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Mibr Fer recent performances
felps | 
Brazil FelpsOnFire 
For a long time fer attitude has bothered me. Even tho a believe that kind a behavior results in him being relaxed and having good relation with teammates it is really bad for his image and mibr's. I usually didn't think he was a problem to the team bc he is a good player and has great qualities in game, but that has changed. Fer performance has declined a lot since the big break mibr took. His positioning is worst, his aiming is worst, overall he declined. if this bad performance continues he might be one of the listed to leave the squad. I think he is down there with taco rn... ofc that might change what are you guys thoughts on fer?
2020-08-29 18:20
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Lithuania Edze
2020-08-29 18:22
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Argentina xpl0d3
You have 3 players who still can compete at the highest level ( FalleN kng TACO ) they have to make 2 big changes and they will be okey, I would like to see Karrigan and F0rest playing with this trio
2020-08-29 18:28
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Lithuania Edze
FalleN is good, kng is mehh, but taco, no, never
2020-08-29 18:38
Fallen could be an OK awper, but I don’t think his ego would let go of IGL. So he is doomed
2020-08-29 18:40
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I think he could be a pretty good allu-like awper if he gives up igl role
2020-09-01 00:32
>taco >highest level pick one lol
2020-08-29 18:53
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Brazil setsz
2020-08-31 16:04
lol what imagine thinking trk is worse than Botaco
2020-08-29 18:59
Argentina Vyk0z
Te descansas solo amigo JAJAJJA!
2020-08-29 20:47
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Argentina xpl0d3
Signed up 2018-05-10
2020-08-30 02:22
you gave it away in the end bro
2020-08-31 19:16
why dude kng and fallen are very good. I like the addition of trk! taco is good but I don't think he is the right fit for mibr. Fer can still recuperate his good lv but lets way and see
2020-08-29 18:49
Everything started with the minecraft face. Fer normal >>>>>>> Fer minecraft.
2020-08-29 18:25
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Norway verydenkmem
2020-08-29 18:28
arT | 
Brazil logzera
2020-08-30 23:23
Next player to go to Valorant
2020-08-29 18:26
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nah he is not that type of guy
2020-08-29 18:50
ropz | 
Europe Avalox
not only Fer's performance, but the role team's performance. they're in a descent since 2018 and are showing no sign of recovery.
2020-08-29 18:27
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true, but for me the most surprising deep was fer. Fallen is still good. I really like kng but sometimes he just tuns on alu mode and is very inconsistent.
2020-08-29 18:52
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2020-08-31 04:00
Japan gachinko
Fallen is still good as player, as igl he is terrible and the main reason why mibr is so bad
2020-09-01 00:36
fer is good, but is in the wrong profession LUL
2020-08-29 18:30
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what would be the best profession for him? lol
2020-08-29 18:53
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I think that film critic maybe, does nothing useful and has a gigantic arrogance
2020-08-31 05:49
FER played better when he couldnt hear anything. Now they fixed his ear and he sucks dick because no more silver pushes.
2020-08-29 18:32
Brazil drydden
Disband, they clearly can't compete anymore
2020-08-29 18:33
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they current performance is sad but I still have hope
2020-08-29 18:54
fer is a normal player. at prime 8/10.. but he's stupid af, every stream he talks a lot of shits. today he was xenophobic, but nobody cares, people laugh
2020-08-29 18:34
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When he was xenophobic?
2020-08-29 19:15
United Kingdom IJackSI
Who would you suggest replace fer should he be removed? Besides the furia player there doesn't seem to be a talent currently that would be enough to turn the team around,
2020-08-29 18:37
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true and doesnt exist, they had felps but decided not to adapt the team to him just cuz he had the same playstyle like fer
2020-08-29 18:42
Brazil drydden
They could try boltz since they sold felps to BOOM but without changing the igl it won't matter
2020-08-29 19:00
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United Kingdom IJackSI
They already tried boltz; he was good enough when he replaced felps but wasn't and won't be the kind of player they need now. They need another star at the very least and that just doesn't seem available at the moment.
2020-08-29 19:36
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they need clutch power, a guy that solve things, they only have Fallen now since Fer is bad. kng, taco cant do shit on clutch, they are too previsible, trk is kinda ok.
2020-08-31 04:03
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United Kingdom IJackSI
Well with Fallen sometimes I think he just does too much. He's their IGL, largely their primary awper (and in my opinion the better of the two) and he's their best clutch player, and on top of that he is or at least has been the face of the scene for brazil and a very large community. I kinda liked a little while back when taco was making some calls, and I think that if he took over as IGL it would make his presence in the team a bit more understandable, but I don't know if Fallen can let go of his ego enough to let that happen. That's not me trying to say anything bad about him, he was a huge influence for me personally, but it just seems like he has in the past done a lot and he still wants to now, whether successfully or not.
2020-08-31 13:24
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Taco would not want to be igl, its not his type, the only guy with leader mentality besides fallen is kng, but i dont think would change too much the game. They need a coach and analists to help the team.
2020-08-31 13:49
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United Kingdom IJackSI
I mean even when zews left at the end of 2016 they still managed with dead as coach, and I'm not sure about what analysts they have at the moment but I know they have a sports psychologist which should help with the mental side, but since his introduction I haven't really seen any improvement in the atmosphere. Their choice of not trying to make a "family" environment probably doesn't help their synergy and could be the cause of these internal issues.
2020-08-31 15:43
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Dead say they are looking for analists, they need it badly, a guy that watch demos 24/7 and just give the team everything thats important about the opponent, so they can work with it. I would say they need it more than a coach. Also they have a problem with countering awpers, every average awper becomes a zywoo playing vs them, they need to work on it.
2020-08-31 16:13
Pakistan LoOuU2
Fer would like be the 2nd last player to be removed from the lineup if they actually think about getting other players . He`s too loyal to Fallen. The only solution for MIBR is to change their mentality and fundamentals i.e change their leadership.
2020-08-29 18:43
kng is somehow a good 2nd awper; fer is washed up paycheck stealer; TACO is not a tier1 player, sorry, yes he is quite good on getting info and a hell of a player on inferno but that's just it. trk was good when mibr first tried to get him but right now i don't think he's that good. I can believe in a lineup with fallen, watching the lasts games i think he is at least trying. But the best players are on teams that won't release them (furia/boom roster and coldzera). :(
2020-08-29 18:58
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i think the problem with trk and kng is consistency,fer is being trash,fallen is playing decent games,taco is a decent support but can't aim,to me the only decent player available is dumau.
2020-08-30 23:28
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I believe kng can get some consistency and trk aswell but fer has been thrash for too much time, TACO too. They proved that they can't compete on tier1 anymore but we can't conclude that with kng and trk.
2020-08-31 05:32
Brazil brend0n
He's just a bad person. Racist, xenophobic, arrogant, etc... Things like that made me lose all my sympathy for MIBR. Sad that he is only being criticized now with performance issues.
2020-08-29 19:06
asteroids reverse effect
2020-08-29 19:16
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Brazil wesmonster
+1 Maybe that's just the effect of GH on his body.
2020-08-30 23:26
1 reply
on his mind* because his body is great, no homo bruh
2020-08-31 00:57
So basically a rocket?
2020-09-01 00:27
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+1 kkkkkkkk fuc i lost kkkkkkkkk
2020-09-01 07:07
Just keep fallen as igl and taco as bitch get 3 young kids and let them become top 20 players and let fallen msl awp
2020-08-29 20:00
3 replies
That'd be a good idea if Furia was in a selling mood.
2020-08-30 04:26
2 replies
No add 3 players who no one knows from Brazil who have nuts raw skill and let fallen mentor them ez way to become relevant again. Maybe keep trk and only add 2 because he can be good in the right system
2020-08-30 04:53
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if mibr disband, Fallen could go to Boom on place of yel. would be a major update for them.
2020-08-31 03:56
i mean mibr still didn't kick taco after this time,so i doubt they will kick fer
2020-08-30 23:23
arT | 
Brazil eumesmo
fer with the mouth shut is a poet.
2020-08-31 03:54
Brazil Z1DAN
-fer +felps -TACO +steel -dead +peacemaker
2020-08-31 04:12
4 replies
-felps would be good but I don't think It would happen
2020-08-31 16:06
-dead what? he is not a coach dude his is they're Menger
2020-08-31 16:07
2 replies
Brazil Z1DAN
atm he is both
2020-08-31 20:41
1 reply
he is they're coach bc they don't have one
2020-09-01 00:21
2020-08-31 06:13
1 reply
2020-08-31 16:06
"For a long time fer attitude has bothered me" are you married with him? jesus christ hltv users are so cringe...
2020-08-31 13:26
5 replies
I have the right to express my opinion and concerns towards people and beings
2020-08-31 16:05
4 replies
whatever, still fkin cringe
2020-08-31 19:14
3 replies
Not for me but ok
2020-09-01 00:21
lol, gonna cry bc your little sunshine boi fer is fragging like a girlie? :)
2020-09-01 00:24
1 reply
dafuq? go back to school and (re)learn how to read
2020-09-01 13:17
Just end brazil suffering by disband mibr just let furia represent the whole brazil csgo community
2020-08-31 16:11
I think fer is way below TACO rn. Taco does a lot of shitty positions and stuff but fer has the fragging role and still if performing poorly.
2020-08-31 16:20
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2020-09-01 00:22
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