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NA rates every EU country
United States D4nny_122333 
Hello hltv mens)) to preface this I want to say that I did basically no research and am just going off of what I have heard about on the internet and in school I will start with UK even though they left the EU UK - PM is offbrand trump, 8/10 Austria - idk anything about this country other than they raised hitler, 6/10 Belgium - good waffles, 9/10 Bulgaria - I hear they're poor there, 5/10 Croatia - who? 5/10 Cyprus - who? 5/10 Czechia - who? 5/10 Denmark - good country, a bit far left but it works for them, 10/10 Estonia - best baltic country, 9/10 Finland - good country, 10/10 France - shitty language, smelly cities, but good food, 6/10 Germany - too many immigrants, but good beer, 8/10 Greece - poor, 4/10 Hungary - I guess not democratic anymore? 4/10 Ireland - couldn't even get the whole island lmao, 6/10 Italy - great food, too many immigrants, 6/10 Latvia - my neighbor's mom is from there, 7/10 Lithuania - idk anything about this country, 5/10 Luxembourg - rich but tiny, 9/10 Malta - rich but tiny, 9/10 Netherlands - solid country, 10/10 Poland - homophobic lol, 6/10 Portugal - offbrand spain, 7/10 Romania - gypsies lmao, 2/10 Slovakia - my great grandma's from there but idk anything about it, 7/10 Slovenia - who? 5/10 Spain - i hear they have good food, 8/10 Sweden - rich af, 10/10
2020-08-28 07:49
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HS | 
Estonia qoznyyy
9/10 pog
2020-08-28 07:50
EU RATES every NA country Usa: couldn't even get the whole island from shitty language, smelly cities but good food people. Good opportunity but wouldn't take my chance would rather buy a lotto ticket better chances. No healthcare, minimum wage unlivable (wtf) etc. 3/10 Canada: Got half the island with nothing great fucking job. Good opportunity and a likely chance of getting a proper life, good healthcare etc. Bad location (next to americans) therefore 8/10
2020-08-28 08:53
RIP Mexico
2020-08-28 19:27
the fact that canada survived with those americans makes it a solid 10/10
2020-08-28 19:37
2020-08-31 08:56
you missed the other 21 countries in NA
2020-08-28 19:41
Mexico: Mexico/10 Everything else not USA or CA is basically just Mexico
2020-08-29 05:57
USA is redneck mexico and canada is snow mexico
2020-08-30 18:18
Tacos are good
2020-08-30 18:24
2020-08-31 09:02
United States JoshDAA
Bruh, the op was just baiting and this denmark cuck took it literally. Denmark got a 10/10 and he is still malding
2020-08-28 19:51
Malding about what? He's just pointing out that U.S is an absolute shithole
2020-08-29 21:30
+1 finally someone understands a joke
2020-08-31 09:03
Naah, if he was really going for you he would have written something like this: Criminal joke as President and 1/3 of people cheering for him, believing Corona will just go away, that climate change is a hoax and that lowering taxes for the rich will make things great for everyone.
2020-08-29 21:41
>US >Calling other countries cucks ok
2020-08-29 21:55
United States JoshDAA
Bruh, UK. You are the biggest cuck of them all, you lost a war to a bunch of rejected englishmen.
2020-08-30 16:25
North America 007DBR9
-rep 0/8
2020-08-30 17:55
Bruh you actually think I took it seriously Idgaf about what an American says I've watched enough videos and read enough articles of y'all to know how smart y'all are
2020-08-31 09:03
United States JoshDAA
Yea, whilst your iq is below room temp our iq is over 300
2020-08-31 18:51
Is that a 8th grade argument LOLOLOLOL
2020-09-01 09:30
United States JoshDAA
You legit got baited by a guy not even trying, that fucking sad
2020-09-01 18:00
Germany I_car
You missed Mexico
2020-08-28 20:09
Who? 5/10
2020-08-29 01:09
"EU RATES every NA country" *forgets Mexico is in NA*
2020-08-29 01:23
North America 007DBR9
and the rest of the central american nations
2020-08-30 17:56
NA= North America?
2020-08-31 09:05
Danish schooling has really fallen off. You missed many countries But 1 big one...... mexico?
2020-08-31 08:55
Many countries there are only 3 NA countries? Mexico, USA and Canada the rest are Central American countries Yeah I missed Mexico but the point wasn't what I missed but that he makes shitty jokes about other countries but he forgot that those countries took so much from them
2020-08-31 09:10
2020-08-31 09:10
My fault bruh I'm not into geography that much didn't know that the countries I thought were Central American countries actually were NA
2020-08-31 09:12
I mean it would be cool to have 8 continents ig
2020-08-31 09:13
Central America is part of North america... There's 7 continents Not 8
2020-08-31 09:11
I got it sorry my bad then
2020-08-31 09:13
Ignore my other comment but honestly central America should be separated from USA and Canada.
2020-08-31 09:14
2020-08-28 08:51
Greece should be atleast 7/10
2020-08-28 07:51
2020-08-28 08:04
+1 top tier vacation place
2020-08-28 08:11
only because of that lmao otherwise they are a failed state
2020-08-28 19:21
best balkan country to live.Who is better? Albania or Bulgaria? aahahahaha
2020-08-28 19:35
best balkan country due to European money, otherwise you are a total shit, bankrupted country
2020-08-28 19:37
As a bulgarian you are you shouldn't talk about corruption.Your president literally sleeps with a glock next to his bed.Bulgaria also in EU but still one of the worst countries in Europe
2020-08-28 19:39
I've never said anything about my country, I agree that it is total shit, you are the only one that doesn't seem to comprehend the truth about your shitty country.
2020-08-28 19:42
Shitty country?Yes Best in the Balkan region?Yes Was better before joining Eurozone and EU?Yes If you think that Greece is still alive because of "European money" you are just naive.And if my country is shitty to you,tell to your fellow countrymen that have filled our prisons to stop coming here :)
2020-08-28 19:47
I will tell my rich fellow countrymen to stop buying houses and land in Greece
2020-08-28 20:16
Gypsy ghettos don't count brother.Might as well tell'em to stay at Stolipinovo
2020-08-28 20:32
The whole Northern Greece is bought. I think they are preparing for take over
2020-08-28 20:34
ahahaha bought by bulgars(!).Shit,now I'll have to learn to use the Cyrillic alphabet and shave my head 👩🏻‍🦲👍
2020-08-28 20:39
Missing the "too many immigrants" when you mentioned sweden
2020-08-28 07:52
2020-08-28 19:28
2020-08-28 19:43
2020-08-29 21:46
? I live in Sweden, don't you think I should know what it's like here? I'm not living in a bubble like the other Swedes who disagrees with me.
2020-08-30 00:00
He’s an incel that is secretly racist.
2020-08-30 16:44
sweden before 15/10 now 7.5/10
2020-08-28 20:39
From 12/8 it dropped down to cuck/8
2020-08-30 16:48
yeah that happend too
2020-08-30 16:57
nice to meet a smart swede
2020-08-30 17:52
czech who?
2020-08-28 07:52
EliGE | 
United States Shmelt
Horrible rate. Italy lower than Germany because good beer > good food. Yikes.
2020-08-28 07:53
I saw a documentary about all of the somali immigrants there and it seems pretty rough, so that's why italy's so low
2020-08-28 07:56
It’s really not rough at all. Keep watching russian media that happily brainwashes you into thinking it’s a crisis or a problem of any kind. If we’re going to talk about immigrant problems, Austria is one that you should mention and even there it’s not something you can even notice outside of Vienna
2020-08-28 08:27
Obviously you need to research
2020-08-28 07:54
ropz | 
Romania Laskof
Hes from the US the education there not very gud
2020-08-28 19:25
2020-08-31 09:07
the point of this was to let EU people hear my immediate thoughts of a country without any research If I did research it would ruin the point lol
2020-08-28 20:23
"I saw a documentary about all of the somali immigrants there and it seems pretty rough, so that's why italy's so low" #7 like #27 said "he's from the US the education there not very gud"
2020-08-31 09:08
I get that. It´s about a NA perception of EU. You have some basic knowledge (not bad actually), but if you did an actual study, the list would be less interesting. Anyone can look up tables and lists. Like your list and some of your replies, but it seems like you get baited here and there by other peoples responses..
2020-08-31 20:02
getting baited is half the fun :)
2020-09-01 01:52
n1 gipsy
2020-08-29 01:11
n1 cowboy , should I rate USA 1/10 only because one of my friends told me he ate a bad sandwich in the USA or stepped in a shit on the street ?!
2020-08-31 08:09
Romania is a shithole
2020-08-31 11:47
Finland KassaK
7/8 good list
2020-08-28 08:07
Poland humen))))
United States of USA LUL
2020-08-28 08:14
Russia win73ry
Czechia is the best country in the EU, nt.
2020-08-28 08:19
bad bait
2020-08-28 20:34
Russia win73ry
It’s not a bait. Out of all countries in the EU, I would definitely choose yours.
2020-08-29 05:53
you would choose wrong then
2020-08-29 21:19
Nt Igori LINK
2020-08-29 10:09
Russia win73ry
I don't watch that shitter, sorry.
2020-08-29 10:38
Nt igor link
2020-08-30 17:54
Terrible rating. Where the fuck did you kids even get the whole “Scandinavia is far left” premise from?
2020-08-28 08:25
Finland Autisthicc
its not far left but it is left
2020-08-28 19:32
Germany I_car
Because in the USA wanting free (paid by taxes) healthcare is already seen as far left
2020-08-28 20:12
basically in the us if you like some socialist ideas you are a communist dog, and if you support some capitalistic ideas you are a fascist pig
2020-08-29 01:30
Compared to USA, Scandinavia is left.
2020-08-30 17:08
you're basically rating the country's food more than the country itself retarded list, but expected from a NA fag
2020-08-28 08:31
Lmao worst ranking possible. How is Spain higher than Italy or France? Don't get me wrong Spain is great but from the 3 they're 3rd by far in most categories including the most importants.
2020-08-28 08:31
I'm gonna be honest, it's because I don't know enough about Spain to put them low lol All that I know about spain is that they have Tapas and soccer lmao
2020-08-28 19:53
soccer? who?
2020-08-30 17:08
i love italy but i agree that Spain is better than Italy at the moment France is 3rd for sure..
2020-08-28 20:06
Germany I_car
Guess I have to agree with France, but I wouldn't say Spain is worse than Italy. It's pretty even
2020-08-28 20:13
yes baby me happy mens
2020-08-28 08:39
bruh is cyprus in europe?
2020-08-28 08:42
Missing Switzerland which is an easy 10/10
2020-08-28 08:44
lol no
2020-08-28 08:50
oh I got all of the countries from a list of every country in the EU, and I forgot about Switzerland lol Switzerland - their whole history is them being pussies, but good country nonetheless, 9/10
2020-08-28 19:20
Switzerland isn't in EU, but I don't expect an american to know that.
2020-08-28 19:44
no I knew that, I just forgot to put them in because I got the list from every country in the EU.
2020-08-28 19:48
Romanian reading comprehension yikes...
2020-08-30 17:09
stopped reading at osterreich 6/10
2020-08-28 08:45
Germany I_car
2020-08-28 20:14
Poland mlodzier
"Belgium - good waffles, 9/10" This is one of the most american things i have read recently
2020-08-28 08:51
I feel offended. Our food is better and we have less Covid Cases
2020-08-28 19:34
Germany I_car
Spanish food better and Spanish economy better
2020-08-28 20:14
Economy?? wait, are we really gonna talk about that? Neither of our countries has a good economy. Food? Compadre, tapas is just food in small plates.
2020-08-29 00:52
Germany I_car
If you think tapas are the best Spanish food you are really wrong, and while both countries don't have really strong economies, Spain's economy is still beter
2020-08-29 09:42
0/8 Portugal food bestest
2020-08-30 16:30
Xyp9x | 
Russia Ypp1
Hungary - 9/10 no immgrants
2020-08-28 19:39
We need more EU r8 NA
2020-08-28 19:39
Finland Autisthicc
what to rate? 3 countries? canada good usa ok mexico bad
2020-08-28 20:01
2020-08-28 20:06
Finland Autisthicc
only 3 relevant ones
2020-08-28 20:09
true lmao Canada - 9/10 US - 7/10 great if rich, shit if not Mexico - 5/10 great food shit country everywhere else - 3/10 shit countries lmao
2020-08-28 20:11
Germany I_car
All of the rest are shitholes tho
2020-08-28 20:15
2020-08-28 19:49
7/8 pretty accurate list. Only Swedistan should have lower rating with half of the population immigrants already.
2020-08-28 19:51
Shut up :(
2020-08-28 20:34
Perkele go drink your redbull racist cunt
2020-08-30 16:47
Portugal jsousa941
kekw portugal offbrand spain :rofl:
2020-08-28 19:53
rate norway mens
2020-08-28 19:56
I think the list was about the countries included in the European Union, therefore Switzerland was also left out with Norway.
2020-08-28 19:57
i forgot about norway sorry rich country, 10/10
2020-08-28 20:08
Germany DEBlL
NA stupid as always, because of homophobic Poland should get 10/10
2020-08-28 19:58
That list shows that you have awful knowledges about EU countries rofl
2020-08-28 20:03
2020-08-28 20:08
lmao op clearly never been to any of these countries and his knowledge about geography is none
2020-08-28 20:08
2020-08-28 20:09
I think it´s a fairly good list with many reasonable assesments. Good principle to rate unknown countries as 5/10. One or two notes: Malta is not rich and it has problems with corruption (ranked 50th in world, which is low for Europe). Bot otherwise a nice place, been there. Italy/Sicily without the good food. 6/10 max. Finland, Denmark, Germany and Sweden are at same level economically. Luxembourg and Ireland doing well too. Slovenia wealthiest Balkan Country, doing well. 7-8/10.
2020-08-28 20:11
Germany I_car
You can't still give an 8 to Slovenia and a 6 to Italy
2020-08-28 20:17
I gave slovenia a 5 lol
2020-08-31 08:13
Germany I_car
I wasn't replying to you tho
2020-08-31 12:40
2020-08-31 19:30
"Luxembourg and Ireland doing well too". If by well you mean better, than yes. and malta really has beautiful beaches, but other than that seems like it has nothing to offer. Also been there. rating countries is relative. For me Italy > basically any other country in europe. They have the best food, weather, landscapes, traditions, tourist and historic sites
2020-08-28 20:35
I agree about Italy, my favorite place. If by "doing better" you mean scoring on others expense as tax havens for big companies, then Luxembourg and Ireland are doing better
2020-08-28 23:45
Lithuania Ufasas
USA - 2/10, land of opportunity to get shot 7 times , gang shot in random street shootout, or get your kid shot in head by neighbour next day after you invite neighbour to a dinner, land of junk food, and constant politician lie campaigns, avoid usa, only heavy metal is good and some festivals there, thumbs up for that
2020-08-28 20:11
Pfft fakeflagging swede
2020-08-28 20:13
thanks for rating, i would rate USA but I'm scared you'll shoot me
2020-08-28 20:30
romania + ireland made me laugh)))
2020-08-28 20:32
Sweden 10/10? Rigged.
2020-08-28 20:33
"Sweden - rich af, 10/10" he's mistaken us for Norway boys. we take those
2020-08-28 20:35
2020-08-29 10:41
Haha but we are rich compared to the rest of the world
2020-08-30 16:48
Why is the immigrant argument only used against germany? Are you racist?
2020-08-28 20:36
I'm not racist I just don't like Jermans
2020-08-28 22:23
thanks but sweden max 9
2020-08-29 00:59
Europe BETONNecmi
Turkey ?
2020-08-29 00:59
Sweden 10 and Germany 8 wtf? Poland last protector of european culture and only 6 because homophobic? Stfu leftist, expected from gay blm murica. LGBT is the worst virus in this world and will be destroyed and USA is cancer too stfu 0/8 bait
2020-08-29 01:02
Europe BETONNecmi
Poland is not a freedom country hahaha in turkey %97 muslim but secular country
2020-08-29 01:11
flag checks expected from goat fuckers
2020-08-29 01:15
Europe BETONNecmi
2020-08-29 01:16
poland should be 1/8 imo but i will give 2/8 because lewandowski
2020-08-29 01:21
lul Australia speaking, just a clone of USA but reversed
2020-08-29 01:25
big brain poland can't tell the difference between NZ and Australia, either way you would've been wrong. Very accurate display of Polish education and stupidity
2020-08-29 01:27
Oh New Zealand? This island in nowhere? Yes i heard about you guys
2020-08-29 01:44
why do u hate them? just curious
2020-08-29 21:49
2020-08-30 18:16
You'd be surprised with how right-wing Denmark actually is. It's only economically that we're left-wing. I guess that makes us 11/10
2020-08-29 01:16
Slovenia is at least a 7/10 for producing Luka Dončić.
2020-08-29 01:18
what about greece for producing giannis
2020-08-29 01:22
I think more credit is owed to his Nigerian genes than Greece.
2020-08-29 07:24
CIS ShimonSS
I see, u re a man of a culture. I would say 8-10, cause Luka is killing it off on the court right now
2020-08-29 09:57
Slovenia is at least a 10/10 for producing Lana Rhoades :D
2020-08-29 21:52
next time try create topic when you triple your iq and reach iq 3
2020-08-29 01:47
Next time try to to use your brain when looking at a thread on hltv and think about the chances of it being a b8. Also triple your iq and reach iq 3.
2020-08-29 06:02
Denmark - good country, a bit far left but it works for them, 10/10 Czechia - who? 5/10 LMAO
2020-08-29 07:29
He ain't wrong
2020-08-29 10:41
bew | 
Canada JC_123
2020-08-29 07:45
hahahaha Poor in Bulgaria. Who is joking with you?
2020-08-29 07:54
I thought luxembourgh was part of germany all along lol wtf
2020-08-29 10:14
cyprus europe but russia isnt kkkkk
2020-08-29 10:48
Ah hell yea cuz lowest ranked country 2/10 Also now we need eu to rank every usa state or somethin
2020-08-29 10:54
Serbia K4bby
You don't know about Croatia and Czech Republic, but I guess you know your Baltic countries. Makes no sense.
2020-08-29 10:55
+1 finland good -2 ur retard
2020-08-30 00:03
those who who who only show the level of NA education...
2020-08-30 17:03
i take great offense with 6/10 man we are at least 8/10 with the tiny population we have what we have built is incredible oh and the over 35 million people in the US who are either Irish or have Irish ancestry rating us that Low is rating yourself low
2020-08-30 17:04
Romania - gypsies lmao, 2/10 Racist and stupid you are the perfect combination
2020-08-30 17:10
Estonia mr_abdul
we stay winning😎😎
2020-08-30 17:57
Estonia mr_abdul
to be fair Austria, Germany and Ireland should probably be rated better than us
2020-08-30 17:59
Thanks for the 10, but I don't understand why Poland is 6 and not -2
2020-08-30 18:15
America: Population of like 400 million. And on 2016 elections they came up with Hilary Clinton and trump. Says something about how gullible they are.
2020-08-30 18:19
Donald Trump better than every EU leader
2020-08-31 08:18
defo better than xi lol
2020-08-31 15:08
How can you say, that they have good beer in Germany, when you haven't been in Czechia??
2020-08-30 18:35
Sth about US?
2020-08-31 19:31
Algeria abdodz45
Did you made this list out of your ass?
2020-08-31 19:37
Lmao burger brain is talking about EU? USA 1/10, why would you go to USA when you can go to Syria? I mean USA is a nice country but people from USA are fucking retarded, i mean 90% have around 3 iq, when i visited USA i met more retards than i ever met in every EU countries combined and multiplied by 100.
2020-08-31 19:46
Any European country with an increasing muslim population (8-10%+) is destined to become a shithole. I would rather live in Spain, or even Croatia than in Sweden. It is a timebomb situation. You are still protect by the sheer numbers, but soon enough they will start having the numbers to start imposing some aspects of their lifestyle/culture into your societies. There are some major cities in EU, such as Brussels, that its population is already composed by at least 25%+ muslims. (65% of newborns are muslims/non EU). And just to make things pretty damn clear, I hold no racial prejudice against Arabs (or any other race). However, I am all against islam (would be willing to rephrase it as "fanatic practicers", but that is the thing with islam, almost every one who practice it, supports some kind of fanatism). Here in Brazil we have more than 10 million arab descendents, 98% christians, they are really well integrated into society.
2020-08-31 19:51
World breezy0
+1 clever brazilian
2020-09-01 03:37
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