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lvl 10 in faceit
forsaken | 
Cyprus somehow 
do u think i can do it?
2020-08-10 16:00
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2020-08-10 16:01
2020-08-10 16:05
God | 
Poland henlo
the cringe killed my ears in 0.2 seconds
2020-08-10 16:01
why so?
2020-08-10 16:23
Finland Jartza
2020 dreaming about faceit lvl10 lmao
2020-08-10 16:02
who said im dreaming about it
2020-08-10 16:29
Finland Jartza
2020-08-10 19:33
u gotta be a grown up :d
2020-08-10 21:22
Finland Jartza
Ok mens))
2020-08-11 08:13
2020-08-10 16:02
2020-08-10 17:12
United Kingdom galaxyv2
real cypriot?
2020-08-10 16:03
of cors mens
2020-08-10 16:58
United Kingdom galaxyv2
pog im in cyprus rn
2020-08-10 19:01
have fun :D
2020-08-10 19:07
when u make a fragvideos with thse normal frags, probably not
2020-08-10 16:04
Despite he looks pretty mediocre, I think he can still do it.
2020-08-10 16:05
looks medicore in his highlights, probably shit when its not a highlight video
2020-08-10 16:06
If he's able to maintain such plays consistently, then faceit 10 lvl shouldn't be a problem. But if that's really his best, well...
2020-08-10 16:08
this frags looks like normal lvl 6-7 fags for me ,,, im sorry, but u probably a russki lvl 10 0.7 kd baiotinmg your mates like every russki
2020-08-10 16:09
I play entry 99% of time and couldn't care less about kd in team game.
2020-08-10 16:11
russian and entry, good joke
2020-08-10 16:35
I play entry too
2020-08-10 16:37
Are you still salty about 1945 or what's your problem?
2020-08-10 16:40
Germany is best entry Poland is best bait
2020-08-10 19:29
Slovakia Daev0n
2020-08-11 00:12
Too far
2020-08-11 12:07
entry with 200 ms
2020-08-10 16:36
2020-08-10 16:40
Inagine thinking u need sub 150 ms reaction time to entry lmao
2020-08-11 12:08
whats ur faceit lvl? im curious
2020-08-10 16:44
3.3k elo there every frag is better then your video
2020-08-10 16:58
congratulations, now try to stop being such an arrogant person, that may help u in life :D
2020-08-10 16:59
iam a winner my friend
2020-08-10 17:08
i have 3000 matches faceit yes iam addicted sounds like a winner
2020-08-10 17:12
link ur fc
2020-08-10 18:35
2020-08-10 18:50
2020-08-10 18:57
2020-08-10 19:38
u are so nice
2020-08-11 00:07
Huh if you are 3300 that means you are literally top 50 in your country. Very impressive man, you are so good! Jk you obviously lied, but idk why it matters, if you just said your real level then no one would have been annoyed, but now you just look like a bitch for lying :(
2020-08-11 12:41
Sure, but when I watch pro play I think "Huh this looks just like my level 10 gameplay". I don't realise how different my movement, crosshair placement, utility usage is because I don't realise my movement is bad relative to the pros and it feels smooth while doing it. In the same way this player is definitely better than lvl 6/7, his spray isn't great in some of the clips but I'd say he's easily level 8, and from there level 10 is only a bit of grinding away.
2020-08-11 12:35
why do i look mediocre? :C
2020-08-10 16:43
Frags from your clips are just default average frags, idk.
2020-08-10 16:45
then you shouldve said average? people love to hate and shit on anything :c
2020-08-10 16:57
If you can't stand criticism you won't be able to develop. Calling something/somebody "mediocre" doesn't necessary mean "hate and shit" on it. Highlight clips usually suppose to be made of best moments, and if that's your best moments then your usual frags are probably worse than that. Not everybody is a "highlight" type of player. Don't focus on this certain aspect of playing too much. You don't need all these "sick" plays/frags to reach 10 lvl faceit. As I said, you can do it by just doing your frags consistently, whether they are "sick" or "mediocre". Keep playing against better opponents and eventually you will improve.
2020-08-10 17:14
these highlights are not 'best of' to begin with,these are nrmal frags i chose to clip. i do this for fun and im not a play hunter. the word mediocre has a negative connotation, and you also said the kills were average; if you chose to say mediocre then ur intention should be related to what the word u used denotes. apart from that, i do take criticism :D
2020-08-10 17:18
"the word mediocre has a negative connotation" I was don't know this details.
2020-08-10 17:19
well now you know. if average and mediocre had the exact same meaning one of them wouldnt exist, dont you think?
2020-08-10 17:33
No, I still don't know and I think it depends on how you take it. If you would want to see negative context, then you will see it.
2020-08-10 17:52
okayy, agree to disagree then
2020-08-10 17:59
Default frags, sure, but that should be plenty enough for Faceit lvl 10. Or do you mean his every highlight should be a 4-5 man spraydown to be able to reach lvl 10? Oh, come on..
2020-08-11 00:33
someone reasonable around here!!
2020-08-11 12:28
Good luck on the path man, I'm sure you'll make it :)
2020-08-11 12:43
thank you!!! good luck to you too with whatever your goal is!
2020-08-11 12:45
i swear these russians never check the spot, they go another way and want easy frags they never go first almost last men standing or on the other site of the map lurking, its annoying no calls at all, never an idea or a strat , when u say flash me they never flash i have 3000 matches faceit yes iam addicted, and its always the same, i dont know whats wrong with them can u explain russia?
2020-08-10 16:08
u are really really smart, just a really smart human i mean really really smart can write something like this <§
2020-08-10 16:57
i swear these russians never check the spot, they go another way and want easy frags they never go first almost last men standing or on the other site of the map lurking, its annoying no calls at all, never an idea or a strat , when u say flash me they never flash i have 3000 matches faceit yes iam addicted, and its always the same, i dont know whats wrong with them can u explain russia?
2020-08-10 17:02
It's hard to tell looking only at your highlights
2020-08-10 16:10
mens i need some1 to trust me :c
2020-08-10 17:39
no u will not trust me bro :)
2020-08-10 16:25
why my fin fren
2020-08-10 18:00
Bro u really have to be a maniac to win almost every game it is so LUCK what kind of team you get and you can not decide the team you get so it is hard. I have been lvl 8-10 around 3 months now usually just below 10 and it sucks bcs the teammates
2020-08-11 11:39
soloq is pure luck and randomness you are totally right
2020-08-11 12:29
yeah man but gl to you with your games :)
2020-08-11 15:53
yeah, same to you!!
2020-08-11 17:47
bottle | 
Germany Azes
best shots were 1:45 to 2:12
2020-08-10 16:31
2020-08-10 18:19
Cyprus Swishh_
yes u will be between 1900-2200 elo
2020-08-10 16:43
thenks mens)
2020-08-10 19:08
2020-08-10 16:46
why so?
2020-08-10 19:20
Yes bro, keep up the work and grind everyday even if you feel like it's not your day. Good luck with the cs.
2020-08-10 16:50
thank u mann!! good luck to u too
2020-08-10 21:22
Germany BernsteiN
Not with this cheap skins lol
2020-08-10 17:11
why so?
2020-08-10 21:23
Considering that half of them bought the accounts its probably easier than lower levels
2020-08-10 17:12
haahah true
2020-08-11 00:07
On fragmovie everyone looks like pro
2020-08-10 17:18
Poland BotW1kt0r
2020-08-10 17:54
2020-08-11 00:07
United Kingdom 230IQUSER
almost anyone can lol
2020-08-10 17:23
yes :D
2020-08-11 00:09
Only if you'll stop playing against newbs.
2020-08-10 17:27
what u mean :D
2020-08-11 00:09
Just kidding man, keep practicing and don't let anyone bring you down. Anything is possible if you put the efforts for it.
2020-08-11 00:17
thanks man!! wish you the best luck to youu!! :D
2020-08-11 00:17
2020-08-10 17:56
ez katka
2020-08-11 00:13
you shouldn't put cheesy punk rock in the background, it's not 2003 anymore ok video
2020-08-10 18:25
why not? nice freedom of speech
2020-08-11 00:14
you have the right to look lame np
2020-08-11 00:32
thank u man :D
2020-08-11 00:33
In ur eyes lmao
2020-08-11 12:26
dont spam shit please :)
2020-08-10 18:30
none forced you to join the thread
2020-08-10 18:59
Regular frags, but I'm trash anyway =)
2020-08-10 19:23
ahahaah, keep it up man, youll become better
2020-08-11 00:13
Maybe, but I'm deaf on one side and it was always a big handicap
2020-08-11 00:14
you still can make it!!! i believe in you!!
2020-08-11 00:15
There are hundreds of thousands of Level 10 on this planet, why are random people doing fragmovies as if they had something different?
2020-08-10 19:25
some1 is mad :D everitin chex out
2020-08-11 00:17
Brazil sakaaa
high level hardly comes from crazy plays, but consistency. if those frags happens on a regular basis, than yes.. you can.
2020-08-10 19:40
thank you!
2020-08-11 00:44
faceit lvl has nothing to do with skill doe there are many bots on level10 trust me lol
2020-08-10 21:31
i mean it has to do to some extent
2020-08-11 13:02
yeah but you can be an average LEM player and be lvl10
2020-08-11 17:42
so? either way i dont think MM is a good way to measure skill lol
2020-08-11 17:48
neither is faceit you can measure skill by KD against good players or in some semi professional games
2020-08-11 17:49
never said the opposite, but having to choose between mm and faceit i think the choice is obvious
2020-08-11 18:42
Bulgaria cuddleslut
yes you can mens, you so good
2020-08-11 00:11
thank you menssss))
2020-08-11 13:02
China Grenadr
2020-08-11 00:11
ty docc destroyer
2020-08-11 13:02
you must be in a wheelchair and be handless if you cant reach even 2k elo in 2020
2020-08-11 08:26
lmao that was harsh
2020-08-11 13:03
this game is so miuch better than valorant
2020-08-11 11:43
haahah, no offense but what does that has to do with the thread
2020-08-11 13:03
pretty sure he had 1999 elo and then uploaded this video
2020-08-11 12:42
haha facts
2020-08-11 13:44
nice video, i enjoyed it
2020-08-11 12:46
thank you! i appreciate it! :D
2020-08-11 13:44
If you are dedicated to reach it, then of course!
2020-08-11 12:50
2020-08-11 18:42
you have dog aim, but dog aim is enough for lvl 10 so yes
2020-08-11 12:52
none can compare to ur aim
2020-08-12 00:55
Serbia TheSerb
Ofc you can i see you have a solid pc get 144hz and ez your spray is good
2020-08-11 12:57
thanks, how u know i dont have 144hz already thoo
2020-08-12 00:56
Serbia TheSerb
Well im just saying if you dont buy it it will help you alot, the advantage is just so good over the playerd that have 60-75hz
2020-08-12 06:31
yeah... sooner or later ill get one
2020-08-12 11:11
What are these settings? Its awesome, and seems to take the game easier
2020-08-11 13:00
i play 16:10, a nice balance between 4:3 and 16:9 in my opinion :D
2020-08-11 17:49
Canada gatssbyy
its impressive but in like 90% of these clips the enemies aren't even firing back, just killing people from behind
2020-08-12 06:34
theres not a single clip which i kill them from behind so im not sure what you are refering to
2020-08-12 11:10
I've seen worse boosted kids in level 10 so I don't see why not
2020-08-12 07:07
or bought accounts too, they are everywhere
2020-08-12 11:10
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