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No more cheating for mercedes, MAX VERSTAPPEN #1
2020-08-13 11:32
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2020-08-13 11:35
new car design and requirements
2020-08-13 11:39
didn't they push it to 2022? think only DAS will be banned for 2021, car will still be pretty much the same
2020-08-13 11:40
Finland akekho
yea but that was before covid they moved it to 2022
2020-08-13 11:42
fuck, more merc cheating next year then ;/
2020-08-13 11:46
feels like more than that, hamilton, although talented, seems to be one of the luckiest drivers on the grid
2020-08-13 11:54
also most spoiled and cant handle a loss
2020-08-13 11:55
he crashed out albon twice after being overtaken by him, he’s a massive child
2020-08-13 16:35
+1 i hate hamilton!
2020-08-14 16:39
so frustrating to see him allways luck it out
2020-08-14 19:45
that's a very old article dude...
2020-08-13 11:42
2020-08-13 11:46
Correct. Furthermore, DAS isn't that important for Merc. Hell, they dominated from 2014 until 2019 without DAS. Merc will win 2021 too 99%
2020-08-13 11:45
im 100% sure its not only DAS that they have as advantage
2020-08-13 11:47
Exactly what I said. DAS is pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things.
2020-08-13 11:48
Sadly, yes
2020-08-13 11:48
they say every year, now ita fair, and its never fair
2020-08-14 19:23
2020-08-13 14:20
2020-08-13 11:35
2020-08-13 11:41
I think these changes you are saying, have been postponed to 2022.
2020-08-13 11:41
Old article. 2021 will be driven with 2020 chassis with minor upgrades. Everybody will even have the same PU except McLaren who are changing to Merc. The big new aero regulations have been postponed until 2022.
2020-08-13 11:44
fuck now we have to wait longer for mercedes to stop cheating
2020-08-13 11:45
Even though I find the dominance boring too they are in no way cheating. Ferrari and Renault both cheated last year yet nobody is complaining because they aren't the best team.
2020-08-13 11:46
Hamilton + cheating car = dominance If leclerc or vettel was in that merc they still wouldnt win, overrated drivers for sure
2020-08-13 11:48
What are they doing that you would consider to be cheating?
2020-08-13 11:48
some shit with their pu
2020-08-13 11:52
Nice baseless broad accusation with 0 proof. Someone will always have the best PU, with or without cheating.
2020-08-13 11:53
but this much difference is insane
2020-08-13 11:53
And that is in no way evidence of cheating. You're just making an argument from ignorance by saying: We don't know why Merc is dominating --> therefore cheating It's like saying: We don't know how the pyramids were built --> therefore aliens.
2020-08-13 11:55
looking at history how much advantage a team had, they were cheating with this much advantage
2020-08-13 11:58
Provide any real proof and I'll believe you.
2020-08-13 12:28
You mean 2022
2020-08-13 11:47
i guess, i thought it was 2021 but delayed fak
2020-08-13 11:48
yes, if they keep 2020 car in 2021 season will be dead like this
2020-08-13 16:28
Venezuela CACHi
they moved the changes to 2022
2020-08-13 11:53
2020-08-13 11:58
Honda is just pure gold No chance for mercedes
2020-08-13 11:56
lmaooooooooooooooooooo u mean 2022 btw ferrari domination in 2022 bcuz pinokyo is relaxed for 2022
2020-08-13 11:58
#22 ferrari will only dominate again if they fire leclerc and vettel + get a better car
2020-08-13 11:59
i guess u started watching f1 since 2016
2020-08-13 12:00
2010 when mclaren did their cheat i got interested vettel is like pasha, great then, bad now
2020-08-13 12:10
Perfect example of arrogant kid with zero insight.
2020-08-14 19:03
you just described hamilton
2020-08-14 19:11
+1 legrerg ez wdc
2020-08-14 19:47
I am just waiting for the day when the top teams can have a close fight again and it's not just mercedes donination or even redbull in 2011-14 etc but the midfield battles are still exciting nonetheless, especially this year because of ferrari and redbull (-Max) in midfield XD
2020-08-13 12:14
did you watch 2012? It was one of the best seasons in close memory, so many different teams and people won a race let alone finished on the podium and the last race was a proper exciting title battle. You just wrote it off as "redbull domination" wtf.
2020-08-13 12:43
Oh yeah oops 2012 was amazing for sure, I was honestly rooting for Alonso but it was a great decider in brazil, honestly one of the best races for sure with vettels recovery and Schumachers 'gift' in his final race. Yeah shouldn't have generalized with that year but 2011,13 was easy for seb. 2010 was a great year too
2020-08-13 13:57
It seems like qualifying engine mode will be forbidden though.
2020-08-13 12:15
But the Ferrari fanboys will still say MaFIA about literally anything that doesn't go their way.
2020-08-13 12:34
Since Ferrari had to rebuild their entire engine it will help them.
2020-08-13 14:20
Flag checks out.
2020-08-13 12:33
hell yeah
2020-08-13 12:36
Can someone tell me what is so exciting about f1 that you watch it ?
2020-08-13 13:58
name checks out..oh,wait!
2020-08-13 14:25
No, I'm genuinely curious
2020-08-13 14:42
It's the pinnacle of motorsport in that it's the best drivers in the world competing with some of the best machinery in the world created by some of the best engineers in the world. I'll admit it doesn't always have the best racing action (though if you have the right tools to watch it, there is plenty of great racing to be seen in almost every race) but when you do see great close racing, especially at the front of the grid, the fact that the cars have no common parts other than the tires, makes for a great spectacle IMO. Spec racing gives a lot more action and it's great for what it is but I'd never sacrifice F1's formula for that. It's what makes F1...F1. That's just me though.
2020-08-14 10:41
So it's basically who got more money and who can create better car wins ? sounds kinda wack
2020-08-14 16:39
some people like it and some people don't, as it is with most sports anyway but sometimes people are even more ignorant regarding F1 and don't try to see why it's enjoyed/popular.
2020-08-14 16:47
That can be the case sometimes but sometimes it's the engineering intelligence (regardless of budget) that makes the difference, sometimes it's the strategy and overall team competence that makes the difference, sometimes it's the driver that makes the difference and sometimes it's the combination of all those elements that makes the difference. No other series offers that, that's why I love watching F1.
2020-08-14 21:32
2022* but atleast Alonso come back :))))
2020-08-13 14:25
I think he's (delusionally) talking about the new ruling that they have to use the same engine mode in the race as they used in quali, effectively banning party modes in both qualifying and the race. But there are reports that it may be implemented as soon as Spa this year. Edit: oh he actually was talking about the 2022 regulation change... wat a dum dum.
2020-08-14 10:46
2020-08-14 13:22
if you are talking about cheating look at ferrari the past 20 years. They had a bullshit engine and still justice hasnt been served. merc so good because they had to compete with ferrari cheating
2020-08-14 13:24
lul apparently mercedes will have an even bigger advantage on outright pace even without qualifying modes
2020-08-14 16:46
thats what theyre saying, but why even use that qualify mode when it gives you a worse pace makes no sense, theyre lying
2020-08-14 19:12
No not like that. What they are saying is right now the other cars are like 1-1.5 seconds behind them because of their quali modes, so they are kind of able to keep up but if there's no quali mode then mercedes will still have the same advantage because their car is just that much better and if they remove quali mode, reliability of engine etc for mercedes will go even higher and they can use it longer and better etc. And Nico Rosberg rightly said he feels they shouldn't disallow quali modes because it is a technical thing the teams work on and perfect and it rewards their craft. Just because mercedes are so strong currently, doesn't mean others haven't had the same opportunities to work on their cars because at some point or the other another team will come and dominate like mercedes has been
2020-08-14 19:47
2020-08-14 18:57
Poland Niks0n3k
max max max super max max max super max max max
2020-08-14 19:08
Lul, Mercedes will win 2021. Do you really think they are 1 sec faster in qualification just because of the engine? Dream on. They are miles ahead and just toy arround. Development is freezed and red bull wont be able to do anything about it.
2020-08-14 19:12
We need to Push Global warming Further so that Mercedes tyres overheat more often
2020-08-14 19:15
name checks out
2020-08-14 19:44
Relax, Carlos Sainz will put him in the mud !!!!
2020-08-14 19:20
Rubens barichello vol2
2020-08-15 01:22
Myanmar Jacobiss_
2020-08-14 19:23
Watching F1 in 2k20 - suicide for free time.
2020-08-14 19:27
Legrerg ez wdc and ferrari wcc in few years get ready -official hltv sharl legrerg acc
2020-08-14 19:47
leclerc is the biggest noob in f1
2020-08-14 20:04
Other KlNG
who watches that boring sport anyway
2020-08-14 20:06
who even breaths anyway
2020-08-15 01:32
Myanmar Jacobiss_
2020-08-15 01:29
probably going to be a good season
2020-08-15 01:34
Nothing is going to change in 2021. If you think RB doesnt have qualifying engine mode you're delusional. DAS is already pretty much irrelevant. 2022 we will see, but since Mercedes has the most downforce of all the cars anyway there are going to lose less than others. Engine regulations are pretty much unchanged so I dont see Mercedes losing anything there aswell.
2020-08-15 01:38
ricciardo norris partnership :))))))))))))))))))) best team on grid #1 mclaren long live bruce mclarenmy NZ brother
2020-08-15 10:42
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