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I got a date !!
sdy | 
Russia iDeserveMore 
Holy shit guys I actually went to my first date and I don’t wanna jinx it but seems like everything is going really well and we went to another date-walk today. And I even invited her to come over my apartment tomorrow and she agreed ! Holy fuck it’s so insane I just can’t even describe it. And I really really like her sooo much can’t believe I actually got such a cute and nice girl who seems to like me back. She even texted me first which is incredible We’re gonna watch some movie/TV series at night so please give your suggestions on what’s better to choose with her? She kinda mentioned she likes horror-movies but I’m not really a huge fan of them
2020-08-10 22:01
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Germany I_car
That's great! Nice to hear that!
2020-08-10 22:03
Ty men and name checks out btw. I really hope I didn’t jinx anything
2020-08-10 22:04
Nepal strninja
dating is easy tho,only first time is gonna make you nervous,after that ur global elite
2020-08-10 22:10
2020-08-11 00:46
yeah, it should be tbh .. most of the time i am afraid to take the first step, so no dates 4 me :,(
2020-08-11 09:10
Nepal strninja
trust me nothing to be afraid of literaly,just do it without much philosophy,i was afraid also,but now when i think about those times,i laugh to myself
2020-08-11 14:33
Yeah but I am extremly introvert, dont even know what to talk on a date literally
2020-08-11 15:13
Nepal strninja
the shit comes up it self,if you get high,omg ,your gonna have to talk for days
2020-08-11 15:16
ok true, that would be the only possibilty for me, or get drunk together haha
2020-08-11 15:42
Australia Dredd_6
legit though 100% facts
2020-08-11 15:48
2020-08-11 15:57
Europe LoookATme
ok enjoy aids
2020-08-10 22:03
Germany I_car
2020-08-10 22:05
I’m a virgin tho
2020-08-10 22:08
Good luck!
2020-08-11 00:50
Slovakia Lavend
She is not 😎
2020-08-11 10:10
Australia Dredd_6
fkn sad as AHAHAHAHA
2020-08-11 15:49
Brazil theluksabm
Good luck boy. U know what do, don't need any tips, it's just a natural thing for any human and i believe u gonna do ur best
2020-08-10 22:04
Sex her many times blyat
2020-08-10 22:04
2020-08-10 22:40
very nice bro, let she choose the movie, take a bath, shave ur pipi and balls, and suck her dick first
2020-08-10 22:04
She kinda insists that I should decide what we do but I’d rather let her take the control
2020-08-10 22:07
yeah, she should choose the movie and you the hole
2020-08-10 22:11
I’d be happy with either hole tbh and I’m pretty sure she will ask me what I want to watch myself and I don’t really know what to choose
2020-08-10 22:13
Just answer "ur body"
2020-08-10 22:15
That would be extra cringe
2020-08-10 22:16
Not if u are handsome
2020-08-10 22:37
2020-08-10 23:24
No, you choose the movie. Dont be a beta cuckold
2020-08-10 22:13
So give me some good suggestions then
2020-08-10 22:14
american psycho :))
2020-08-10 22:17
or a ted bundy documentary
2020-08-10 22:18
The Cabin in the Woods Not that scary, so you won't piss your pants. Pretty stupid ending. So stupid that it's actually funny. Might work Good luck, bro. Check for traps
2020-08-10 23:18
watch It follows, works 100%
2020-08-11 00:59
2014? Or what year?
2020-08-11 09:05
yes, 2014
2020-08-11 13:39
if you invite a girl to watch a movie at your place its code language for lets fuck :D. Just let her pick the movie you will be fucking in bed before the black guy in the movie dies :)
2020-08-11 14:38
watch something that is not that interesting to you so you can focus on her, at least pretend to be focused on her works everytime
2020-08-10 22:05
But don't focus too much or your nuts will hurt asf at the next morning :/
2020-08-11 09:40
Ey congrats, man idk much about movies but I liked The Conjuring 2 and Insidious
2020-08-10 22:05
Romania csf
+1 for the conjuring 2
2020-08-10 22:09
good luck bro,just stfu and say yes to evrything she says
2020-08-10 22:05
Australia Dredd_6
+1 best advice I have seen
2020-08-11 15:51
Czech Republic forseti12
That's nice bro I wish you best of luck.
2020-08-10 22:06
Thank you mr prokda
2020-08-10 22:07
2020-08-10 22:07
India samsnow
2020-08-10 22:08
Thats nice bro, hope everything goes well! You deserve that ;))
2020-08-10 22:09
Thank you so much 😊 🙏
2020-08-10 22:11
Good for you
2020-08-10 22:09
A tip for you before you do that mistake. DONT make her beleive you are a given even. Thank me .. in few years
2020-08-10 22:11
Wdym by “a given” ? We’re both only 19 tho
2020-08-10 22:12
Taken for granted i meant.
2020-08-11 00:25
congrats, but if you manage to lose virginity you are obliged to leave hltv (((
2020-08-10 22:10
true ((((
2020-08-10 23:22
2020-08-10 23:50
hello friend
2020-08-11 00:22
hi :)
2020-08-11 00:22
Congratulations, invite me to your wedding.
2020-08-10 22:11
African Union OllieMaN
Relax bro, dont get attached to her :DD First dates are usually deceiving
2020-08-10 22:17
Australia Dredd_6
100% can take months to really form something speaking from experience with my girlfriend. Now shes spending $3,000-$4,000 on me to take me away on a holiday as present... hehe winning I am
2020-08-11 15:53
"Good bye Lenin" is a nice one
2020-08-10 22:20
NiKo | 
Finland Eestu
That's very nice to hear! I wish you the best :)
2020-08-10 22:21
you should probably find a romantic/emotional movie
2020-08-10 22:21
Bratan, I wish you the best, but I want you to be ready for the following, just in case
2020-08-10 22:42
Train to Busan.
2020-08-10 22:43
you should probably fuck her after watching movie
2020-08-10 22:45
I cant tell if troll or not. But if its real and if I were you, I would put alcohol on the table to. Its gets both you and her more relaxed, and if your expectation of the date is sex, it increases your chances big time. I did this a couple of times with tinderdates and worked out great :D
2020-08-10 22:45
Russia Drapery
What if she against alcohol? Might be awkward
2020-08-10 23:41
Do it anygays man 😎
2020-08-11 14:35
Congrats! :) Wish you the best!
2020-08-10 23:19
Damn, nice. Go watch a horror movie, so that she needs to snuggle close to you, since she's scared. Gl
2020-08-10 23:23
congrats dude!!!!
2020-08-10 23:26
Netherlands toothpaste
you should find more, theyre a very healthy fruit
2020-08-10 23:30
Congrats comrade i wouldn't go for a romantic cringe movie tho Go for something funny like Ice Age or something, funny > romantic
2020-08-10 23:32
Hong Kong shmilx
Good luck my friend, hope all goes well for you! :D
2020-08-10 23:37
you sound like an incel tbh
2020-08-10 23:51
2020-08-10 23:52
how old are you?
2020-08-11 00:24
Australia zanics
not relevant, everyone feels this way discovering new love but not everyone chooses to share it!
2020-08-11 00:41
Contrats mens :)
2020-08-11 00:34
Belgium lil_vodka
you sound like a 13yo girl that gets her first phone
2020-08-11 00:38
Cambodia RIPol_Pot
telki v 2020 OMEGALUL
2020-08-11 00:39
congrats men)) try watching a horror movie and next time, do something you like))
2020-08-11 00:39
Australia zanics
happy for you mens))
2020-08-11 00:40
very nice mens))
2020-08-11 00:42
JW | 
Ireland Sodaking
sure look best luck to you man
2020-08-11 00:44
REZ | 
Mexico PS4
watch boston 2018 finals 3rd map
2020-08-11 00:51
lol +1
2020-08-11 00:53
2020-08-11 15:05
2020-08-11 00:52
Congrats! You reached next level! Why don't you like horror!?
2020-08-11 00:54
Israel FRIsaac
gl mate
2020-08-11 00:57
nice bro im happy for you and i dont even know you.
2020-08-11 01:01
Bulgaria goshyy
Good luck bratan!
2020-08-11 01:02
Germany eXiownaGe
Don’t forget to wear fresh underwear. And install some hidden cams so we can discuss your second date afterwards together here on
2020-08-11 01:04
Good luck bro!
2020-08-11 01:18
Germany BernsteiN
Your mom asking you to go to dinner isnt a date
2020-08-11 09:08
What is her rank?
2020-08-11 09:11
2020-08-11 09:11
you're idiot
2020-08-11 09:28
Sex Education
2020-08-11 09:40
Shave and wash men, make sure no shit is stuck to your ass
2020-08-11 09:51
Horror movies are the perfect way to make fun of her and joke with her because she gets scared.
2020-08-11 09:53
France Tred0x
Congrats man, look at scream movies that's considered as horror movie but that's not too much if you don't like horror movies
2020-08-11 09:56
Poland aiken
So maybe "Scary movie"? :D
2020-08-11 10:08
France Tred0x
If she didn't watch at scream, she wouldn't understand but yeah really cool movie to see for a date
2020-08-11 10:42
Poland aiken
You're right, this movie is perfect comedy for someone familiar with the horror/thriller movies of that time else some scenes may just look cringe. Knowing the references makes it freaking funny.
2020-08-11 11:39
Canada cLutcheR7
Watch Team Liquid's nitr0 video. it will make both of you cry :(
2020-08-11 10:13
Sweden TomPony
Two in the pink one in the stink.
2020-08-11 10:23
Canada cLutcheR7
If you pick horror movies for couple go for killing movies or possession movies. Conjuring or Exorcism of Emily Rose is nice for killing movies idk friday the 13th or halloween. good to do a small talk with her but no touchies that much. if you go for love movies then yeah but dont talk too much if she is interested in the movie probably a 1 linerwill do. then just talk alot after the movie ends then make out
2020-08-11 10:24
bro she`s just 12...
2020-08-11 10:41
If she hasn't seen Midsommar yet (she probably has already seen it) watch that. Basic white woman love Midsommar
2020-08-11 10:44
Very good!
2020-08-11 11:38
India otgps
Bro go beat her doonies down
2020-08-11 14:37
how did it go
2020-08-11 14:38
I guess it went quite well haha
2020-08-12 08:01
Nepal strninja
congraz my friend,enjoy,be yourself
2020-08-11 14:51
Netherlands wesbvb
Don't do movies or serie, do something you can do together while talking about it. If you're that excited to get your date you're probably also quite nervous. Doing an activity that you can talk about will less likely be awkward plus you'll actually get to know your date. Goodluck Komrade
2020-08-11 14:52
Finland wrathh
this must be the most bro thread in a long time :D congrats comrade. if you feel like horror movies are too much, go to youtube and search FoundFlix for [movie title] explained so you know what to expect
2020-08-11 14:56
what is a girl? :<
2020-08-11 15:00
+1 i met one yesterday the first time in many months, she smiled and said hi and so did i... now i cant stop thinking about her, she lives in the same small village, i really need to find her again xdd
2020-08-11 15:21
gl to you men))) pls update later
2020-08-11 15:05
2020-08-12 08:01
gl bro!
2020-08-11 15:18
good luck brother
2020-08-11 15:19
gl, you can borrow my netflix account if you dont have sub
2020-08-11 15:42
Australia Dredd_6
gl man. Just take it easy, can take a while to form a relationship (like 3-4 months). Legit same age as you when I met my first and current girlfriend, being a year ago, and I am exactly the same as you. Just be chill and dont be needy or over the top or go too fast and rush and make sure to look after her. I made the mistake of going to fast and I nearly lost my girl cause she wasnt sure if it was lust or love so it takes time. 6 months on and she's spending $4,000 on me to take me on a holiday and I'll get day after day of her in a bikini hehehehe... winning but nah love mah girl for all of her, not just the looks
2020-08-11 15:58
2020-08-12 08:02
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