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Kaka Messi or Cr7
Macau VeryCuteBrazilian 
Who is the football G.O.A.T ?
2020-09-10 14:39
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2020-09-10 14:40
2020-09-10 14:47
Brazil f0nsek
2020-09-10 16:28
the breast
2020-09-16 16:35
Brazil f0nsek
the breakfast
2020-09-16 21:05
2020-09-10 17:14
He have unreal skills but he is not the best.
2020-09-10 17:50
Most skilled, but not the best
2020-09-10 18:04
2020-09-10 22:10
he's the fnx of soccer. Parties, women and fun > career
2020-09-10 19:50
yes, he just have fun on and off pitch
2020-09-10 19:54
Ronaldinho u c#nt
2020-09-16 16:20
2020-09-10 14:40
syrsoN | 
Germany PeKay
kaka lol
2020-09-10 14:40
Kaka on his prime
2020-09-10 14:40
Kaka prime< neymar injured
2020-09-10 14:52
dat was good
2020-09-10 17:35
2020-09-10 17:51
Kaka easy
2020-09-10 14:41
Kaka? xD
2020-09-10 14:41
Fors | 
Brazil ricca
carlinhos bala
2020-09-10 14:41
Kaka? Are u kidding me
2020-09-10 14:41
2020-09-10 14:43
2020-09-10 16:29
16yo spotted. Kaka was huuuuge on his prime
2020-09-10 17:04
25 yo nerd living in his own autistic world where kaka can be compared to messi or even cr7
2020-09-10 17:34
Im not the one fakeflagging on hltv, nt. op was clearly baiting, but kaka was good af
2020-09-10 18:02
its even worse for you if you for real arent fake flagger but shh
2020-09-10 18:14
flag and name checks out
2020-09-10 18:16
im 27 and kaka is in his prime cant be compared to this guys. cr and messi has been CONSISTENT for more than a decade scoring 40+ ( even 50) goals per season, destroying europe and winning UCLs. Kaka made a couple of good season in AC Milan? Yes. after that, what did he do in RM? n0thing Can be compared to Messi and CR7? Of course not.
2020-09-10 17:48
vsm | 
Brazil mafe^
2020-09-16 16:33
true but no where near Messi's prime. mf posted a 110+ G/A in one single year
2020-09-12 20:57
2020-09-10 14:41
kaka ofc
2020-09-10 14:41
ronaldo and kaka because they won something for their country
2020-09-10 14:42
what if ronaldo born in somalia?
2020-09-10 14:43
if he was somalian the only thing he would won is boats because they are pirates
2020-09-10 14:45
exactly national cups doesnt matter if messi selected spain as a natinoal team what would happen
2020-09-10 14:45
in the messi case it does matter because he didnt win shit with the national team
2020-09-10 14:47
yeah like ronaldo was total dominator with his national team xD won 1 euro where he didnt even play in the final (injuried after 15 minutes) and portugal was claimed as the worst euro winner along with greece 2004 xDDD 3rd place in the group, they shouldnt even go out of this group at euro, their results are 4 draws and 3 wins - how a team like this can win whole tournament? while messi has 3 copa america finals and 1 wc final, just unlucky but much better a a player
2020-09-10 17:41
Exactly he led the worst team to a euro victory lmao Messi can’t even win copa america which is way less competitive as compared to euro
2020-09-16 16:10
playing poland, hungary, iceland, wales, austria is more competitive? ahahhahahahahahhhahahah also the worst team? nani, andre gomes, j.moutinho, pepe, carvalho, quaresma, renato sanchez, eder lmao, they won final without ronaldo so they are all quality as fuck
2020-09-16 16:16
Yes it is? You saying euro less competitive than copa America? Deluded
2020-09-16 16:19
You really think playing these teams in more competitive? omg i feel so sorry for your brain kid :D but i still hope its bait
2020-09-16 16:23
Flag checks Beating Venezuela and Qatar and drawing Paraguay lel
2020-09-16 16:25
now i know u are baiting but nt, i almost fell for it uff
2020-09-16 16:24
Leme guess you 13?
2020-09-16 16:30
2020-09-16 16:32
Ok you’re 7
2020-09-17 05:59
Ronaldo dindt even play the final xDD
2020-09-10 17:55
still won
2020-09-10 19:53
2020-09-10 20:06
if he was in the 23 player list yes he won
2020-09-10 20:07
yes but noone cares that he won if he didnt play, only fanboys like u care about this win because you are trying to make him at least a bit closer to messi's level
2020-09-16 16:18
Your totally biased since your country doesnt win anything. National championships bring more joy to their people, and you got a whole country cheering for you. They are deffinitely more important. Using the same logic, what would Messi win on Ibes Futebol Clube?
2020-09-10 17:06
he will scouted bcuz he is goat and he will started to play in s tier teams
2020-09-10 17:19
Lol. Its a joke. One lucky game over 38 games won?
2020-09-10 22:19
2020-09-10 14:43
Zeus | 
Ukraine Najara
2020-09-10 14:43
France Lili___
Mbappe ofc.. World champ, Farmer league winner and 25 cm .
2020-09-10 14:43
i want kill this piece of shit stole money and his savings.
2020-09-10 14:51
France Lili___
put some respect on Mbappe .. by himself he earns the GDP of kazasthan.
2020-09-10 14:53
The goat? Thats easy, Andres Iniesta.
2020-09-10 14:45
Iniesta carried by Xavi
2020-09-10 14:45
Xavi and Iniesta are dwarfs, good players but short as fuck. They are like 170, might aswell play female soccer.
2020-09-10 14:50
who cares about height in footbal lmao. 168 messi f*cking the whole footbal world for 10 years
2020-09-10 15:05
I think that if youre shorter then 175 cm you must be women or gaymen.
2020-09-10 19:48
bestest logic mens
2020-09-10 19:55
complexes? anyway im 175 so thanks god
2020-09-11 19:10
Im so sorry my friend, Hopefully you can meet a real man that makes you his wifey.
2020-09-16 13:00
god bless me
2020-09-16 16:07
Most boring WC ever. Everything was bad: Jabulani, Vuvuzela, Tik taka, etc. (Yes, i know you will say that im biased since Brazil played bad, but i didnt mind that).
2020-09-10 17:08
Diego Forlán was entertaining
2020-09-10 22:06
kaka lmao CR7 ofc
2020-09-10 14:45
Kaka in my language means - shit
2020-09-10 14:48
same in Bra71lian
2020-09-10 14:58
Also true in portugues, but the pronounciation is different. "cáca"=shit, "cacá" = his name.
2020-09-10 17:09
same in Turkish
2020-09-10 18:06
Means cookie in Swedish
2020-09-10 22:02
Brazil Fir3ss
2020-09-10 14:50
Malaysia Suno[t]
2020-09-10 14:53
Ronaldo > Ronaldo
2020-09-10 14:55
2020-09-10 15:01
westbrook > dame
2020-09-10 16:24
2020-09-10 17:00
Whats wrong with people saying kaka?
2020-09-10 16:25
Brazil praxedes
No idea man, he is not even top 10 in brazil
2020-09-10 18:26
roberto carlos>kaka
2020-09-10 19:55
Denmark KalasYoP
Messi GOAT.
2020-09-10 16:26
2020-09-10 17:01
2020-09-10 16:27
Cr7/Messi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kaka
2020-09-10 16:28
Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite "Kaka"
2020-09-10 16:29
Damn mens Putting Kaka with those two is like putting MIBR in top10 of the current ranking
2020-09-10 16:29
Brazil f0nsek
Paulo Baier was the goat, he played with Pelé, Garrincha, Jairzinho and Tostão... ten years after he played with Falcão, Zico and Roberto Dinamite. And 30 years after he played with Neymar, Coutinho and Ganso. Ganso will be the next GOAT
2020-09-10 16:33
Dont forget that he also played with Jesus and his apostles
2020-09-10 17:10
Brazil f0nsek
2020-09-12 20:56
Russia MeowZer
Kaka not even top50 player
2020-09-10 16:35
kaka lmaoooooo KKKKKKKKKKKKKK
2020-09-10 16:35
consistency wise id pick messi peak wise, id choose ronaldinho
2020-09-10 16:36
Messi and CR7 are GOATS of football
2020-09-10 16:42
lol kaka xD
2020-09-10 16:43
I'd say CR7
2020-09-10 16:43
Argentina Proxx_Arg
Brazilian Ronaldo (The real one)
2020-09-10 17:03
Kazakhstan BadoDoto
PATO btw
2020-09-10 17:10
Finland Stukki
2020-09-10 17:11
skin of course
2020-09-10 17:11
Ronaldo Fenomeno and Rivaldo> Kaka
2020-09-10 17:11
In their primes. Kaka in his absolute PEAK...was truly remarkable. I do believe his peak was higher than Messi's and CR7 but overall career would go to both Messi and CR7. Kaka took the ball from Messi and out-ran him (with the ball) while Messi couldn't keep up and Kaka went on to score vs Argentina. GOATED. I don't think Messi should be regarded as the goat. The guy has had too much help in his entire career. Theyre voting messi #1 meanwhile Iniesta and Xavi are going #2 and #3 in the voting. You have the top 3 players on 1 team for years then you go adding Neymar/Suarez/etc CR7 has accomplished just as much or maybe more with less talent around him. Overall best players in soccer to this point should be (in no order) Ronaldo(fenomeno) Ronaldinho CR7 Romario
2020-09-10 17:14
🤣🤣🤣 just stop
2020-09-10 17:41
Denmark Robin!
deff not kaka
2020-09-10 17:14
Ronaldo fenomeno said best player ever is Luk Nillis a Belgian player, but my opinion so many different styles
2020-09-10 17:35
2020-09-10 17:31
Argentina xpl0d3
Messi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Cr7>>>>Kaka
2020-09-10 17:31
Leave Robert Lewandowski out KEKW
2020-09-10 17:36
Imagine comparing kaka with cr7 and messi also imagine caring about football in 2020
2020-09-10 17:37
2020-09-10 17:38
2020-09-10 17:39
Boudewijn Zenden, dennis bergkamp and hristo stoichkov >cr7,mess,kaka
2020-09-10 17:40
Cristiano Ronaldo best ever to do it.
2020-09-10 17:50
Zlatan Ibrahimovic, LuisFigo both super underrated, They not any bit worse than messi cr, especially than neymar..... Just that Ronaldo have lot of geh fanboys
2020-09-10 17:58
dada | 
Myanmar M_Beta
2020-09-10 17:57
Messi, by far
2020-09-10 17:59
Litteraly every coach in the world says Lionel Messi is the best player ever to play football. These kids saying Ronaldo lmaaaaoooooo. What Ronaldo does with a ball in a striker position, Messi does from deep midfield, and more impressive too, whens the last time Ronaldo dribbled 2 - 3 defenders and put it in the net? Im a boomer and have watched em both live and what Messi does with the ball Ronaldo cant replicate as consistent. Messi has better passing, reactions, better dribbling, better free-kicks, set-pieces and overall a much better understanding of the game. Ronaldo is faster, more physical and better arial, thats it. Messi is the definition of a playmaker, Ronaldo is poacher. 20 + assists and 20+ goals at the age of 33, do you kids realise how crazy this is? Definition of team player. Ronaldo usually gets it on a plate every time by world class players. Messi dont have anyone to assist him, he usually does it himself. Ronaldo is one of the goats, but hes nowhere near Messi when it comes to any other abilities than scoring.
2020-09-10 18:10
Ukraine YUR4S
CR7 is goat
2020-09-10 18:03
<<most pompastic player <<goat player which is more likely in this case and i dont think the second one is available pick
2020-09-10 18:07
kakka best
2020-09-10 18:04
Brazil ovomexido
nothing can be compared to messi and cr7 messi still a level above for me
2020-09-10 18:08
Finland 0lter
2020-09-10 18:11
2020-09-10 18:19
Sao Paulino de merda
2020-09-10 18:22
Best at his peak > Ronaldinho Best at career > Messi Best athlete > Cr7
2020-09-10 18:33
2020-09-10 18:38
Japan dayyum
payet duh
2020-09-10 18:47
As a Milan fan and an admirer of football role models, I really like Kaka. Injuries led to a quick decline however, and he never reached his Milan 2007 level with Real Madrid. His time in world top was too short to be GOAT. Same goes for Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and "Real Ronaldo". I don´t think they were Messis level either, even at their peak. I think CR7 is a close second to Messi. Not same skills, but compensates with insane determination and hard work/training.
2020-09-10 18:59
i know Messi and cr7 kept high level for their entire career! But what if we only compare each player prime? I go with Ronaldinho.
2020-09-10 19:54
He was a more entertaining player than Messi and CR7, but not nearly as effective or professional.
2020-09-11 02:25
Netherlands atsook
Kaka ? wtf Ronaldo Nazario is the GOAT
2020-09-10 19:50
idk man lingard is pretty good
2020-09-10 19:51
kaka ti in bocca
2020-09-10 19:52
harry kane
2020-09-10 20:08
Fenomeno of course
2020-09-10 20:08
2020-09-10 20:11
Sweden HANNE$
2020-09-10 20:13
Sweden Zeepter
Ronaldo is and always will be numba 1. Messi have played in barcelona w the best players and the spanish leauge aint that good. Ronaldo won CL with United and Real and have proven himself as the GOAT. And this year Messi almost lost to benzema: 1. Lionel Messi - Barcelona - 25goals 2. Karim Benzema - Real Madrid - 21goals If Benzema did the penalties instead of letting Ramos take em, Benzema would easily won the scoring leauge this season. 1. Cr7 2. Messi
2020-09-10 20:17
You forgot Messi 20 + assists? You also forgot that Messi is a deep playing midfielder. Who else can set up Messi for goals most of the time? Ronaldo has goals because of the world class players he has that serves him the goals on the platter. Ronaldo also played for the best United team in decades with a prime Ferguson and a budget none PL teams could compete with. Real Madrid has almost always been close to the level of Barcelona and in the recent years they have been a lot better. Your opinion has no validity. If you think goals is all that matters your a troll football facebook fan. Also, saying La Liga isnt a good league is also very, very wrong. Hell, even Wayne Rooney who played for years with Cristiano Ronaldo says that Messi is the better player.
2020-09-10 22:00
Spanish league "ain't that good": Champions league since 2010: 6x title for La Liga team (6/10) Europa league since 2010: 6x title or La Liga team (6/10) What is the problem of winning over Spanish teams, if they "ain't that good"?
2020-09-16 21:20
Johan Cruyff
2020-09-10 22:00
What does G.O.A.T mean?
2020-09-10 22:02
Sweden FL4XY
2020-09-10 22:06
Zidane clearly the GOAT, cant be denied. Ronaldo and Messi second/third in however order you like. Ronaldinho highest skilled footballer ever but for 2 years only.
2020-09-10 22:09
Messi won nothing with Argentina, not even a simple American Cup. CR7 won a Euro, basically carrying Portugal on his back
2020-09-11 04:44
2020-09-17 05:59
Kaka ez
2020-09-11 19:13
2020-09-14 09:46
Serbia CoIe47
Franz Beckenbauer
2020-09-14 09:49
Nigeria Fraggot
2020-09-14 09:52
Europe Vallon4
Lmaooo, little brazillian fanboy trying to sneak in Kaka among the best. Nice try, little guy. Messi > Ronaldo > all.
2020-09-16 16:10
Mens, you are looking wrong he asked the G.O.A.T and it is obvious Pelé, he won 3 WC, and made almost 1400 goals
2020-09-16 16:32
2020-09-16 21:07
Jose Mourinho
2020-09-16 21:09
Kaka???? Ronaldo and Ronaldinho had the highest peak of any footballer I have ever seen and they done it in an era where most of the greatest defenders played. The only reason they dont get mentioned is because they didnt do it for as long as Messi and C Ronaldo.
2020-09-16 21:12
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