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Man United
Denmark Din mor 
GG. If you don't have UEFA on your side you will struggle a lot :)))) Falk and Johnsson >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> any MU player
2020-08-11 00:39
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what, who, when?
2020-08-11 00:41
United beat copenhagen tonight in Europa League Quarter final after a very very very thin penalty in the 95th minute and i'm salty af
2020-08-11 00:45
Belgium lil_vodka
2020-08-11 00:45
wait there is european championships in europe?
2020-08-11 00:46
JW | 
Ireland Sodaking
sure you don't take your chances you can't whine about losing im a united fan and like you had a TON of chances but didn't even get a single shot on goal some how after 2 hours of playing that's it like there's alot of Luck to this game and it's not like United didn't have a crap ton of chances before that
2020-08-11 00:47
I think both teams deserved to go through. We had way more heart and passion but United are obviously a better team. I just think that the fact they needed such a sketchy penalty to go through is annoying af and ruining the game
2020-08-11 00:49
JW | 
Ireland Sodaking
that frankly is just a VAR problem how they do get some decisions right but are not consistent enough and take too long at least on the TV channel i was watching the commentators seemed incredibly anti United biased probably Liverpool fans ngl
2020-08-11 00:51
Martial should have gotten a yellow card for diving imo but it is what it is. We managed to go to the quarter finals, beating 2 teams with waaaaaaaay higher budgets than us and go to extra time against Man U. Tomorrow i will be happy about it but atm i am so pissed the match didn't get a proper ending
2020-08-11 00:54
JW | 
Ireland Sodaking
not trying to shit all over your team here but the extra time thing to be blunt was more how badly United played mixed in with some bad luck then how good your team played now that being said the man of the match was your goalkeeper which really tells you everything about the game as far as the Penalty goes yea it seemed a bit soft but sure I've seen softer given and more blatant ones not given
2020-08-11 03:13
Funny, when it's not the FA giving united pens UEFA steps right up.
2020-08-11 00:56
what are u even talking about lmao
2020-08-11 00:44
United beat copenhagen tonight in Europa League Quarter final after a very very very thin penalty in the 95th minute and i'm salty af
2020-08-11 00:45
ohh,football? my bad mens
2020-08-11 00:46
what sports do you play in georgia?
2020-08-11 03:20
basketball,football and tennis
2020-08-11 10:09
2020-08-11 00:46
next time get a shot on target,u might win.
2020-08-11 00:45
I bet u didn't even watch the game. We could have gone through aswell. It was an extremely tight game
2020-08-11 00:46
watched the first half,then stopped bcs shit was to boring. u had a few chances in the first half,i've seen that,but stats don't lie
2020-08-11 00:47
brondby > copenhagen
2020-08-11 00:46
No... Brøndby is Denmark's team no doubt. But to call them better than Copenhagen is like saying Crystal Palace is better than Chelsea for example
2020-08-11 00:47
FCM >>>>>>>> FCK
2020-08-11 01:16
Copenhagen played really well but Greenwood and Martial were unlucky not to score. But great goal keeping by Copenhagens keeper. United draw the irk of all the haters no matter what they do. So GG to you and GGMU to us!!!
2020-08-11 00:49
Definetly. We could have scored maybe 3 goals but missed our chances. I just don't like the fact that a "dive" has to determine the result. As a football fan you must clearly also be able to see that it wasn't a penalty
2020-08-11 00:51
Agreed it was soft.
2020-08-11 00:52
Belgium Miiyata
Was there 1 game since corona break where man utd didnt get a penalty?
2020-08-11 00:52
I don't think so
2020-08-11 00:54
What do you say pal Danish football > Swedish football > Norwegian football > finnish football
2020-08-11 01:03
20 shots on goal vs 0 and you still cry. I don't even like ManU but saying it was not deserved is laughable, your GK having the game of this life kept it 0:0, Copenhagen did very little otherwise.
2020-08-11 01:09
they were a little unlucky tonight tho, but if the penalty was deserved is up for discussion. Martial falls a little too easy. but they do deserve the win after controlling most of the match, and right now the only team still in Europa League worth watching is Manu and/or maybe Milan
2020-08-11 01:22
Penchester United
2020-08-11 01:28
hilarious how man u is in the europa league every year
2020-08-11 01:30
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