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how many fps will I have?
Brazil arturfelipe 
I will use an i3-9100F with a GT420, how many FPS will I have on average
2020-08-10 01:53
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over 9000!
2020-08-10 01:55
"qual o poder de luta do kakaroto?" "é de mais de 8000!"
2020-08-10 01:57
i guess around 100 idk
2020-08-10 02:00
something bigger than that, i use an i3-2120 and i get an average of 90
2020-08-10 02:01
Iran yashpashar
gt420???? u ok?
2020-08-10 02:00
2020-08-10 02:01
I use this GPU for a while, I will invest to buy a GPU later
2020-08-10 02:02
Iran yashpashar
The GPU is gonna highly reduce your fps even though csgo is totally CPU intensive. Youll manage to barely get 60 fps on lowest settings and a low res. If u get anything half-decent ( even a gt1030 ) you'll manage to get well over 200 fps with that CPU and low settings. If you're looking for a cheap GPU, a used rx570-470 is the best bang for your buck you can get.
2020-08-10 03:20
its logic and quite stupid, I use this GPU with i3-2120 and get 60-100 fps
2020-08-10 09:31
2020-08-10 17:54
2020-08-10 02:01
2020-08-10 02:02
I need help, not trolls
2020-08-10 02:03
An avg of 90
2020-08-10 02:09
1 or more
2020-08-10 02:13
lol are u excited for ur new pc?
2020-08-10 02:14
Depends on res because if native 90-110 FPS if stretched I think anywhere from 120-140
2020-08-10 02:16
I intend to play in 800x600 or 1024x768 with all the settings in the low
2020-08-10 09:33
Ok so like 150-170 probably
2020-08-10 17:49
Is that your new PC? If it's not then just go test csgo using the benchmark workshop map
2020-08-10 02:21
imho it's hard to say considering the specfs, your gpu is worse than the gpu which I had ~12 years ago, then again cpu is slightly better than the one which i'm using currently (6yo setup)... you should be somewhat over 100 (not sure how much) but it's hard to say..
2020-08-10 02:23
answer is always "not enuff"
2020-08-10 09:34
it seems that most people on hltv don't like to see others happy
2020-08-10 09:37
Czech Republic VetriX_
i think more than 60
2020-08-10 09:42
soon i will buy used gtx 750ti
2020-08-10 09:43
That cpu can give up to 300 max fps but that gpu will lower it to 40-50 fps, especially if there is a smoke in front of you. So probly your fps will hover around 150-200 but it will drop a lot depending on the situation because of the gpu. People say that gpu doesnt matter in cs go, but it actually affects quite a lot.
2020-08-10 11:22
niilo | 
Finland t0ki
>1 for sure
2020-08-10 11:25
GT-series are a terrible price for performance option. Please save money and buy a 1650 or a RX 550. Otherwise you can game with an AMD Athlon series or a 3400G and have decent integrated graphics.
2020-08-10 11:37
veri many
2020-08-10 11:45
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