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Your IT salary
Estonia Ropz_top1_2019 
Here's mine Country: Bestonia - Proffesion: Software development (Mainly Java,Rust and Python) - How many years was your education: 3 years university rest online - Salary per month in €: 4200 - How many hours do u work per day / and do u work in the weekend: Like 5-7. Weekend free - Experience: 3 years at job, 5 years overall - Job: I work for a bank
2020-08-11 13:34
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These are all with low experience.. I know a lot with 5k+ salaries
2020-08-11 13:38
Its called avrg
2020-08-11 13:49
I wouldn't trust a website like that, in this website it says we don't have Euros in Lithuania lmao
2020-08-11 14:05
Greece Graecos
oh... You're right
2020-08-11 14:11
surprisingly the numbers for romania are pretty close to reality.
2020-08-11 14:15
Greece Graecos
The greek ones as well
2020-08-11 19:04
That website says the average german software developer earns less than the average german. Thats a 🧢
2020-08-11 16:37
hahaahh he rekt you nice lie. Go earn some money
2020-08-11 16:40
Belgium lil_vodka kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2020-08-12 00:30
Greece Graecos
ahahahahah XD Faiiiiiiiiiiiiiil, can't be less accurate
2020-08-12 09:05
0 i dont work in IT
2020-08-11 13:37
0 but i hope i can one day have a chill programming job with decent salary. most likely not gonna happen tho since im too lazy to stick with the learning and doing.
2020-08-11 13:39
i work as a dj and get $32k/month
2020-08-11 13:40
me too
2020-08-11 13:51
Sweden flippig
Name checks out
2020-08-11 13:57
God | 
Poland henlo
same currently in italy with my gf (she's a model)
2020-08-11 16:06
Me too, my wife is Kim K
2020-08-11 16:35
fake flag
2020-08-11 16:08
2020-08-11 16:36
LT, software developer (C#), work exp: ~5 year, education: 6 year - 4 year bachelor, 2 year master degree. salary: 1500 eur/month neto
2020-08-11 13:42
lel studying for this wow,,, mcdonalds worker get this here
2020-08-11 13:42
yes, but dont forget that you pay more for everything
2020-08-11 13:44
doesnt matter bro, when i come to u as mcdonald worker, im rich, when u come here as studied it master, u are poor, thats bullshit
2020-08-11 13:51
anyway, i work on it only for social guarantees, my main job is as game cheats developer and i make over 3000 eur/month additional unofficial profit
2020-08-11 13:57
2020-08-11 14:13
respect for the hustle
2020-08-11 17:23
i respect the hustle but cheat development hustle is kinda to much even for me
2020-08-11 21:16
I hope you develop good valorant cheats
2020-08-12 01:25
💪💪grinding 💯💯 can i get skeet sub
2020-08-14 04:13
Yes, you have it better. Probably salary/living costs are still better in Germany than in Lithuania. It makes sense since standard of living is in Germany higher.
2020-08-11 16:37
You're not fooling anyone, especially with the grammar of an illiterate HS dropout. I know a lot of Germany-born folks through gaming alone and I have a much better life than they do. I can collect shit and buy computers/tech everything I want on a whim. Most of them have to think twice before getting a fight stick lol. They have average jobs though, certainly not menial jobs akin to McD's.
2020-08-11 17:20
As an average german dude with a 9-5 office job I can confirm. Shit ain't easy when you don't have a proper degree, legit makes me sick when I think about the taxes, rent and car payments that I have to pay just to sustain myself. Btw Portugal most underrated country, really nice people
2020-08-11 17:27
I know a lot of people from Portugal thorugh gaming and i have much better life in Germany than they do. I can collect shift and buy computers/tech everything i want on a whim. Most of them can't afford food and have to twink twice before getting toilet paper lol. They have average jobs though.
2020-08-11 18:15
I know a lot of people from African Union thorugh gaming and i have much better life in Reunion than they do. I can collect shift and buy computers/tech everything i want on a whim. Most of them can't afford food and have to twink twice before getting toilet paper lol. They have average jobs though.
2020-08-11 18:32
i got 8k for a 30 hour week, im fine my friend , nt
2020-08-11 18:40
nt but you the only 8k you get his from your dad's child support.
2020-08-11 21:12
iam over 30 and 8 k is not that much in germany, its a good job, but not bestest , dont cry with 20 dollars
2020-08-11 21:20
I never implied it was a lot of money. And only an insecure little bitch with a menial ljob like you comes to HLTV trying to demean other users because they might not earn a lot of money. You're 30+ and will never have a decent job in your life. What kind of 30 yo types shit like "bestest"? Only a fucking retard.
2020-08-11 21:42
8k not decent job, lelel,,,,, u r think u are with 30 old like a grandpa hahaha the only one retarded is u
2020-08-11 21:48
I can't take you seriously when you type like a moron. I feel sorry for you =)
2020-08-11 21:54
no problem my poor friend leleleleelel xDxD
2020-08-11 22:11
No problem my broke friend lelelelelelelel xD xD
2020-08-11 22:11
I think you need to read #111 "As an average german dude with a 9-5 office job I can confirm. Shit ain't easy when you don't have a proper degree, legit makes me sick when I think about the taxes, rent and car payments that I have to pay just to sustain myself. Btw Portugal most underrated country, really nice people"
2020-08-11 22:12
damn 400k/year is average in JERMANY?
2020-08-14 04:14
12x8 = 400 murican math itd around 60k, and iam with around 90 are a bit above, but not rich
2020-08-14 11:36
u said 8000/week tho
2020-08-15 02:34
8k a month for 30 hours a week work,
2020-08-15 11:29
2020-08-15 22:32
Czech Republic fnx_legend
lel working in mcdonalds for this wow,,, you can just suck a dick per day
2020-08-11 14:05
yeah and everything is 3 times more expensive so stfu lmao
2020-08-11 16:11
polish men what u want u mad cause we earn more money lel whats your problem
2020-08-11 17:04
Sweden shonk
1500 k in Germany? As a full time mac worker? im not sure but i think people who work in mac here get an average swedish salary which is around 2-2.5k after the taxes (depends on where exactly u live)
2020-08-11 19:01
5 years of commercial exp? It's impossible to earn that less with that amount of commercial exp
2020-08-12 09:58
France NeaZy
Country: France - Proffesion: System and network technician - How many years was your education: I am in the first year of work-study (I am in an engineering school so I'm in apprenticeship), - Salary per month in €: 831 (as it's the first year with my engineering school) - How many hours do u work per day / and do u work in the weekend: 3 weeks working (35 hours per week) / 1 week school - Experience: 2 months in a town hall and now I will start to work for IVECO (car dealer) - Job: Iveco (I manage almost 150 sites in Europe, online support, remote assistance and troubleshooting, maintenance of servers and equipment (routers, switches, etc.) )
2020-08-11 13:51
wow that terrible 831 i make in less than 2 weeks with a high school diploma
2020-08-11 16:10
France NeaZy
Yup.. I have to wait three years to get a real salary :/ But as I work during 3 weeks and 1 week at school, I lose almost 300 €
2020-08-11 17:23
t'as pas de bourse ou la caf ?
2020-08-12 14:47
France NeaZy
Oui j'ai la caf heureusement pour le loyer donc au final par mois, j'ai juste les assurances, les courses à payer et les charges. (car on a double apl avec ma copine). Donc au final je m'en sors très bien puis ma copine est aussi en alternance :p Nop pas de bourses :/ Puis avec mon contrat j'ai pas le droit aux primes d'activités c'est un peu chiant ^^'
2020-08-12 15:00
seems nice glhf with the rest of your studies
2020-08-12 17:17
when you work-study in france, the company pays school fees so free school + a little wage is awesome when you're 19
2020-08-12 14:41
France NeaZy
Merci d'avoir expliqué :p
2020-08-12 14:55
So are you still a student?
2020-08-11 18:19
Poland, €3400, java, experience: 4 years
2020-08-11 13:52
Remotly or which city are you working?
2020-08-12 10:00
Warsaw/remotely (as I want)
2020-08-12 12:02
B2b czy UoP?
2020-08-12 13:06
o dzielo :)
2020-08-12 13:09
Europe letqpena
FI, 8 years of experience, no degree. Salary 3-4k, good bonuses. Contract says sw development/management, but I spend majority of my time doing everything else (e.g. work on electronics or dabble in mechanical engineering) but that's how startups are.
2020-08-11 13:54
Living in shithole with 1500 eur salary
2020-08-11 14:00
thats not bad
2020-08-11 17:45
not sure if you live in Russia, but thats a good salary if you do
2020-08-11 17:54
You are making 5 times more than your average country man, dude.
2020-08-11 18:14
that's the reason why i want to be rich here not in the USA
2020-08-11 18:24
Belgium lil_vodka
2020-08-12 00:34
Is that 4200 netto or brutto ? last time i talked to someone from estonia and the IT sector, they were complaining that people just change jobs if they get an offer from somewhere else that's 100-200 E higher, although they earn 3k+ already, curious if that still happens.
2020-08-11 14:13
This is neto. People usually change jobs if the pay is 300-500 € better, or it's near their home/ can work from home.
2020-08-11 15:49
pretty much always disappointed to hear people would change jobs for a +10-15% increase, especially when they have more than enough. Assuming the only reason is money. That's like prostitution. We have it here also.
2020-08-11 16:02
????? If they want more money then i don't see the problem
2020-08-11 16:09
yeah and that is disappointing to hear. just for the money. anyway ... people's choices.
2020-08-11 16:16
Changing job in IT is recommended if you want to earn more and more. Like approximetely every 2 years. There is nothing wrong with it. You are just assuming that they do it for money because they are selfish or whatever. But people ussualy dont want to change jobs. They dont want to change they comfortable life, and comfort they had in their previous job. Therefore you never know why they do it. Some might for the family, etc.. There is no reason to say its sad
2020-08-11 16:41
i know that's the way to get higher salaries usually, i work in IT myself. I'm not assuming, i've seen cases and i've had offers myself.
2020-08-11 16:53
Why would you stay then? For loyalty? Are you really a sheep that will be loyal to the one exploiting your labour? Dont be
2020-08-11 17:08
no loyalty not, in fact i've never had a job for more than 1 year. but sleeping at night and having a peaceful balanced life are good reasons. my highest paying job included - calls at 15 on sundays because 'another colleague is working, can you login and stay with him so he doesn't feel lonely ?' calls at 4 AM 'there's a . missing in an html text on staging'. Just random examples. So are you willing to risk an ok job, for just a 10-15% increase ? An increase that most bosses will give you if you ask them after a few months. * consider that your wage is comfortable already
2020-08-11 18:05
Yes I agree entirely, in fact for me the most important thing about a job is that I can have a life, hobbies, see friends etc. Im not in the same field as you but in my line of work (law) it is also very common to have jobs that pay well but require you to work weekends and do crazy hours. Thats not worth it for me, I dont sell my life for scraps from some capitalist piece of shit. Currently I make a nice living and have a semi chill work If I had such a job I also wouldnt be 3K elo on Faceit and what would be the point of such a life?!?
2020-08-11 20:13
glad we understood each other. balance, free time and hobbies are also important and to risk them from an ok job for 10-15% more money is not worth it. Just to clarify something - i wasn't doing overtime in my example, when i was called on weekends i deducted the hours on the next week. The situation just made things miserable. haha no idea how good that is on faceit but good job
2020-08-11 20:29
Yes I think we agree on this. Initially I was thinking it would be otherwise identical job but just 10-15% more pay and thats why I said what I did. Of course in that scenario the smart move would be to change assuming commute etc will not get a lot worse. But if the 10-15% better paid job involves more hours or "flexibility" from you then I agree maybe not a good idea if you already have comfortable living.
2020-08-11 20:38
i'm currently at my 7th job in IT and i can say none of the jobs i had was similar to another. Yes the programming language is the same, but i had a big variety in tasks, way of working, job atmosphere, schedule flexibility and benefits. Maybe i had more variance than most people in IT. Who knows ? Good night
2020-08-11 21:17
Is programming fun for u ?1??1?!
2020-08-11 15:52
Yes and no. It's a hobby that is enjoyable and yet painful at the same time, but you get a lot of satisfaction from it, especially when you see people using your "outcome".
2020-08-11 16:18
yeah when you get it right its pretty rewarding but even the little programming i have to do sometimes makes me go insane
2020-08-11 16:23
That's why you need to like and enjoy problem-solving ;)
2020-08-11 16:41
Depends. If I get new projects it's quite fun for me. If I code bad or work on the same stuff for days it's very annoying and boring.
2020-08-11 16:31
That's why i chose networking way easier and mostly only trouble shooting and hardware installation no pulling your hair out .
2020-08-11 16:32
Brazil 1930
salary: 3000 E (i'm poor af for an european but just a little bad for brazilian) front end developer remote 2.5 years experience react, vue, i'm good in these things
2020-08-11 16:17
In Brazil?
2020-08-11 16:42
Brazil 1930
yes i'm in brazil
2020-08-11 16:52
ahahahhaaha ur not making 19,143.30 reais a month ahahahaha
2020-08-11 18:01
Brazil 1930
wtf euros r 6,38? i make 14000 plus benefits (~10%) if i made any less than that i'd simply go to europe as i have the portuguese citizenship and speak some english.
2020-08-11 18:35
Brazil 1930
and why don't you believe it? some of the back ends in the managing roles of my team make something like 16~20k from a single monthly contract, they don't even get side projects like i do
2020-08-11 18:41
average salary is 3,671.22 Brazilian Real and youre saying youre making about 7x the average salary
2020-08-11 18:46
Brazil 1930
salary yes, sounds reasonable. average income idk. and yes, i do. there are people that make less than 1k brazilian real, some people are judges and make 60k, i'm 31 years old and make a little more than 14k. what's wrong with that? it's the average income of my friends, some make more than me and some less than me
2020-08-11 18:52
You said 3000 euros a month with 2.5 years experience in Brazil
2020-08-11 18:54
Brazil 1930
as front end yes 2.5 years, i used to work with a backend team and i'm a good english speaker, i'm good with algorythms and i code fast, it's hard to find who does what i do the way i do my frontend 'superior' is 23 years old, son of a bitch is brilliant, his standards are magnificent but he make less than me. no english, too young, no side projects, no life experience.
2020-08-11 18:59
Makes more sense now
2020-08-11 19:29
You are not poor af as an European. Check the average salaries across the countries.
2020-08-11 16:43
Brazil 1930
tbh it's something like 2725 e and in brazil i have a lot of extra expenses like good health insurance and future planning to be able to have a life at least ok when i'm retired, thing i wouldn't mind so much if i were european (maybe, idk) so i'm poor for an european standard. my parents were poor (used to earn something like 1500 usd for 5 people) so there's not a lot for me in terms of inheritance
2020-08-11 16:58
Oh man. I just checked my self. Slovakia has only about 800euros :D. We are at the bottom. You are right that there are much higher wages. Its interesting really, how it differs when our countries are so close together. Well. Its life, you are on a good start to give your family good foundations on which they can build, and next generations of your family might have a greater standard of living.
2020-08-12 10:45
dude i dont play rust
2020-08-11 16:11
Estonia Mrkruvi
Going to start studying IT at a university this year
2020-08-11 16:13
Gl mens, Taltech? Oh and btw I suggest learning to code online while in University and before, since university only teaches like the basics.
2020-08-11 16:43
Estonia Mrkruvi
Thank you! I was thinking of trying to get into Taltech, but ended up going to TLÜ. And thanks for the suggestion!
2020-08-11 18:40
u make 2k more money than average it person and u make 3k more than ur countrys average i smell shit
2020-08-11 16:19
HS | 
Estonia qoznyyy
idk, even IT interns earn nice
2020-08-11 16:22
i still smell shit this cant be true
2020-08-11 16:25
It's true lol, even in Poland they pay 4-5k euro for backend with 4years exp. As a frontend you would earn like 200 euro less that's all
2020-08-12 10:05
yeah especially when working for some (probably) small estonian bank
2020-08-11 16:29
Main ones are swedish. Anyways, he's baiting.
2020-08-11 16:33
Emigrant talking k
2020-08-11 16:38
Your point, lying kiddo?
2020-08-11 16:42
I don't expect an emmigrant to know how experienced IT workers are payed.
2020-08-11 16:46
How about we end it, baiting kid. You pull the .BDOC (statement) from your bank account proving me wrong or f off.
2020-08-11 16:50
I ain't gonna show you that.
2020-08-11 16:54
I know you're trying to show how "cool" our country is, but proper people see how full of shit you are and the only conclusion they come to is that estonians are autistic, all because of you. Good job.
2020-08-11 16:56
I ain't gonna waste my time on you. I'm on the islands rn and I don't have my ID-card on me. Mobile bank is not an option for me rn. I would suggest looking st some jobs of my experience and caliber, stay safe emmigrant.
2020-08-11 16:59
You keep blabbing that as If it a freaking insult. It was the biggest upgrade which you can't afford. Get a grip, daydreaming kiddo.
2020-08-11 17:03
Don't call this "our"country emmigrant, if you have no clue about wages in Estonia I wouldn't talk honestly. Dream big
2020-08-11 17:05
0/8 Go get some notebooks and pens, it's September soon.
2020-08-11 17:12
Get some onions soon, sibul, It's cooking time.
2020-08-11 17:13
I work for one of the biggest Estonian banks. I have good experience and quite trusted at my job + bonuses.
2020-08-11 16:34
bad b8
2020-08-11 16:38
U do realize that Junior developers take the pay down? Search some Estonian it jobs and look at the wage where there is 5+ experience needed
2020-08-11 16:39
Lebanon Dogman69
how much devops/sys admins make in your bank
2020-08-11 17:54
I think Devops with experience earn around 5k don't know about sys tho + 70% of the companies require Estonian or Russian also tho
2020-08-11 18:23
Lebanon Dogman69
like aren't you maxxed out already, after Sr developer what other role can you do feels in dev people plateau in less than 10 years
2020-08-11 18:49
For clouds systems they pay more
2020-08-12 10:21
"u make 2k more money than average it person" depends on the job and ur location in the country
2020-08-11 16:38
2020-08-11 16:45
but u cant still make 4200 at estonia its unreal if u r just a normal it person
2020-08-11 16:49
i think in talinn easy and maybe he is also remotely working and or freelancing but who knows, sure
2020-08-11 16:51
men its same thing as poland. if u live in varsova u still dont make over 3k as a normal person
2020-08-11 17:02
You really think that a normal IT worker has 5+ years of experience?
2020-08-11 17:12
i actually do, people dosent change careers often
2020-08-11 17:37
Most of them in Edtonia are Juniors and work for little startups. Working in an unicorn or a bank paya big time in any country so...
2020-08-11 18:08
Sry, u're wrong m8
2020-08-12 10:22
get off your high horse mate. estonia is somewhat of an european leader in IT, surely you can make half decent money in the capital. also a lot of IT jobs are popping up in poland. 3k isnt much if you consider taxes and cost of living, which is not that cheap in warzawa. it isnt 91 anymore when people got like 500 dollar salaries.
2020-08-12 14:37
- UK - €4.8k a month - 6 hours per day - 5 years studies - 4 years of commercial experience, 11 years in total programming - C#, Python, Java, Javascript, T-SQL, Node.js, VB - I do a mixture of windows services, windows apps/console apps, mobile dev and .net stuff for web.
2020-08-11 16:22
DJ 32k/month
2020-08-11 16:36
China SwooksarV2
Thinking of transferring to western Ivey HBA. UBC kinda shit...
2020-08-11 16:42
It's probably 6000 Turkish Lira/month(705€ oof) for a novice fresh graduate IT guy who knows Java, C# and Python. Note: I'm not an IT guy, I'm studying food science and will probably focus on business. I have friends who wants to be and knows IT stuff, I've asked them.
2020-08-11 16:43
Country: Sweden - Profession: IT security engineer - How many years was your education: 2 + internship - Salary per month in €: 4500 - How many hours do u work per day / and do u work in the weekend: 8 hours a day (but generally very flexible), no weekends, 6 weeks vacation per year Experience: 5 years - Job: Make sure Devs don't fuck, make sure users don't fuck up, make sure Russians or Chinese don't steal our shit!
2020-08-11 16:50
do you get opportunities to work remotely?
2020-08-11 16:57
At my current job I honestly prefer going to the office, but usually it is no problem to work from home or anywhere else for that matter.
2020-08-11 17:03
need young statistician in your company? I will be glad to be your colleague :)
2020-08-12 01:31
Nepal strninja
32k/month DJ
2020-08-11 16:50
Actually true but in dinarima
2020-08-11 20:47
Nepal strninja
2020-08-11 21:34
Country: Switzerland - Profession: Doctor- - How many years was your education: 6 years - Salary per month in €: 7150 (base) usually 8500 (with extra-hours) - How many hours do u work per day / and do u work in the weekend: 9-10/sometimes - Experience: 3 months - Job: medical doctor
2020-08-11 16:58
I have always wondered, how many languages do you need in Switzerland.
2020-08-11 17:01
For my job I only need the local language + English, knowing others is a bonus.
2020-08-11 17:04
-Luxembourg -Network engineer -5 years -3,1k/month + car with unlimited gas -8 hours a day -1 year exp -IT services company
2020-08-11 17:02
-Belgium -Consultant -0 education -3400/month depending on results (i get them) (net is 2400) -8hours a day. From home. -10 years experience -Big IT service and solutions company
2020-08-11 17:04
Belgium lil_vodka
avg salary in our country
2020-08-12 00:38
not in my boerengat, it's pretty high
2020-08-13 15:17
Nice man, what Uni have you finished?
2020-08-11 17:05
Taltech, but it was more for the degree and social experience. You don't learn much there.
2020-08-11 17:08
0/8 lel
2020-08-11 17:08
Fors | 
Brazil ricca
0$ atm
2020-08-11 17:33
- Indonesia - Data Analyst - €700 a month - 8 hours /day, 5 days/week - 4 years studies - 8 years experience - SQL, Data Warehouse, Business intelligence
2020-08-11 17:37
2020-08-11 17:42
Country: Slovakia - Proffesion: back-end dev - How many years was your education: 3 years, not CS tho - Salary per month in €: 1700 brutto - How many hours do u work per day / and do u work in the weekend: 8. Weekend free - Experience: 1.5
2020-08-11 17:49
2020-08-11 17:51
The atmosphere is quite good actually, just projects seem to be boring most of the time
2020-08-11 18:12
2020-08-12 22:39
Whatever you say bro
2020-08-12 23:57
2020-08-13 19:11
Country: Ukraine - Proffesion: Dj - Salary per month : 32k
2020-08-11 17:55
- Country: Ukraine - Profession: QC Team Lead - How many years was your education: 5.5 years (master's degree in Computer Science), started working on the 3rd year - Salary per month in €: under NDA - How many hours do u work per day / and do u work in the weekend: 8h per day, weekend is free - Experience: 2.5 years - Field: game industry
2020-08-11 17:57
Here's mine Country: Bestonia - Proffesion: DJ - How many years was your education: 3 years university rest online - Salary per month in €: 32000 - How many hours do u work per day / and do u work in the weekend: only work at night - Experience: 13 years at job, 52 years overall - Job: DJ
2020-08-11 18:11
Full time CS:GO bettor. 5k / month
2020-08-11 18:42
im rich and donate money to streamers
2020-08-11 18:56
Software Engineer 5 years of education (Computer Engineering grad) 2 years on internship, less than one year as full-time employee 8h/day ("9 to 5"), monday to friday. Making 5 time the minimum wage. I calculate it based on minimum wages because the true value is equivalent to 1000 dollars, which may seem too low but is more than 95% of the population makes (heavily undervalued currency, although I won't disagree that the profession itself is also undervalued). Using this calculation it would be similar to 5000 dollars on USA which a minimum wage of 7.25 USD/h and 40h/w.
2020-08-11 20:59
Here's mine Country: Latvia - Proffesion: Unemployed :/
2020-08-11 21:13
Data analyst for nokia, 2 years, 5500-6100
2020-08-11 21:17
boring nerdfuck
2020-08-11 21:18
Software Engineer - USA 130,000 USD 2 Years Experience
2020-08-11 22:14
Australia Am2de
- Country: Australia - Job: Company which manages Software for Businesses - Profesion: Software development (Mainly AWS, GCP, Azure and number of other services like Slack, Datadog and Zendesk) - How many years was your education: 5 years Bachelor of Advanced Computing + Bachelor of Commerce - Salary per month in $(AUD): 12000/month - How many hours do u work per day / and do u work in the weekend: 8. Weekend free - Experience: 6 months , did internship at same firm
2020-08-11 22:48
12k post taxes?
2020-08-11 23:17
Was it leetcode style questions for your job interview?
2020-08-11 23:17
Australia Am2de
There were 2 coding interviews and 3 behavioural interviews. Coding interview questions were similar to leetcode (medium probably). Behavioural rounds were more important as I have to meet business clients on daily basis and they are annoying af (They have no clue about software and it is hard for them to understand what I am explaining) :(
2020-08-12 00:21
Ah okay, thanks for the info. As for the business clients, I guess its common haha. Everyone wants an app/etc. made but they dont understand the technicalities of it. Good luck in your job.
2020-08-12 01:08
Australia Am2de
Thanks man :)
2020-08-12 05:38
Part-time DJ & Part-time Skins Trader 16k/month & 16k/month
2020-08-11 23:16
Does weed help?
2020-08-12 01:27
no, but it gets me through the day
2020-08-12 09:42
Belgium lil_vodka
student blyat
2020-08-12 00:30
2020-08-12 00:57
Belgium lil_vodka
college yeah i wanna become a frontend dev
2020-08-12 01:12
Problem manager €6K + pension, bonus, perks... 34½ hours per week. 6 weeks paid vacation each year. Education 1½ year + lots of courses and certification. Years of experience
2020-08-12 01:15
"Problem manager" You create a problem and then you manage a problem so that it is in a good condition. Nice Kudos.
2020-08-12 10:03
:-) More like I spot problems and also predict them, then facilitate/organize them being handled. It allows me use and combine lots of skills, it calls upon technical knowledge, people skills and more which is fun although there can also be a lot of pressure.
2020-08-12 18:08
HLTV blogger 32k/month + extras (if my thread is not deleted in 5 seconds after posting)
2020-08-12 10:01
Country: Slovakia - Proffesion: Toilet Cleaner IT powersystem - How many years was your education: first time i sit on toilet so about 21yrs - Salary per month in €: is there any? - How many hours do u work per day / and do u work in the weekend: depends from how many people are shit in public places - Experience: Lifetime - Job: Tcleaners
2020-08-12 10:41
Toilet programming. Best programming. Can confirm.
2020-08-12 10:58
good for you man, sounds like a good life! that is if you actually enjoy your job...
2020-08-12 13:13
Life is good! Job can be a bit boring though if I have to work on the same project for weeks
2020-08-12 16:45
Here's mine Country: Winland - Proffesion: IT Support (2nd level) - Vocational Qualification in Business Information Technology (aka trade school) - Salary per month in €: 3150€ (brutto) / 2350€ (netto) - 7,5h workdays (only weekdays) - Experience: 5 years at job, 6 years overall - Job: I work for a bank
2020-08-12 13:24
isn't that a little low for Finland ? just curious because an IT support here can earn 1300-1400 Euros netto after 2-3 years.
2020-08-12 14:44
Started around 1950€ (brutto) and its now 3150€ after 5years~ and most of my colleagues are paid alot of less than this. Finland just has crazy high taxes which eats the wage :<
2020-08-24 13:28
Nobody cares.
2020-08-12 14:49
Albania Mamluku
Here's mine Country: Albania - Profession: job title is misleading, but basically CRM, MySQL and Linux and Excel a lot - How many years was your education: 3 years university not finished yet - Salary per month in €: 300 net - How many hours do u work per day / and do u work in the weekend: Like 4 , work gets done in 2 or less. Weekend free - Experience: couple months - Job: Telecom
2020-08-12 15:13
Netherlands eBoz
after reading all the comments, i really wanna die :') ( i'm a 3rd country boi )
2020-08-12 15:23
Most of them are lying. I do taxes for a living and this doesnt match at all lmao.
2020-08-12 16:18
software dev 1350 net monthly
2020-08-13 00:13
Country: Australia - Proffesion: technical lead - How many years was your education: 11 - Salary per month in €: 0 - How many hours do u work per day / and do u work in the weekend: idk - Experience: 2 - Job: ceo
2020-08-13 00:21
North America volumefx
Systems Technician/Helpdesk 18.50 an hour FL/USA 40-45 hours a week. 2 yrs experience A+ certification No degree
2020-08-14 04:04
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