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FaZe #6 to #14 (-8)
Aleksib | 
FaZe with the MOST deranks on the top 30 losing 8 positions. With Kjaerbot, they lose 8 ranks. FaZe lose to mouz with bymas and karrigan, 2 players they kicked Thoughts?
2020-09-08 03:40
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Indonesia lukerey
Disband. Every single one of faze players will easily get recruited by another team.
2020-09-08 03:43
Niko to g2 for amanek Would be best roster move this year
2020-09-10 10:52
i win a major before niko ever plays a bitch role
2020-09-10 11:10
Kaze | 
South Africa SimoLe
2020-09-10 12:41
jackz would play bitch role ;D
2020-09-10 12:42
Jackz is the entry, Niko can't create space at the other side of the map like what amanek does.
2020-09-14 02:23
??? its niko? when the dude doesnt have to focus on leading and he can play his game hes still one of the best riflers to touch this game
2020-09-14 02:41
I am not saying he is bad or he is not good but he still need his teammate to help him, assist him, go in before him, dry peek before him. It is a team game after all.
2020-09-14 04:55
except hes one of the very few players that dont need assistance and can make space and clear a site on his own and has done so many times, just a bit harder to do while focusing on leading
2020-09-14 06:05
No player can win a game by his own, not even S1mple, Zywoo. They need at least one of the teammate to show up, and at least one or two teammates to do bitch job. G2 is playing consistently good because Jackz and Amanek dont care about their own stats and do what they need to do. Liquid was good because Stewie and Nitr0 willing to do 'stupid stuff' to create space.
2020-09-14 06:24
yeah youre retarded as fuck and have never watched any game where niko/s1mple/zywoo/etc carried and controlled the match themselves, if by show up you mean do neutral and just be in the server and hold their own then sure but theres sooo many matches where the team was ass and those 3 carried them hard
2020-09-14 06:27
Ok, individual might win rounds, might win matches, but definitely not a tournament. Can you point out anyone that win the whole tournament by himself
2020-09-14 06:35
did i ever say tournament? can you point out where i even said the word tourney or tournament or anything? cause i thought we were just talking about bo1/bo3????
2020-09-14 06:48
That is what I am saying all the time. Role players like Amanek is crucial for a team.
2020-09-14 06:57
thats literally not what you were saying LMFAO, changing your argument now to make you in the right instead of being braindead like previously, off yourself i hate people that argue like you second you realize your wrong you completely change your argument and act like you were talking about it the entire time
2020-09-14 20:21
LoL, I am saying that all the time. They are talking about kick amanek for Niko, removing a utility player for a player that needs space. That wont work
2020-09-15 01:59
Exacly, Amanek supporting and doing shit roles >>> Niko just fragging They already have good enought fraggers on the team, they dont need more, it would only destroy the chemistry. If theres is someone to be removed is kennys , for someone like woxic/broky
2020-09-19 02:18
United Kingdom fal36
Did you not watch nikosports or 2017 faze?
2020-09-14 02:46
Dont really watch Nikosports but they have karrigan, and rain to create space for Guardian and him during 2017 Faze clan. He cant do everything by himself.
2020-09-14 04:57
Niko was the only reason faze was a top 10 team for most of the past 2 years. The man can make the server his bitch like simple or play the brain game. He can retake and entry if he has to. I don’t think you really understand just how hard of a carry Niko is on that team
2020-09-14 05:03
Imagine thinking that Niko done everything by himself. LUL
2020-09-14 05:10
2020-09-10 12:55
no kidding lmao
2020-09-12 08:25
2020-09-15 04:25
Maybe replace jacks Bcz jacks is the only player he can replace amanek is support if they remove amanek they will be rigged
2020-09-10 13:00
Rob4 | 
Serbia e_loK
Or replace noone sonce g2 do not need a change right now
2020-09-14 02:53
Sweden m1_
2020-09-14 06:11
2020-09-14 02:23
CeRq | 
United States MDMOS
kJaRbYe JuSt NeEdS tImE
2020-09-08 03:43
+1 top 1 after 6 months
2020-09-08 04:25
Brazil nuke_brs
I doubt the roster will be the same in 6 months
2020-09-08 05:07
i doubt MIBR gonna be top 5 in 6 months
2020-09-08 05:29
mibr disband in 6 days
2020-09-08 06:33
Argentina Joedash
6 hours*
2020-09-14 02:51
my god..
2020-09-14 05:03
dude he actually got it no fucking way
2020-09-14 05:08
arT | 
CIS bult0
Holy shit dude
2020-09-14 06:41
Turkey TheKaiser
What THE F.
2020-09-14 22:00
Russia d0lbaeb
2020-09-15 02:16
Japan gachinko
2020-09-16 07:40
Brazil nuke_brs
would you explain to me what mibr has to do with what I said?
2020-09-08 15:14
+1 wtf
2020-09-08 17:23
flag checks out
2020-09-08 21:14
flag checks out
2020-09-08 22:15
yeah though? he only joined like a few weeks ago
2020-09-08 07:02
Algeria abdoucrf15
Yy bro they cant under this FaZe need TIme and kjear Is not boot
2020-09-08 15:15
but soon he will get the boot ))
2020-09-10 10:56
people like you don't understand that kjaerbye isn't the problem, Niko's IGL is
2020-09-10 11:00
CeRq | 
United States MDMOS
don´t even watch faze games, but they were much better when bymas was in the team
2020-09-10 12:39
When u literally start ur statement by saying u dont watch faze games ur opinion is instantly invalid
2020-09-15 02:10
CeRq | 
United States MDMOS
0-4 on ESL Pro League says something.
2020-09-16 00:15
they were trash with bymas too, both seem to be wrong pickups untill they prove that they can make the team with kjaerbye work. if bymas was in faze rn they'd be 0-4 too or 1-3 max
2020-09-16 00:22
I doubt it, bymas is growing fast, young blood thirsty for wins and to be the best. Kjaerbye is washed up, just like AdreN, despite age differences, they're both lucky one hit wonders.
2020-09-16 07:26
kjaerbye is not a one hit wonder you are so ignorant to even say that.
2020-09-16 15:53
2 hit wonder? But I didn't see the success you saw from North
2020-09-16 16:18
2 hit wonder is already alot better then 1 hit wonder lol is coldzera also 2 hit wonder only?
2020-09-16 17:04
You must be baiting. Coldzera has been consistent if you've actually been watching. You probably don't even play csgo lmao.
2020-09-16 18:26
kjaerbye also has been consistent, obviously i dont think coldzera is a 2 hit wonder im just using your logic which is a terrible logic
2020-09-17 04:57
FAZE with Bymas >>>>>>>> Nemiga/Sprout>>> Faze with Shakersbye
2020-09-19 02:22
Belgium lil_vodka
i like how kjaerbye is having a tough time while bymas is rekking all servers
2020-09-19 02:26
Bymas is growing too fast, kjaerbye too washed up
2020-09-19 03:26
Sell players to c9 and fpx with bids only so they get more money
2020-09-08 03:43
-coldzera -broky (both baiters) +woxic +ALEX
2020-09-08 03:45
this, but instead of cold drop Rain. Only reason he is so bad rn is because of NiKo IGL
2020-09-08 03:52
i think rain would be better without niko igling but we will never know
2020-09-08 03:55
Rain on multiple interviews said he wished it was the line up before
2020-09-08 04:33
They need an igl so i guess just kick kjaerbye then find a decent igl
2020-09-08 03:47
Or get bymas back lol
2020-09-08 17:00
Loooool bymas back wont fix anything
2020-09-15 02:10
Croatia lucubista
faze fix to top 1 nexa igl hunter rifle Niko rifle rain entry broky awp
2020-09-08 03:48
CeRq | 
United States MDMOS
-hunter +cold
2020-09-08 03:51
Croatia lucubista
2020-09-08 03:52
-VINI +cold
2020-09-08 03:56
Croatia lucubista
NO. Furia is totally closed, he could go to a new formation of the MIBR
2020-09-08 03:59
cousins come first so no
2020-09-08 03:52
Croatia lucubista
niko, hunter cousin
2020-09-08 03:54
Germany Koalafire
sweet home alabama
2020-09-12 08:12
-rain +cold back
2020-09-08 03:53
-cold +rain again
2020-09-08 04:08
again -rain +cold
2020-09-13 09:38
Just do -amenek +niko on G2
2020-09-08 06:59
Why u bully him?
2020-09-10 11:03
Hes a bit retarded and needs to know
2020-09-10 11:07
2020-09-10 11:10
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
Very nice
2020-09-08 03:53
Thank you
2020-09-08 04:35
2020-09-08 21:16
Other Zytoep
faze could've picked up nexa and hunter after the starladder major, that would've made them a very good team
2020-09-08 03:54
Hunters cousin doesn't like niko, they are competitively against each other
2020-09-08 04:51
Portugal CRMN1
imagine liking yourself
2020-09-08 04:57
Okay, does Niko's cousin like hunter????
2020-09-08 05:06
Oops, hunter doesn't like niko, they're too competitively against each other
2020-09-10 06:46
Source: trust me mens
2020-09-10 10:49
You haven't seen any of the interviews lmao, fake fan player
2020-09-10 18:34
"Niko told me that you are so good, why dont you become a pro?" Hunter said something like that before. I don't think that they don't like each other. There is no reason for that.
2020-09-14 02:40
welp, I'm glad to see mouz improving in epl despite their fall in the rankings
2020-09-08 04:54
Mouz improving because of ex faze player bymas
2020-09-09 08:28
yeah no shit
2020-09-09 15:01
2020-09-08 05:07
Yes, the EU MIBR indeed
2020-09-08 23:45
BobZ | 
India Ez4ez
Niko should keep his ego aside and leave igl role ffs
2020-09-08 06:35
South America ZyvvOo
-kjaærbye +Fallen gg
2020-09-08 07:39
But fallen will make ynk use coach bug, bad idea
2020-09-08 21:58
South America ZyvvOo
ynk already used it, only wait
2020-09-10 06:22
United States Hindy
2020-09-10 06:40
South America ZyvvOo
-rain +fer
2020-09-12 06:27
United States Hindy
LMAOOOOO, stop bro you're embarrassing yourself
2020-09-12 07:38
South America ZyvvOo
-kjaerbye +kNg
2020-09-12 20:59
United States Hindy
:|, would be an upgrade
2020-09-12 23:04
South America ZyvvOo
and what about -rain +taco
2020-09-13 08:15
United States Hindy
No one in MIBR is better than faze, unless it's kjaerbye
2020-09-13 09:15
South America ZyvvOo
Taco isnt from mibr, and kng is better than rain, kjaerbye and broky
2020-09-14 02:17
United States Hindy
brain left the chat on this one, broky is better than everyone on MIBR
2020-09-14 04:18
South America ZyvvOo
broky is a normal player stop with it faze fan
2020-09-15 03:19
United States Hindy
normal player with the highest amount of clutches all year, yea you are a really smart south american
2020-09-15 03:52
South America ZyvvOo
nt broky
2020-09-15 07:05
??? Fer>>>>Kjaerbye
2020-09-17 05:08
United States Hindy
"No one in MIBR is better than faze, unless it's kjaerbye" #92, open ur eyes man
2020-09-17 06:09
Uh Sorry, i read in a hurry
2020-09-17 06:27
It's such a small sentence though lmao
2020-09-17 21:39
literally 0/8
2020-09-10 11:03
It's not Kjaerbye fault tho, he's playing at least decent in every game with them. Problem is NiKo, he is very bad as IGL so they have no clue what to do
2020-09-08 17:02
Bymas was decent, but kjaerbye?? Washed up performance lol
2020-09-08 17:21
He did 0.99 rating in game vs mouz, Bymas also had 0.99. But Mouz won and winner usually have higher rating so Kjaerbye>Bymas in that game. Also Kjaerbye was top fragger in lose vs Astralis. They don't play as a team and this is a problem. Astralis were top 1 for so long not because they were the best aimers, but they had the best strats and team play. They need to kick Kjaerbye (even tho he is not bad) or NiKo/rain and pick up real IGL.
2020-09-08 17:28
Are you baiting?
2020-09-08 18:20
Flag and flair checks out
2020-09-08 18:22
Decent? 0.7 rating in game vs NiP was decent? even chrisJ 0.93. Frozen 1.06, Ropz 1.29. Karrigan 0.69 but he's IGL he should play a little worse than rest (or bait your team to kill if your IGL nick is 'BlameF')
2020-09-10 11:48
United States Hindy
It's not kjaerbye's fault it's the decision not to pick up an IGL
2020-09-10 06:41
That's what I said, thanks for doubling my comment ^^
2020-09-10 11:46
niko needs to stop his egoistic ass and let a real igl lead the team
2020-09-10 06:45
Brunei cyLoL
+1 but not happen he think he bestest when we all know forsaken is bestest
2020-09-10 10:58
Totally agree! They are so unstable. Episodically they can be very good and precise, but in next round they make so stupid moves - like going in a row in a hands of enemy rifle or awp... So the problem is with team work and decision making... Cold is not old cold anymore... So I suggest replace Cold with some real IGL with experience.
2020-09-10 11:15
cold always played well under a system though so they should replace someone else so that cold gets back to form when they do get an igl imo they should replace kjaerbye with an igl and it is highly likely that cold and rain would improve in terms of performances. Kjaerbye was only world class on astralis and we know how good igls like gla1ve and zonic can make an individual.
2020-09-10 18:39
Faze no skill team playing like skill team. 0 logic
2020-09-10 10:54
Brunei cyLoL
-roster +any open team and they will be better
2020-09-10 11:03
They played horrible and didn't win a match in forever. Deserved derank imo.
2020-09-10 11:17
Turkey sedo7
kjaerbye is the last to be kicked imo, there is a lot problems before than kjaerbye
2020-09-10 11:49
The problem is that bymas left to mouz and then he beat faze with karrigan
2020-09-18 07:08
Turkey sedo7
lmao, dramatic karma
2020-09-18 14:25
Big oof for years
2020-09-19 01:58
Faze was at its peak with olof guardian and karrigan
2020-09-10 12:51
2020-09-10 18:35
yea its definently not because the other guys are severly underperforming or the fact that they have no actuall good maps and an incompetent igl that would rather spend time partying with his two boyfriends instead of working on boring stuff like analyzing their mistakes or working on strats beside rush a/b. its the 5th players fault like always
2020-09-10 18:53
Sure, but doesn't disprove the fact that the new 5th is doing worse than olof or bymas
2020-09-10 23:50
-Cold -Kjaer +xant +wox
2020-09-12 23:07
Brazil imFroosTy
wox ????? ahuahauhau
2020-09-14 06:45
Brazil Fulmini
2020-09-13 09:23
it's hard without boostmeister.
2020-09-13 09:27
i always knew he was too crucial for them, he gave them stability, a thing they don't have since they got bymas
2020-09-14 02:19
you always need that experienced 5th player who kinda holds everything together. a team with an igl and simply 4 young unexperienced fraggers never works. same with chrisj, imo mouz will be much worse if they replaced him with another fragger. faze only picked up bymas as a PR move. he had some hype around him since he is only 16 years old and faze used that for their marketing.
2020-09-14 07:56
At this rate, it's gonna be out of top 20.
2020-09-13 09:52
Kjaerbye is not the only problem, their gameplan/tactics is the main problem. They dont have people who creates space, someone like Amanek, ChrisJ, Art or stewie.
2020-09-14 02:25
-kjaeranyone +nexa or blamef just it they are good players and can do the igl
2020-09-14 02:35
keep dreaming that nexa is going to leave g2 and blameF leave complexity LUL
2020-09-14 06:10
2020-09-15 04:02
The problem started since FaZe benched karrigan :c
2020-09-14 06:09
niko still performing good in 2020 if we consider stats(he is 4th best 2020 player rn) but other not performed well except broky.everyone is out of top 20 this don't know whats the fix when ur superstars are performing bad. cant even bench them rn as its only been few weeks since kjaer joined.
2020-09-14 06:33
Gr8 ANALasis
2020-09-14 21:59
2020-09-15 04:02
cyx | 
South Africa bonkaz
At this point I'm torn between "It's a shame that Niko won't have the career that he could've had" and "Fuck him it's his own fault". With an inclination to the latter. But then again - what can you expect from one of the most retarded orgs/management there is. I would've asked him last year if he's an idiot if I'd pay his salary. Thinking he's an IGL and the lineup just needs time every few months when there's a roster change. It's a shame.
2020-09-16 07:34
Yeah faze is so bad rn
2020-09-18 06:57
Brazil hugoooo
- Since kjaerbye joined, FaZe played 8 matches, won only one (vs mibr KEK) - On their 7 defeats, they only won ONE map (damn you Spirit!) - On their last 15 matches, they only won 3 (agasinst the likes of Movistar Riders, Heretics and mibr) - FaZe last relevant vitory was THREE MONTHS AGO, in June 18th (2-0 vs Vitality)
2020-09-18 07:25
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