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The most skilled LU rn Every players is insane individually Can they be top 1 when LAN returns? Probably not, but they're dangerous af and so skilled now, ofc they play against shit teams but everyone hits good shots
2020-08-12 00:37
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Let's see if FaZe with Kjaerbye is better next week
2020-08-12 00:39
Canada gatssbyy
I feel like that can either go really well or really poorly but no in-between
2020-08-12 00:42
it's probably in between, they will be good but unconsistent as always
2020-08-12 00:45
tbh Kjaerbye has way more XP than Bymas in these roles but niko is still a bad IGL
2020-08-12 00:48
they have always been inbetween, they never close out big games but consistently make near or bottom part of playoffs
2020-08-12 00:54
they will suck big's dick as always
2020-08-12 00:48
Brazil 1930
at least the dick is big tbh #nohomo
2020-08-12 00:57
2020-08-12 00:41
They are still doing too many mistakes, better teams will punish them.
2020-08-12 00:42
Hopefully that's something moses can help fix.
2020-08-12 00:44
That's why I said most skilled and not best
2020-08-12 00:48
I was just answering your question on if they can be top 1 after Lan returns. I dont think they can, unless they fix their mistakes
2020-08-12 00:52
Oh ok
2020-08-12 00:54
United States ahartman888
Individual skill is high high level for sure. If they stop choking and stay confident we will see how far they go
2020-08-12 00:43
2020-08-12 00:48
Finland Autisthicc
they cant beat syrson awp, unlucky
2020-08-12 00:43
They don't really have a main awper but Stew and NAF are really good
2020-08-12 00:49
Doubt it, having a main awper is just so important. Weapon is OP. Of course they can win a tournament or two, they have been in contention for years, but to have an era/be nr1 team I just don't see it because they don't have a dedicated awper.
2020-08-12 00:46
Astralis is laughing at you rn Anyway, I never said they could win something rn but they're the most skilled rn
2020-08-12 00:51
device? -_-
2020-08-12 03:25
device wasn't primary awper at first
2020-08-12 03:31
And they became nr1 team after he did switch to primary awping. I mean Stewie/NAF could have same development but replicating that is not likely.
2020-08-12 05:12
He started awping in 2014 or 2015 they weren't 1st at that time and anyway the ranking of teams began in 2015
2020-08-12 05:16
India c0nsc10us
He wasn't the primary (dedicated) AWPer in 2014.
2020-08-12 05:30
"or 2015" Or maybe still in 2015 with cajunb?
2020-08-12 05:37
Why is it so important? People are way too hung up on a dedicated AWPer when there are plenty of hybrid players that do just as well and sometimes better.
2020-08-12 01:24
Because the weapon is op and most games at most levels are determined by who's ct awper is on fire. I don't know why you think it's not important. Liquid are obviously a great team and both Stewie2K+NAF are great awpers but they dont build their ct sides around awp which is why I don't think they will become nr1 team, will still be a great team of course(they have been since like 2018). They could win any tournament they attend but don't really see them as a future #1 team but who knows could be wrong.
2020-08-12 03:29
I kinda agree except 'Every players is insane individually', stewie2k is just decent, definitly the worse in liquid
2020-08-12 00:45
He's IGL, going first every round, he's anchor on the worst sites, and he's really good at awping also
2020-08-12 00:49
"just decent" is the belief of people like you, not the pros.
2020-08-12 01:25
2020-08-12 01:38
+1 everyone talks so highly of him but the viewers lool
2020-08-12 01:53
2020-08-12 00:45
2020-08-12 00:49
skill is not everything in cs.
2020-08-12 00:46
Did you read the whole post?
2020-08-12 00:50
i read and u said how Liquid is most skilled team rn and dangerous af, what wrong here? they need AWP and IGL they wont be top team on LAN.
2020-08-12 00:50
That's why I said "Can they be top 1 when LAN returns? Probably not"
2020-08-12 00:52
i didnt say anything about LANs because LANs comeback in mid 2021 i think.
2020-08-12 00:53
Maybe but I said that in a way that meant "we don't know what they worth against T1 EU teams"
2020-08-12 00:54
atleast with Grim they can beat teams like chaos and ZPG. with nitr0 it was lose.
2020-08-12 00:55
2020-08-12 01:03
Baiterzz and bot2k and you consider them most skilled?
2020-08-12 00:48
Yes, watch the match
2020-08-12 00:50
Armenia TiBoN29
Ok baiter
2020-08-12 00:51
liquid is a substance in a state of intermediate aggregation between the solid and gaseous state . In a gravitational or inertial force field it flows and takes the shape of the vessel in which it is located.
2020-08-12 00:56
2020-08-12 01:03
Canada Unravel
I think they can be #1. Don't know if they'll be able to keep it, but I can see them touching #1, especially since there really is no team ready to cement an era (I like big, but I dont see them staying #1 after online)
2020-08-12 00:56
Maybe but not in 2020
2020-08-12 01:03
Canada Unravel
Yeah probably not, not enough international events. EG might have a shot for a short stint if they win cologne tho
2020-08-12 01:11
Liquid are t0 now
2020-08-12 01:05
nt they're t2
2020-08-12 01:35
Good luck vs fnatic spirit heroic big LUL
2020-08-12 01:37
They obviously are able to do it but we'll just have to wait and see what actually happens.
2020-08-12 03:36
This liquid has top 1 potential if they fix their mistakes and choking. With a more vocal coach like moses and Stewie at IGL this team can be the next cs dynasty
2020-08-12 04:50
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