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Last comment corona probably fucked up prices but o well
2020-08-10 19:44
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Hong Kong shmilx
Looks really good :D solid 7 or 8/10
2020-08-10 19:48
Germany animeisbest
imagine building pc before November lol amurican brain i guess?
2020-08-10 19:48
2020-08-10 20:17
the prices are like +10/20% for gpu and cpu cause of covid better wait for them to drop down and for new nvidia cards
2020-08-10 23:02
also christmas sales
2020-08-10 23:09
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
For that price it aight
2020-08-10 20:19
imagine being so poor that you need to wait for a certain month to build a PC
2020-08-10 20:24
flag checks out
2020-08-10 21:01
what ?
2020-08-10 21:03
rich koreans
2020-08-10 21:06
Russia Drapery
It's not about being poor, it's about saving extra money
2020-08-10 21:01
Mehh new shit will always come out dont buy car, in 50 years your car can fly
2020-08-10 23:05
53$ PSU 55$ case 0/8
2020-08-10 19:48
do i look like bill gates to u
2020-08-10 20:16
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
Diss the case and put some extra buckaroos on the setup, get an old case, hardly changes anything
2020-08-10 20:20
i mean you should put less money on case
2020-08-10 20:49
oh gotcha, like around $40?
2020-08-10 20:52
the minimum is like 35$ so 55$ is still fine imo, look at Kolink Stronghold Black around 50$ and rly sober
2020-08-10 20:56
i can easily understand what you sayh to me, but i can barely speak on english around 20-25$ in budget build case - is the last thhing u want to waste money on
2020-08-10 20:59
2020-08-10 19:51
Andorra BENZ1N3RA
2020-08-10 19:50
its not that bad but i would suggest a better case
2020-08-10 19:52
Finland Autisthicc
it doesnt have enough lgbt
2020-08-10 19:53
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
How do you put gay into computer?
2020-08-10 20:21
Finland Autisthicc
its color and light zoom
2020-08-10 20:22
wait a few months for everyhting to drop also i3-10100>r5 2600
2020-08-10 19:57
dont buy that motherboard. buy a good one cause you will most likely be upgrading your pc and that mobo is dogshit. absolute dogshit
2020-08-10 20:57
also make sure the case has one or two fans at the front and one at the back. if not, buy an extra for the front at least
2020-08-10 20:59
enough for cs
2020-08-10 21:04
For a budget build always look for used parts/rigs first. You can get a lot better PC for 600. My mate just bought a i5-9600k gtx1660 PC for 800€, and parts are a bit more expensive here than in the freedomland.
2020-08-10 21:12
get an r5 3600
2020-08-10 21:18
Just a suggestion, get a 3600 instead of the 2600 if Possible. Possible to get a cheaper case to cover the cost of the upgrade in CPU ? If yes then do that and leave everything else the same, will be quite good for CSGO. For just under $600 it's fine but can you find a way to get your hands on another $450 ish ??? If you can then try these guys Try contacting them and give them your budget, they might be able to come up with something, you never know. Have heard loads of good stuff about them, Linus tech tips rates them highly. GL m8
2020-08-10 21:27
Double the RAM and what the russian said about the motherboard.
2020-08-10 23:05
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