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GTX 2080Ti = SCAM
Europe Heavon ROFL the amount of people trying to scam the users by selling their shitty used 2080Ti's for that price the last few minutes.
2020-09-01 21:32
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gotta ditch that shit before rtx3k and RDNA2 destroys their asses
2020-09-01 21:36
Dude I can't wait. I'm just waiting to see AMD cards and some reviews then ASAP build a super pc.
2020-09-01 21:37
Wtf does that even mean? You make it sound like selling for your upgrade is some apocalyptic event...
2020-09-01 22:37
Iceland fatboislim
you do realize the price drop the 2080 gets in just few days? from 1000-1200$ to 300-500$ just because of the launch of 3080.
2020-09-01 23:12 imagine buying 2080ti like a month ago lmao
2020-09-01 21:37
I BUY 2060 super 4 months agoLUU
2020-09-01 21:39
I feel you ://
2020-09-01 22:08
i'm waiting for gen 4 ryzen and rtx 3000 series :p
2020-09-01 23:09
1 month ago? There's people who are walking to their electronic market to buy one today. Sadge
2020-09-01 21:40
Netherlands staticNL
bought 2070s 3 months ago :(
2020-09-01 21:42
If there's anything I've learned selling stuff online is..that there really are people out there that buys everything.. Put it out ASAP!
2020-09-01 21:49
Netherlands staticNL
you reckon? i see people selling it for close to 500euros, which is insane to me.
2020-09-01 22:06
Oh yes, just put it out right now with that prize tag and wait 2 days if no offers go a bit lower.
2020-09-01 22:21
Netherlands staticNL
Just sold it for 350. Fuck it. Ill work off the loss
2020-09-01 22:36
India markOreo
Lol, what will you do in the mean time
2020-09-01 22:41
A good off-time from the PC before nerding hard in winter isn't a bad idea.
2020-09-01 22:54
Wait, did u just put it out and sell it so fast?
2020-09-01 22:53
Netherlands staticNL
2020-09-01 23:15
But why didn't u try higher price first?..
2020-09-01 23:16
Netherlands staticNL
I actually told the guy that I've changed my mind.
2020-09-01 23:36
Netherlands wesbvb
Lmao, that heavon guy just made you change your mind twice. are you religious?
2020-09-01 23:39
Netherlands staticNL
No. i already told him before. I was looking into it and if I were to sell it at a 250euro loss and buy a 3080, I wouldve possibly spent 500 euros more than I initially wanted to pay for a gpu. Im happy with the card I have, so Ive decided to just keep it for now. Not putting it up for sale
2020-09-01 23:41
Just be honest and tell him to way a day or two to see if you get offers with a higher price.
2020-09-01 23:39
Netherlands staticNL
Thanks for the advice, but I've decided to not sell it. I'll just ride it out until I think its lacking in performance.
2020-09-01 23:41
Aight cool!
2020-09-01 23:41
"relative performance" xD people are overhyping this shit...
2020-09-01 23:22
Yeap. Wait for reviews as it could be some new shit technology again faking results on games that look so shit that you cant tell a difference between 1080p and 4k.
2020-09-02 00:24
Netherlands ___Snowy___
2080TI users are punching the air real hard today
2020-09-01 21:40
What happened? I have 2080TI since January 2019
2020-09-01 22:36
my cousin bought a brand new MSI trio 2080Ti for £1200 this year. F's in chat
2020-09-01 22:55
GTX 2080Ti? there is no such GPU
2020-09-01 22:07
well bought 2080ti on release date so still got 2 years out of it as the fastest card.. but still surprised about the pricepoint of the 30 series :o Have to wait for the actual benchmarks to see how to price it for second hand market, but seems hard to go anywhere near 3070 price.
2020-09-01 22:12
United States Gonginator
OP obviously meant "RTX" ; they attached a link with RTX in the image. :P
2020-09-01 23:28
CYKA blat İt is expensive
2020-09-01 22:08
Its not scam tho. if i sell u a snickers for 100€ and you are stupid enough to accept its not my problem tbh
2020-09-01 22:14
Brazil PaPum
Imagine paying 5,000 for an RTX 2080 with a salary of 1200? Don't complain
2020-09-01 22:19
5000 bananas?
2020-09-01 23:53
Brazil PaPum
yes, better known in russia as 5000 pedophiles who make films with their daughters to sell on the black market
2020-09-02 13:09
pls post screenshot with real currency instead of vikinger tokens
2020-09-01 22:23
Just convert it dude.. It's Norwegian kroners.
2020-09-01 22:25
I don't think I will
2020-09-01 22:35
I bought a 2080 super a little over a year ago feels bad
2020-09-01 22:36
over a year ago is not feels bad
2020-09-01 22:59
I bought mine when it came out as well, not regretting it since it's gonna last a few more years
2020-09-01 23:04
yeah that's true, I guess I can wait a year or two and then buy a 4000/5000 series gpu and maybe the price for performance will be even greater
2020-09-01 23:11
I try and upgrade every 4-5 years, so by then my card should equal XX60 and I'll buy whatever high end is newly released
2020-09-02 12:15
United Kingdom 230IQUSER
My friend bought an rtx 2070 a week ago and I told him to wait but he say no lol
2020-09-01 23:01
Because not everyone cares about PlAyIngOnULTrAAA. There's almost no difference between LOW and ULTRA in 2020 anyway.
2020-09-01 23:54
United Kingdom 230IQUSER
rtx 3070 is literally rtx 2080 ti performance no? you might as well wait a month or 2 to get the most out of your money.
2020-09-02 01:54
Basicly all the generations after 980ti or 1080 ti are scam af ... they try to make u pay almost every year for a shit GPU/ witch is barelly 5-10% better than 1080 ti .... With 1080 ti all games are runing perfect...
2020-09-01 23:01
the 3090 was actually a huge increase compared to the 2080 ti, but for previous generations ur right
2020-09-01 23:12
who give a shit ? u dont need 400 fpx if u have 240 allready xDDDDDDDD
2020-09-01 23:21
some people play games at more than 1080p you know that right?
2020-09-01 23:27
Another waste of money.... new games are shit ... just play cs go 4ever and league of retards
2020-09-01 23:30
waste of money for people who can't afford it which is why you're salty af
2020-09-01 23:37
xDDDDDD u never played any 4k game kid ... lets be honest here xD
2020-09-02 00:04
do you even englando?
2020-09-02 00:22
Iceland fatboislim
its 60-80% faster than 2080
2020-09-01 23:18
United Kingdom trtr098
1080Ti = no RT, no DLSS, no integer scaling, no optimization, no AI shit they just showed I think they are trying so hard to kill it by not giving it the new features. 1080Ti is still good for raster in old games but NVidia will pay developers to gimp 1080Ti performance in new titles
2020-09-01 23:31
It’s not a scam at all they’re still getting a rlly solid gpu
2020-09-01 23:13
So the 3080 allegedly performs 2x better than the 2080.. that would translate in like 50-80% more fps in games if we compare it to the 2x leap from 980 to 2070s
2020-09-01 23:25
United Kingdom trtr098
Do I have 200 IQ for selling my 1080Ti for $450 one month ago?
2020-09-01 23:26
269 actually you smart bastard
2020-09-01 23:38
I think so, yea.
2020-09-01 23:40
translate to real money pls
2020-09-01 23:30
750-800 usd :)
2020-09-01 23:42
2020-09-01 23:43
uk economy >>>>> GARBAGE > USA ECONOMY KEKW
2020-09-02 00:04
Sold my 1080ti FE for 5500 NOK 1 month ago LUL , I bet he is pretty mad today.
2020-09-01 23:41
Oof bro you should feel bad about yourself for some minutes atleast.
2020-09-01 23:56
Well.. I don't feel bad for myself. I thought the 3070 etc would start at 1000$ Thats why I put it out for 600$
2020-09-02 13:13
5500 Ni♿♿ers of Kenya?
2020-09-01 23:57
Niers of Kenya??
2020-09-02 00:27
lol i already have rtx 4090TI greetings from 2021 you morons
2020-09-01 23:42
How did u survive WW3 tho`?
2020-09-01 23:56
He won it this time.
2020-09-01 23:57
2020-09-01 23:57
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