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i miss nitro
kennyS | 
Asia LiuCrystal 
team liquid 2019 played the most exciting cs i have ever seen ( im not very old to the pro scene so ) and nitr0 was just as good and vital as the others to me sure he wasnt the star player but he was always someone who i thought they relied on and trusted a lot like solid backbone and now he's gone and idk if liquid will improve but im sure it will not be because of nitro's removal but rather twistzz/stewie's return to form i wish someone or something would have come up to give nitr0 just a bit more time to come back to form
2020-08-12 03:11
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OK | 
Peru TheJuan
wtf it has only been like 3 days
2020-08-12 03:12
i mean he's leaving for valorant and no cs team has approached him yet so it might be a while
2020-08-12 03:13
yes but now he sucks. happy 2014 was good but now he sucks. do u miss him?
2020-08-12 03:13
thats a long time he had enough chances for nitr0 it was a sudden drop in form so it could have very well been temporary
2020-08-12 03:16
2020-08-12 03:16
Hes going to valorant, rumors
2020-08-12 03:17
it should've been -stewie, and +an igl. I don't think stewie is a good igl, he's apparently been igl since BLAST which would explain why their teamplay looked like shit. nitr0 is a much better entry fragger than stewie, and a better igl as well. Stewie is gonna be the new Taco of Liquid
2020-08-12 05:42
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