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unbiased news sites
United Kingdom lostintranslation 
after seeing that car crash of a headline "fiery, but peaceful" or whatever, can you guys recommend me some good news sites that are completely unbiased left or right? even bbc is biased in some ways. ty mens
2020-08-28 02:47
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Canada reeeZ75
every single site will have some bias, that is why you have to look at more than one. Least biased would probably be reuters but people may disagree
2020-08-28 02:49
United Kingdom alcazar4
+1 always look for more than one to find the best approximation of the truth
2020-08-28 02:56
+1 to all of that Reuters is decent but never trust one source
2020-08-28 03:48
Netherlands HetIsPatat
Underrated comment.
2020-08-28 11:51
JaCkz | 
France Freaz
+1 Smart man.
2020-08-28 13:00
2020-08-28 13:32
2020-08-28 22:02
2020-08-30 03:03
CNN, very truthful and unbiased.
2020-08-28 02:50
Philippines Klau5
2020-08-28 04:16
+1, also recommend life news and rt
2020-08-28 13:54
Romania Anonym20
+1, if you want some comedy.
2020-08-29 02:20
If u want some life propaganda footage of USAs latest war crimes, sure:D
2020-08-30 03:03
steel | 
Canada ZHF
2020-08-28 02:51
2020-08-28 02:51
2020-08-28 03:03
2020-08-28 03:56
Switzerland OHMOHM
2020-08-28 11:52
Ireland whocarsman
2020-08-28 04:17
2020-08-28 04:47
2020-08-28 06:22
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
2020-08-28 09:55
2020-08-28 09:59
Bulgaria gosholin
2020-08-28 10:27
zhokiNg | 
Finland )))
2020-08-28 10:30
2020-08-28 10:36
2020-08-28 10:46
2020-08-28 10:56
2020-08-28 13:04
2020-08-28 13:28
cArn | 
Philippines J4DEM
2020-08-28 14:01
+1 i are think that
2020-08-30 03:03
2020-08-28 02:56
Poland Hanse
Do you suggest that CNN or Fox are reliable and unbiased sources of informations?
2020-08-28 03:01
yes I don't know about what happens in USA/Europe but in Brazil the biggest media belongs to Rede Globo and both the left wing and the right wing say that they are biased If you think a media is biased, great chance to be bullshit
2020-08-28 03:04
Poland Hanse
So you don't know these two but you still judge it? Quite bold.
2020-08-28 03:25
Brazil ZerongBr
+1 though CNN is pretty obvious its left-wing role on usa media
2020-08-28 04:03
lets say it like this CNN is on the side of the Democrats while Fox is on the side of the Republicans... so it kinda evens out
2020-08-28 09:49
But it doesnt, CNN has been parody of new lately and fox has its bright moments of actual jounralism lately. Dont trust both because they are both pretty open about thier agendas. Best thing you can do in scenarios like floyd, is to wait, because in trial everything will come out (both sides want to win) and guess what in this trial it was showed that all the media got it wrong and pushed the narrative anyway..
2020-08-28 16:19
India c0nsc10us
I would absolutely suggest that yes. The two channels have accepted it quite a few number of times as well. So it's not something even up for debate in US whether these two are biased.
2020-08-28 03:40
al jazeera isn't bad
2020-08-28 02:56
United States AnnCoulter
2020-08-28 03:36
they wont say anything bad against the saudis though
2020-08-28 04:10
Indonesia segopecel
you mean qataris? they are qatar's state owned media. even al jazeera was(or still is?) blocked in saudi
2020-08-28 05:09
yea thats it sorry
2020-08-28 16:14
2020-08-28 04:22
true but theyre a little pro qatari government they dont like assad and aoun
2020-08-28 05:18
Qatar and Turkey sponsor terrorism.
2020-08-28 09:52
2020-08-30 03:02
Asuna | 
United States bxteme
everything has bias, look for sources that openly admit that bias
2020-08-28 02:57
here's a media bias chart to help you look for one
2020-08-28 03:00
>bbc >neutral k
2020-08-28 03:35
Honestly, BBC really isn't that bad. Like, what major news sources in the UK would you say are less biased? I think BBC just gets more attention because they are SUPPOSED to not be biased.
2020-08-28 03:47
Norway TheMushrix
Didnt they donate like 100m pounds to support BLM or something?
2020-08-28 10:42
I highly doubt that. Pretty sure they don't have that kind of money to just be handing out.
2020-08-28 15:18
afaik they pledged 100 million to the goal of increasin diversity on tv.. which is a complete joke
2020-08-29 02:13
Right but now you need to see where this site is on the bias chart too. it's a never-ending cycle
2020-08-28 03:40
Only news you can trust is with your own eyes , rest is corrupted
2020-08-28 03:01
Brazil ZerongBr
+1 thats why i love technology nowadays. it shows the truth before our eyes instead of a biased newspaper report
2020-08-28 04:06
Human eye is easy to trick, ever heard about optical illusion?
2020-08-28 04:13
Indonesia segopecel
and people minds.
2020-08-28 05:11
Imagine reading the news kek
2020-08-28 03:03
Brazil ZerongBr
isnt that what you are doing in hltv?
2020-08-28 04:07
Brazil pooternd
csgo news better than tv news
2020-08-28 13:06
Brazil ZerongBr
2020-08-28 13:27
2020-08-28 03:03
United States ShawnM
they don't exist, hate to break it to you.
2020-08-28 03:27
2020-08-28 04:13
It sucks, but every news site leans one way or the other and you have to do your own research to find the truth.
2020-08-28 03:28
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
Depends on your ideology
2020-08-28 03:30
United States AnnCoulter
PBS News lol
2020-08-28 03:36
Argentina Seanzyy
Motor trend ofc They have great reviews
2020-08-28 03:38
I dont understand why news sites are biased. Its like they try to control the ideology of the world instead of just reporting what is happening for the sake of information
2020-08-28 03:40
so you do understand why they are biased
2020-08-28 13:04
I dont understand why they try to control the ideology of the world instead of just report information to the public
2020-08-28 22:00
pretty much all somewhat popular subreddits are left leaning, and the ones that not seem to be hyper right leaning
2020-08-28 03:57
Germany SL3ID3R
APNews is pretty unbiased
2020-08-28 03:56
independent news sources are always good here in aus we have some great journalists but we have the third highest media concentration in the world so... Al Jazeera AP Reuters all are pretty unbiased but they all defo still promote their own biases/ideologue also if you see anything owned by News Corp or Murdoch its safe to assume its shit
2020-08-28 04:04
"independent news sources" don't exist, everybody who believes in opposite is just not smart enough to understand it.
2020-08-28 04:15
Independent news sources dont exist? etc
2020-08-28 04:18
My point stands still.
2020-08-28 04:20
Do you prefer the term 'independent journalists'? Does that make you happier?
2020-08-28 04:22
Same shit.
2020-08-28 04:24
So you admit you're a fucking idiot?
2020-08-28 04:33
I admit that you're perfect example of what I said in #42.
2020-08-28 04:34
Do you understand what 'independent news' is?
2020-08-28 04:35
Yes, it's a fairy tale for naive people.
2020-08-28 11:41
yeye.. we get that it's independant in the same way that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is democratic
2020-08-29 02:18
Independent news is called independent because they have no influence from political parties and have no influence from corporate interests This is why isn’t independent, it has corporate influence
2020-08-29 02:20
2020-08-29 11:17
Other syrso
Bro what hahaha Putting fkn al jazeera next to respectable reuters lol
2020-08-29 10:23
for me it's usually local news stations or my sister recommended associated press
2020-08-28 04:09
Error 404
2020-08-28 04:11
2020-08-28 04:25
wait, the mainstream media is biased? always has been
2020-08-28 04:51
Reuter’s is good. Al Jazeera is becoming better. AP is alright. Pew research has some good articles. Everything else is pretty bad.
2020-08-28 05:25
i think not exist impartial news site
2020-08-28 05:32
Armenia Yerevan
Al Jazeera seems ok but they still Have some huge biases like fsa over Saa and other.
2020-08-28 06:11
German News like DW or spiegel
2020-08-28 09:53
2020-08-28 09:55
Nice joke
2020-08-28 14:08
4 han
2020-08-28 09:55
Switzerland Jeded
Russia today best
2020-08-28 09:57
2020-08-28 10:39
P.S Polly Boiko is hot
2020-08-28 10:40
almost made me coom ngl
2020-08-31 18:24
she saucy
2020-08-31 18:39
single-handedly made me go to russia to find a mistress in 5 years' time
2020-08-31 18:40
2020-08-28 10:43
2020-08-28 09:57
Finland ToxicDUD
I would love to see a media full of left and right wingers both pushing their narratives, then debating each other
2020-08-28 09:58
Well, checking multiple sources gives a broader understanding of politics in total, but if you really need some unbiased news, try the economist (not a newspaper but still news and really good)
2020-08-28 10:29
I propose to make a charitable news agency where the sole purpose would be to report on fully source verified events and news and to report on the inconsistencies of news reported by msm outlets. If you dont have an owner or run for profit you can afford to do quality over quantity
2020-08-28 11:09
There is literally none. But leftists would like to think the CNN is independent))
2020-08-28 10:33
would love to know what your definition of a "leftist" is lol.
2020-08-29 10:57
I can for sure see that you are a typical leftist, trying to sound smart like that lol.
2020-08-31 18:21 but only na russkom
2020-08-28 10:39
2020-08-28 10:46
Not that much of day-to-day, breaking news, but I think The Economist does a decent job of telling you what is going on in the world
2020-08-28 10:54
hltv ofc
2020-08-28 10:55 its kinda unbiased... To get ur news about politics, its better for you to listen to speeches etc for yourself
2020-08-28 11:48
In modern journalism objectivism is dead. People do not like to be told that their view of the world is wrong, and confirmation bias is used to its fullest effect. In a more competitive media landscape, the news outlets have started to specialise. They will push a political agenda and it is up to the reader to get the insight from different sides to correctly assess the situation. Personally, I have chosen not to engage and I am on a news diet.
2020-08-28 13:16
twitter ofc
2020-08-28 13:29
2020-08-28 14:05
2020-08-28 14:05
2020-08-29 10:25
2020-08-29 10:25
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk there is none
2020-08-29 10:27
Doesn't exist. Just use many different sites at once, It'll have the same effect. See a story that might be super biased? Look it up on the polar opposite site. It's a pretty simple system, it's just not very fun.
2020-08-29 10:35
guys i hate to be preachy and neck-beardy, but this thread reeks of surface level analysis and a lack of any real meaningful discussion please take the time to read some literature about the media. i would personally recommend "inventing reality" by parenti as a start. or even chomsky if that would make you more comfortable.
2020-08-29 10:56
Media reading comprehension is important skill. There's always some bias even in the most neutral news, because the writer picks what is thought to be most important info, you cant write everything. It's important to learn to recognise when the text is trying to influence you or a group to certain direction with different rethorical methods or narratives (these guys good/bad) or offering only certain info out of context or false info with certain tone and to check how reliable sources the article has. It's a good thing that critical thinking is teached in school nowdays
2020-08-29 11:14
2020-08-29 11:13
RT Zerohedge financial news
2020-08-31 18:24
bbc heavily biaSED
2020-08-31 18:39
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