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Anime to watch?
Skadoodle | 
Portugal migboss 
more recent ones
2020-08-29 04:59
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North America Swboy1010
Diamond of Ace.
2020-08-29 05:00
ding ding ding
2020-08-30 10:58
North America Swboy1010
One of the best sports anime by far.
2020-08-30 20:12
ding dong the best if u binge it all 3 full seasons.
2020-08-30 23:22
2020-08-29 05:03
itadaki seieki!
2020-08-29 21:10
man of culture
2020-08-30 00:41
Brazil lepapaz
2020-08-31 01:35
2020-08-29 05:04
i refuse
2020-08-29 05:05
naruto best anime ever created
2020-08-29 16:21
How many animes have you watched?
2020-08-31 01:38
2 true animes dragon ball naruto rest are for weebs
2020-08-31 09:46
Thats honestly a good point
2020-09-01 00:12
your loss
2020-08-29 16:54
United States pr1moGG
especially once you hit Shippuden, nothing compares.
2020-08-29 21:14
NAF | 
India FosFate
nothing compares in amount of fillers it has
2020-08-29 22:05
United States pr1moGG
then skip them?
2020-08-29 22:07
I did. Oh, and Naruto anime is faking average compared to manga, only reason being Studio Pierrot
2020-08-29 22:11
2020-08-30 01:19
Spain N0Love
2020-08-31 08:30
North America humaa
naruto shippuden best anime of all time no competetion
2020-08-29 21:07
nah man I'd give it a maximum rating of 7/10
2020-08-29 23:16
North America humaa
nice opinion fk ur opinion y u say dat man :(
2020-08-30 00:25
soo.. is it a nice opinion or a bad opinion?
2020-08-30 00:40
North America humaa
its an opinion
2020-08-30 22:52
at least it is better than overrated FMA
2020-08-30 16:09
2020-08-30 16:10
3/8, FMA is overrated but FMA > Naruto Shippuden
2020-08-30 16:43
North America humaa
+1 fma is so overhyped
2020-08-30 22:53
2020-08-31 08:21
how can you seriously say that man (((
2020-08-29 23:18
North America humaa
name an anime more complete than it??
2020-08-30 00:25
Latvia L1dm_
One piece, fullmetal alchemist, avatar, ghost in the shell and 100 more anime titles
2020-08-30 00:46
Avatar isn't an anime, but it is most definitely better than Naruto.
2020-08-30 08:59
2020-08-30 22:33
North America humaa
0/8 avatar is all jus fillers 3 episodes out of 25 are usually non fillers dont get me wrong its a fun anime or cartoon whatever but not as good as naruto
2020-08-30 22:55
It's okay to be wrong.
2020-08-30 23:25
North America humaa
ikr it justifies u
2020-08-31 00:11
North America humaa
one piece?? 1k episodes it gets boring after a few hundred episodes lost all interest to watch it full metal alchemist is a great anime but just not on the same level as naruto WHAT THE FUCKKK KKKKK mens avatar is so shittt but i still like the characters but the storyline is horrible and the anime should have had more episodes but they made Legend of Korra which is jus straight up dog shit
2020-08-30 22:48
Latvia L1dm_
Ok, storyline in avatar is really shit. But one piece is really good one, cause it has very interesting and thoughtful plot (imho)
2020-08-31 12:06
North America humaa
i agree wit ur opinion its jus super long
2020-08-31 22:51
HunterxHunter isn't finished and is more complete than naruto Hecking Gintama had better redemptions arcs than sasuke's one In the end they made Jiraya come back the weebs on myanimelist ranked it 361, you can enjoy it, i enjoyed it a lot until pain's arc, but there is so much better obviously
2020-08-30 11:27
North America humaa
hunterxhunter is better than naruto ?? u trying to be funny men? hunterxhunter is a great anime but the story is around two 12 year olds who are weak as shit the first two and a half season then when they finally get strong the show comes to an end wtfff and i still couldnt finish it when they start to elect to the new president of the hunters organization it got so boring
2020-08-30 22:52
Naruto fan mad cuz anime is boring
2020-08-31 00:09
North America humaa
dont worry bud i dont take it that seriously
2020-08-31 00:10
2020-08-30 00:38
Trash 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮
2020-08-30 00:37
you autist 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮
2020-08-30 11:04
Are you making fun of mentall illness ? 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮
2020-08-30 15:45
Imagine defending weeb shit
2020-08-31 08:47
You weeb. Im baiting
2020-08-31 13:48
The promised neverland, erased, parasyte: the maxim, attack on titan (the 2nd season is a bit slow to get through but the 3rd season is slo worth it)
2020-08-29 05:05
To mainstream, not bad ones but mainstream
2020-08-29 05:18
hahaha I love when people talk about mainstream. You're not better because you've watched some cult gritty anime from the 80's. It gives you no less of an opinion to watch 'mainstream' anime. I was recommending him these anime because they're well liked and all round great. He wanted something new, I recommended new stuff. I swear the anime community act like gatekeepers. Someone wants to watch something popular, nah fuck them, they're a casual or don't really like or understand anime.
2020-08-29 06:13
Ofc if u just watched 10 mainstream animes and i watched +1000 animes makes me a better opinion about anime, but thats not the point, if the person asking for anime do not say that hes new watching It ofc he already watched these animes
2020-08-29 16:06
2020-08-29 16:34
what? its the same in sports, u can follow Barcelona or Real Madrid but the one who follows more leagues has a better opinion than u
2020-08-29 16:40
it is cringe because you could have just said the person asking probably watched all of these, but opted to act like a jerk for no reason and in second reply you bragged about how many animes you watched, while it is apparent that this is the only memorable thing you have done in your life. guess what, it is a pointless achievement so you feel the need to validate yourself so you act like this in random forums do you want me to go on about why i felt cringe?
2020-08-29 17:00
I have only answered him, it is also only something anecdotal, as I have said that is not the point, the point is he probably watched these animes but he got mad cause i said "to mainstream, not bad ones but mainstream"
2020-08-29 17:07
And the word cringe makes cringe btw
2020-08-29 17:07
man I've watched lots of anime (not 1000 but still over 250) and I've gotta say, Yakusoku No Neverland is a 10/10 for me! and I only give 10/10s only to what I consider masterpieces, and I have 4 in total.
2020-08-29 23:19
i didnt say mainstream animes are bad, i like all animes he had said
2020-08-29 23:55
Then why did you even leave your comment (#6) if mainstream isn't even bad? The way you said it makes it seem like you think mainstream is bad. Like what was the point of that comment?
2020-08-30 09:02
no no you dont understand, because you didnt watch 1000 animes. when you complete the training, you become a divine being and have the ability to talk shit about people's opinions just because you can,i mean you watched 1000 animes what can they do against this power?
2020-08-30 09:38
0/8 i didnt even talk shit about ur opinion but u got mad cause stupid
2020-08-30 14:17
Turkey yasiN_
Thanks for the good laugh before work Kardeş!
2020-08-30 23:00
I didnt say mainstream animes are bad, even i said "not bad onces", as I have said the point is that the person asking probably watched all of these animes cz ar to mainstream
2020-08-30 14:16
weeaboo alert
2020-08-31 08:48
All the ppl here is weeb dude
2020-08-31 14:54
Spain 1996
otako duchate
2020-08-31 09:08
2020-08-31 14:55
watched all of them and I can recommend all, especially Parasyte and AOT
2020-08-29 05:11
+1 parasyte best of them all
2020-08-30 11:09
The beginning of Season 2 AoT is slow but then it starts to really pick up, especially at Episode 6.
2020-08-29 06:00
erased was kinda meh imo
2020-08-29 21:21
High School DXD ftw yuhhhhhhhhhhhhh
2020-08-29 05:09
2020-08-29 05:11
why not?!!
2020-08-29 05:12
2020-08-29 05:21
You can watch season one for free on youtube bro
2020-08-29 05:24
North America pkheat
prison school is far far far far far far far far far far better
2020-08-29 05:26
North America humaa
2020-08-29 21:07
Russia sinnerzxc
ahahahah nice one
2020-08-31 13:57
North America humaa
2020-08-31 22:50
NAF | 
India FosFate
who the fuck watches anime on youtube OMEGALUL
2020-08-29 22:07
Brazil ghcnvbkn
me with 10 years
2020-08-30 16:35
The dub is fucking hilarious. Otherwise, not worth watching sub.
2020-08-29 05:52
code geass
2020-08-29 05:11
Best final ever made, i was hyped about last movie and It was boring sadly, but the c.c kiss was 100% worth it. L.L <3
2020-08-29 05:18
NAF | 
India FosFate
i didnt watch the movie past first 8 mins cause it was in hall quality at that time... just tell me is it spinoff or sorta canon (cant be actually canon for me)
2020-08-29 22:08
The last film "Code Geass: Fukkatsu no Lelouch" continues after the end of the second season
2020-08-29 22:48
Turkey yasiN_
It's a straight continuation BUT it puts up a lot of questions and holes in the story. Seemed like they wanted to get the story out as soon as possible so it feels a bit rushy. Overall, satisfies the normal anime watcher but the way they put the story is bad.
2020-08-30 23:03
Finland heGUd
fucking ducks
2020-08-29 05:12
91 Days, Gungrave, Rainbow nisha, Code Geass, etc. (Seinen/drama all of them)
2020-08-29 05:15
As for stuff that has come out in the past few years: Vinland saga, Attack on Titan (because season 3 is on an entirely different level than the rest of it), Made in Abyss, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, Youjo Senki, 3-Gatsu no Lion, Re:Zero and Genocidal Organ (movie). Those are all seinen (mostly) that I rate above anything else to come out in recent times and if you want a shounen then Boku no Hero.
2020-08-29 05:28
Kimetsu no Yaiba is pretty good
2020-08-29 05:30
2020-08-29 05:51
6 Episodes in and I just got too bored to continue.
2020-08-29 05:57
HOOWWWW? It's so good
2020-08-29 06:02
Main character pisses me off too much.
2020-08-29 06:05
I faced pretty much the same at the beginning. suddenly it become more interesting with every episode i watched. I think charactes are well-realized after some time
2020-08-29 16:25
Normally I can get past annoying MCs at the beginning of animes, but his thought process and decision making was killing me too much.
2020-08-30 09:04
Man, trust me it's a relly good anime! Keep watching and you'll see
2020-08-29 16:52
2020-08-30 00:42
there is no good story without build up watch kaguya sama then
2020-08-29 16:44
Germany boerchi
the fuck i literally stopped after 6 episodes as well O.o
2020-08-30 23:55
x. x
2020-08-31 00:07
Russia Drain3r
Tokyo Ghoul
2020-08-29 05:52
Oh no....
2020-08-29 16:31
Only 1 & 2 seasons are good.
2020-08-30 00:27
actually only first season was OK. I read manga and i liked it way more than anime
2020-08-30 10:41
For real ? I liked the season 2, probably I should read manga to understand what you talking about. Now, season 3 for me sucks, the season 3 in manga become better at least or nah ?
2020-08-30 23:59
Man, you're missing out on some good shit. Season 2 plot is entirely different from the manga, and it makes the story much shorter and less though out. Season 3 is a trainwreck, they could have easily made it twice as long, but for some reason decided to cut out a shit ton, I didn't even bother watching past episode 2. If you're interested, I highly recomend reading the manga from the start, since even season 1 cuts out a bunch of details. I promise you it's worth it.
2020-08-31 00:39
Just to think. The aogiri kidnapped Kaneki, tortured him, he almost went mad. And then he joins them just because he feels power. I can't understand that
2020-08-31 08:29
Russia Jet1k
2020-08-30 22:34
Megalo Box
2020-08-29 05:54
2020-08-29 05:55
Recent: Vinland Saga. I just started Run with the Wind and it looks very promising so far. I've also heard that The Promised Neverland is good as well. Recommend: Steins;Gate, Haikyuu (This is my absolute favorite anime right now), AoT (obvious reasons), Food Wars (S3Pt2 and S4 are a little rough though), Oregairu, Ghost Stories (specifically the dub), FMA:B
2020-08-29 05:57
I binged food wars at the start but at season 3 i just got so bored cause it was just the same thing constantly
2020-08-29 21:23
Food Wars animation around S3 is what pissed me off more than the story. Pans and pans, felt like I was looking at a PowerPoint Presentation.
2020-08-29 21:59
Finland renge
Dorohedoro (fantasy, comedy, mystery, action) Kakushigoto (slice of life, comedy) Mob Psycho 100 (superpowers, action, comedy, drama) Sangatsu no Lion (slice of life, drama, shogi) Uchouten Kazoku (slice of life, drama, fantasy) Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan (comedy, school, superpowers)
2020-08-29 06:12
United States ekwi
+1 for saiki, it's funny and kinda slice of life-y and fun to watch while eating or something
2020-08-30 00:42
just dont watch anime, thank me later ;)
2020-08-29 06:15
2020-08-29 21:21
2020-08-29 22:47
a true visionary
2020-08-30 19:22
the people who watch it? yes
2020-08-30 19:22
no, the people who dislike anime
2020-08-30 21:24
2020-08-30 22:48
just dont watch one piece its the longest piece of shit out there unless you watch it with ur eyes closed, and im saying this assuming the plot is good, idk since im not gonna watch it, just seems to be since a lot of people say it is. but coming from an artist, the art style is objectively bad, art is subjective to some extent, meaning people like and go for different styles and ways to show and reflect what they want, but you can see what one piece was going for and they just failed, it sucks. the animation sucks too, faces are static when they try and make it dramatic, when characters are struggling they just look like they're cold and a lot of other shit that comes off as lazy.
2020-08-29 06:27
Portugal paladinpt
This comment is the most stupid and awfully wrong I've ever seen in my life PERIOD.
2020-08-29 16:20
2020-08-30 16:32
the art style makes it seem like the artist doesn't give a fuck lol
2020-08-29 16:26
The art style in one pieced has changed so much its literally been going for ages. Also the plot is amazingly good, it was by far the best world building out of all animes the enemies are so interesting the main characters are interesting there is tons of character development if you are looking for a anime to watch over a long period of time one piece is the best
2020-08-29 21:25
It’s the best story ever. So sad people don’t watch it cause of the art style of the length, they’re literally missing out on the greatest work to ever exist. Also your art will never even be as good as One Pieces lol Btw I find it funny when people give their opinion on something they haven’t seen
2020-08-29 23:31
i have seen the art style and animation, one of my closest friends is watching it rn, we discuss anime stuff from time to time and he showed me a bunch of clips and fights and shit, thats enough to see the art/animation is not even close to being as good as other animes
2020-08-30 01:06
anime is not only about the animation, the animation is not good because it's going on non-stop for 20 years lul, those 12/24 anime had like 2 years for making them.
2020-08-30 15:52
lengh is not a good excuse, if you still find the anime enjoyable despite its animation thats cool, im just saying, as an artist the things i see are exactly the things i do when im lazy and just wanna end what im doing quick, its rushed.
2020-08-30 16:00
well yeah it's rushed because the companies behind it don't want it to stop, because that would lose money. the manga is better though. now show me YOUR art and let's compare it to the authors.
2020-08-30 16:04
being able to judge art because i studied it doesnt necessarily make me good at it, my job isnt to animate a tv show unlike those guys, i did it to become an architect but here it is i guess, only paintings i got on me atm:
2020-08-30 16:27
objectively, one piece is the best manga ever. I don't like the anime, but as far as manga, it's the greatest thing we've seen. also the "art" you're talking about is objectively great, we call oda's style the P.L.C. should study more...
2020-08-30 22:44
calling it by fancy sounding snobby ass names doesnt make the art good, the worst part is the animation really, so the manga isnt as bad i guess but its still half decent at best art-wise and the reason is i dont think the artists even care as much as you seem to, im serious, it looks rushed, in art you learn about the canon of proportions, its basically rules you should follow to make your art correct, when you're making a cartoon, something that isnt supposed to be realistic but kinda resembles real life, you learn the right ways to break those rules in order to reflect exactly what you want, one piece looks like it just skipped that step and just went right to paper ans started drawing, it just doesnt look right and you're able to see that throughout the anime (example: ) luffy's face shows no emotion, he looks mentally disabled, they didnt bother making a transition from zoro's neck to chin, its just a flat face slapped in there and his ear on the left shouldnt even be showing or at least not fully, and thats some details wrong with just that one image. Just try art and see that when you're trying to just speedrun the shit out of a drawing you end up doing a lot of shit yo u see in one piece. sorry if this comes off as rude tho
2020-08-31 01:24
rain | 
Japan dayyum
monster, neon genesis evangelion, berserk
2020-08-29 06:39
Russia RogueDecay
what like in Monster the most?
2020-08-29 21:26
Finland renge
Johan monkaW also loved Grimmer
2020-08-29 21:27
yea a lot of intriguing characters in monster
2020-08-30 11:01
the story is one of a kind when it comes to anime.
2020-08-30 11:02
akame da kill \ goblin killer\ claymore\bersrerk\ippo\hunterxhunter
2020-08-29 16:15
Banana fish, 91 days
2020-08-29 16:29
Finland polly147
violet evergarden
2020-08-29 16:33
Overrated. Anime is carried by animation. Only 3 episodes are actually good.
2020-08-29 20:53
Finland renge
animation is pretty huge in a visual medium, well I've never seen the series though
2020-08-29 21:26
The animation and art is easily a 10/10. Closest to the VE art and animation beauty would be that of S3 AoT. The issue is that none of the characters are remotely interesting, including Violet herself since she is essentially a robot (she does get better though). Many episodes are boring, barring a couple of tear jerking episodes. The story is rather mediocre. The action scenes are shit. The pacing is all over the place. One moment it feels too slow but then next thing you know, it speeds up like cheetah, leaving you confused a lot of the time. Episode 12 is a pile of hot dog shit.
2020-08-29 21:52
Ah yea, last thing is the plot armor. Thick vest around Violet.
2020-08-29 21:58
+1. I stopped after 3 episodes. It's just not interesting. I'm not dropping it completely and one day will finish it... or maybe not.
2020-08-30 08:43
I do think you should finish it. While I do think it is overrated, I still rated it a 7/10. I also believe the first 5 episodes are anime original. There are 3-4 episodes that are REALLY good. I teared up with some scenes and the art and animation made those experiences much better. I also thought the ending was decent.
2020-08-30 08:55
Latvia HiImRenars
Spirited away is great
2020-08-29 16:33
dororo, darling in the franxx, tokyo ghoul 1,2 season, hellsing ultimate, neon genesis evangelion, charlotte
2020-08-29 16:42
TG... bleh
2020-08-29 22:11
3 and 4 season yeah but 1,2?
2020-08-30 09:33
Kaneki was a generic protegonist, but that's acceptable. What I absolutely hate is just.... What are Ghouls? How dod they come to exist? No answers at all considering the world building. As if "a bunch a characters make people like this show"
2020-08-30 10:09
bruh 2 was so boring. 1 is only good TG, good enough to get me into manga and complete it. 2 is just boring. 3 does quite a bit of stuff right, and 4 goes to huge shit. Manga is amazing. TG manga deserves the praise, TG anime doesn't.
2020-08-31 23:23
weathering with you
2020-08-29 20:57
Getting life is always an option, pathetic weebs, go hit the gym low testosterone kids
2020-08-29 21:08
+1 i can confirm this is correct
2020-08-29 21:08
Europe H1P_STER
+1 nice nickname
2020-08-29 21:15
thx men))
2020-08-29 23:12
i bet you don't ever watched anime
2020-08-30 09:34
2020-08-30 16:42
There is no need for any prejudice...
2020-08-30 00:24
Jonty you also watch anime ? What has this forum done to you.... I guess all the time when you were inactive you were watching anime.... Sad to see you go this path #BringBackOldJonty #JontyLivesMatter
2020-08-30 00:28
Why are you acting as if anime is a condemnation on other people? I enjoy anime like all those that enjoy anime; it's an interesting medium with a gorgeous artwork and interesting story. I haven't changed and I'm not going to act ignorant about the matter either... If you don't like anime then that is fine -- you don't have to. However there is no need to act like the ignorant people who assume anime is for children or "weebs", both are incorrect. There is no reason we cannot treat each other with respect.
2020-08-30 00:33
+1 jonty only mature person on this site
2020-08-30 00:39
Anime IS for children, it’s animated cartoons in a really cartoonish way. Why not watch real movies with actors instead ? You probably do but you still prefer to watch anime sometimes. I never understood those people, please grow up. Lost all respect I had for you since 2016
2020-08-30 00:40
Once again, you're assuming more than you inevitably understand and realise, choosing to side with general ignorance instead of the realisation you are incorrect. Typical prejudice. There are some cartoons and anime designed specifically for older audiences and demographics, you're just assuming it's childish when it couldn't be further from the truth. Now I will respect your opinion provided you treat it as such in the future. Have a good day.
2020-08-30 01:09
Actually I used to watch a lot of movies in the past and some years ago I switched to anime because nowadays there is barely few movies a year worth watching. Also I'm tired of the agenda literally being shoved into your face. Your opinion is understandable though. I myself always disliked anime before I finally watched few and realized that anime can be decent. P.S. Regarding #60, I like to work out and hit gym regularly, and even on rest days I still do calisthenics and isometric/static exercises.
2020-08-30 09:02
My boy you must've only watched Pokemon and YuGiOh if you think Anime is for children only. Watch Attack on Titan, Cowboy Bebop, or Monster, which are Rated R animes.
2020-08-30 09:11
yugioh is not for children how is a child supposed to understand all the things happening lol
2020-08-30 18:34
Some versions are PG while others are PG-13.
2020-08-30 18:37
2020-08-30 19:01
Europe H1P_STER
Getting life is always an option, pathetic weebs, go hit the gym low testosterone kids Stop watching anime, kid nolifer
2020-08-29 21:16
too lazy, no thanks
2020-08-30 00:20
Pokemon /END
2020-08-29 21:18
Astralis vs VP ELeague 2017
2020-08-29 21:19
Brazil ghcnvbkn
best anime GG
2020-08-30 16:36
sing yesterday to me / after the rain / steins;Gat,/ haikyuu / weathering with you / deadman wonderland / re:zero / the god of the high school
2020-08-29 21:20
Portugal jsousa941
deadman wonderland is a 2011 anime not recent btw
2020-08-29 22:06
Kaguya Sama is very funny
2020-08-29 21:21
Turkey MusTRelax
no it's so cringy af
2020-08-29 21:25
Initial D
2020-08-29 21:25
uzaki chan
2020-08-29 21:28
Great Pretender 2020. Anime of the Year in my opinion. Agretsuko s3 came out. Japan sinks 2020 (Meh anime) Kakushigoto Uzaki chan asobitai / rent a girlfriend (if you like slice of life Romcoms) deca dance pretty chill re:zero s2 God of highschool (The whole show is one big Tournament Arc) Nekopara DoroHedoro (amazing) Misfit at demon High kaguya sama love is war S2 ALL OF THESE RELEASED 2020
2020-08-29 21:30
Recent anime that are quite good: Dorohedoro, ID:Invaded, Kaguya-Sama, Vinland Saga, Yakusoku no Neverland, Eizouken ni wa to wo dasu na! (that one is not for everyone but I found it to be great)
2020-08-29 21:56
Canada sodai
violet evergarden
2020-08-29 21:56
2020-08-29 22:00
Canada sodai
oh :(
2020-08-29 22:01
It's the truth
2020-08-29 22:01
Canada sodai
well ur an official weeb so ill take your opinion over mine
2020-08-29 22:05
yes men)))
2020-08-29 22:05
Austria Padrophil
Just watch Hunter X Hunter (2011). Zhank me later
2020-08-29 21:57
+999 best anime ever
2020-08-30 00:28
boku no pico obviously
2020-08-29 21:57
Portugal jsousa941
God of highschool ,best anime of 2020 imo
2020-08-29 22:03
feels so fast paced imo kind of wastes its potential :( random episodes like the wedding one with the girl dont rly make sense either
2020-08-29 23:33
Portugal jsousa941
that arc was on manga too it was random, but the fast paced is need theres only 13 ep and they needed to adapt around 110 chapters
2020-08-30 18:32
ik but not even tower of god felt this fast :/
2020-08-30 18:39
Portugal jsousa941
they didnt adapted as many chapters as GOH cuz it wasnt needed
2020-08-30 18:43
Hunter X Hunter, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Death Note
2020-08-29 23:18
Black clower (naruto on minimal)
2020-08-29 23:22 check completed for good ones B)
2020-08-29 23:33
Watch Haikyuu and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood my guy.
2020-08-30 09:31
anime isnt fun enough anymore to watch these long ones
2020-08-30 09:47
Haikyuu is the most fun anime I've ever seen about Men's Volleyball. FMA:B is literally the highest rated anime in the world.
2020-08-30 17:21
anime isnt fun enough anymore to watch these long ones
2020-08-30 17:25
no mens)))
2020-08-30 17:28
Naruto Fairy Tail Hunter x Hunter Seitokai Yakuindomo Konosuba Elfen Lied Steins;Gate
2020-08-30 00:27
Can confirm fairy tail is amazing The prefights dont last ages so the story has faster pace than naruto and dbz Also character development is pretty good
2020-08-30 08:24
I don't know if recent but I'm currently watching: Another Blood-C The Demon Girl Next Door
2020-08-30 00:29
feel bad men)) no one mentioned Rainbow even if it is not new
2020-08-30 00:33
initial D, fuck the rest
2020-08-30 00:40
My Man ;)
2020-08-30 00:42
People only watch Initial D for the music not because it's a good anime...
2020-08-30 01:10
wtf? its a great anime
2020-08-30 18:33
Spain 1996
i liked it, takumi came off to me as a really cool character and my dad is just like bunta
2020-08-31 09:14
Europe Nomarosa
2020-08-30 00:40
naruto shippuden your lie in april
2020-08-30 00:41
RE:Zero, Kingdom, Dr.Stone, No guns no life, Joker game, Deca dance
2020-08-30 00:41
2020-08-30 00:42
Akagi 9/10 Baki 8.5/10 Bakuman 7.5/10 Berserk 9/10 Bleach 9/10 City Hunter 8/10 Claymore 9/10 Death Note 9.5/10 Eyeshield 21 8.5/10 Fairy Tail 8.5/10 Food Wars 8.5/10 Fullmetal Alchemist 9/10 Gantz 8/10 Gokusen 7.5/10 Golden Boy 9/10 GTO 9/10 Haikyuu 8/10 Hajime No Ippo 9/10 Hikaru No Go 9/10 Hunter x Hunter 9.5/10 Initial D 9.5/10 Kaiji 8.5/10 Kimetsu No Yaiba 8/10 Mob Psycho 100 8/10 Nana 8/10 Naruto 9/10 Naruto Shippuden 9/10 One Outs 8/10 One Piece 8.5/10 One Punch Man 8.5/10 Prince of Tennis 8/10 Ranma 1/2 8/10 Samurai Champloo 8/10 Shingeki no kyojin 9.5/10 Slum Dunk 9/10 Tenjou Tenge 8/10 Trigun 8/10 Young GTO 9/10 YuYu Hakusho 8.5/10
2020-08-30 00:43
Shingeki no kyojin 10/10 One Piece>>>>>>>>>>>>Naruto
2020-08-31 00:46
One Piece Overrated AF too Many Boring Episodes.
2020-08-31 01:22
ok ok
2020-09-01 02:07
God of High school
2020-08-30 00:45
United States Zysyphian
Fire Force Dr. Stone Vinland Saga
2020-08-30 00:47
None. Don't watch shitty garbage put out by communist government.
2020-08-30 08:26
Define "more recent"? This year, last year, last 5 years?
2020-08-30 08:29
Yu gi oh (the originals one) or Shaman king The rest is made for incels
2020-08-30 08:46
Watch the Toaru Universe A certain Specific Railgun, A Certain Specific Accelerator, A Certain Magical Index... You wont regret it, trust me I can tell you how the animes go chronologically, you will love it
2020-08-30 08:53
"Appare-Ranman!" one of the better ones thats come out this summer. It hasn't finished releasing yet, it's on Episode 9 but so far its pretty baller
2020-08-30 09:05
<2019 hltv thread about anime: lmao hahaha gtfo u fucking weeb 2020 hltv thread about anime: hey)) watch this, watch that, that one is a masterpiece)))) lgbt plague reached even hltv(((?
2020-08-30 09:19
That seemed to be the case, what happened? At least for me this is why
2020-08-30 09:51
Coronavirus changed us
2020-08-30 09:55
maybe people got less retarded?
2020-08-30 16:34
actually the other way around imagine being an adult person and watching animated japanese boobs
2020-08-30 16:35
forget it, I forgot you were here
2020-08-30 16:38
dont be msad((((((((((((((
2020-08-30 16:43
Imagine being an adult person with such a shallow and conceited mindset you judge people completely on what kind of entertainment they consume. And also generalize a whole media by saying it's just boobs. NICE ONE!
2020-08-30 23:00
imagine actually defending anime
2020-08-31 10:28
Imagine only having one argument without any substance behind it. Wow, you're pathetic.
2020-09-01 13:15
HxH, Hajime no ippo, GTO, Sao.
2020-08-30 09:34
Idk why no one has recommended black clover
2020-08-30 09:55
Brazil ghcnvbkn
because its bad
2020-08-30 16:37
Turkey yasiN_
I mean I'm watching it on a weekly basis, and the more I watched it the more bad and childish it looked to me.
2020-08-30 23:09
I've heard the beginning sucks ass. The mc is also annoying af.
2020-08-31 09:26
yeah in the beginning you just follow around the mc shouting about random shit for 20 minutes every episode
2020-08-31 13:49
great teacher onizuka
2020-08-30 11:01
2020-08-30 11:01
Turkey Hazarizma
darwin's game
2020-08-30 16:39
2020-08-30 16:40
one piss
2020-08-30 16:42
One piss?
2020-08-30 19:01
One piece sorry, anyways more recent anime if you like you could try rent a girlfriend
2020-08-30 22:30
2020-08-30 18:46
Death note, parasite, samurai champloo, tokyo ghoul season 1/2, jojo stardust crusaders are the best I watched If you know anything that come close lmk :)
2020-08-30 19:06
Code geass is pretty good
2020-08-30 22:39
Only anime worth watching is Archer :)
2020-08-30 22:33
Russia Jet1k
Legend of the Galactic Heroes 🧐
2020-08-30 22:35
Canada sad_face
Erased, Steins;Gate, Kakeguri
2020-08-30 22:40
how about dororo is it legit?
2020-08-30 22:42
Turkey yasiN_
Yes, loved it.
2020-08-30 23:08
sakura saitama maskueru
2020-08-30 22:44
u should read manga instead of watching anime a great manga that I'd recommend is one piece. The rest is easy pass
2020-08-30 22:45
2020-08-30 22:52
Hunter x Hunter (2011) and Code Geass
2020-08-30 22:53
Turkey yasiN_
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar, people already put a lot on here but this is a bit unknown, great Story and a really fresh kick next to all the other Isekais.
2020-08-30 23:05
Anohana 7/10 Erased 8/10 Your lie in April 8,5/10 March comes like a lion 1st season 7/10 2nd 9/10 Charlotte 7/10 Devilman: crybaby 8/10 Violet Evergarden 7/10 Really good more recent animes
2020-08-30 23:19
Dragon Ball Z
2020-08-31 00:11
Dragon Ball Z
2020-08-31 00:11
Argentina Eudorm
Dimension W, Grancrest Senki, Clockwork Planet, Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari, katanagatari, Kuroko no basket (is you like sports)
2020-08-31 00:22
shingeki no kyojin
2020-08-31 00:44
Sweden Zeepter
Kengan ashura Baki One punch man Castlevania
2020-08-31 01:45
Food wars but not the newest seaSON!!
2020-08-31 08:23
Death note is el classico
2020-08-31 08:37
Look at this cesspool. Weebs everywhere
2020-08-31 08:49
s1mple fanboy KEKW
2020-08-31 11:07
IMO, these are ok to start with: Devilman crybaby Parasite Hunter x Hunter
2020-08-31 08:55
anime is a cancer of humanity
2020-08-31 08:56
2020-08-31 08:58
Slamdunk Gintama Hunter x Hunter Naruto Kimetsu no yaiba Shokugeki no souma Fairy tail Kuroko no basket Blend S How not to summon a demon lord That time i got reincarnated as a slime K-On Inuyasha Kekkaishi No Game No Life
2020-08-31 09:12
2020-08-31 09:19
That time i got reincarnated as a slime
2020-08-31 09:23
Yesterday wo utatte
2020-08-31 09:23
Portugal astacp
not new but a must watch if you didnt already: Hajime no Ippo Hunter x Hunter. also you said you refuse to watch naruto, why you even want to watch anime if you dont want to watch one of the best?
2020-08-31 11:12
mushi-shi season 2
2020-08-31 14:57
one piece
2020-08-31 23:02
kabaneri of the iron fortress
2020-09-01 02:09
Nanatsu no Taizai/7 Deadly Sins, but the 3rd season animation is shit
2020-09-01 13:19
India Dracaryus
My Recommendation rank wise: Naruto One Punch Man One Piece Death Note Dragon ball series Full Metal Alchemists Black Clover Hunter x Hunter My Hero Academia 7 Deadly sins Overlord --------------------------------------- 18+ High school dxd Testament of sister new devil Scums wish kiss x sis Sword Art Online thats all probably i am tired now..
2020-09-01 14:55
Wisla Krakow
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