think there is no one that could beat them in terms of firepower or strategies. BIG and EG will be the only two teams that could beat them. Thoughts? The strongest era ever incoming?
2020-08-09 19:32
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Envy still better, nothing can change it
2020-08-09 19:35
Brazil pooternd
nifty did nothing wrong
2020-08-09 20:31
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
If y'all consider being a snake right
2020-08-10 06:46
2020-08-10 11:02
2020-08-09 19:36
United States jack4000
2020-08-09 19:47
Denmark pdxm
BIG, the one that struggled against #42?? And is shit on LAN, lmao no
2020-08-09 19:38
Serbia TheSerb
Still managed to beat them and destroy them on map 3 they had 4 weeks off chill bruw they will comeback even stronger against heroic and win the event
2020-08-09 21:38
Denmark pdxm
And then come to be utterly destroyed at cologne :)
2020-08-10 03:59
Serbia TheSerb
We will see, its theyr home event. 2 yrs ago they made the finals with smooya and nex this team is stronger than that 1 ever was.
2020-08-10 07:06
Denmark pdxm
Indeed we shall see, they will have a good run, i think they will finish top 5
2020-08-10 07:51
Lithuania arres
Online is everyones home
2020-08-10 12:19
Germany I_car
They just came from vacation, they will rekt everyone now
2020-08-10 11:58
Denmark pdxm
Haha, will see
2020-08-10 12:12
We will see in tournaments not in online i don't even see ''big'' as number one team just because of winning online events tbh.
2020-08-09 19:40
United States jack4000
thats your problem
2020-08-09 20:19
I don't think this is the best move, but I still like it on the basis he seems like he would be a better mental coach than adreN could be. I think Kassad would have been the move, though I am not sure if Kassad wanted to be apart of liquid. I'm just not certain about Moses as a tactical coach. I know he is great at understanding the game, but so was adreN in terms of tactics. Regardless it's decent.
2020-08-09 19:52
kassad doesn't want to coach an NA team for now, which is sad to hear
2020-08-10 06:36
Why is everyone hyping up Kassad and make him sound like some kind of "savior" for Liquid? The guy didn't get shit done in Renegades/100T. I'm not saying it's entirely on him as I don't think they had quite the player material to match with the best. But still, what did Kassad DO to be the ONE?
2020-08-10 11:19
Poland mlodzier
Make an Oceania team into top5??
2020-08-10 11:48
Well I suppose it's a merit if you are implying that a team with the players they have shouldn't be top 5. They were there only briefly though. Barely a top 20 team for the past 6 months or so.
2020-08-10 14:33
Poland mlodzier
With jks and jkaem only relevant on the team (ssg meta boost them a bit like AZR was making numbers even) I think its pretty challenge to make into top 10/20
2020-08-10 15:27
Not sure why they haven't made changes yet. No results for a long ass time and 100T are putting in massive amounts of money on it. And they have a pretty big player pool to choose from considering they are based in NA.
2020-08-10 15:32
Poland mlodzier
I guess there's also some PR stuff like they were about to keep Aussies at all cost just to be Aussie team but yeah i agree with you they wasting potential either as a org and for players like jks or jkaem.
2020-08-10 15:35
cuz he made a team with gratisfaction good
2020-08-10 12:11
I think the attitude and the approach to the game is where you’ll see a difference.
2020-08-10 16:21
yea thats my opinion too. My thinking though was that Kassad would bring both. People say hes overrated but I really think 100T was not a fair judgement. It was the same story with Zews and MIBR vs Zews and EG
2020-08-10 19:14
I mean 100T with kassad > 100T now. Also if zews would’ve stayed with liquid when they added stewie I think liquid would’ve been dominant for longer.
2020-08-10 19:21
yea probably
2020-08-10 19:32
Could be good, but could also be shit It has potential to even be top1, but we will have to wait and see
2020-08-09 19:55
TBH I feel like TL could end the year in like Top 3. The only teams I would be cautious of is BIG & Vitality (basically because of recent form).
2020-08-09 19:57
Liquid is trash and will continue being trash
2020-08-09 20:21
i do think liquid shouldve got zews back when he left mibr
2020-08-09 21:39
While Moses was a great analyst we don't know how good of a coach he really is, only time will tell us that. Don't get too excited if they have this huge "honeymoon period" and then drop off massively.
2020-08-09 21:41
Russia Drapery
Moses lmao Imagine a caster coaching your team
2020-08-09 22:02
Brazil hugoooo
He was a top tier player on 1.6 if you don't know, he has huge experience
2020-08-10 04:19
You don't need to be the best csgo player to coach a csgo team
2020-08-10 06:38
wait till lan cs comes back, other european teams will rekt lulquid and big
2020-08-09 22:04
the entirety of summer 2019 happened on lan
2020-08-10 06:37
haha keep dreaming about the past
2020-08-11 20:16
2020-08-10 04:10
Brazil hugoooo
2020-08-10 04:18
jack4000 with another shit thread
2020-08-10 06:30
There is a s1mple problem tho called NaVi
2020-08-10 06:39
Liquid has lost only 1 bo3 to Navi in 4 years, also navi barely beats the shit teams in CIS RMR, navi is the least problem for liquid
2020-08-10 11:59
no, they are going to still lose many games
2020-08-10 06:42
Once LAN comes back, Jks will lead 100T to the major win, as well as 100T becoming the best team in the world
2020-08-10 06:43
2020-08-10 06:48
bald move from liquid
2020-08-10 07:02
No one can beat them and one sentence later BIG and EG can beat them lmao murican logic
2020-08-10 08:07
They have lots of firepower but there is no way they are going to be super strategic.They will need decent teamwork and comms too
2020-08-10 08:22
We wont know before LAN cs Aka 2021
2020-08-10 08:27
imagine talking about era when you have team that have cold niko rain Kjaerbye and broky
2020-08-10 08:55
why u kept EG on good side? cuz its your team.could u be realistic little bit? thx. u cant win with stanislaw against elige or naf cmon
2020-08-10 10:06
I wouldn't yet mark them unbeatable but these moves they have done in the past few weeks are totally steps in the right direction and I'll see them as a pretty scary stack. It all depends on how good job stewie can do as igl and how moses can develop their gameplay. The firepower has always been there and with the addition of Grim it looks even scarier in that regard.
2020-08-10 11:05
niilo | 
Finland t0ki
Im fine as long as BiG isnt #1
2020-08-10 11:15
tier 3 na cs
2020-08-10 11:39
Germany snicxx
NA CS LUL come to eu and even enpoint beat your ass. grim farming bots in na. he is maximum as good as niko or coldzera. look what happened to them in eu. tier 4 players like Calyx come to NA and is one of the best hahaha dont be delusional NA
2020-08-10 11:42
grim not even close to niko or coldzera
2020-08-10 11:46
United States Frotha
German CS LUL
2020-08-10 16:23
United Kingdom Bern1e
Imagine thinking bringing moses to your team would in any way benifit the players. Literally everyones listened to him for years drone on about completely dreadful ideas. liquid had their little rise to fame when astralis, navi, faze and fnatic were all praccing for major. Now they will go back to being a teir 3 na team
2020-08-10 11:44
proof for any of your claims?
2020-08-10 12:13
United States jack4000
I saw how fnatic was praccing for major ;DD
2020-08-10 13:13
So you think they are unbeatable, yet you think BIG and EG could beat them. BIG BRAIN
2020-08-10 12:16
Poland Kazk
Not with Bot2k
2020-08-10 13:25
Macau Be_Happier
Expected from jack4000
2020-08-10 15:29
EG suck.
2020-08-10 19:33
Russia ToughGuy
expected from jack4000
2020-08-10 19:34
I wanted to say something but then i saw that the post was made by jack4000
2020-08-10 19:35
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