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cant go mallorca!
Austria Angelo_Merte 
normall once in a year go to mallorca with my football team but this year can'T go :( corona corona fuck you.ö
2020-08-15 11:31
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spain is going hard now. some places u cant even smoke in public anymore haha
2020-08-15 11:33
Already in Mallorca!
2020-08-15 11:35
me too 😎👍
2020-08-15 13:04
Really cool 😎👍
2020-08-15 13:19
me too 😎👍
2020-08-15 13:25
Latvia tibr0
thank god i was last year there and was so good,hot and beutiful this weather and mountains in pool with beer is just amazing
2020-08-15 11:38
8 years in a row we been every summer to mallorca with football team :( rent a big villa and have big party.
2020-08-15 11:43
Latvia tibr0
omg sound so cool sad for you man those palms are so great there =D
2020-08-15 11:45
what league do yu play
2020-08-15 12:34
4 under the main league.
2020-08-15 13:14
Oberliga? nicht schlecht
2020-08-15 13:24
mallorca hahaha are you 60 yo boomer ? or kid travelling with parents ? no one goes there, only old people who want peace and quiet, young people go to ibiza because there is an actual nightlife but I don't expect a kid like you to know
2020-08-15 12:20
Magaluf???? Hello?
2020-08-15 12:25
Magaluf XD I'm talking about real parties, not 18 yo kids who do drugs and are dressed like homeless people
2020-08-15 12:38
But you just said only boomers and kids travelling with their parents go to Mallorca??? You said no young People go to Mallorca?? Meanwhile they have Magaluf, a very popular party destination for young People?? Logic??hello?jerman brain??
2020-08-15 13:02
Can you understand simple sentences you autistic home dweller ? Jesus christ I'm losing my brain cells talking to someone with a polish flag, I'm done here
2020-08-15 13:04
why are you so pressed, insecurities showing? mad virgin
2020-08-15 13:14
Ibiza is not that great for good party, unless you're filthy rich and go to private parties or a retard party kid. It's overcrowded everywhere, tickets and drinks cost a lot and its full of drugs everywhere. With less people it would be great, but not as it is.
2020-08-15 12:32
talking from experience eh ? I was there 4 times and know every single place and it's far better than mallorca
2020-08-15 12:39
we're not really going there to party just relax a week before new season start and go mayb once or twice on ballermann.
2020-08-15 13:16
Imagine having your home country so f*cked up that you have to go to Ibiza for nightlife.
2020-08-15 13:21
Latvia tibr0
braindead only drinking and nightlife lmao i can do it here lmfao
2020-08-15 13:28
2020-08-15 13:17
hahaha jermans malding.
2020-08-15 13:18
2020-08-15 13:27
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