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he got scammed on stream lol
2020-09-04 06:34
Should of had family mode on rip
2020-09-04 07:18
bruh bruh bruh
2020-09-04 06:39
"with almost 260 kills" lmfao
2020-09-04 06:42
I also read 260 kills and then realized there's a "k" in front of it xD
2020-09-04 06:45
oh shit didn't notice lol. then it makes more sense :D
2020-09-04 06:47
Belgium ibuprofenia
Big milestone for es3tag dont bully
2020-09-04 06:52
how do they trade the skins tho, he just gave them the login code. can u actually use that to take over the mobile authentication?
2020-09-04 06:54
i'm pretty sure they can't unless they're randomly insane at hacking or something. i also don't know how he went to the fake website, unless he clicked a link from someone else, which is stupid
2020-09-04 07:09
Germany DieS0nne
what if threadmaker just scammed all of us since we all clicked his link
2020-09-04 07:24
+1 not pressing any links on hltv forums. I don't mind getting scammed or hacked. But getting scammed or hacked by a hltv pleb is not okay.
2020-09-04 07:39
it's a shitty clickbait-y journalistic site, I kept getting headlines on my mobile's chrome browser but blocked it because it's just plain awful.
2020-09-04 10:50
hltv does not require user to register their steam account to your hltv account so chill no one can scam you thru hltv without you being stupid enuf to login which i think is rare
2020-09-05 05:12
Ive never linked my steam to hltv.. inventory isn’t even worth $50 though so it wouldn’t really matter either way
2020-09-05 10:02
Mine is worth .50
2020-09-05 12:33
Default skins are best tbh
2020-09-05 13:00
Indeed. I had a few skins when they were introduced, but got bored. I literally delete all cases i get too
2020-09-05 19:13
lol no its an afk article cant be a scam and hltv does not require user to register their steam account
2020-09-05 05:11
He just googled and clicked the first link that showed up
2020-09-06 08:34
yea he's a bit of a moron then lol. when u can just type in and it directs u to the website
2020-09-07 02:07
I think he thought he was depositing his skins to so he could trade it for skins, so he accepted the trade himself
2020-09-04 10:52
In theory you need that mobile authentication, but I saw in the past, other people blaming valve because they lost their inventory after a similar scam where the "hacker" get inside their account at night and no authentication code was needed. I have no idea how they can do it, but if there's a coach bug, there could be a bug there too. Look. " Account/items stolen, mobile authenticator bypassed and email changed without consent, help on where to contact steam? So on Sunday (April 2) my steam account was hijacked and stolen from me. I have since gotten the account back, but my $300 or so in CS:GO items were traded away from my account without my mobile authenicator asking me to confirm my trade. This is because my steam password and email were changed without my knowledge as well. I haven't been able to find anywhere to contact anyone or be able to speak to anyone to help me with this issue. I have read every article steam has about accounts/items being stolen and I had every security measure enabled, yet I was not protected. I have screenshots of all emails, from my mobile authenticator device being changed to my email, down to Russian steam support telling me my password was changed successfully. I have screenshots of the accepted trade and items that were stolen, basically everything that confirms that my account was hijacked and my stuff was stolen without my consent or permission. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it " It looks like if they can log into your steam they can bypass the mobile thing. So if the cxgomoney asked for his steam login or was able to get there if it was stored on his browser or something, maybe that's enough to do the trick.
2020-09-05 11:15
Reading through all the post, it looks like they wait until you need to confirm something on your mobile phone and instead of one authorization they send you two, like you missed the first one, so when you do the second one you agree to change your phone number, and when they have that, they can do all the trades without you knowing.
2020-09-05 11:16
i think its called an api scam or smth like that
2020-09-07 02:14
brand new rollie for me, cheers 😎👌
2020-09-04 07:06
2020-09-05 09:55
2020-09-04 07:08
2020-09-05 10:54
Ah yes, the obvious cheater from online qualifiers during 2016-2018 when he was in the team with danish niko, and smF I believe. niko also blatant back then.
2020-09-04 07:29
2020-09-05 05:20
Yeah, it wasnt you being not as good..
2020-09-05 07:27
Stop spouting nonsense. I didn't even play in those qualifiers, I spectated.
2020-09-05 10:47
But you were the only one that noticed i guess.. So whats the odds of you being right vs. them just being a bit better than you could imagine?
2020-09-05 11:38
Majority =/= truth. 1. MANY matches were going on at the same time 2. Heroic wasn't exactly an exciting enough team to watch 'em over the others 3. 4.5k hours in 1.6, 3,3k in CSGO (stopped around 2017-18) 4. I have eyes and a sound mind
2020-09-05 11:42
Nah mate you have single digit iq Also cringe flex
2020-09-05 12:30
Flag checks out Flair checks out ID: Signed up 2020-05-24
2020-09-05 12:31
Hmm ok room temp iq mouth breather
2020-09-06 08:21
2020-09-05 11:00
Like I said, in time period around those years in a team with him & niko & moddii I guess. During important online qualifiers in latter stages.
2020-09-05 11:10
Well, nothing gonna come out from it. Cheating is ok in csgo pro lvl cuz vac is dog
2020-09-05 11:11
no, csgo
2020-09-05 11:18
2020-09-05 11:19
Videos and death threats or it didn't happen.
2020-09-05 11:03
#47 See vs Envy and other teams in important online qualifiers
2020-09-05 11:13
0 iq
2020-09-04 07:28
2020-09-04 10:36
getting scammed in 2020 smh
2020-09-04 10:42
he didnt notice
2020-09-04 10:44
idk he must have thought that he is depositing his skins to and blindly accepted it
2020-09-05 05:13
who cares about trash player like guten ETag?
2020-09-05 05:14
India skyl4rk
2020-09-05 05:17
Germany Jermen
how people manage to get scammed is beyond me...
2020-09-05 05:18
2020-09-05 05:25
2020-09-05 05:51
i feel bad for this guy, he genuinely seems like a nice guy but he just played plain dumh : /
2020-09-05 07:34
Denmark dyinbyran
So thats why astralis benched him lol
2020-09-05 07:45
So thats why glaive came back. Es3tag is just not big brain enough to play with astralis
2020-09-05 10:49
i feel bad for him:(
2020-09-05 10:52
Denmark Dust_2_Go
2020-09-05 10:56
Denmark Jonasnhj
Thats a biiiig RIP
2020-09-05 10:58
Ez money for me
2020-09-05 10:59
Don’t wanna read What happened?
2020-09-05 11:00
Clicked on fake CS money site, lost about 3k worth of his skins. Ese tag 🙄
2020-09-05 11:02
Austria MisterMand
imagine, in 2020
2020-09-05 11:10
2020-09-05 11:12
2020-09-05 11:15
Canada Matchfix
Scam sites are so good nowadays
2020-09-05 11:21
2020-09-05 11:22
i mean obv its fucking sad and i feel really bad for him... but you know theres 10 million scam sites and scammers in csgo cus there is a lot of money involved u gotta make sure about everything and be carefuuuuull it obvious says in the url noticed that instantly. sad theres nothing to be done
2020-09-05 11:45
"" hahhahahaha dont even think to bet or trade any 3rd parti sites
2020-09-05 19:19
2020-09-06 08:29
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