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FPX w0xic
Canada @elgrucho 
might happen ALEX w0xic * * *
2020-08-23 00:52
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Canada @elgrucho
maybe olof comes back too
2020-08-23 00:54
Finland J3bediah
Please no
2020-08-23 14:03
olof smooya woxic alex oskar
2020-08-23 00:56
+1 but -oskar +Spinx
2020-08-23 00:58
who the fuck is spinx
2020-08-23 13:53
+flamez instead of olof
2020-08-23 14:02
lack of awpers might be a problem
2020-08-23 00:59
+ 1rofl
2020-08-23 01:35
Germany _PH1L
3 awps and 1 exhausted igl Also how safe is Oskar going to open up to smooya or Olof or an emotional Turkish woxic?
2020-08-23 01:04
rock scissors paper before every game to decide to awp player. i liked it
2020-08-23 01:17
rigoN | 
Belgium ZxTox
-oskar +juanflatroo
2020-08-23 01:25
France Tytane
Look spicy but -oscar
2020-08-23 01:58
3 awpers btw
2020-08-23 14:02
excuse me fpx WHO ? a washed up IGL that left a t 1 team, because he has 1 iq... only chance for them is when legendary players join too, olof,guardian,edward
2020-08-23 01:06
guardian washed up bot,edward also washed up but legendary brain.
2020-08-23 13:42
Imagine: Alex Woxic Olofmeister Nukkye idk what 5th, a supportive player who will be willing play bitch roles and not be useless. Someone like Styko when he was in mousesports.
2020-08-23 01:01
Germany _PH1L
Leave nukye and styli out of this shithole!
2020-08-23 01:04
Ah yes lets leave Nukkye stay teamless when I think Alex could get a lot out of him... And who the fuck is styli?
2020-08-23 01:06
i think it was autocorrect and he was trying to type styko but idk
2020-08-23 01:09
Germany _PH1L
2020-08-23 01:10
But I didn't say choose Styko? I said someone like Styko when he was in mousesports.
2020-08-23 01:47
i also didn’t say styko it’s just that guy was trying to
2020-08-23 01:49
I know, that's why I am confused why he said leave styko :D
2020-08-23 02:02
maybe he just didn’t understand you said someone like Styko i get what you mean because English is my first language but maybe he isn’t fluent yet or something was lost in translation, nobodies fault really
2020-08-23 02:03
Germany _PH1L
Karigan, krytal yes him no.
2020-08-23 01:11
ALEX is super underrated and i know you are going to say “flag checks out” but idc he could obviously bring a lot out of Zywoo and use him to full effect
2020-08-23 01:13
zywoo was already big even before alex what are u talking about
2020-08-23 01:24
probably wouldn’t have been the best in 2019 without him, obviously he was ridiculously talented but it could’ve been wasted under a bad IGL
2020-08-23 01:41
You are very deluded...
2020-08-23 01:48
Germany _PH1L
well alex burning out from having a few tournaments on lan with a top 5 any top 20 Teams has more matches i just dont think he has the stamina for such things
2020-08-23 13:39
Maybe he's recovered after the break.
2020-08-23 13:40
Hes gonna learn a lot though, even if the team doesnt win much
2020-08-23 01:51
w0xic nukkye olof xyp9x gla1ve
2020-08-23 01:25
2020-08-23 01:41
- Alex (IGL) - Smooya - w0xic - ? - ? One of w0xic and Smooya AWP, the other 2nd AWP. Who do you think the other 2 should be?
2020-08-23 01:41
2020-08-23 02:12
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