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Poland subconsious holy fuck 1.52 impact this guy is god
2020-08-15 10:27
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2020-08-15 10:28
+1 meanwhile ropz overrated baiter with only 1.07 impact
2020-08-15 10:30
Hey man why you bully ropz :’(
2020-08-15 11:01
India somecunt
Also has highest entry kpr on T-side.
2020-08-15 10:34
Sweden quacke
I think he has the highest all-time entry kpr in general. 0.17 last I checked, his closest challengers were at 0.16.
2020-08-15 10:43
India somecunt
Last time I checked he had 0.19 opening kpr on t-side against top 20 this year after him were zywoo, device ,jkaem with 0.12.
2020-08-15 10:54
Sweden quacke
Yeah this year's stats have been even better. Had to lower the minimum mapcount to make him show in the list, but he comfortably has the best opening kills statistics in a Top 30 ranking.
2020-08-15 11:28
denis | 
Russia reguix
lul remember ppl where calling kscerato top 20 player xddd
2020-08-15 10:39
Finland Vkims
Stats wise he was top20
2020-08-15 10:42
denis | 
Russia reguix
still was a baiter with extremly low dpr for a rifler
2020-08-15 10:44
Finland Vkims
You speak like top20 wasnt full of baiters
2020-08-15 10:45
fan of baiter
2020-08-15 15:16
Username checks out. How the fuck is niko a baiter lmao
2020-08-15 15:31
hes definetly is. He might not bait as much as s1 or zywoo but he still baits a lot
2020-08-15 15:34
No he actually doesn't lmao
2020-08-15 15:44
kscerato dpr-0.57 Niko dpr-0.69 nt
2020-08-15 15:34
Sweden quacke
All FURIA players save for VINI have at some point had good enough stats to reach the Top20. Last year KSCERATO would have been on the Top20 stats-wise but the team didn't attent enough tier 1 events. If we even get a Top20 this year, FURIA should have been at enough big events to get their players onto the list. I think right now arT and HEN1 are looking most likely to make it on there.
2020-08-15 10:46
Yeah, arT for sure and I wouldn't be against HEN1 being in it
2020-08-15 15:53
Sweden quacke
Yes, and yuurih and KSCERATO should be able as well if they step up this season.
2020-08-15 16:58
2020-08-15 10:40
when he t he spawn ct??
2020-08-15 10:43
best aggresive player atm hands down. he is like 2016 fer but better
2020-08-15 10:46
Pakistan LoOuU2
He's not better, he has just a better luck than Fer had back then
2020-08-15 11:53
With art its not luck you can see he has better game sense than fer.
2020-08-15 15:14
Imagine thinking what arT does is luck kkkkkkk
2020-08-15 15:54
Well you have to be a little lucky or not be unlucky but it deffinetly feels like he knows what he is doing.
2020-08-15 15:58
Yeah, you need a bit of luck, but a lot of it comes down to his game sense and knowing where to push and when. You seen this video? It explains it all well
2020-08-15 16:01
better? xD
2020-08-15 15:08
yes Art plays with worse teammates than fer in 2016 and has more impact than him
2020-08-15 15:15
Guys, mibr and fer+fallen is shadow from their early years. Furia is like new sk/lumino, they really got potential to become top3 team. and in that team art is like fer vol2
2020-08-15 22:35
i think art has better highs than fer
2020-08-16 00:30
Well, he's the IGL. He calls strats around his plays. Makes sense his impact rating would be high if they're doing well.
2020-08-15 10:45
I think you're really downplaying his impact by saying it's because he's IGL, I'm assuming you haven't been watching much of Furia? This video is a good watch about where his impact comes from
2020-08-15 15:57
Sweden quacke
Still very high. In the past 6 months gla1ve had 0.98 and nexa had 1.08 in the past 3 months. blameF is probably his closest challenger.
2020-08-15 17:00
gla1ve doesnt call around him and neither does nexa (i dont really watch g2 so not sure about this one)
2020-08-15 22:51
Sweden quacke
Yeah, I was just making the point that it's abnormally high.
2020-08-15 23:03
u mean fart
2020-08-15 10:53
Art is mastermind igl
2020-08-15 11:10
hes cheating
2020-08-15 11:18
India c0nsc10us
Are you actually fallen?
2020-08-15 11:49
ur mom is fallen in t3 country
2020-08-15 11:59
India c0nsc10us
That doesn't make any sense. I asked if you were the CS player Gabriel "fallen" Toledo because he was accusing his competitors of cheating. How does my mom and a third world country feature in the discussion? Not too bright are you?
2020-08-15 12:02
dont speak to me i buy u
2020-08-15 12:03
India c0nsc10us
Ah I get it now. You are just a sewer rat's ass that has by chance been given a computer and an internet connection.
2020-08-15 12:05
dont even know how a rat looks like, but in ur country rats are everywhere in ur house/streets.
2020-08-15 12:07
dude relax. its not his fault he was born in India
2020-08-15 15:13
god creates jermans after his own image.
2020-08-15 19:14
Not like big isnt cheating
2020-08-15 15:17
Greece Poor_Noob
2020-08-15 11:19
Lol hes just pushing, repeeking, going through smoke every round
2020-08-15 14:57 last 3 months 1.44 still impressive
2020-08-15 15:17
+1 arT is a really good entry fragger
2020-08-15 15:22
maps played 7 /closed
2020-08-15 15:28
Brazil hugoooo He's the best entry, it boost his impact rating
2020-08-15 19:25
top 50 stats boosting. gg brazilian brain
2020-08-16 17:50
Brazil hugoooo
2020-08-16 18:52
rushing in everytime and dying. best player in SA. typicall brazilian brain. in germany we call this guy "Kugelfang"
2020-08-16 18:57
DPR Deaths per round 0.71 Poor
2020-08-15 15:49
You know, the funniest thing is that his playstyle actually works and he's just straight up rushing but when you play pugs people whine and "wAiT fOr PeEkS - because pros do that....."
2020-08-15 15:56
2020-08-15 17:01
Brazil hugoooo
He is the best entry fragger of all times, by all HLTV stats, it boost his impact to the sky
2020-08-15 19:15
yes, indeed
2020-08-15 19:16
I’m a big fan of his and of the way he plays so my opinion might be biased, but I genuinely believe he’s the best entry our scene has seen so far and he hasn't even reached his peak. I can't wait for things to normalize so we can see how furia and art especially develop playing on lan against the best teams the world has to offer
2020-08-16 00:35
After LAN comeback, it will work couple of tourneys, then top teams should be getting good into denie that style
2020-08-16 18:58
India somecunt
And his favourite player is probably zywOo just watch his interviews of last 1 and a half year.
2020-08-16 18:59
Canada Covahh
Yeah ngl art is pretty underrated for the performances he shows. He always has so many impact frags and important plays in matches. Yet he is overshadowed by players like kscerato and yuuri.
2020-08-16 00:40
He's a God the most fun player to Watch
2020-08-16 19:01
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