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conversation killers!!
Austria Angelo_Merte 
lets say u have conversation with someone, what u dislike the most?
2020-08-12 17:46
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2020-08-12 17:47
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
2020-08-12 17:47
Germany I_car
2020-08-12 17:50
2020-08-12 18:19
when they equate your experience with theirs it became like a modern thing to do, its disgusting.
2020-08-12 17:48
i hate this too but i ALWAYS do it myself, im trying to stop doing it as much as possible though.
2020-08-12 18:05
ye, its a ego thing took me along time to stop this.
2020-08-12 18:17
Agreed, I'm trying to just take more time before I say something in conversation. At least I can think properly before I say something but there's times I just say shit without thinking.
2020-08-12 21:21
Silence - gold
2020-08-12 17:47
United Kingdom alcazar4
sentence awkwardly ending in "soo...."
2020-08-12 17:48
Use open ended questions my frend. thing will never happen.
2020-08-12 17:49
God | 
Poland henlo
politics religion big
2020-08-12 17:49
Conversations nowadays are so dull. sometimes it feels like a job interview.
2020-08-12 17:50
2020-08-12 17:51
Germany I_car
I dislike when I listen everything and they can't pay attention to one sentence of mine
2020-08-12 17:52
What were you sayin again?
2020-08-12 17:55
some people are awful at this, it's like they're not listening, just waiting for their turn to speak
2020-08-12 17:57
i do this due to my adhd but its not out of disrespect, i just cant focus long enough to follow stuff.
2020-08-12 17:58
I don't know if I have adhd but I lose focus on what people are saying 90+% of the time 😭 I actually feel retarded
2020-08-12 21:22
when they bring comparisons into the discussion like "You made 5k this month but you know X made 7k" . i hate this type of people
2020-08-12 17:55
ditch this ppl, u dont want them in your life.
2020-08-12 17:57
Netherlands Wdym_wdym
Saying their a BLM supporter, Feminist, Vegan, far right, into crossfit, like "all music" but then only listen to the radio etc... lmao
2020-08-12 17:59
i have bad news for u. everyone wants to identify as something nowadays. good luck in future.
2020-08-12 18:01
Netherlands Wdym_wdym
I've got some bad news for you, not everyone does. Luckily i'm socially capable enough to choose with whom i associate myself with. Hopefully you'll be able to do that to! Good luck in the future! :)
2020-08-12 18:03
Germany I_car
The radio thing is funny, but not a conversation killer imo
2020-08-12 18:04
Netherlands Wdym_wdym
lmao, ofcourse not XD I was eggaterating a bit haha
2020-08-12 18:27
Finland ToxicDUD
2020-08-12 18:01
''hahaha'' laugh
2020-08-12 18:07
people say this and act like you are the one who cannot keep the conversation interesting smh
2020-08-12 18:19
ok then what do you think about ...............?????
2020-08-12 18:08
cam | 
United States girls
"who cars"
2020-08-12 18:18
Germany I_car
2020-08-12 18:28
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