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United States jack4000 Even the players think EG is an actual top team (even the best!). Why do HLTV noobs still try to downplay EG?
2020-08-13 17:04
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MIBR #8 no thanks
2020-08-13 17:06
Brazil sakaaa
you hate us, cause you ain't us! i don't know the criteria of this rank, but my goodness it's all messed up kkkkkk
2020-08-13 17:12
no man, i respect fallen and his legacy a lot, but honestly mibr cant be 8th though
2020-08-13 17:13
Brazil sakaaa
yeah, the criteria used for this ranking only makes sense to me if you evaluate players individualy and not team results, but even then, it leaves a LOT of questions.. don't get me wrong, i do cheer for MIBR and I still think they got some gas left, but to say that they are 8th is just plain absurd. Furia as 3, Navi as 2, Faze as 11, Geng as 7.. nothing makes sense lol
2020-08-13 17:15
mibr don't have a top 8 individual team in the world
2020-08-13 17:48
Brazil sakaaa
i know, that's what I said
2020-08-13 17:50
Wait wtf i didn't realise, what the hell is this?
2020-08-13 17:38
CSPPA omegalul
2020-08-13 17:06
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
lul worse than gosu gamers ranking
2020-08-13 17:06
2020-08-13 17:06
What's that, only NA players are able to vote or what? Typical.
2020-08-13 17:07
flusha | 
Finland )))
WTF is that ranking hahaha, clown9 better than some tier 1 eu teams
2020-08-13 17:09
mibr 8 omegalul
2020-08-13 17:42
Mibr and geng top 10 but faze isnt wtf, furia number 3 they arent even best in BR wtf is this shit
2020-08-13 17:59
New Zealand rOtten_97
No team with stanislaw and tarik can be #1
2020-08-13 17:10
Russia ToughGuy
where these points came from
2020-08-13 17:10
United States jack4000
I would like to know aswell but csppa site is trash and you have to watch a shitty video first where n0thing reads you what the press release tweet said
2020-08-13 17:12
Agreed therefore their ranking is also trash
2020-08-13 17:39
i didnt think i would see the day when a ranking worse than gosugamers one would exist, yet it happened lmaoooooo
2020-08-13 17:12
what is this ranking
2020-08-13 17:14
JW | 
Sweden Hasklon
very very NA biased when you have Gen.G nr 7 and MIBR nr 8
2020-08-13 17:14
everyone makes a ranking system. But for real only ESL Ranking and hltv ranking matters cuz the fans and esl/dh use it as reference.
2020-08-13 17:20
lmao and i thought that you just cant make worse ranking than gosu gamers one. a lot of hltv users tried to make worse rankings and failed miserably but csppa somehow did it:DD
2020-08-13 17:20
United States jack4000
respect the minds of the professional players
2020-08-13 17:27
i cant respect this ranking. no way and doesnt matter who made it...:D
2020-08-13 17:34
worst ranking to date
2020-08-13 17:21
Barely best in NA but somehow top 1 yeah
2020-08-13 17:44
United States jack4000
"Barely best in NA" #2 EPL S11 #1 BLAST Premier #1 cs_summit
2020-08-13 17:57
United States OGTrey079
I aint see tyloo on the list tho
2020-08-13 17:44
wtf FaZe 11th and mibr 8th LOL NA Ranking
2020-08-13 17:53
EG #1 Astralis #14 ok bro
2020-08-13 17:57
Mibr #8, i'm a mibr fan but this is far from the truth
2020-08-13 18:01
2020-08-13 18:01
United States codgun
tarik and TACO abusing their positions at CSPPA
2020-08-13 18:03
Turkey DodoMan47
#8 MIBR and jack4000 thread. If you clicked the link directly,you will stop reading at #8 MIBR If you read the thread first,you will stop reading at jack4000.
2020-08-13 18:21
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