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Vac ban
s1mple | 
China beliven^GOD 
Just got vac ban never cheated rip 3,4k elo acc
2020-08-12 23:41
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bottle | 
Germany Azes
nt cheater
2020-08-12 23:42
><3 s1mple. >never cheated. Nt.
2020-08-12 23:42
wow you're stupid ok 👌
2020-08-13 00:09
noob l2p, you got shown you have a small dick and you cum too early. you decided o download cheats to look like a decent player to your friends? deal with it noob. EZ REKT
2020-08-12 23:43
no man , ive some programming tools, xamarin and visual studio , but i would never cheat in this game like wtf how virgin u need to be, to cheat in a competitive video game
2020-08-12 23:44
i agree, you need to be alittle bitch ass needy snowflake to c heat. if it was an unjust ban you should appeal and they will unban
2020-08-12 23:46
2020-08-12 23:53
can't believe these Chinese people at all
2020-08-13 00:12
yes cuz u can trust indians #nohatejustbanteringwithu
2020-08-13 00:24
well I am the tech guy, I only can fix your computer
2020-08-13 00:25
2020-08-13 00:26
sent message to support even tho they say ac team wont answer . they sent they will sent my msg to ac team
2020-08-13 00:36
what did you say though?
2020-08-13 00:37
cried said i have only programming tools in my pc etc 100% wrong ban
2020-08-13 00:43
Dosia | 
United Kingdom Noided
It's okay, if you never cheated just appeal it and Valve will unban you
2020-08-12 23:43
Greece Poor_Noob
Da da
2020-08-12 23:48
make a ticket then
2020-08-12 23:45
ye i did to steam support lets hope for justice
2020-08-12 23:46
good luck
2020-08-12 23:47
Greece Poor_Noob
Cheater hAHA never cheated
2020-08-12 23:48
ye i know its kinda hard to believe but tomorrow ill make a post if steam answers me
2020-08-12 23:48
bro if you are not guilty they will unban you but I believe it will definitely tyake more than a day for them to respond. especially after todays Vac ban wave
2020-08-12 23:51
LOL Just got unbanned now wtf 1 hour ban ??????? wtf valve???????????? HOLY SHIT ITS BROKEN OMG
2020-08-12 23:52
hey sorry for assuming. and I am glad justice was served accordingly. Hope to find you in my team in MM at some point. Respect brother
2020-08-12 23:53
i dont play mm for years
2020-08-12 23:54
Good luck getting your VAC ban resolved. I hope you can get unbanned if you truly weren't cheating. In my heart I believe that some innocent players got banned in this wave.
2020-08-12 23:52
man just got unbanned wtffffffffffffffffffffff 1 hour ban is this a record?
2020-08-12 23:53
You should screenshot the message Steam sent you, and put it here!
2020-08-12 23:53
"Hello The VAC team investigates and takes care of it from there. They do not reply to anyone's messages. Support does not actually remove the ban, therefore. We forward it to the VAC team and after the VAC team investigates the case. Regards "
2020-08-12 23:59
Usually they send you a message with a yellow border informing you that you have been unbanned due to a mistake
2020-08-12 23:57
GUYS JUST GOT UNBANNED WTFFFFFFFF NGL WAS scared af as im nobody, didnt think valve would even review my case
2020-08-12 23:53
youre pretty lucky, usually valve doesn't even respond
2020-08-12 23:55
"Hello The VAC team investigates and takes care of it from there. They do not reply to anyone's messages. Support does not actually remove the ban, therefore. We forward it to the VAC team and after the VAC team investigates the case. Regards
2020-08-12 23:59
reguards? wtf are they retarded?
2020-08-12 23:58
Proof or lie
2020-08-12 23:57
"Hello The VAC team investigates and takes care of it from there. They do not reply to anyone's messages. Support does not actually remove the ban, therefore. We forward it to the VAC team and after the VAC team investigates the case. Regards
2020-08-12 23:59
Nice broken english, i'm sure valve sent that
2020-08-13 00:01
idk i wouldnt be autist to write that my self
2020-08-13 00:02
except where you accidentally put reguards instead of regards then edited it, right? ;)
2020-08-13 00:02
ye cuz i copy pasted what they said but forgot to add that and wrote that my self, i was so happy to get unbanned that didnt even notest dude my english is like 0.4/10 so impossible to me to write that
2020-08-13 00:08
I believe ya, but my decades of speaking English as a first language don't
2020-08-13 00:09 They are unbanning some falsely VAC banned accounts though.
2020-08-13 00:02
I don't doubt that, it happens
2020-08-13 00:02
Greece Ploutonas
One cheater less
2020-08-12 23:58
nt just got unbanned but was scared wtf, i should sue them for almost hearth attack
2020-08-13 00:00
Sure... Every cheater from any online game should be IP banned from all online games.. In most online games it so destructive when idiot kids cheat.
2020-08-13 00:02 Got VAC banned yesterday, unbanned today.. VAC is not 100% every time..
2020-08-13 00:03
I did not mention VAC. dont really care about VAC as such. Cheaters are selfish people. cought or not. the choice they make. My point is it should be taken way more serious. Since games to day is something a lot of people spend a lot of money on, in many way cheaters are stealing value. Ofc there are different levels and some games hurt more than others. but if the punishment is worse and more overall. it might stop these idiots from doing it to a large extend. However the cheating part should ofc be 100% clear before any such punishment. I am aware of false positives, and in some games its even possible because of auto "bans" and such to get people banned if enough report even if the person did nothing wrong. But if a cheater is cought cheating without doubt. IP ban from all online gaming.
2020-08-13 00:11
That is a fair opinion to have. Obviously being ip banned from all online gaming is impossible to enforce though. There's no foolproof way to prevent cheaters, unfortunately.
2020-08-13 00:12
No cheaters will always be there. the same way people still steal from others and kill others. however right now online people have a sort of protectism of bad things. Like cheating, or epic games store and AAA companies, or toxicitity. making excuses for it even though it brings nothing good. We need to change that to more a 0 tolorance to make a change. And the IP ban from ( not all ) but most online games could be possible. Many companies already have things that work togeher, and it would be a simple link. it will not stop cheaters, pro cheaters that does it for money will buy there way out. But the large number of kids and idiots that do it because they can fuc.. with people for fun hurt them without feeling responsible will be affected. and it will lower cheating a lot. Still people can play the games again, by buying new stuff and get new IP. but its something that takes some. so people will learn there is a conseqence. Every person can make mistakes and is allowed to learn to do better. so it should never be a forever ban. but something that will sting. But we need to change our way of saying just stop playing the game, or get better or this or that. dont make excuses for the people ruining for the many. But make ways to make those people stop it. Its done in all other aspects of life. but in gaming people have this meme culture and protectism so bad things is allowed to go on. in large because many people in that group is kids and do not understand the larger connection. however the way kids learn is by stating right from wrong.
2020-08-13 00:20
Hypothetically let's say you can IP ban me. I have a router which changes my IP any time I reset it, and I also have a VPN. You could hardware ban me. There are bypasses for that too though. The only way to enforce such a rule is if you required people to put in shit like their passports online to play a game. That would never fly, of course.
2020-08-13 00:22
You speak like its not a thing? to play valorant you have to do just that. Also. as said nothing is 100% and there is always a way to get around it, and there should be. However most people cheat because it cost nothing, change nothing and is so easy. to add this sort of thing, for most people they dont want to deal with all of that just to be able to cheat. Cheating will always be there in anything, including gaming. But the largest group of cheaters are just dumb idiots who dont care. but they wont go through a lot of things to be able to cheat. so they will actually stop either before getting a ban by IP or Hardware. or after they got one the first time. So if you can remove lets just say low estimate 50% of cheaters that way. that is massive for the overall experience of gamers.
2020-08-13 00:27 my smurf got banned... do i need a write a support ticket or it does get deleted automaticly?
2020-08-13 00:30
Romania alexjpro
lol if you're not lying gg
2020-08-13 00:05
Sweden lil_peep
2020-08-13 00:13
ye was fake ban got unbanned already
2020-08-13 00:14
Sweden lil_peep
2020-08-13 00:19 i have 9000 hours do they remove the bann on my smurf acc?
2020-08-13 00:36
Wo ai Zhongguo he Zhongguo ren can i add u
2020-08-13 00:30
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