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TaZ | 
Poland TaZ_is_bald 
Who tf is he? Nonamer who already got 2 chances from top tier teams when theres like 300 other players in a lvl like him who got nothing. He have some rich family or something?
2020-08-10 18:05
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LaimB | 
Lithuania Martis
Yes, bymas industry plant confirmed
2020-08-10 18:06
2020-08-10 18:07
Bymas | 
Lithuania Janbob
He is best player on planet earth. He is good thats why he got those chances.
2020-08-10 18:07
It’s like Broky, Faze gave him a chance and now he is a good player. They tried to do the same with Bymas but Faze didn’t have structure or an IGL for that to work so now other top teams have seen his potential and are giving him a chance
2020-08-10 18:08
Sweden quacke
Bymas was younger than broky and broky had at least some pro experience in Epsilon. Bymas is also an entryfragger-kind of player while he wasn't playing entry in FaZe.
2020-08-10 18:10
I know that. That’s why I mentioned no structure or good IGL Because Broky had some pro experience so going to faze was slightly easier but Bymas had no pro experience so with no structure or true IGL he was screwed
2020-08-10 18:13
Sweden quacke
Yeah I just wanted to add that info for anyone reading. I agree with what you said and I think Bymas did decently on FaZe, good for him he's made a name for himself. :)
2020-08-10 18:14
Yeah. I think he’s gonna develop into a great player under Karrigans guidance
2020-08-10 18:16
Sweden quacke
Definitely. chrisJ is probably gonna be playing the RMR event and the Major, like xseveN in ENCE.
2020-08-10 18:21
bymas is underrated af he is able to become a top 1 2021
2020-08-10 18:08
2020-08-10 18:09
2020-08-10 18:09
0.93 rating lol
2020-08-10 18:10
2020-08-10 18:19
kelbasa why are u mad :(
2020-08-10 18:09
thnak you for se game dumas really nice to play with you
2020-08-10 18:18
He proved his aim in fpl. NiKo mentioned him last year and his potential , signed him and now he is mouz. Smart move honestly. -botJ +bymas and all they need to do is -karrigan +blameF and they will have a young , long lasting roster with a lot of potential.
2020-08-10 18:19
Jame | 
Estonia ye6ok
yes niko signed and then kicked him after 2 weeks :D rly nice player
2020-08-10 18:27
He is a 16yo with no experience and was played out of position.Under karrigan he has a chanse to potentialy shine.
2020-08-10 20:13
Jame | 
Estonia ye6ok
karrigan gonna retire in a month anyway :D washed up player
2020-08-10 20:16
Bymas never signed to faze. He was playing as a stand in player for faze because olof stepped down. Get your facts straight before you comment anything, dumbass.
2020-08-10 20:19
Jame | 
Estonia ye6ok
he was tryout just broky but turned out to be dogshit :D was very shocking outcome
2020-08-10 20:26
Its okay to be retarded. Im happy you are not ashamed of showing it.
2020-08-10 20:27
Jame | 
Estonia ye6ok
ok bymas fanboy :D
2020-08-10 20:33
He is pepper
2020-08-10 18:22
Actually you are right but it is what it is. I mean there are literally thousands of players who could replace various pros. Not saying Bymas is bad or anything and he will probably do well but some just get chances others don't.
2020-08-10 18:24
I d say this is partially about bymas being really young and talented seemingly one of most potentional players out there
2020-08-10 18:30
zank u for game dumas
2020-08-10 18:25
Iraq DuncanAK
yea makes sense
2020-08-10 18:33
might be true he isnt really that good
2020-08-10 20:19
Probably a friend of NiKo Bymas was his "bold prediction" lul
2020-08-10 20:19
Yall so jealous, its insane. I understand that Bymas is living the dream life of yours. 16 year old and already playing in tier1 teams. I understand your pain because your dream is to become pro player after spending thousands of hours of playing but still being dog shit
2020-08-10 20:21
ahahahha you are so jealous over bymas....he is just a very VERY very good player with insane aim and a great future. he deserves 100% to be in tier 1 teams. the one who should got kicked from faze was broky...bymas is way better than him. but b0t nikoo is getting older and older and ofc dumber. gl to bymas at mousesports ( hope bot karrigan will get the bench )
2020-08-10 20:23
Stats don't lie, Broky's better than Bymas, atleast for FaZe.
2020-08-10 20:25
That's life, man. It's all luck and no garanties for anybody.
2020-08-10 20:26
sdy | 
Sweden god_sdy
Not many better players who are young and without contract though. Hes the best 16 yo currently without contract, probably willing to sit on bench and just play some tournaments in order to get experience, probably doesn't get paid near the other players on the team but enough for him right now, he got the chance to show himself and didn't make a complete fool of himself in T1. Basically he got nurtured in a couple tournaments for FaZe and now mouz is picking him up when hes gained experience. Win win for everyone
2020-08-10 20:29
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