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turky lol
Finland lungi_cs 
2020-08-13 16:27
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Turkey sedo7
so what? we saw this news a lot in the past
2020-08-13 16:30
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
i like turkey
2020-08-13 16:30
2020-08-13 19:09
lmao macron wants so hard to be the european U.S. with all the bullshit about helping lebanon and keeping the peace elsewhere
2020-08-13 16:31
Well, the Lebanon thing seems fair since the people kind of asked for their help again (France did help them out during the interwar period as well afaik). The Turkey - Greece thing is nasty tho, can't tell who's right or wrong but erDOGan is bs :D
2020-08-13 17:17
Best thing for everyone would be if they declared the waters neutral for the time being.
2020-08-13 17:36
JW | 
Ireland Sodaking
the thing that worries me about Turkey Greece is in Ireland we are worried they are gonna bring in conscription if a war happens we are strongly against an EU Army but if one does get brought it it should be 100% volunteer based no to conscription today tomorrow forever
2020-08-13 17:41
Obviously we have to build EU army, and obviously will be a good payed job for only volunteers Without military no one take you seriously, maybe in your neighboord its peacefull but here never will be
2020-08-14 12:48
2020-08-15 02:51
The Lebanon case is different. France and Lebanon share a lot of history since the crusades and the christian maroonites. More recently it was a french protectorate and there's serious bonds between these two. A lot of Lebanese people live and work in France, the education system is highly inspired by the french one, etc ... So naturally during tough times they turn to their long time buddy France. I think Macron went a bit too far when he kind of pushed away the lebanese government. Even if this governement is not legitimate and ruining the country, it's up to lebanese people to kick it in first place. Anyway there's gonna be new elections and let's hope they recover quickly.
2020-08-13 19:59
Dosia | 
Russia Rapu
> to be the U.S. > keeping the peace pick one.
2020-08-14 22:57
Both countries are stupid but Turkey will obliterate Greece. Greece doesn't stand a chance without allies.
2020-08-13 16:48
Intresting thing is Turkey supports UN supported government. France LOL
2020-08-13 16:52
Turkey cant do shit against us All this shit will take act in open sea and we have by far better Navy If you dont know shit better dont speak Macron send a help and we are thankfully BUT he said 1 frigate and we have 9 there
2020-08-13 16:57
Bro you are delusional stop.
2020-08-13 16:57
Nice arguments Probably Turkish immigrant They have same arguments
2020-08-13 16:58
I don't know if you have seen my posts here but turks hate me in this site but whatever lol
2020-08-13 16:59
First check then what are you saying and after speak
2020-08-13 17:01
Turkey is the 9th ranked millitary in the world, greece 28th, end of discussion. /close
2020-08-13 17:02
Oh LOL Ok i forgot for a moment that we are in Hltv
2020-08-13 17:03
you are trying in vain. they always think they are the best. They would destroy themselves in 5 years if it wasn't EU
2020-08-13 17:54
you don't know turkish mentality . If Turks could do something against Greece they would do it. Turks never move if they are not 101% sure they will win ,plus having the OK by USA .
2020-08-13 20:20
dude you know 100% if turkey attacks Greece they wanna do it ! but if we do that again england, france or wht ever land wanna attack turkey like WW2 ! we would f up your land in just 1 day ! and you know it ! ottomans time WW1 WW2 always 2-3-4-5 country attacked turkey no 1v1 :D so shh you dont wanna swim again greece .
2020-08-14 22:58
You turkish people are the only country in the world barking about a genocide of civilians. You should be ashamed of .
2020-08-15 19:21
strong from greece turkey hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
2020-08-13 17:05
Where is Kemal Reis frigate my friend?? Now they sink without even missiles? We have Silver alert here
2020-08-13 17:18
Do you really believe that greece's win a war against turkey. really?
2020-08-13 17:25
He said multiple times naval war, holy shit can people read on this site, i dont agree with him but he clearly stated naval war...
2020-08-13 17:38
Naval war clearly Overall war obviously not But in these days all the actions are 2-3 days and then stop Our naval technology is superior by far They just lost 1 frigate without a missile yesterday they are hilarious bad in sea
2020-08-13 17:45
Turkish SIHA: hi navy
2020-08-13 17:47
2020-08-13 17:55
cnn greece
2020-08-13 18:44
I'm just learning that our frigate sinks, thx cnn greece. the odd thing is there are those who believe it.
2020-08-13 19:28
yeah cnn greece says it happend, so it happend
2020-08-13 19:28
2020-08-13 19:28
Turkey TheTurks!
source: trust me bro
2020-08-14 22:29
Limmos ship is down its back to base .kemalreis already doing job
2020-08-13 18:43
Limnos ship was in naval drilling with french fleet today .
2020-08-13 20:22
funniest thing i've ever read men ty
2020-08-13 17:40
Turkey HypnoSia
cry is free zeus
2020-08-13 19:12
The point of having only 1 frigate and only a few other machines and soldiers is to make sure the Turks don't attack. Because they can't really attack France directly or they would suffer from an all out attack from all NATO
2020-08-13 20:00
2020-08-13 20:39
It hasnt been passed 100 years since we taught you how to swim. In the past you believed the europe and tried to fighr with us, we choke slammed you even without army and guns back then. Now you want to fight with turkey? Lol what army do you have? Naval? Why we fight you in the sea lmaoo boy read some history you dont fighter genes in you.
2020-08-13 20:18
Greece always needed allies when fighting us, the only time you didn't have ally we took Cyprus back from your Junta regime in 48 hours, thats with no ally. We can take Athens in 30 min if we want, history shows this. Plus, last time I heard the word "sea" was in 1922 when your grandfather was swimming 70km an Hour back to Athens :) Now dont cry, history shows everything. Never in life can Greeks attack us, you need Ruskos, Germans, Americans LOL anyone you can find. Dont make me laugh. Cyprus is good example. You lot should be ashamed but never the less we all know. You can't even stare into our shadow. We can dance and fight at the same time in Athens, lol your nation is nothing but scrap paper. Best known for running and only fighting us when we are busy fighting others.
2020-08-13 21:27
Exactly ... last time you heard the world Sea was 1922 Only Allah knows when you will hear again this world
2020-08-14 12:50
Turkey TheKaiser
2020-08-14 16:15
UK would fuck turkey stop acting tough against countries with 10x less population third worlder
2020-08-16 12:18
Armenia Yerevan
2020-08-14 09:02
Turkey TheKaiser
By far better navy? Just asking, do you really believe what you said?
2020-08-14 16:14
By Far especially technologikal Imagine a battle while we have 6 undetected submarines... You already bought the same type 6 of them too, but you will get the first next year Type-214 German if you search it and many many more about Naval
2020-08-14 16:21
Turkey TheKaiser Look at this video, it's neutral and the comparisons were for the situation in 2017; Turkey continuosly spent its budget since then - for example, this video doesn't show S-400s.
2020-08-14 16:24
Binkov is right but he speaks for full scale war Here we will have 2-3 days a nice clownfiesta and then everyone will come Completely diffrent situation Anyway we will see
2020-08-14 16:38
Turkey TheKaiser
Yeah but hopefully we won't, I don't want a f*cking war between us. 2020 is shit enough already, have a nice day.
2020-08-14 16:40
"far better navy" nice one
2020-08-15 02:00
what an idiot doesn't even know he'll be gone in half an hour hahahah
2020-08-15 20:07
Kurds rekt you 20 years now Gangbang incoming
2020-08-15 20:09
this is not war because kid this half of them are our people in a real war we have the power to destroy you in 30 minutes not to mention France no more than 1 day to investigate them and do not know speech comment so nt caciki talk much more 30 iq your tv is just about us you lie with us and you get up and hope something, but of course you're right to hope you stupid caciki your brain is just filled with hatred for Turks you can not deny anything here people are aware of what is what you respect your land and people as you go and burn our flag these things are only befitting you 30 fucking iq caciki terrorists
2020-08-15 20:15
This logik will destroy you And I am afraid it’s gonna be with the hard way The worst part from all these it’s Normal Turks, there are fo sure there 30-40 million normal Turks and they will destroy their life’s cause of comars like you . And this will happen even if you win that war.
2020-08-15 20:21
yea but the important thing to remember is they DO have allies. that's the whole reason why a country would join an organization like NATO lmao. who does Turkey have as an ally? Azerbaijan? OMEGALUL
2020-08-13 17:01
Turkey is also in NATO so which one to help, when both NATO allies?
2020-08-13 17:04
Well US would probably abstain because both options wold have really nasty outcome.
2020-08-13 17:39
i would assume there would be some type of conference or tribunal to determine the aggressor, which in this scenario would undoubtedly be turkey. From there I'm sure they'd formulate a fitting punishment for them.
2020-08-13 18:28
You sure aggressor to be Turkey? Because Greece's randomly claiming all the continental shelf of Turkey's. The US will call both to get agreement on the shelf borders. But i know that US stands with Turkey in this situation because of he doesnt want to lose military power on russia in middle east.
2020-08-13 18:50
the difference is, claiming a continental shelf is not as aggressive as any retaliation that Turkey would do. If Turkey attacks a Greek ship while in these disputed waters, NATO won't look at it and say "it was fine that you escalated by attacking them, it's disputed waters! it's their fault, we support this!" they're going to tell them "you should have worked this out diplomatically, but now that you escalated it militarily, you must pay." and pay they will. one way or another.
2020-08-13 19:14
Turkey TheKaiser
If there'll be an aggression, it probably won't come from Turkey but instead it'll probably be Greece accidentally/intentionally sinking the survey ship in a way. And even if Greece becomes the aggressor, NATO wouldn't support one side because that's not how the alliance works.
2020-08-14 16:19
Greece is not claiming randomly the EEZ but its according to UNCLOS treaty of the UN which Turkey (and 15 more countries) did not sign.
2020-08-15 19:28
Turkey m1ralay
what a sick idea. Then why US supports the Philippines and other in South China Sea. Its the same issue. Also Chinese islands are bigger than Meis island. Greece wants a area that is bigger than 40000 time the island. Also that island has just 5000 people. There is no any economic situation of the island. Also, turkey has the longest coast in the east Mediterranean, however, ur idea gives smallest EZZ. Please talk with international law, not a such emonatiol things.
2020-08-13 20:01
not such emotional things = invades Syria to create a buffer LOL
2020-08-13 20:59
Turkey m1ralay
what is related to syria now ? What i say about Syria ? Such a idiot fan. Yeah u exactly explain why we are on syria now . We have 6 million syrians and we dont want anymore. What will be gain if we invade the Northen Syria. There is no oil, or any marine, or something. What is our aim to being syria. Just get some refugee maybe to Europe from Turkey. Then talk okey?
2020-08-14 17:48
so u should be allowed to randomly invade countries if its not useful to your country? shut the fuck up hahaha
2020-08-14 21:54
Turkey m1ralay
hahah now trolling. Are u sure that understand what u read? I try to be focused the why we are in syria. There is no any sources the northen syria. We need to send back the syrians in our country. We are not UK. We dont have colonies all around the world :D
2020-08-15 10:10
Don't be surprised if the US ends up helping Turkey just to spite the EU.
2020-08-13 17:05
That answer show everything about your knowledge
2020-08-13 17:19
Other syrso
It kinda makes sense though. America is trying to destabilize europe and is keen to prevent a strong EU
2020-08-13 17:56
That part maybe is right The first part is retarded cause US have defence agreement with us 30 years and 14 military bases here
2020-08-13 17:57
Other syrso
Fair enough
2020-08-13 17:58
yea, we like greece. even if we didn't, we're not gonna let some kebabs fuck with our military bases or anything. going aggro against greece would be a terrible decision for turkey.
2020-08-13 18:30
Finland lungi_cs
a shit ton of your nukes are in turkey
2020-08-13 18:40
United States tksnn
kebabs are way more important to murica then greece as well, look at us responded when turks invaded syria
2020-08-13 19:14
wdym invaded syria xDD it is our border. you are the ones who came from 70000000km away lmao
2020-08-13 19:20
United States tksnn
of course we come from far away, us muricans control the world
2020-08-13 19:27
is that what the hollywood movies says to you?
2020-08-13 19:29
United States tksnn
no its bc we op
2020-08-13 20:28
+1 nerf usa
2020-08-13 20:59
United States tksnn
we already getting uber nerfed by corona :(
2020-08-14 04:40
ye and our president's fuckin retarded for it. they shoulda been outta there yesterday lmao
2020-08-13 19:16
we got pakistan(nukes) and qatar(moneyz/oil) also i dunno if they are usefull during wars tho
2020-08-13 18:45
pakistan has India to worry about, i dont think they'll be too keen on helping anyone else out in the near future. Qatar has tons of money tho, you right about that.
2020-08-13 19:19
i am pretty sure that turkey is going to build nukes soon with the help of pakistan. we are in constant danger and pressure coming from other countries. erdogan has already said last year that he is going to build nuclear weapons.
2020-08-13 19:22
maybe. but erdogan is also a pretty wacky guy. very similar to my president, actually. they say a lot of things, but im not sure how many of them are actually true.
2020-08-13 19:38
the thing with usa is, no matter wich clown you put as president you will always be a superpower due to your economy. it is almost impossible to destroy usa economy. so it doenst matter that trump is president or not. who ever has the most money can do whatever he wants
2020-08-13 19:41
Turkey TheKaiser
Our government will probably change in the next election if the current trends continue.
2020-08-14 16:21
France POG Turkey 🤮
2020-08-13 17:00
Go Greece!
2020-08-13 17:02
it's funny how Erdogan likes to talk shit to everyone smaller than turkey, but as soon as a strong country gets involved, he turns into "we can talk through this, we don't need hostilities, i'm sure we can come to agreement" he makes turkey look so weak, and I absolutely love it
2020-08-13 17:03
Funny how you assume he said that after this news as if that wasn't his stance before. Genuinely curious how morons like you without any critical thinking ability can function.
2020-08-13 18:41
it has nothing to do with the timing. it's about the countries involved. france stepped in (through words) a few weeks ago, and ever since then, it's been all about diplomacy and talking things through. which stands in stark contrast to how he talks to countries that are smaller/weaker than turkey. The beginning of July he was making hypothetical situations and talking about cassus belli for a war with Greece. then France gets involved and now it's about diplomacy. It's funny how that works out.
2020-08-13 19:47
Erdogan has been calling for a diplomatic agreement with Greece for a long while now. Way before France got butthurt about Turkey' stopping them in Libya. Stop living in your fantasy world It's not healthy. >However German officials disagreed, particularly over a proposed reference to the Greek-Egyptian deal. Berlin was irked with the timing of the Greek-Egyptian maritime accord, a day before the scheduled announcement of exploratory talks between Athens and Ankara that had been mediated by Germany. Turkey wanted to talk with Greece and pulled their ships back but then Greece made a deal with Egypt behind our back so now we are back at the start again.
2020-08-15 09:25
This need a meme with the dog
2020-08-14 12:51
Greece Graecos
For once, I like Macron's deed.
2020-08-13 17:03
Georgia Megobari
Can someone explain what happened between Turkey and Greece in a fast way
2020-08-13 17:11
sea field problem. to search for natural gas. Greece claims islands' continental shelf. first picture is turkey's claim. second picture greece claim. As you see there is a small island(meis) so greeks wants the island has a continental shelf thats what this region is my area. and turkey says what a bullshit. its just a small island next to my mainland. continental shelf measured from the mainland. that's the problem do the islands have a continental shelf? UN says yes if you are an island country. but greece is not island country they have mainland. but greeks says we have a lot of island we should also be considered an island country. and turkey says fuck off.
2020-08-13 17:34
Easy solution give it all to cyprus to piss them both off, easy compromise both sides are unhappy....
2020-08-13 17:42
Or just send US military to resolve the problem lul
2020-08-13 18:45
Politicall suicide for anyone in charge in USA, they would either support democratic country and probably loose strong ally that would automatically side with russia or they would support dictator and would lose a lot of face with democratic allies and public face at home, both Trump or Biden would probably stay away from this.
2020-08-13 18:52
US is ally with us 20 years now More than 12 military bases here, no way to stay neutral.
2020-08-15 07:02
But they can because both Greece and Turkey are allies
2020-08-15 12:51
Murica it’s not ally with Turks, just Trump is friend with ERDI, when the BIDEn comes more like it’s over for them . Remember US have military embargo to Turks last 4 years.... what ally is that ?
2020-08-15 19:21
first of all Biden will be lucky to remember he is the president if he wins and second, if you mean the small arms embargos that dont affect turkey at all yea pretty solid PR move by USA
2020-08-15 20:51
lmao cyprus is controlled by both countries it would make things 10x more complicated
2020-08-14 22:17
isnt one part free and other part turkish?
2020-08-15 12:50
Add to #32 the friction between Turkey and France. Multiple times a french vessel has been targeted by Turkey who decline aiming at them. But the French Marine showed evidences of weapon guiding system pointing at them directly, the Turkish army answered then that it was just a friendly move, like waving at a friend. Turkey also asked to get on board for inspection of the vessel claiming that they have intel of weapons and bombs being carried to be delivered to rebel factions. Which was retarded as the ship was on its way home. Anyway the french refused and set the ship on fight mode, loading all weapons and stuff. Turkey was mad and started crying everywhere that France is being agressive towards them. So now the choice is easy for France, they will protect Greece over Turkey 10000x times considering the mess the turkish army tries to set everywhere they are (even in Mali which is basically still a french colony)
2020-08-13 20:05
Otello you seems like a normal guy I need your opinion why Italy never was actually an ally with us, aggresor sometimes , despite good relations our people have
2020-08-14 12:55
Because Italy struggled in deploying their international influence. The Italian city-states struggled hard to survive politically at the end of Renaissance. Which is paradoxal knowing the cultural and economical powerhouse they were. Back then they should have tried to conquer american/asian/african lands to guarantee high trading income. But they didn't and got eaten by the bigger empires. Later on, during the Spanish decline. The world was being split like a cake by France and UK. Ottomans and Habsburg were trying to expand and solidify their european borders and missed the colonial wagon. Italian territory was so divided between city-states, foreign invaders (Spain as example) and stuff that none could expand. And when Italy unified in 1861 (1870 for complete unification with Rome and Venezia) it was already too late to compete with France and UK over international influence and partnerships. Either you face the Ottomans frontly, either you look small and stupid compared to the two other rulers and none cares about your support. Add to this that Italy did terrible in every war they tried to participate and you have a country that prefers to focus on what's happening within its own borders. Also take in consideration the medieval history of both territories. To me it's too old to be relevant in people's and politician's minds but still. During the medieval era some italian states (Venice mainly) were competing hard with the Byzantine Empire and they even looted Constantinople while on a "holy mission" to protect the eastern christians. This kind of shenanigans surely doesn't help moreover knowing that Constantinople never fully recovered from it and it might have precipitated their fall. PS: Some might come and explain it by the fact that Ancient Rome, despite being culturally, linguistically and philosophically highly inspired by Ancient Greece, was trying to separate from this image. After all, Romans could be summurized as "extreme-right wing Greeks on steroids". But for me Ancient Rome =/= Italy, and it's way too old to be relevant nowadays.
2020-08-14 13:49
I understand the past , but after WW2 nothing changed. Greeks are mad with pretty much everyone except Italians despite the fact of what happens in past . East Med will gain a lot money for your country too, also you are in Europe and a strong partner in Mediterranean Sea , why you just stay neutral? It’s a massive question here most likely people have it no government
2020-08-15 07:10
Turkey TheTurks!
Why you guys are so damn beta? xD Basically you are trying to get Italy to your side too haha
2020-08-14 22:42
Dude there are no sides You are alone
2020-08-15 07:11
Turkey TheTurks!
Yes we are alone, because we don't lick anybody's ass lol
2020-08-15 08:13
Neither we East med will give gas to Europe for 80 years, that’s why they take our side , plus We and Cyprus are European members
2020-08-15 08:17
Turkey TheTurks!
You guys don't lick anybody's ass? lol you liked and even sucked most of the EU countries for years to get financial support, you guys still do though. Greece is a beta country, can't handle its own shit xd
2020-08-15 08:32
Economical Crisis here ended before 4 years. We pay back 30 billions every year last 3 years We are pretty fine last 2 years It’s 2020 here
2020-08-15 08:36
Oh these turks always want something isnt theirs. How they manage to do that every single time thru the years i dont get it. I mean they got small Asia, half of Cyprus, Byzantine and Aya sofia which wasnt theirs.. i guess they want more, haha. And this country supposed to be European or something? I dont get it how is that possible
2020-08-13 17:23
they have the right to search for gas in their own continental field.
2020-08-13 17:36
How is their continental field when they go against international law and law of nations ?
2020-08-13 18:45
greece claims that a island with 10km2 and 500 residents, that is 580km away from their mainland have a EEZ of 40.000km while the island is literally 2km away from turkeys mainland with millions of people living in that area of turkey. they could claim it if they were a island country but they aint. Their mainland dont even border in the mediterranean sea xddddddd. To give you a example they made a deal with italy about EEZ but Italy said that islands dont have a EEZ and they accepted this. But when its come to turkey the whole world is crying as usual xd
2020-08-13 18:50
That island is Greek , has greek name, is greek since forever. Greece never said Instabul is Greek and we want it so fuck Laws like you do. Imagine if Greece demands one day the whole instabul since it was theirs once upon a time. What would you say then ? You have a complex with Greece and Europe. Thats all. But to play the victims also is on another level of hypocrisy
2020-08-13 18:53
can you not read? their mainland dont even have a coastline in the mediterranean sea? Islands and rocks that are 200mil away from the mainland have no EEZ. Turkey has the longest coastline in the mediterranean sea lmao. They want to close turkey in becouse of 1 island that is 580 km away from their mainland and is literally 10km2 with 500 residents xdddddd
2020-08-13 18:56
Dude your informations are fault We tell 3 years to go to courts but you don’t accept, if everything and Law is with your side why you don’t come to courts ?? Turkish news say the half truth about worldwide sea laws. Here in Greece we could discuss about Kastellorizo but ERDI wants to discuss for 15 more islands in Aegean, that’s why we don’t discuss at all.
2020-08-15 08:20
you claim that kastellorizo has 40.000km EEZ xdddddddddddddd a island that is 580km away from your mainland with a size of 10km2. this island is literally 2km away from turkish coastline with millions of people living in that area. you made a deal with italy wich basicly says that islands and rocks dont have EEZ. but when it comes to turkey you say this xdddddd
2020-08-15 13:05
I tell it again and try to understand . IF ERDI say let’s speak ONLY for kastellorizo and it’s EEZ probably Greece will say ok , BUT ERDI wants to speak for 15 islands too in Aegean, that’s why we say NO . Now you understand?
2020-08-15 19:16
i dont think greece understands that islands that are 200mil away from your coastline dont have EEZ. either you dont understand this or dont WANT to understand this xd
2020-08-15 19:22
You see? Also you believe that , and we can’t discuss this dellusional dream. So don’t cry everywhere about Kastellorizo, the main problem is other and unfortunately there is no solution for that.
2020-08-15 19:25
Even if you were right. You don’t but let’s tell that you are. Still we can’t discuss dude we have a million people in Aegean we can’t let Turk ships chill around. No country could accept that, especially after 100 years. These things that’s asks ERDI are impossible, we say let’s go to Courts but he don’t accept. And surely this military shitshow will not give a solution with us .
2020-08-15 19:33
Wdym no one cant accept that? We announced the NAVTEX to the UN and they approved. That means we can do search for gas and oil in these area's. Erdogan said lets talk this out and give everyone a fair spice of the cake. He even pulled out Oruc Reis from the research to show that he is willing to negociate. And what did greece do next day? Sign a deal with the illegal coupplotter sisi xDD. So we send oruc reis back.
2020-08-15 19:38
2020-08-15 19:44
i have never read more stupid than this. Since 1700 we are just trying to protect what we have. You are from probably one of the european country that exploits countries in africa without any rights on them.
2020-08-13 17:41
How protecting = take over Byzantine, having Greece under military law,be with Nazis side in World war, take over cyprus, take over Aya sofia, want greek islands that arent yours by law of nations and many more ? Explain You playing the victims when you already having territories that werent yours in the first place is so stupid.
2020-08-13 18:47
we had 19.902.000 km2 land in 1595 but now we have 78300 km2 so give the lands us back because we took that lands with the way you guys took us from back. you just critize turkey's behaviours but if you look the situation without prejudice you can easily see that turkey do what the whole world is doing for thousands of years. its impossible because guys like you see even a little turkish boy as a enemy.
2020-08-13 19:03
Whaaat ?! Ancient Greeks are there since forever , wtf you talking about ! Hahaha ! You want back what exactly ? All islands having Greek names. Instabul in fact has a greek name which is Constantinopole , aya sofia is a greek name. Cyprus is a greek name. What the hell is wrong with you !!!! In the end youll tell me there was "turkey" before Athens, Sparta and Thiva. Macedonia and Alexander werent called Mohhamed ali or Mustafa. Greek names. Greek you know ?! Thousands of years in those lands already when you were living in caves. Daaaamn ! What kind of propaganda and history they learn you down there ? You playing the victims ? Really now ? hahaha
2020-08-13 19:10
if you think like this then the mongols and turks should rule 2/3 of the world again. and native americans should run USA again. it doesnt work like this anymore
2020-08-13 19:24 Look again and tell me where are you on the map ?! This is an ancient map that shows ancient greece, where are you ?!!
2020-08-13 19:25
do you even read what i say or are you braindamaged?
2020-08-13 19:26
show me, tell me where is Turkey. You crying all this time that you had big territory that Greeks took it from you blablaba... So, tell me where are you, show me on the map where is Turkey
2020-08-13 19:28
2020-08-13 19:28
So when did Greeks took your country exactly and you play the victims ? Before you answer, check the map i showed you again with greek regions since ancient times.
2020-08-13 19:30
so when did i say that greeks stole our country?
2020-08-13 19:29
So, please, stop playing the victims in all this. By DEFAULT, the regions i am talking about are greek since ancient times. It is you that came once upon a time took over small asia, constantinople, Cyprus , made a mess and since then you having a complex with Greeks when at the same time you playing the victims in all this. You were NOWHERE on the map to play the victims. Nowhere. Even small asia is based on Greek names. Imagine that. Even one of your biggest tourism attractions in your country in central Turkey, Kappadokia, was made by Greeks mostly even. Why you crying when you already got so many regions once greek when since ancient times you are nowhere ? How is possible to play the victims that you got stolen islands and regions etc when you got so many regions already that used to be greek ( and greece itself for over 300-400 years or something ) ? Just stop it and think what Erdogan doing to you already. Cant you just have peace for once , you got so much that isnt yours already. Stop playing the victims ffs... but but the island and the sea , what about it ?!! Be thankful you got Small asia, instabul and half of cyprus already. Wtf is your problem again ?
2020-08-13 19:37 You too that you crying that Greece stole your regions or what the heck you saying. Check Greece in ancient times and tell me where the hell are you that you crying and playing the victims
2020-08-13 19:26
Every country that has a coast to sea got the rights to search for gas in their field so nice brain
2020-08-13 17:41
Stay in your territorial sea borders then, the ones every other country in the world respects based on international laws and law of nations. Problem solved
2020-08-13 18:50
Its our borders :)
2020-08-13 19:00
Nop, you want to be your borders and you going against laws every other country in the world accepts and comply with. That is the problem and we have all these craps in Europe. So please
2020-08-13 19:01
So when are europeans leaving USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand?
2020-08-13 18:43
Europeans dont look to take over USA, Canda, Australia and New Zealand. They respect all the countries and international laws. You on the other hand ... lol. Going against international laws and law of nations over and over just because you feel like it, yet you want to be called europeans.
2020-08-13 18:49
Of course they don't look to take over. They already did. Are you dumb or what?
2020-08-13 18:53
Man you dont know history and you have low IQ, cant talk like that. Do whatever you want, go to war if you want all i care. Turkey is well known to the world because of the wars and all that, nothing else, is the only thing you are known for since ancient times. Go on then. Do it again in 2020.
2020-08-13 18:58
Low IQ retard doesn't even know that USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are European colonies. You really are a moron aren't you. So when are whites gonna leave those places and give it back to their native people?
2020-08-13 19:00
You trying to excuse the fact that you conquered Greece and Byzantine and took over Greek territories big time with that stupid example of yours, right ? That is why i cant speak with you, thanks for proving my point on your own.
2020-08-13 19:00
You're the one that brought up Europeans you dumb moron. At least manage to follow your own argument you low IQ bitchboi. Speaking of Greeks, they were very proud about how Alexander conquered Anatolia and Persia. When Turks did the same to them they cry. Pathetic. If you will bitch about 1000 year old events I will bitch about how Greeks genocided Hittites and took their clay. Anatolia was never theirs they got what they deserved.
2020-08-13 19:04
You are a mess seriously, where to even start with this. First of all, noones cry than you. You are crying over laws that everyone else agrees and complies with . Greece never sided with Nazis , you did. You dont want me to point out your shit, are so many ill be writing for few hours straight because you have done so many shit to so many countries and races you dont want me to start , beleive me. If you wanna talk about 1000 years go, YOU are the ones mention Byzantine when you want to pick on greeks all over internet and not Greeks about Alexander. So who has the complex here ? You. Come in Europe and do your shit then, all i care, go against all laws, start a war and have Turks die left and right . Thats what you are since ancient times, noone knows anything else about ~Turkey. Wars, wars and wars. What else you have to show to the world ? So dont call yourself Europeans , you are not, you never will be because of those things you doing and that mentality you having like in the old days. And you are a fine example of that. So do whatever all i care but if you think you can mess with Europe, oh well. ooooh well. Because European union is not a mere 8million people that are in pathetic economical crisis like Greeks are. So good luck.
2020-08-13 19:21
do u know nazis conquered greece and became neighbour with turks what would u do declare war to nazi?? if turks made a movement against nazi their country will be done in 2 weeks?
2020-08-15 19:50
lol.. yes everyone made war against nazis except you. in fact you were helping them till 1945
2020-08-15 20:02
first of all they didnt have army and what would they achieve if they declared war they would be destroyed in 2 weeks without making any damage like poland that is a retarded argument
2020-08-15 20:03
It is OTHER thing ill stay neutral and other thing im siding with them. You are one of the very few countries that sided with them , twice.
2020-08-15 20:07
nope it was neutral also turkey claimed their side after war ended mustafa kemal had last will before dying he predicted there will be war in world and in his last will he said dont side with anyone also what if they sided with nazi??????? what should happen italians sided by nazi is there anyone hates italy now???????
2020-08-15 20:08
The Ottoman Empire joined the Central Powers to form the Triple Alliance with the signing of the August 1914 Turco-German Alliance. Turkey formally entered World War I on 28 October 1914 with the bombing of Russian Black Sea ports. n October 1941, Turkey and Germany signed the "Clodius Agreement" (named after the German negotiator, Karl Clodius), whereby Turkey agreed to export up 45,000 tons of chromite ore to Germany in 1941-1942, and 90,000 tons of the mineral in each of 1943 and 1944, contingent on Germany's supplies of military equipment to Turkey. The Germans were to provide as many as 117 railway locomotives and 1,250 freight rail cars to transport the ore. ( talking about neutral ) What if you sided with nazi twice ? Is that even a question ? You are full of shit since you made Otto empire. Wars, wars and more wars. Nothing else. Thats all, so stop playing the victims all the time and move on with what is happening in Turkey with this economic crisis of yours and Covid-19 like everyone else. Enough with wars all the time, you already having 2-3 open conflicts as we speak, you going for a 4th one ? But but , we victims ... Ohhh well. You never were victims, your shitlist thru the years is too big to paste here. ill be posting for a year straight. WArs, wars and wars and wars ...damn.
2020-08-15 20:27
first of all ww1 wasnt nazi so that shows ur history knowledge and u are talking about wars and ottoman so what? what about uk ? they conquered and commonwealthed all over the world same as france who started world wars?????? uk/german ego what about ur eu friends???????? oh yeah u cant talk shit about them bcuz they are supporting ur bankrupt country lmao and u mentioned 1941 which germany was most powerful after than they started lose if u have fucking nazi as a neighbour u cant declare war against him this like mexico declaring war against usa AUTOMATIC SUICIDE
2020-08-16 00:30
I can talk all the shit you want for them but dont change subject to feel ok for your own shit. Also about declaring war, you are the ones talking to people about "respect" and " we can take you out in 2 days , respect " plus you are in wars with everyone around you every year. But when was the time to fight Nazis you didnt want to take part ha ? And since you didnt want to take part , why not help them while the bad west was fighting their asses off right ? But lets fight or/and bully the weak, easy job. Greeks, Kurds and alike. Thats why im telling you, your politics are trash, your wars are trash, always were, always be and that is the reason youll never find a single ally on planet earth with this attitude towards everyone else. And what is really sad to witness is how far you go for someone who is a mess like very few leaders on the planet. Shame how easily he can polirize you when you are in deep shit economical speaking. It is because of Germany that has over 800 companies having interests in Turkey that things dont get worse for you, never forget that.
2020-08-16 02:07
Can u talk shit about italians??? About ww2 or germans No because they are or dadies Also compare greece economy and turkey economy lmao Without eu greece wont be exist today
2020-08-16 11:32
Of course i can !! But italians do not bother anyone. They respect international law and law of nations. I can talk for Germany all day long, but they do not bother me. You bother everyone all the time. And of course ill compare Greece economy with Turkish. Tell me what is the lowest month salary in Turkey ? I will tell you The minimum wage you having down there without crisis is 500dollars when greece in epic crisis is at 650dollars. The unemployment in greece with 10 years crisis is at almost 19% and you, the best economy in the world you are at 15%... So how is possible to talk about bad economies when you suck balls is beyond me. You having so much growth because European countries like Germany for example having 800 companies down there. How you think you surviving ? That is why you are desperate for Greeces oils. You spend money for weaponry and doing wars and you are proud about your military... with 15% unemployment and 495$ minimum wage. 15% in 80million is 12million people without jobs. 12million without jobs is MORE than Greeces entire population. That is erdogan for you Greece is surviving since 1000BC when you living in caves they had civilization already. you should instead stop caring what Greece is doing and focus on Turkey. This greece complex you having is out of this world. You already having many greek regions, is time for peace. But how to have peace when you have 3 open conflicts as we speak and you cant be proud of anything else than wars ?
2020-08-16 14:54
The minimum wage you having down there without crisis is 500dollars when greece in epic crisis is at 650dollars. so what who cares wages it isnt means economy are u saying norway economy>usa economy or the arab shithole countries which everyone driving ferrari etc does qatar economy>usa economy??????? greece is fucking bankrupted and stayed alive because of eu??? also it is harder the has higher wage with higher population look at china china has 2nd best economy maybe first in future u are spreading delusion
2020-08-16 18:01
bro stop this political shits we are all brother i love you :*
2020-08-13 19:38
Im not hating or something, i want to be fair to both and i try to speak with historical facts and events. The last thing i want is to see dead Greeks/Turks over stupid matters like that in 2020.
2020-08-13 19:45
Turkey TheKaiser
I mean, that's a bit odd as an argument considering most of the nations of the Earth has gotten its land by conquering.
2020-08-14 16:27
Is that an argument that defines what is yours now ?
2020-08-14 17:21
Turkey TheKaiser
No that wasn't an argument about what's 'mine/ours', it was about every nation on the earth. Do you really think any nation was on their current land when they first started to appear?
2020-08-14 22:08
You should stop the " this is mine" shits, nothing was yours. You werent existant on the map since after 1200-1300 AD. Youve done nothing than wars since then. Literally. By your logic Greeks should ask for Asia minor and pontus and cyprus and Constantinople and who knows what else, as theirs since those areas were theirs in the first place since 1000BC or something. They have x100 more reasons to do so but they dont since they respect law of nations as it is., it is you asking for more all the time. Just stay where you are, you had enough already. Mind more what is happening in Turkey and poor turkish people that are plenty than what Greece does with their own islands and regions, respect international laws like Kemal did and all will be happy.
2020-08-14 23:22
Turkey TheKaiser
By my logic every nation came to their current lands by conquering and migrating. Scientists are saying all humans originated from one place. It's easy to understand. But you really are trying hard not to.
2020-08-15 00:14
By your logic you want to excuse what you doing, thats all. Want more cases ? The dispute over Imia arose when, on 26 December 1995, the Turkish cargo ship Figen Akat accidentally ran aground on the east islet and had to be salvaged.[13] A Greek tugboat responded to the distress call. The Turkish captain initially refused the assistance offered, maintaining that he was within Turkish territorial waters. He ultimately accepted being towed to the Turkish port of Güllük by the Greek tugboat. The Greek captain filled in the necessary papers for the salvage fee but the Turkish captain objected, arguing that the freighter had been in Turkish waters.[14][15] On 27 December, the Turkish Foreign Ministry notified the Greek authorities that it believed there was a sovereignty issue, and on 29 December it declared the islets Turkish territory. On January 9, Athens rejected the claim, citing the Treaty of Lausanne (1923), the Convention between Italy and Turkey (1932) and the Treaty of Paris (1947). The whole event was barely reported in the media so it was not widely known to public until a month later, on 20 January 1996 when the Greek magazine GRAMMA ran a story, one day after Kostas Simitis was appointed to form a new Greek government as prime minister. The article brought a severe reaction from the Greek press, which was followed by four citizens of the neighboring island of Kalymnos, including the mayor and the owner of a herd of sheep that remained on the islets, hoisting a Greek flag on the east islet on 25 January.[13] To oppose this, on 27 January some Turkish journalists from Hurriyet landed on the islet with a helicopter, lowered the Greek flag and hoisted a Turkish flag, the whole event being broadcast live on Turkish television. On 28 January, the Greek Navy lowered the Turkish flag and restored the Greek, resulting in an exchange of fierce statements by the Turkish prime minister Tansu Çiller and the new Greek prime minister Kostas Simitis. Turkish and Greek naval forces were alerted and warships of both countries, both NATO members, sailed to the islets.[2] Anything to say or add ? You do nothing more in this world than wars. You have 2-3 open conflicts as we speak. You always start something and you try to excuse all that by saying "everyone else doing it " . You dont have valid arguments to make. I got so many i can spam HLTV for days. So please, mind your own country and what is going on there, stop the Greek complex you got.
2020-08-15 00:22
Turkey TheKaiser
Nothing to say, neither Greeks nor Turks were at their current lands in the beginning, both came with migration and conquering, like all the other nations. Period.
2020-08-16 19:36 Show me where you are on the map you arrogant ! Show me, where are you. Greeks are on those lands since 2000BC, show me a map of Turkey in 2000BC. You are nobodies , you were random clans that one day made an empire you arrogant. Migration and conquering, you talking to me about those things when you are turk, nothing was yours , not even a stone and you talk. You are nobodies , look how many greek names all regions in small asia and beaches etc. Look what Greece was in 2000Bc , where are you ?!! Daaaamn this denial of yours you fanatic racist. I spam your ass with facts after facts and documents and maps and arguments and you say generic BS all the time, now show me Turkey in 2000Bc and then talk to me about what was yours to begin with. Daaamn you fanatic with wars. In the end youll tell us you do the right thing by going against law of nations and killing left and right other muslims etc. Damn Its not Greece asking for their old regions. They respect the new boarders and law of nations. You are the ones do shits. You understand or not ?
2020-08-16 21:07
Turkey TheKaiser
Dude are you fucking braindead? Is it that hard to understand the fact that you weren't on those lands from the beginning of the life and came there by migration? You're neither reading what I wrote nor trying to understand what i wrote. I'm leaving you alone man, say whatever you want.
2020-08-16 21:09
I wont reply to you anymore, is like talking to a wall You are historically nobodies that love wars. Everything else you saying = excuses about what you doing. The bad greeks, the bad kurds, the bad libyans, the bad Russia, the bad west, the bad USA , the bad Germany, the bad... Who is the bad ? Cheers. go to war then, like you have to show anything else like peace, love, unity, arts, civilization.. something. Naaah, "respect us we strong" while it is you go against law of nations once again . Ok then go to war with the "but everyone did that before" excuse or " nazi and others did that before " Im done talking to fans of Erdogan and wars. Keep playing the victims and keep wars up all i care
2020-08-16 21:27
Turkey TheKaiser
I neither support Erdogan nor am a Turk. But it's nice that you won't argue more, cya.
2020-08-16 21:35
Cya war machine, happy wars
2020-08-16 21:38
Turkey TheKaiser
Well okay I've said nothing about war here but cya.
2020-08-16 21:54
You are full of excuses about what Turkey doing, what Turkey did, what was greek, what is greek etc. So yeah, since you got an excuse about everything i post, why to keep argue ? You both run out of arguments to end up with trolling about if my name is Etnika when i speak with facts/maps/historical events etc and all you come up with is your personal opinion of how you see things. So you are the good guys that everyone should respect, who want more and more and more, fuck law of nations and international law, Turkish power only, we are the good ones, everyone else bad. Goooo fuck bad greeks who think those islands are theirs because what if are on those islands for 3000 years now. We will show them. Allah akbar, we take all. And im out.
2020-08-16 22:08
Turkey TheKaiser
2020-08-16 22:49
Bro his nick is etnika what do u expect
2020-08-16 11:33
Turkey TheKaiser
Well yeah you're probably right
2020-08-16 19:37
I hope you make a war and see what happens since you dont understand your situation and you want it so bad. All i care. You run out of arguments, all you have to say is " we are power" " respect us" "we can win in a day" , " we victims, you bad". Show us then since thats all you do.
2020-08-16 21:01
Turkey TheKaiser
Dude, did I f*cking say any of those you wrote? You really are trying hard not to understand or even read what I wrote. Sorry but I tried to prevent using any rude language but wtf? Now I'm going to write this for one last time; yes, you were on those lands before Turks come but you came to those lands just like Turks; by migrating and conquering. You didn't just appear magically. Understood? By the way, my nation was here before Turks as well because I'm a Kurd, but we came to those lands in the same way, migrating and/or conquering. Just like every other nation on the surface of the Earth.
2020-08-16 21:13
Based France. I wish germany would follow their lead regarding military things.
2020-08-13 17:39
how many alts do u have
2020-08-15 19:53
alts arent allowed in hltv
2020-08-15 19:54
Turkey ShooGTr
(F)rance lul. It's all show guys France can't do shit.
2020-08-13 17:49
2020-08-13 17:57
woxic | 
Turkey roo17
I see this move as Greece cannot counter Turkey by himself and also France cannot counter Turkey by himself, So in any case, it proves our power.
2020-08-13 18:00
Turkey is not powerful LOL
2020-08-16 11:56
Both 3rd world economic shitholes They should stfu and let daddy usa to fix the problem
2020-08-13 18:01
Turkey pngnemir
1vs5 ace clutch
2020-08-13 18:02
already did in 1922 against the same countries without even having a proper army or military equipment xd
2020-08-13 18:51
Other syrso
You guys are brainwashed for real lmao
2020-08-13 19:25
2020-08-13 19:26
Other syrso
Uhr this reply was ment to be for #73 lmao
2020-08-13 19:28
300 greeks>10k turks, the history says so ez for greece
2020-08-13 18:46
Turkey rcepk
İstanbul > Grecee
2020-08-14 22:10
2020-08-14 22:18
thats not againts turks moron
2020-08-15 02:18
Ofc fucking moron, not much difference between mesopotamia or nowdays iran and turkbabs
2020-08-15 08:01
AM | 
Asia Yarrak
low iq?
2020-08-15 20:57
with that logic you have to count yourself a german right?
2020-08-15 23:24
you all we alone you ok?
2020-08-14 15:45
imamhatip english lmao
2020-08-14 22:19
Greece easily take this Turkish kid country solo dont even need France for it pray Turkish people :))))
2020-08-13 18:55
istanbul population: almost 20 m greece population: 11m pray istanbul people )_)))
2020-08-13 18:57
i still think Greece is one of the best countries and they know how to fight so even with 11m they beat you and if not France: 67m USA: 328m
2020-08-13 19:00
why you bring usa and france in this? you think usa is going to pick greece over turkey? xdsddd greece is almost bankrupt, have no future and is a very weak nation with a weak army. turkey is top 20 economy in the world and top 10 military wise. comparing turkey with greece is like comparing chezch republic with usa lmao
2020-08-13 19:05
ye but USA hates turkey and so do pretty much all the western world
2020-08-13 21:02
ye becouse turkey makes his own decisions and tries to get stronger and that is not allowed according to the western world
2020-08-13 21:06
well its economy is weak as shit now sooo
2020-08-13 21:25
Turkey TheTurks!
2020-08-14 22:45
Turkey HypnoSia
what do you talking about dumb shit? Do you think in real war Greece beat Turkey? only 1v1 war Turkey vs Greece and Greece beat? rofl your dreams cool
2020-08-13 19:15 lot of people doesnt mean best
2020-08-13 19:16
Australia z3ro_
Yeah lol just look at Russia and Finland and the winter war
2020-08-14 13:08
Turkey TheKaiser From 2017; doesn't contain latest new equipment of Turkey, for example S-400s.
2020-08-14 16:29
You bought 2 systems of S-400 cause US rejected to buy Patriots 3 times .... We own more Patriot systems than entire Europe ... think now .... you have 2 S-400 systems for entire Turkey and we have 9 Patriot Systems and 3 S-300 systems for Greece which is 1/8 sized . We send Patriots to Saudis before 6 months. Nothing can enter inside and your army knows it
2020-08-15 08:27
Turkey TheKaiser
Well, no. Greece has 6 Patriot batteries and Turkey will have 4 S-400 ones when the delivery will be finished. Air defence systems are used for defending mostly, so higher numbers don't really mean much thing if a country is preparing for an offensive. Plus, in this video, the advantage for advancing for the Greek side is on Thrace because Turkey didn't have a capable system to prevent crossing but today, there's already a battery placed in Istanbul, so Greece probably won't have air superiority there either. That was one of the reasons why I said this is from 2017 and a bit outdated for the current trends.
2020-08-15 16:26
Turkey have only 2 ... we speak for now. Also your both patriot are inside mainland and above 400km from coast Cause you place those systems far from velocity of enemies ballistic missiles. Anyway if you feel secure with 2 batteries , why we are easy with 6 batteries also 2 S-300 ??? Anyway it’s useless discussion. After NATO advice to Turkey you will stay calm forever. Probably tommorow will announced
2020-08-15 19:14
Turkey TheKaiser
Well I mean, 3rd one is well on the way and you'd need it more in a case of conflict since Greece's strategy would be probably defensive, but anyways, chances of that is really low as you said. Have a nice day.
2020-08-16 19:35
Everyone come
2020-08-13 19:00
french and war. what a joke.
2020-08-13 19:06
oh, you also spend all your school years talking about 1940 in history class in bosnia ? must be a 3rd world east european cultural thing
2020-08-13 20:34
you guys need to start a new war and destroy that country instantly so everyone will forget about the ww2 and vietnam failure
2020-08-13 21:04
Imagine naming their country after a flightless bird.
2020-08-13 19:09
Turkey HypnoSia
in Turkish Turkey = Türkiye in Turkish turkey= hindi Indian peoples will start too sell turkeys middleast countrys old history. And Turkey was a in Asia-Europe Indians sell turkeys too Turkey and Turkey start too sell Europe thats way in English calling Turkey turkey.
2020-08-13 19:17
Actually, the bird was named after Turkey, and in Turkish, the bird is named after India. The names come from where the merchants were buying the birds from, so if they were buying it from Turkey, they named it Turkey bird, and it stands as Turkey to this day.
2020-08-14 13:06
Switzerland Sylleo
turks being annoying, what a news.
2020-08-13 19:28
2020-08-13 19:38
ez for erDoGan
2020-08-13 19:44
greece the spoiled child of europe :D Keep begging france and germany and celebrating fake news on the internet while we are getting the juicy gas and oil :D
2020-08-13 20:05
Nice economy you have there thanks to your juicy gas and oil. I hope everybody is profiting from it :D
2020-08-13 20:07
What are you talking about? Are you telling me "Turkish economy is crumbling" in a sarcastic way? If you are saying so im listening to this BS since 1000 years sweetie, nothing happens. Empty words , hollow threats. What else you got other than juvenile trivia you learned from 3rd class political threads ? Something more to enjoy me ?
2020-08-13 20:17
I'm telling you to wake up. The people will never see that oil money you tall about because it's going directly into the pockets of Erdogan and his little elite. The corruption is so important that nobody other than a few chosen ones will ever benefit from that oil. It's like in the public construction business, I saw financial bilan inflated by 200% for no reason other than making that money disappear. The authorities are just rerouting public tax payers money into their pockets and some fidel industrials. So as long as you keep Erdogan and his system in place Turkey won't boom and shine. People won't benefit at all from anything. It's even more frustrating knowing the great potential turkey has. It should already be a major economical agent on the international scene by now and a great happy place to live.
2020-08-14 10:23
Turkey TheKaiser
Turkey actually growed in a good amount between the start of AKP (Erdogan's party) untill the mid-2010s. And I think they'll probably lose their position in the next election, if the current trends continue.
2020-08-14 16:32
greece is a colonized bumper state indebted by Germans since 1821. Your first king was Otto the German , Now it is Merkel the mummy. Somethings never change.
2020-08-13 20:14
said the Turk that is siamese bro with Germans for 100 years .
2020-08-13 20:31
Don't believe Turkish officials. 8/10 words that come out of their mouth are lies.
2020-08-13 20:29
And what makes you a reliable source for us to believe ?
2020-08-13 21:02
we go by the book according to international sea law which we have signed and accept . Turkey has not signed the sea international law but accept it only in black sea . Who is lying is obvious
2020-08-14 00:42
Dear, i didn't ask how your country is running its sea politics. I asked you why should we be trusting you. There is peace in Black Sea, because there isn't greece with its retarded claims. There isn't a brat who wants trouble and asking his overlords to sanction Turkey when things don't go in his way. They won't sanction us tho LOL, sad dreaming greco. Their economy is in recession, why would they sanction a great trade partner and also strategic NATO partner right now? Read the Nice Agreement. Doesn't make any sense as long as Turkey doesn't invade whole greece anyway. Do you really think those overlords care about your indebted country whose only hope to revive its economy is to feed some fat western europeans and ask Merkel the mummy for money? greece is replacing SAMs on its small ass islands and wonders why Turkey is militarily pro-active in the region. LOL, imagine being so much in fear that you have to militarize these small ass islands Also keep thinking "All of aegean belongs to us" and making pirate deal with warlord sisi who came into power with a military coup. Also tell your greek press to keep making fake news like "We sent the drilling ship back" "We damaged a Turkish frigate" if that makes you feel any better, it will only make our job easier lol. Also one more question, how will you intend to protect an island 850 meters away from TR coast while Greek mainland is 550 KMs away ? By begging France to use your military bases? Stronk greece, my ass LOL You should thank our navy's professionalism, because if i was a ship operator i couldn't stand those morons who only want trouble instead of negotiating, i'd try to down one of their ship.
2020-08-14 08:52
Greece started to move weapons to the islands after Turkish casus belli of 1997, if Greece expand its territorial borders at 12 miles according to international law. neo ottoman expansion dream wont happen,at least without total war .
2020-08-14 12:42
islands and that are 200mil away from the mainland have no EEZ unless you are a island country and greece is not island country. and rocks dont have EEZ at all. check the UN rules bruh. you claim that a island that is 580km away from your coastline with 10km2 and 500 residents have a EEZ of 40.000 km xddddddddd stop daydreaming
2020-08-14 12:50
islands have EEZ if there is economical and social activity on them .Our maximalistic claim is negotiation tactic as Erdogan asks the same crazy shit . When you negotiate you start from the max. Median line would be followed in this case. The problem is that Turky strategy is the revision of Treaty of Lausanne ,not EEZ dispute only, following the salami method .
2020-08-14 13:55
island have eez in between 200 mil from your coastline, you made a deal with italy wich basicly says the same but when it comes to turkey you cry cry cry. you basicly rekt yourself with that italy agreement , omegalul
2020-08-14 14:00
we made this deal with Italy in order to get island's EEZ legalized even with lower % , to legally counter the turkish claims that islands dont have EEZ
2020-08-14 15:24
the agreement says that the greek islands dont have right for a EEZ , this is one of the terms that italy also said to you and you agree'd with it. but now you are saying all islands have eez xdd especially the meis island that is 580km away from your coastline and is 10km2 with 500 residents and you claim it has 40,000km2 EEZ xddddddddd it is literally 2km away from our mainland with millions of people living in that area. and not to mention Turkey has the longest coastline in the mediterranean sea. your mainland dont even have a coastline in the mediterranean sea xddddddddddddd only your rocks and islands have
2020-08-14 18:08
its not 1997, its 1995. Nice greek info dude xD
2020-08-14 13:22
Turkey Cormack
Hahahahahah This is literally FUNNY
2020-08-13 20:30
not funny when Ankara burns like Dresden.....
2020-08-15 01:39
Turkey Cormack
are u believing that? the greek is literally one of the best funky countries so never mind they never attack to oruc or etc. relax man relaxxxxx
2020-08-15 01:47
Im relaxed, are you? I would not if 80% of the world hated my guts..
2020-08-15 01:48
Turkey Cormack
we are fighting against pkk, the bitches who thinking to create kurdistan, etc. since the 1990s can the piece of shit (greece) try to war against turkey?? whocarrr :))
2020-08-15 01:59
Turkey Cormack
ı made mistake second sentence sorryy
2020-08-15 02:00
Who are your friends anyways? Azerbaijan? Turkmenistan? name 1 country thats relevant.
2020-08-15 01:49
Bratan the story is exactly the same like Bulgaria in the second Balkan wars. They think they are super power they will gangbanged by everyone and after they will forget forever some things.
2020-08-15 07:19
so we will see a lot of white flags in mediterranean sea
2020-08-13 20:55
Armenia Yerevan
Yes Turkey and France
2020-08-14 09:04
Turkey TheKaiser
2020-08-14 16:33
Turkey de4e
France here again for shoplifting. Expected.
2020-08-13 20:58
Turkey Rjea
Give macron some white flags they gonna need it
2020-08-14 12:50
Korea XigNw0w
Would be epic to see Oruc goblin sink.
2020-08-14 13:03
sorry but greeks have no chance against turkey without EU supports greece is pawn in eu :/
2020-08-14 17:25
We are in EU though so ....
2020-08-15 07:35
as i mentioned greek is nothing without eu
2020-08-16 00:17
Turkey TheTurks!
Both countries are playing with fire, France too. War is not a joke, just wake up.
2020-08-14 22:54
Exactly so stop send military everywhere to gain things
2020-08-15 07:35
so Greece need Europe yet again to get them out of shit hole,, why start a fight you can't even compete in, Turkey is based tho
2020-08-15 01:40
Turkey TheTurks!
Well, this is classic Greece thing. They tried to invade our lands in 1920s too with their 'big brothers' but they did not succeed. So, you never can see Greece do something by itself. They will keep cry to some countries to get help lol
2020-08-15 02:24
We don’t need everyone dude They are allies, we are in Europe you know?? They just come to stop dictator without loosing blood, it’s not basketball to play 1 vs 1
2020-08-15 07:13
do not forget that we fought against many countries at the same time and kicked you all out greece, france, armania, italy, uk, new zealand, australia.... we do not care about EU we are a fighter nation and we will prevail
2020-08-15 09:32
For start put your flag Don’t feel shame
2020-08-15 09:36
im not nationalist or muslim, no need to put my flag, just trolling on this site but if there is a war, I will be on the front line
2020-08-15 09:38
You are just another economical immigrant That’s my point
2020-08-15 09:40
economical immigrant? And Greece is saying that LOL
2020-08-15 09:52
Nice English I bet you are economical immigrant in EU , one of those who can’t speak properly English after 10 years in Europe
2020-08-15 09:55
This isnt CSGO you know, there wont be round 2 for you in front lines. Die for Erdogan !! I mean daaaamn, you are on another level of stupidity down there.
2020-08-15 14:52
LOL rip
2020-08-15 01:42
we kicked France from these lands before we will do it again
2020-08-15 09:19
Why you got that flag when you dislike Europe and what it stands for ?
2020-08-15 14:53
Dislike FranLUL doesn't mean dislike whole eu.
2020-08-15 20:28
France is one of the most respected European countries as far as European Union goes. One of the very few that beleive in the vision of a true union unlike many other powerful countries who only wish their own well being. I think you are not that much into european union if you dislike France. More than a European wannabe i guess
2020-08-15 20:32
U should only care about ur own well being Thls why america is superpower and top1 They only help/invade countries that has oil
2020-08-16 11:39
You should care about your own well being and your own region exactly
2020-08-16 14:40
2020-08-16 17:57
France hdahsasdhasdhahashd
2020-08-15 09:32
Is there any country you turks like ? Because it seems you like nobody and noone likes you . Why you think this is the case ?
2020-08-15 20:34
Turkish has no other friend than Turkish.
2020-08-15 20:49
Exactly, why you think that is the case ?
2020-08-15 20:57
Because Everyone is afraid to speak the truth.But we don't keep quiet everybody thinks we're bad maybe yes we are bad anyways one day you will understand us
2020-08-15 21:39
I hope the rest of the world will understand you one day because up to this point everyone has you as a bully who tries to impose to weaker nations by going as far as to go against laws every other nation follows. Peace to all.
2020-08-15 22:00
Lebanon Dogman69
nothing will happen, relax. there are elections in US, after that maybe change
2020-08-15 14:44
no greece vs turky odds greece 2.5 turks 1.5
2020-08-15 22:23
fear, the most dangerous weapon, they are using it on you for like 200 years and probably longer already.
2020-08-15 20:24
Funny Turkish people love to act like their country is incredibly powerful because it's got a bigger army than a country with 10x less population Turkish people should just stfu and focus on becoming a first world country before trying to start shit with greece
2020-08-16 11:58
who cares french jets lol
2020-08-16 18:04
Turks are weak, Europeans can do whatever they want
2020-08-16 21:44
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