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MIBR new players?
Greece m3s0v 
Even a dumb person know that with TACO and trk in the team it's normal to be shit. So why tf don't they replace them? felps was 10x better than these BOTS. dumau best promising BR player +felps +dumau -BOTACO -BOTRK
2020-08-28 18:19
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Europe _Tacoo
if i would be felps i wouldnt comeback lul
2020-08-28 18:20
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Hungary subzera
why do yall keep coming back tho
2020-08-31 09:49
imagine blaming trk hahahaha
2020-08-28 18:21
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2nd worst rated player on Mibr over the past 3 months. MIBR aren't going to get back up to where they want to be with him. I don't think so anyway.
2020-08-31 04:34
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the problem isnt trk and the problem wasnt meyern either the problem is that the core of this lineup does not see that they are part of the problem, i dont see any new pickup perform good with them
2020-08-31 09:59
-TACO +yuurih -FalleN +arT -kNg +HEN1 -fer +VINI -trk +KSCERATO
2020-08-28 18:22
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Brazil Fauchard
+1` or the next excuse will be the name is cursed
2020-08-29 01:22
+1 honestly
2020-08-29 03:09
Brazil klleri
2020-08-31 04:00
why would felps leave 2nd best Brazil team and join 3rd best Brazil team?
2020-08-28 18:23
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3rd? come on somebody has to be better in brazil
2020-08-28 18:25
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you are right, MIBR 4th, maybe 5th best team
2020-08-28 18:26
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I think mibr is worse than furia and boom. There is a new very interesting team too, with fnx and lucas1, imperial.
2020-08-28 19:05
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Switzerland zthoui
they are probably the same level as imperial tbh
2020-08-30 00:43
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The team that's playing same level than MIBR actually is Team One. For me the MIBR roster is far better but these results I think that are what Team One could reach in a not good but not too bad day
2020-08-31 04:01
actually trk is doing good -TACO + ???? i don't know any good player for this role.
2020-08-28 18:23
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kng is being a better entry than him, i would like felps and (or) boltz back
2020-08-28 18:26
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i thought about felps or boltz, but i didn't want to mess up with Boom lineup.
2020-08-28 18:51
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Germany Koalafire
i would love dumau to have a chance. I dont know about BOOM, they looked weak the past days but maybe its just a rough time for them and they will get better again...
2020-08-31 09:48
United States clockworkk
we all know that they won't kick taco and they just gonna swap trk for some random with no talent just to keep the squad together + fallen is the problem but whatever
2020-08-28 18:24
MIBr should buy the clan Furia and name it MIBR.
2020-08-28 18:27
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no, the mibr tag is like a curse bro
2020-08-29 02:38
Peru DrRockso
MiBR is a dead team and should disband tbh.
2020-08-28 18:27
-fkin KNG and + felps ffs Felps is so much better and can handle the cold role better. also -taco + bot
2020-08-28 18:31
United States raymoney
2020-08-28 18:34
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Hungary subzera
2020-08-31 09:50
Belgium Casa2k20
arT HEN1 Fallen Coldzera VINII
2020-08-28 18:39
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arT - Awper/IGL Fallen - Awper/IGL Hen1 - Awper Coldzera - 2nd caller/2nd awper Vini - why Vini if you can put another awper-like player, put RCF then to new meta 5 awpers
2020-08-31 04:05
Hungary subzera
bro dont fucking touch furia. doing anything with them for this god forsaken mibr trash crew would destroy furia.
2020-08-31 09:51
Estonia whosmans
fallen go join team yell or whatever its called trk and taco make a new pug team with meyern and luken fer becomes a full time streamer kng go save awp
2020-08-28 18:41
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jokes aside kng is their best player men
2020-08-31 03:58
Brazil ferNaN1
fallen trk kng dumau latto
2020-08-28 18:42
dumau is definitly a good player, but he is definitly not ready either. With Felps I agree, but the thing is: he will not leave BOOM. Instead of finding new good players for MIBR, why don't we think about new players for BOOM? They're destroying everyone here in Brazil already. I'm hoping they'll go international after covid-19 to see how it goes.
2020-08-28 18:43
-taco +skoolage
2020-08-28 18:43
felps + fer in same team :D
2020-08-28 19:06
disband the entire team, get 5 new players, drop the mibr brand and go back to immortals
2020-08-28 19:33
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2020-08-29 02:39
2020-08-28 19:34
no i say for disband but ok
2020-08-29 00:56
Brazil NegoNey
Trk > Fer
2020-08-29 00:59
Dumau axaxaxaxaxa Better disband and go streaming all team. Than join valorant. Than back to stream.
2020-08-29 01:07
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whats so funny about dumau?
2020-08-29 02:29
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Waste his career with this washedup bots xddddd Meyern poor guy.
2020-08-29 02:51
-FalleN -kNgV -fer -TACO -trk + tier 5 polish players ->ez wins
2020-08-29 01:13
stfu greek
2020-08-29 01:14
-TACO +Olofmeister -trk +ALEX as IGL and Fallen just as main AWP
2020-08-29 01:22
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+1 mibr needs a good igl/coach fallen is outdated as fuck
2020-08-29 02:42
fallen and fer to faze. taco and trk back to brazil. remake immortals 2017 with some adjustment. yel/steel (igl) kng (awper) boltz (support) lucas/chelo (entry) felps (lurker) apoka (coach)
2020-08-29 01:36
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Men, I am newbee to cs so i need some help. Can you tell me who is entry/lurker etc in Liquid and EG. I need it to my article about the final of the tournament.
2020-08-29 02:17
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liquid: stewie2k (igl/awp) elige (entry) twistzz (support) grim (entry) naf (lurker) eg i'm not sure, you should check
2020-08-29 02:35
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thank you brotha so much
2020-08-29 02:41
i mean, i think stanislaw is lurker and tarik is entry.
2020-08-29 02:41
LMAO about that faze part
2020-08-29 10:23
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2020-08-30 00:41
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makes literally no sense at all
2020-08-30 08:36
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2020-08-30 21:36
LMAO why on Earth would Faze pick up these washed up players?
2020-08-30 09:04
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what? faze only pick washed up players, wtf?
2020-08-30 21:36
Sweden Zolity
2020-08-29 01:44
No and no MIBR is good, just need to wait for LAN
2020-08-29 01:45
Portugal onemanLAUW
felps to mibr instead of taco or kng would be a good move, but mibr just sold him to boom like 2 weeks ago, it was a really stupid decision bring lucas1 and meyern to the roster while having felps on the bench
2020-08-29 02:10
Brazil llskll
Felps again? No
2020-08-29 02:20
+1 dumau god
2020-08-29 02:28
-kng +felps
2020-08-29 02:40
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mano, olha oqq o kng ta fazendo, carregando a porra do time e tu quer tirar ele? askdkasdkasd
2020-08-29 03:05
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O cara mais erra do que acerta. Muito lerdo com a awp, jogando nip na inferno da até sono de ver ele. Não adianta nada o mano matar 5 em 1 round e vacilar no resto. E além do aim dele ser horrível, vamos concordar que em um x1 ele perde para quase todos os jogadores do NA.
2020-08-29 03:23
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2020-08-29 11:18
kng is a good player but really limited, with awper he's ok, ak/m4 he cant do anything, atleast he didnt show it yet.
2020-08-29 05:03
agree!!! DUMAUGOD
2020-08-29 02:40
Finland Vkims
Dumau looks like someone coldzera would make cry in the bar
2020-08-29 10:34
Brazil TH30_19
2020-08-29 18:58
Brazil dolox
disband, and fallen move to faze.
2020-08-30 00:44
Brazil Urag
-fer He wants to leave
2020-08-30 00:46
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Brazil Z1DAN
+felps -TACO +steel -dead +peacemaker
2020-08-31 04:06
Serbia TheSerb
Tbh they should change alot -fallen -fer -taco Swap kng to main awp, keep trk Get on trial boltz,lucas1,felps,b4rtin,prt,rcf and try a few different combinations of teams to fit all roles, and make a good team. Mby even keep fer so you have some expirience
2020-08-30 09:00
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I think getting a tier2 eu team brazillian passports is just easier and probably more promising
2020-08-31 04:13
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Serbia TheSerb
Xd mby yeah
2020-08-31 09:45
Why the fuck cant people realise felps doesnt work with this team?
2020-08-30 09:01
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he didnt work because coldzera hated him and he never get a shot after cold left, despite still being contracted to mibr, same as boltz, instead they signed lucas, trk, taco.......
2020-08-30 09:12
buy the whole furia roster
2020-08-30 09:10
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Canada @elgrucho
they cant afford buying 1 player from furia
2020-08-30 09:37
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2020-08-31 03:55
Brazil Z1DAN
FalleN kNgV steel felps trk /peacemaker
2020-08-31 04:07
2020-08-31 04:35
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