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Gf or money?
denis | 
Russia reguix 
If you had a choice :get gf of your dreams or lots of money what would you choose and why?
2020-08-10 22:22
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money , easy
2020-08-10 22:22
maoaN | 
CIS maoaN
money obv. - money will attract more dreamgirls
2020-08-10 22:22
Whats ur dreamgirl? A pornstar? A whore? Or so.eone who cares about u and not ur money lol
2020-08-11 11:46
why get one if you can have multiple? my dreamgirl would love me and let me fk other girls np
2020-08-11 13:48
Gl with that lmao....i doubt being happy for longer time like that though
2020-08-11 14:51
how can you tell tho? have you tried that? i have seen men with 6 women at the same time and they were all like family to another. Its just about acceptance bro
2020-08-11 15:04
I die nt know, just nothing for me...but ud still need the right ppl around u so why take the money instead of the gf?
2020-08-11 15:12
Brazil lordjasz
2020-08-12 00:14
2020-08-10 22:22
denis | 
Russia reguix
2020-08-10 22:23
evro, pohui vashe
2020-08-10 22:25
2020-08-10 22:30
bitcoin ne fiat, ne poidet "lots of money"
2020-08-10 22:41
Canada reeeZ75
money, then you can get girl of your dreams mens))
2020-08-10 22:23
money, buy the woman
2020-08-10 22:23
Brazil TabzeN
money, girls are free and waaaaaayy easier to get
2020-08-10 22:23
not when youre fat ugly and socially awkward like 90% of hltv
2020-08-11 22:38
0/8 no dj can be like that
2020-08-13 18:42
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
2020-08-10 22:23
Germany I_car
+1 if it was an option
2020-08-10 22:24
Canada cLutcheR7
good answers as ways from the Juan
2020-08-11 11:50
Germany I_car
I get gf cuz already rich 😎
2020-08-10 22:24
wtf buy me knife
2020-08-11 01:55
Wtf buy me knife
2020-08-11 11:49
wtf don't buy those tier 1 country brokes knife, buy me knife.
2020-08-11 11:53
made my day :D
2020-08-11 12:11
wtf buy me knife (jerman)))
2020-08-11 22:04
Lots of money give you more opportunities in life than a girlfriend. Enjoy a rich life and you won't care about having a relationship. Ofc women will be always around you.
2020-08-10 22:25
Ok ,hltv mens are too smart so I add one condition ,if you selecting money you cant have gf at all
2020-08-10 22:26
Money, again. You'll enjoy your life to the fullest with tons of money, while having a gf without money doesn't bring much fun. Also money will get you the most beneficial thing you get from women – sex.
2020-08-10 22:30
man and some people would call ME misogynist..
2020-08-11 02:59
im fine with that
2020-08-10 23:18
That doesn't change my answer. Money... because I'm straight...
2020-08-11 01:50
i'll just take the money and attract a girl then
2020-08-11 12:16
Money, you can literally lose that "dream" gf tomorrow and u'll have nothing
2020-08-10 22:27
Myanmar Guzhas
money, no brainer question really
2020-08-10 22:27
Argentina WaSTe_D
2020-08-10 22:46
neither of both cuz rich and have perfect gf already))) 😎😎
2020-08-10 22:33
prove by buying me knife
2020-08-11 02:49
im rich but not the salvation army
2020-08-11 03:11
Money. I'm sure there's another dream girl out there
2020-08-10 22:34
money obv lol. stupid qUESTION :()
2020-08-10 22:34
Austria l3v1z
gf if it's true love, otherwise money obv
2020-08-10 22:35
Sorry but true love aint exist in 2020
2020-08-10 22:55
Austria l3v1z
Sorry that you see it this way. It's rare but it definitely still exists
2020-08-10 23:02
lol who would choose a b!tch over bandz
2020-08-10 22:35
no money can replace true love and awareness of being important
2020-08-10 22:35
2020-08-11 04:03
2020-08-11 04:03
Canada cLutcheR7
2020-08-11 11:52
no money -> no gf
2020-08-10 22:36
Money because I already have the gf of my dreams.... my waifu pillow
2020-08-10 22:36
Name checks out
2020-08-10 22:41
Flair checks out
2020-08-10 22:44
who mens)) i have megumi kato :D
2020-08-11 11:56
2020-08-11 21:45
hello, fellow whale
2020-08-11 21:46
People choosing money are dumb, how many wife quality women are really out there these days to be your girlfriend? But, there's always tons of money out there and more every day.
2020-08-10 22:37
Germany I_car
+1 choosing money only increases the chances of finding a gold-digger
2020-08-10 22:38
Lebanon Dogman69
-1 no money only increase the chance of not even find a gold digger
2020-08-10 23:32
2020-08-10 22:47
gf, money is ez and plentiful, a dream woman is one of a kind. Edit: ofc a dream grill is also fine with me having more grills)))
2020-08-10 22:50
Germany I_car
It's your dream girl, if that's what you want she'll be fine with it
2020-08-10 22:52
If you have money you can buy prostitutes bruh. But sorry id take Eugenie Bouchard not money shes got babe and you cant buy her
2020-08-10 22:54
Money. You can't guarantee that girl will be with you forever.
2020-08-10 22:57
Money. Are you kidding me.
2020-08-10 22:59
Denmark KalasYoP
2020-08-10 23:00
Netherlands toothpaste
gf, money is easy to make
2020-08-10 23:01
France Static2k
2020-08-10 23:04
All humans have their flaws, if I'd demand the "girl of my dreams" to essentially be perfect. Yeah, I'd pick that over some money, absolutely. You'd be fucking insane not to. *But if it's just some attractive woman with god knows what kind of personality, I'd pick the money, no question about it.
2020-08-10 23:04
Gf and she will make money for me on street 😎👌
2020-08-10 23:05
2020-08-11 11:56
Hmm, a girl that does everything you want for money, or a girl that does everything you want for your dreams? Prob take the money and jack off to quality JAV the rest of your life while 24/7 high on quality narcotics.
2020-08-10 23:07
mens eimi fukada best
2020-08-11 11:57
girls will become fat babushka in not too many years anyways
2020-08-10 23:08
Kinda depends: -Rich and no love -Still well off financially and "true love" Ill take the girl in that case. Otherwise Ill take the money and pretend to be poor so I know that the girl I have wasn't a gold digger.
2020-08-10 23:08
Finland Autisthicc
money is way harder to get
2020-08-10 23:09
if you are an ugly mf with a decent girl ofc she will spend your money, but as a handsome guy like me you dont have to ever pay anything for them. free choice. whenever i date girls it feels like i have the upper hand and they're trying their best to please me and no these girls arent ugly.
2020-08-10 23:16
money will get you many girls to choose from
2020-08-10 23:14
the question is do u want this girls? :D u can fuck them everyday but one day u will feel empty and look for real woman.
2020-08-10 23:32
money ofc
2020-08-10 23:16
how much money are we talking about
2020-08-10 23:23
Russia RogueDecay
2020-08-10 23:41
2020-08-11 12:08
gf of your dreams could leave you after 1 day, money is money
2020-08-10 23:24
wtf men. gf of my dreams cannot leave me. also gf of my dreams already rich ez
2020-08-11 03:41
Lebanon Dogman69
money unless it's visceral true romance
2020-08-10 23:27
Russia Kamunist
I hate thought experiments, but I've already been put into that choice and decided to go with career and hobbies. Though I promote having a relationship and conceiving children
2020-08-10 23:35
Russia RogueDecay
sounds like free money, dreaming about gf is something what simp would do. I'm 26 and I've been through relationships, ideal gf would be someone you know and love from very beginning of your journey, school years or even earlier. I'm not into delusion that 21+ yo people can meet and truly care about each other, divorce rates prove my words.
2020-08-10 23:40
money and I would buy hundreds of dream gfs
2020-08-10 23:45
But if its real dream gf. Maybe easier way is to sell her and get even more money?
2020-08-10 23:47
Wtf almost everyone is going for money:o Id take the girl 10000/10000 times...happiness is sth u wont get with money only but ull have the motivation to get money or dont need it if ur happy Im truly surprised;o
2020-08-10 23:47
because people here truly think that money makes women love you you cant put a price on the gf of my dreams
2020-08-11 03:04
Well if they want some moneywhore they will get her....i think ppl here just dont know ur not gonna be happy when u buy everything ...
2020-08-11 11:39
I'm pretty sure I'd be happy arriving pool-parties with a Ferrari F8 Spider and have a huge villa where my friends can come live. I can live perfectly happy without meeting the dream girl tomorrow nor the next year.
2020-08-11 22:40
Wow well, everyone has his own take on it, sure, but i feel like being rich sucks theres journalists in ur ass whatever u do, u never know if the friends are real oe just want some of ur Lifestyle, especially ur future gf since u want to Spend ur life w her and share everything
2020-08-11 23:32
Obviously you wouldn't want to be rich AND famous. It's easy to spot fake friends.
2020-08-12 16:13
depends on your age if you're young you'd probably take the money, if you're an adult you take the girl because your life experience is less than zero.
2020-08-10 23:51
I would get a girlfriend. You can’t buy love.
2020-08-11 01:48
gf with money :)
2020-08-11 02:12
of course a girlfriend of my dreams
2020-08-11 02:37
Albania uesnu
money, i would just ruin the relationship anyway
2020-08-11 02:38
I have both already
2020-08-11 02:45
Feel like that’s the answer JW would give lol
2020-08-11 03:20
can you give me one or the other?
2020-08-11 03:34
gf of my dreams, I'd rather work and earn my money than be one of those ivory white tower rich celebrities so out of touch with society not only would I have a useful skill, I can use that skill to earn money as well + gf of my dreams
2020-08-11 03:02
Money cause im gay so already not interested in females so can get boyfriend and money 😎👍
2020-08-11 03:04
5 Head
2020-08-11 12:02
Money because guys get too attached to anything that talks to them, the dream girl probably isn’t what you are thinking they are, therefore you dream would be wrong
2020-08-11 03:19
You mean socially awkward soyboys or true betas. Decent mentally stable guy doesn't get attached to a random girl.
2020-08-11 03:27
I know, I have 10 mates I’m helping with this, and it feels so helpless because no matter how much you tell them bitvhing on their snapchat story won’t get them laid, they never listen, and get angry and say I’m not helping but like bruh, you’re not helping yourself. Love you, make your life an Instagram timeline and girls will flock to you, being miserable will waste your time. Like shit man it’s so hard to help the boys out you know.
2020-08-11 03:30
I bet they think getting a girl will make their life better. However, it's the opposite, they have to focus on themselves.
2020-08-11 03:33
Yes. There one sole focus is a girl. Like why are they staying up losing sleep over a girl, who didn’t even think about them before she went to bed. Only one guy has been like okay I want to improve me, I want a gf, but I’m 14 so it probably won’t mean anything I just want to be ready for when the time comes. (I’m 18) and this kid met me on Instagram, because my cousin added me to their school GC, and he just thought I was a successful person with goals, literally out of the blue never met him and he messaged me asking for help. So far it’s been going well for him, one of my friends who is 17, is an alcoholic. He wants girls and gets attention by doing whacky shit and posting it. The problem is they search for validation from someone else, and he has gotten to the point where I was explaining why alcohol and antidepressants don’t mix, and he’s like yes I know, I just don’t care anymore, i am well aware I’m fucking myself over and won’t go anywhere, but I’m not going to stop. This is all because his first gf broke up w him and he never even got nudes (yeah pretty low motives but to each their own) and he’s too nice to be a player and get them from random girls. And he keeps doing those (tell me your true thought thing) and he’s always dick riding women, like come on bro just leave them all alone, delete snapchat or something. I was in a toxic relationship and I stayed in it because well idk, I was slowly degraded, when she broke up however, I blocked her on every and kicked her off my Netflix account. Like I wasn’t having the shit. And he’s upset because of a girl who cheated on him, like dude you have better thing to do but oh well. Maybe he’ll learn lol
2020-08-11 03:45
money cuz i am antisocial xD
2020-08-11 03:29
I am also antisocial but that ended up with only having 2 friends.
2020-08-11 03:34
Ofc gf man, Imagine only getting bitches begging for money bro, that's not true love, love is supposed to be love my lover if you get me dawwg/love. Love is love my maaan, you feel me? And yearhiae
2020-08-11 03:36
oBo | 
Taiwan codv
a 10/10 gf with money ofc 5Head
2020-08-11 03:59
Given that choice: ofc the grill of my dreams But IRL: stack up money as sadly she doesn't exist!
2020-08-11 04:02
People who proclaim that lots of money can buy love have neither experienced love nor had lots of money. To each their own though. I'd pick the girlfriend, money can buy me some nice things but it won't satisfy my need for something greater. I wouldn't trade my best friend for money either no matter how much you'd offer me.
2020-08-11 04:20
I wouldnt even trade a bad friend for money, a friend is a friend
2020-08-11 11:44
money because im gay (joking)
2020-08-11 04:28
Sad hoe u have to "defend" urself with the "joking"...
2020-08-11 11:45
money because then I can buy audi rs6 c8 and big house with sauna + own gym (omfg own gym would be so nice, and play my own music on blast)
2020-08-11 04:42
I'd choose both for obvious reasons.
2020-08-11 11:40
True love > money
2020-08-11 11:41
2020-08-11 11:41
Gf or just a little money i'd pick money already.
2020-08-11 11:51
United Kingdom 230IQUSER
GF of my dreams. They would have money too lol
2020-08-11 11:51
Money so that I can buy Jonathan E 😎😎😎
2020-08-11 11:53
Poland RipereC
Obv money
2020-08-11 11:53
North America TorrN_
Money cause i'm already happy with my current Fiance and I would love to help pay to finish her degree.
2020-08-11 11:55
how much is a lot of money?
2020-08-11 11:55
Romania csf
gf bc im already rich
2020-08-11 11:55
Turkey MusTRelax
I'm not that much virgin to have a gf instead of money OFC money
2020-08-11 11:55
idk, none gives me real happiness
2020-08-11 11:57
u probably gey men))
2020-08-11 22:07
Lithuania SiTyGas
Money and then just order some kind of kidnapper to get that dream girl, easy
2020-08-11 11:58
Girlfriend, "girl of my dreams" is not a bitch lured by money. And I'm not poor so money is a little pointless.
2020-08-11 14:56
he believes in the real love, cute lelelele
2020-08-11 21:50
You believe they'll give you such option lelelele
2020-08-11 21:53
Gf with a lot of money
2020-08-11 21:49
+1 very smart Mens!
2020-08-11 21:58
True love is invaluable. I'd only pick the money if I were really poor.
2020-08-11 21:55
you are an idiot, 1 million or a girl this is the dumbest shit ive ever heard
2020-08-11 22:00
First of all, the amount of money was never specified. Perhaps OP thinks €50K is 'lots of money'. Second, it's not just 'a girl' but the gf of your dreams. So yeah, I'd take the gf of my dreams over an unknown amount of money.
2020-08-11 22:06
girlfriend of you dreams = you lose all your money so its basically +money or -money and you being the very smart person you are, you are choosing to lose your money kekw okay glhf in life
2020-08-11 22:07
How could she be the gf of your dreams if she causes you to lose all your money? Literally makes zero sense.
2020-08-11 22:18
there isnt a single girl that wont make you lose money
2020-08-11 22:33
Incel confirmed.
2020-08-11 22:38
uk brain lmao
2020-08-13 18:42
Finland mattixboi
money doesn't make you happy by itself, but healthy relationships do, so yeah "a girl" is worth it for some
2020-08-11 22:08
money is the source of happiness
2020-08-11 22:34
True love is priceless, so gf>money
2020-08-11 22:02
depends how much money
2020-08-11 22:02
Europe H1P_STER
money ez
2020-08-11 22:03
dreamgirl because my dreamgirl is also rich, 200iq men)))
2020-08-11 22:06
2020-08-11 22:08
i would pick money easily i think
2020-08-11 22:08
2020-08-11 22:11
Philippines EDBX
Money. The girl of your dreams does not exist. Plus I have a gf already lol
2020-08-11 22:16
Currently money since I don't want a girlfriend yet
2020-08-11 22:19
Poland Mizuchi
currently gf but normally monies
2020-08-11 22:31
Money. And you can buy girls
2020-08-11 22:40
I already have the dream gf so I'll take the money
2020-08-11 22:41
Wtf hltv, please explain to me how are you supposed to get a beautufil gf by just having tons of money?
2020-08-11 23:50
2020-08-12 00:15
money, if i have a lot of money i have a girl of my dreams :DDDDDDDDD
2020-08-13 18:29
dont need a gf even for free so the answer is so obv
2020-08-13 18:32
I'd choose gf
2020-08-13 18:39
girl. if i had endless money, girls would stay by me just bcs of the money BUT if u have the right woman by ur side she will help u to develop urself and then the big money comes anyway...
2020-08-13 18:41
girlfriend with money will do it.
2020-08-13 18:42
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