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Best hltv news topic name?
Ukraine Delirious206 Why this isn't a meme yet?
2020-08-10 03:09
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The hottest manager in gaming, Anna, states: Proof?
2020-08-10 03:13
FalleN | 
Brazil NahT_
2020-08-10 03:31
not funny
2020-08-10 03:13
fckn frankie destroyed hltv forums... fck these admins who listen to some individuals instead of the majority of their users... look how boring all the posts are normally boring threads would go away immediately and other threads would be on the main page
2020-08-10 03:18
are you ok
2020-08-10 03:19
no obviously not i miss hltv and i can not believe that these idiots listen to some newfg feminist gold nova interviewee instead of their users wtf its not their right to voice against us because we are the heart of cs
2020-08-10 03:24
Barely anything changed tho They only limited posting to one thread per day for a week, now we are allowed one thread every two hours
2020-08-10 03:30
how am i gonna spam the n word threads now? smh frankie believes in segmented racism
2020-08-10 03:34
Sweden Fizze
Hahahhaha nice one man, made me laugh
2020-08-11 00:28
yes and that made hltv boring the last update i saw was one thread per day and thats annoying
2020-08-10 03:43
She is silver elite
2020-08-10 03:53
.... I see dead people
2020-08-10 03:36
Stop digging up the graves lunatic
2020-08-10 03:45
2020-08-11 00:20
2020-08-11 00:34
ex-Polar Ace
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