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50 SoloQ Office in a row
Woro2k | 
United Kingdom woro2k_did_nothing_wrong 
proof: few random clips (most not banned yet): AMA mens))
2020-08-10 02:27
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2020-08-10 02:31
bump until 5 replies)
2020-08-10 09:14
Nepal strninja
why office tho?
2020-08-10 11:27
why not? map is brainless, only 2 angles to hold. imo best for a player like me who uses minimal comms)
2020-08-10 14:01
Nepal strninja
XDDD , i playd it in 1.6 and maybe twice in cs go,so i don't know much,i know i wont play it for sure.
2020-08-10 14:05
very cool
2020-08-10 02:32
thank u ik hltv ded rn but ty for acknowledging)
2020-08-10 02:35
Russia SW@G
point of doing this thread?
2020-08-10 09:15
to tell u i did 50 soloq office games in a row
2020-08-10 09:16
Russia SW@G
any results or something you took away from that experience?
2020-08-10 09:17
i expected a lot more cheaters, but there didn't seem to be as much as on mirage/inferno. also it seems to be mainly populated by russians, much more than any other map.
2020-08-10 09:18
15 cheaters? Not a Lot?
2020-08-10 10:19
Did you see my other recorded games on that account? 15 is not a lot in comparison. Also, I would not say it was 15, I would say the number is closer to 30 realistically. As even in the video with blatant clips, most of those players are not banned.
2020-08-10 10:21
15 cheaters is A LOT
2020-08-10 10:27
I have many more games on that account, with many more cheaters. In my opinion, 15 in 50 games is not a lot in comparison. This is just a smurf that I play on because all my other accounts are too high to play with my little brother. There are more than 200 games recorded I believe, and ~40 cheaters (? I don't have time to click on each match) but I think it's around that in those games. There are lots of cheaters in CSGO in every rank and I'm used to playing with or against them.
2020-08-10 10:38
Australia servers must be better, not many cheaters :o is my main account, 4k hours on it. Still a few but not as many as in gold nova/silver I think.
2020-08-10 10:58
317 games and 28 banned. Man delusional
2020-08-10 11:19
NiKo | 
Russia w3ll
funny map for cheaters
2020-08-10 09:17
i think there are not that many cheaters on this map compared to other maps
2020-08-10 09:17
NiKo | 
Russia w3ll
i played 2 games in a row on office and got cheaters(evident) in 2/2 games mb yea just unlucky
2020-08-10 09:37
wtf 15 players banned in those 50 games
2020-08-10 09:46
yes, but look further down, it's worse in other maps lol
2020-08-10 09:48
gold games
2020-08-10 10:24
yes but still worse))
2020-08-10 10:24
win %?
2020-08-10 09:38
24/50 Like 48-49%? 2% draws and the rest losses. Balanced I think)
2020-08-10 09:49
wow yeah very balanced
2020-08-10 10:04
Ye, I could try and figure out how many had cheaters and whether I won with the cheater on my team or not, if you are interested. But either way, extremely balanced surprisingly!
2020-08-10 10:06
Czech Republic VetriX_
literally couldnt care less
2020-08-10 09:44
good for you, i didn't ask you to click on this thread
2020-08-10 09:48
Czech Republic VetriX_
and no one asked you to make this thread sir
2020-08-10 09:48
I wanted to make it, just to bring it up as a topic of discussion. You bring nothing but negativity in your replies. Be positive, that is the way to have a good life)
2020-08-10 09:50
Czech Republic VetriX_
And i wanted to make that comment >:)
2020-08-10 09:53
It's obvious I'm talking to a kid with no reading comprehension, so I hope you have a nice day (if you can understand my English) Bye!
2020-08-10 09:54
Czech Republic VetriX_
It's obvious I'm talking to a kid with no reading comprehension, so I hope you have a nice day (if you can understand my English) Bye!
2020-08-10 09:55
why would you do that to yourself
2020-08-10 09:44
office is a brainless map to be honest, so it wasn't a stressful experience. I don't play with sound on so it was actually quite relaxing, there's only 2 angles to worry about most of the time lol.
2020-08-10 09:52
Slovakia PeTerator
TF is your trust factor?
2020-08-10 09:54
My main has a lower trust (red) than normal brand new level 2 accounts, and I believe I have the same trust as my main on this account. So I presume it is extra low red trust factor MM. I don't grief, vote kick, or report players either. Trust factor is just a flawed system.
2020-08-10 10:13
Slovakia PeTerator
The thing is, if you played with cheaters and the other team reported your entire team (which is understandable), then your trust factor will be low. Nothing that you can do :(
2020-08-10 10:16
Kinda sad in all aspects. Congrats on being a complete idiot for cheating, having no skill hurts. Wonder what you'll do about the small penis of yours. Please re-evaluate life. G'day
2020-08-10 09:54
Excuse me?
2020-08-10 09:55
Wait, I apologise, are the clips not of you? (I hate cheaters with a passion, I'd strangle them individually for ruining and wasting everybody's time)
2020-08-10 10:16
No, they are of players who I either played with or against! You can see my account name in each one of the games (it is Shroud with Shroud pfp)
2020-08-10 10:16
Ah, I'm sorry in that case. Thought you're bragging about not being banned when cheating in 50 matches! Sorry again, sending prayers and love your way.
2020-08-10 10:17
No problem, I have been legit for 241 days (and counting). Cheers, and I wish you well.
2020-08-10 10:18
Best map for hvh 👌
2020-08-10 10:04
I was only in maybe 3 HvH games (or rather, when it was clear both teams were cheating. I can't be 100% certain about wallers unless theyre really blatant so)
2020-08-10 10:07
How many brain cells have you lost ?
2020-08-10 10:24
I think some, but not sure. There was many games with 8-9 people typing only russian, and I would be utterly clueless as to what was going on.
2020-08-10 10:39
wtf are those stats? some games you got 2 kills, 0 kills
2020-08-10 11:22
yea, some games i got kicked straight up, some games other team was cheating hard so i push every round for a fast game
2020-08-10 14:03
2020-08-10 14:50
Other stekin
lol u got 16-0ed on d2, shame on u bot
2020-08-10 11:26
Asia loveall
why 50 maps ? Was there any single game without any cheaters ? I dont think so
2020-08-10 14:08
did you see the stats page, it tells you if any matches had a banned cheater
2020-08-10 17:23
United States xcalibot
next s1mple confirm
2020-08-10 14:09
0,95 kd 0,91 rating lmaoo
2020-08-12 15:16
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