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Rate my drawing
Belgium NinjaStyle16 
My longest and hardest work , rate from 1 to 10 mens)))
2020-08-30 02:23
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What did you use to draw that and how much time did it take tho
2020-08-30 02:25
I don't even know how much hours I spent on this , probably more than 50. used pencils for this.
2020-08-30 02:26
10/10 perfect
2020-08-30 02:29
Thanks man , appreciate it.
2020-08-30 02:27
Poland Hanse
not even a penis in paint, 6/8
2020-08-30 02:28
Wait what ? You like penises ? xD
2020-08-30 02:41
Ukraine ReanuKeeves
Great illustration. Do u have more to show?
2020-08-30 02:28
Yes , I have lots of works can show you few more but last one wasn't finished but I kinda like it cause its my fav game :D
2020-08-30 02:33
main picture is nice, 1st from this list is huge as well, Didnt like the iron men tho, CS pic is good. You have a great skill my mens)) keep on doing it. you have great potential! 8/10
2020-08-30 02:57
Thanks , I will try my best to devellop it even further. I think I have not reached my final form yet...
2020-08-30 03:04
The texture detailing and shadowing of skin at the 1st pic is great, If I may suggest you one thing to improve tho try to focus more on shadows in hair as big areas playing with highlights rather than single strands of hair, it will add more air and that natural look to them as you can see at the original photo they are messier and not as even. But yeah really nice work, you're talented.
2020-08-30 04:22
Thank you =)
2020-08-30 13:40
damn, the details on the skin are so good
2020-08-30 13:49
very impressive if thats made by u mate
2020-08-30 02:29
yeah you don't have to believe me , it's me doing this shit for 4years now :D I mean overall time when I started practicing. Thanks
2020-08-30 02:30
8/10, arnolds right arm looks a bit wonky and if you look at the bottom in the middle the drawing gets a bit blurry. Other than that its really good and with a few more practice you'll be hitting the 10/10 rating
2020-08-30 02:30
Yeah there is few mistakes here and there , appreciate the honest criticism.
2020-08-30 15:52
You actually made this? You are truly talented and I'll rate that a solid 10/10
2020-08-30 02:31
Thank you man ! Appreciate the kind words ;)
2020-08-30 02:34
Belgium lil_vodka
8/8 if u did this fo real fam
2020-08-30 02:34
That's the most intense stuff I ever done I think , really pushed my limits to max. xD Thanks
2020-08-30 02:36
very nice, I like it. keep doing what u love brotha
2020-08-30 02:37
Thanks brada from anada mada )
2020-08-30 02:39
10/10 nice job
2020-08-30 02:41
2020-08-30 02:47
10/10 Amazing pencils only draw I wish i could draw like that i would most probably be a mangaka. I got so many ideas for manga story wise but i suck so hard with drawing
2020-08-30 02:42
Thanks man
2020-08-30 02:42
If you keep up with hard work , eventually you will succeed. Results don't come fast but it's worth when you finally get there. I used to draw manga too :D I have drawing of Kira from Death Note.
2020-08-30 02:45
Man, i tried before and i cant do it. I dont know why ... seriously in order to make something like what you do is near to impossible for me. I dont know why but it is. You do great stuff with just pencil ! Sick EDIT : Also Death note one of my favorites. Gj
2020-08-30 03:57
Maybe you have different talent , you should figure out what it is. Good luck with that m8.
2020-08-30 13:39
10/10 the reflection, realism holy
2020-08-30 02:42
Thank you :)
2020-08-30 02:46
10 from my standards lol
2020-08-30 02:47
Much appreciated.
2020-08-30 02:53
No way man :O
2020-08-30 02:47
When there is will , there is always a way :P
2020-08-30 02:52
Maybe u could do South Park characters when u get some free time? That would be so cool and they are a lot easier to draw (:
2020-08-30 03:07
tbh I am not so much into South Park and cartoons , atm I am working from real photography of people or animals.
2020-08-30 03:15
Ok sorry.
2020-08-30 03:17
NiKo | 
Finland Eestu
This looks so cool! I really like your style as well, keep up the good work!
2020-08-30 02:53
I don't always work in this style , for this one I just wanted to know how far I can go into realism. Thank you !
2020-08-30 02:55
NiKo | 
Finland Eestu
Well you did a great job anyway! Proud of you king))
2020-08-30 02:57
King is the Lord who gave me those abilities. All glory to Him.
2020-08-30 03:01
Romania Anonym20
wow you are soo good man 10/10
2020-08-30 02:57
I really do not like the art style but that is not the fault of your painting, 7.5/10.
2020-08-30 02:58
U Don't like realistic art ? Thank you for the note though.
2020-08-30 03:00
I honestly really do not. Even paintings made by some of the best realistic artist of all time have little effect on me. The thing is that I simply do not find that type of art that creative. I can obviously still appreciate the talent and skill these painters have. I want something innovate with a depth to it and these two thing are lacking in realistic painting imo. Now to clarify this is only my opinion and I know for a fact that a lot of people really appreciate the more realistic art style, I just do not. Keep on going however and you will get even better but I still think you are quite skilled already.
2020-08-30 03:08
I understand what you mean , you like art that is innovative and creative , something out of the box and not just a copy of a photography. I agree , but I don't always just copy , I only wanted to see how patient I would be and test my ability to create a realistic piece of art. Not everyone is talented with this creative mind unfortunately :/ I don't know how to create something unique and original , I only have skill to draw what I see , maybe I will improve it in the future.
2020-08-30 03:13
I did not mean to judge you or any other artists doing realism. Like you said I just prefer art that is innovative and creative or more on the abstract side, it is just my preference. It is also what I try to paint. Having the skill to be able to do both is great! I know that I do not have that. My realism is terrible, way worse than yours. Yeah not everyone is a creative person but that is fine. There are surely a ton of creative artists that still paints realisticly because they prefer that style. It would be really boring if everyone painted the same way anyways.
2020-08-30 03:19
To be honest , when I ask for a rating , I am open to any criticism good or bad. And it's perfectly fine if someone have different tastes or styles , that's what makes us unique. I did create actually few abstract drawings like doodles you know , it was fun , but definitely not my thing (:
2020-08-30 03:24
Yeah of course, you have to be open for fair criticism to be able to improve but I thought the painting itself was pretty good, so I do not have that much to critique haha. It is important to try out different styles in art to see what fits you. I landed on my own take on expressionism. What type of style is your preferred one?
2020-08-30 03:29
I think I am aiming toward hyper realism , but I like realistic portraits and drawings.
2020-08-30 13:38
Okay cool that you found the style that fits you. Just keep on working hard and who knows maybe we both have paintings in museums one day. You have to aim high, if you want to reach it :)
2020-08-30 14:43
I will say: Oh you must be NinjaStyle16, great to meet you! Then we will take a toast for our success haha.
2020-08-30 14:44
Haha I am curious to see your works btw , do you have some to share here ?
2020-08-30 15:18
I am a bit shy about sharing my art to strangers. I prefer just showing them in galleries, so I can be there and explain my thought process etc. A lot of my friends have not even seen most of my work, so I am a bit too shy to show it to a stranger atm, sorry. Just picture expressionism with bright colours and raw emotions.
2020-08-30 15:34
Australia SUNSPY
Great discussion haha.. I envy anyone with talents like so many of you have, art is literally impossible for me, math ? easy mode Child musical prodigies come to mind.. you definitely have a career in this if you want it.. good to see not resting on coattails and work is just a thing you do.. too many lazy people dont even want to think about things; pls run world for me and dont be greedy also because i dont care but, what about me ! Generally in life you get back in proportion to what you put in, cant help shit luck sometimes but if you put in effort you get out rewards, more you give less you need to take
2020-08-30 15:28
We all have our things that we are good at and worse at. Math is a good thing to be good at though, since it leads to many prosperous work opportunities. If you want something you really have to work hard towards it for sure. Being lazy is only a option if you are a particular kind of genius and the vast majority of us are not. As long as you are happy and healthy, working at something you enjoy should be a pleasure and not a pain. My greatest advice to someone is really that you should try to find something that pays the bills that you also enjoy. Since 8+ hours a day, five days a week is a good chunk of your time and time is a awful thing to waste.
2020-08-30 15:42
When I only started I sucked hard at this , I've had to work very hard and even now it's always a struggle to make anything worth like this one. It's shit tons of work man , but if you are consistent enough it will always pay off. So go for what you want and remember that hard work always beat talent if talent is lazy.
2020-08-30 15:45
cam | 
United States girls
now do it in sketchtoy
2020-08-30 03:01
actually impressive 10/10
2020-08-30 03:11
Thank you )
2020-08-30 03:19
North America pkheat
7.5/10 It reminds me of Me and the Devil Blues. both this and the manga i mentioned are great, you should try giving it a read.
2020-08-30 03:11
great man. you have talent. now draw some csgo players and tag em on twitter. make yourself famous
2020-08-30 03:13
Who is your favourite player in the scene ? Thanks for the good words man.
2020-08-30 03:16
you can start by drawing your fellow countrymen csgo players.
2020-08-30 03:31
I will maybe create s1mple art or ropz. I don't particularly like belgian players.
2020-08-30 13:41
nice man +#12 10/10 you are a beast
2020-08-30 03:23
Thank !
2020-08-30 13:52
Germany Gugsch
Very nice 9,5/10
2020-08-30 03:29
Thank you mens)
2020-08-30 15:13
2020-08-30 03:40
Netherlands staticNL
2020-08-30 04:23
looks sick dude 8/8
2020-08-30 13:47
Thank you
2020-08-30 15:12
Czech Republic forseti12
damn that's awesome 10/10
2020-08-30 13:48
appreciated my friend
2020-08-30 13:51
Looks awesome dude great work with shadows 9,5
2020-08-30 13:49
Thanks !
2020-08-30 13:51
2020-08-30 14:20
Portugal xxxruixxx
Respect. I have 0 drawing skills. Double respect from me because of that.
2020-08-30 14:23
Respect accepted , thank you :D
2020-08-30 15:12
Was expecting a shitty bait or a crappy drawing. This is actually really good, 9/10.
2020-08-30 14:23
haha you are so used to baits here that when someone posts something serious you are like wtf
2020-08-30 15:12
Europe MaHoTei
2020-08-30 14:45
Thank you
2020-08-30 15:13
Very nice bro B) I never draw and paint etc but I appreciate people who can, they're gifted in my eyes!
2020-08-30 14:45
I appreciate that !
2020-08-30 15:11
that is fucking awesome sir! 9.5 out of 10
2020-08-30 14:48
Thanks man
2020-08-30 15:09
10/10 <3
2020-08-30 14:48
Thanks ))
2020-08-30 15:08
Palestine Baitor69
very good 16/8 😎👍
2020-08-30 14:49
Ty !
2020-08-30 15:13
Canada cLutcheR7
good drawing NGL but can u draw a realistic penis? I mean its easy to draw those but i want really realistic as ur drawing
2020-08-30 14:53
yes I can , but why ? I prefer vagenas
2020-08-30 15:08
Canada cLutcheR7
ok do it then send it to me
2020-08-30 15:08
Maybe some other time )
2020-08-30 15:08
Europe jigglepeek
2020-08-30 15:13
9.5/10 everything is so perfect, but the face is a bit weaker
2020-08-30 15:14
Agree, the face was a real pain in the ass. It's not perfect but it's good ! Thank you sir.
2020-08-30 15:15
Slovakia VladO.
wow, its beautiful, 10/10 men)
2020-08-30 15:15
Thanks mens)
2020-08-30 15:18
Serbia bakedcs
You're insane dawg
2020-08-30 15:22
Thanks man !
2020-08-30 15:51
Australia SUNSPY
boolshit. /10 ??? if legit ,wanna make some sticker ideas i had ? you can take 50% and if you make a good case after we talk under NDA, even 75% i just want to see the series i have in mind made by someone good, especially if you like memes n puns n tactical cs AMAZING work bro, 11/10 or 8/8 either way, hot thread lol.. i have always been incompatible with art :( i am very compatible with computer tho so crypto is ez its already gg i won the game basically after finally going into it for about 2yrs
2020-08-30 15:22
Thank you !
2020-08-30 15:48
holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2020-08-30 15:23
jdm64 | 
United States ekwi
10/10 this was very cool how did you learn/progress to being able to draw like that? I would be happy to be able to draw about a tenth that skillfully
2020-08-30 15:24
Thank you ! I started with anime stuff in school but it was very terrible , then little by little as time passed I got better and better. I think nothing unusual about it , every learning curve is similar , you try , you fail , you try again and you study from the best. You challenge yourself more and more , it's just a skill that everyone can master if they put their time to service of art.
2020-08-30 15:47
Australia SUNSPY
agreed mate i would have been so happy to be able to draw and would have made hundreds of items for TF2 and csgo :) am fascinated with how our minds work (its pattern matching) and the fact that i cant draw kinda makes sense when i think about.. how i think
2020-08-30 15:49
8 u good
2020-08-30 15:59
cool flag mens)
2020-08-30 16:08
Lmao your name.
2020-08-30 16:20
just casually posting cuz i need to make a thread.
2020-08-30 17:32
2020-09-01 14:15
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