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thank you usa
Brazil AintGoingAnywhere 
been reading american literature lately, Stoner by John Williams hooked me, and last week i started the best book ever written: Lonesome Dove. So i must thank this beautiful country for writing such beauty, and don't mind european (and BR) haters, your country has a great history. ggwp
2020-08-13 01:34
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ok read my struggle
2020-08-13 01:34
Australia IBzoyy
mein kampf
2020-08-13 02:14
2020-08-13 07:51
India OOFmiester
2020-08-13 01:35
Ukraine potapUA
Real homies read books while swimming with Dolphins.
2020-08-13 01:38
while having a massive male only orgy
2020-08-13 02:15
Germany I_car
With the dolphins, they like that stuff
2020-08-13 08:38
the whole ocean can join in if theyre males, wrasses can when they change from female to male but thats the only exception, we keep this 100% gey
2020-08-13 16:21
cam | 
United States girls
thank you bro
2020-08-13 01:39
Great history? USA is literally just EU migrants from 350 years ago
2020-08-13 01:40
a british mad at americans, get over it son, been too many years since u got rekt
2020-08-13 01:40
No need to still be salty after losing to USA
2020-08-13 01:59
How tf did EU migrants go from last place to first place in 300 years lmaooo
2020-08-13 02:06
great history? lmao
2020-08-13 01:41
For the first time a +1 to you kind sir
2020-08-13 02:16
if usa has great history,whats italy,greece or egypt
2020-08-13 01:50
well, there are concepts you're probably not familiar with: good history =/= best history. plus long history =/= good history
2020-08-13 01:52
there is literally nothing appealing to usa history,european colonies clearing out tribes then figthing eachother.
2020-08-13 01:54
Evert country has good history wtf is your point? People on this site literally take every opportunity to shit on every other country its so weird.
2020-08-13 01:58
i'm not shitin on it,but there is nothing great or to be proud of
2020-08-13 02:00
you could argue that there is nothing to be proud of or an abundance to be proud of for any country. You're just trying to shit on another country because it feeds your ego or some dumb shit. Grow up.
2020-08-13 02:03
usa history is basically exploiting whoever they can,if they fight back just kill em
2020-08-13 02:11
You must be joking if you don't realise that's the story of most countries ever hahaha
2020-08-13 20:27
Thanks homie, Brazil is pretty good as well don't mind SA haters, people who talk about favelas are dumb as every country has bad areas. And 7-1 is stupid because CS>Soccer anyway lmao
2020-08-13 01:57
Finland R3ALMM
Soccer lul it's football. The thing you call football is just a pussy version of Rugby
2020-08-13 08:36
Hey bud I know this is hard for you to understand, but I know the difference in what you call football and what Americans Do, but I'm American and we call it soccer here so that's what I'm going to call it.
2020-08-13 19:16
Finland R3ALMM
Yea it's just funny
2020-08-13 19:30
Australia IBzoyy
100% bait
2020-08-13 02:14
You are welcome brazil
2020-08-13 02:14
Literature? United States? Geez, you are fucked up.
2020-08-13 02:15
Well, the two i mentioned, plus Hemingway, Bukowski and Fitzgerald are most likely people you never read - and yet they're pretty known writers.
2020-08-13 11:06
European literature is much much better than the US, that's my point. Every European country's literature would rekt the United States, alone. Oh, and I've read Hemingway and Fitzgerald.
2020-08-13 14:17
Canada cLutcheR7
2020-08-13 14:27
USA the best country in the world. Hopefully, I can travel there after covid
2020-08-13 14:35
american literature is so bad.
2020-08-14 00:25
Wisla Krakow
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