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F1 has been shit
Thorin | 
Egypt BomberMan_ 
I have really enjoyed getting into the sport and many of the first races were fun, but now this is just fucking horrible. 3 races that were absolute shit (punctures were fine but like I had to watch 2 hours of nothing) barely any overtaking and most of the moves happening in the pitstop/fights lasting 3 corners because everyone and their mother is conserving their tires. Even this race was only interesting because Vettel did 40 laps on softs. Liberty Media have done fuck all with this sport and it is a big shame. No one wants to see the first 40 laps being everyone conserving tires and all this broing shit
2020-08-17 03:10
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Canada Jkobe
car go vroooooommmmmm
2020-08-17 03:11
Poland ZimmyS
Switch to ski jumping it's the most beautiful sport in the world, trust me.
2020-08-17 03:11
I mean UCL has been amazing. Great time to get back into football, but I will check out a video. maybe
2020-08-17 03:13
bruttJ | 
Brazil NehhT
f2 is a way better this year
2020-08-17 03:12
Fors | 
Brazil ricca
formula 2 is the way to go
2020-08-17 03:12
is it actually that good? I have heard good things but its like the feeder series and I dont want to be underwhelmed
2020-08-17 03:14
f2 and f3 is more crazy
2020-08-17 03:24
Fors | 
Brazil ricca
14 excellent drivers on the grid, probably one of the most competitive years in f2s history. there are 9 different race winners this year already, it's very entertaining, specially if you compare it with f1 and btw its free to watch on f1s youtube, if you like motorsport i definitely recommend it.
2020-08-17 03:35
cam | 
United States girls
motogp + nascar
2020-08-17 03:26
2020-08-17 03:31
Australia SUNSPY
Even those dont have my attention sadly, is Marquez back ? hows lil bros progress, still too early to tell? Devil going to get the crown this year ?
2020-08-17 03:34
Marc still injured, Alex mediocre so far this season
2020-08-17 03:41
cam | 
United States girls
marquez not back did you see this like a video game 😲
2020-08-17 03:46
Australia SUNSPY
I haven't even been watching F1 really, same with UFC man no crowd ruins it partly and then being too busy with DeFi .. its just a win win for me to ignore the shit for now
2020-08-17 03:27
mimi | 
Other stekin
its always been shit
2020-08-17 03:30
all the commentators are talking about is mercedes, no focus on anything else
2020-08-17 03:32
Been shit since mercedes era pretty much
2020-08-17 04:00
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