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Tinder help?
sdy | 
Russia iDeserveMore 
Any advice on how to start a conversation on Tinder? I get matches there sometimes but I often just don’t write anything to the girls cuz I don’t know what to say))) and ofc they never write first I feel so cringy or edgy writing basic silly stuff like small-talk, or just “hello”, “how are you”, etc. Feels like I’m forcing a stupid undesired conversation So, what would you suggest typing when you just got a match with some girl you don’t know? How to start a decent conversation so it wouldn’t feel boring or forced?
2020-09-12 11:02
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Also keep in mind that my primary language is Russian and I’m gonna text Russian chicks, so some particular phrases or words in English wouldn’t fit or sound exactly the same in our language
2020-09-12 11:03
fox | 
Ireland FanGuy
say the following. Ey devoshka, u menya yest myaso dl'ya sech vas
2020-09-12 19:38
Kazakhstan Massaget
what is sech?
2020-09-23 14:53
fox | 
Ireland FanGuy
fuck if i know my guy
2020-09-24 16:09
Kazakhstan Massaget
I guess there should be ‘vseh’ which is ‘all’ so translation will be: ‘hey girl, I got a meat for all of you’
2020-09-24 22:22
fox | 
Ireland FanGuy
Yea ur right. I've never had it spelled out for me, only said by a Ukrainian friend of mine. Thanks for the correction
2020-09-27 19:14
China KoreanFan
Did you use google translate?
2020-09-23 14:56
Belgium lil_vodka
i like myasa
2020-09-23 17:17
weren't you there posting about how to start a conversation with girls a few days ago with #1 mentioned too
2020-09-23 15:38
He's posting everyday about how miserable he is and when people offer solutions and options, he just shrugs the off with the "ooh, it's so hard, I can't do it".
2020-09-24 16:13
nice flex
2020-09-24 20:19
discuss tolstoy
2020-09-12 11:03
Yeah so she would definitely die from boredom
2020-09-12 11:04
OK fine dostoevsky
2020-09-12 11:05
I don’t even read books myself lmao I would just get embarrassed
2020-09-12 11:06
its not a bad idea to start reading books, you could put that in ur tinder profile, doesn't matter what books really. it'll make you interesting and thats what girls like, guys that aren't shallow and have some hobbies (but don't talk rly weirdly/dont go on long tirades about their hobbies)
2020-09-12 11:07
2020-09-12 12:35
books boring as shit, he should wstar watching anime
2020-09-23 12:08
Israel xazetti
He's trying to lose his virginity, not secure it.
2020-09-23 17:04
He can learn super powers from anime, after girls see the powers all panties will drop
2020-09-23 17:16
Then maybe try Yesenin
2020-09-12 11:05
2020-09-24 16:14
LaimB | 
Lithuania Martis
"Your legs are like Oreos. I want to open them up and eat the good stuff inside"
2020-09-12 11:04
xD. Not bad tbh but I doubt it would actually work
2020-09-12 11:05
It actually is a tactic called breaking the ice. After that just say just kidding and start the convo
2020-09-23 14:59
after that you might be blocked already xD
2020-09-23 15:33
2020-09-23 15:47
Oreos are overrated crap
2020-09-12 11:47
Indeed overrated
2020-09-12 11:48
God | 
Australia zi8gzag
2020-09-12 11:50
2020-09-12 12:32
African Union IcanSEEit
+1 oreos disgusting "Prinzen Rolle" best!
2020-09-12 13:08
Both are equally garbage.
2020-09-23 12:09
who the fuck opens oreos???? just dip them in milk and eat, not that hard.
2020-09-12 12:25
Ok, let me fix that for you: "Your legs are like Oreos. I want to dip them in milk and eat the whole thing"
2020-09-12 12:27
OK, but who dips legs in milk? Somekinda kink?
2020-09-12 12:28
Maybe, people these days do all kinds of weird stuff
2020-09-12 12:30
Very true. Whats your kink? 😎
2020-09-12 12:31
Nice try to slide into my dms 😎
2020-09-12 12:32
im kidding mens)) unless?.. 😳
2020-09-12 12:33
My weakness is girls with pure Baltic blood. I research and check at least 15 generations of her family to be sure 😎
2020-09-12 12:35
😎😎 men
2020-09-12 13:02
2020-09-23 12:10
Germany R1AN
who tf puts them in a milk lmao
2020-09-23 12:40
little baby bitches
2020-09-23 14:37
youve been missing out alot
2020-09-23 14:52
mention something that is written in their profile, make a joke about it or ask question
2020-09-12 11:04
What if it’s empty?
2020-09-12 11:06
ask them if they are as boring as their profile
2020-09-12 11:07
That would be kinda rude
2020-09-12 11:08
well don't say it like that, say something simpy like "hope you're more interesting irl than your profile is winky face" and then judge their character depending on the response. some women like to be teased like that and if they take it as a joke it's a good sign. if they get offended, they're probably uptight and bigger ego than NiKo
2020-09-12 11:10
Russia SW@G
+1 99% chance that you won't run into them on the street anyway so just do some risky shit, if it works out it works out
2020-09-12 11:35
2020-09-12 11:46
“Bigger ego than Niko” Holy shit gold hahahhaha
2020-09-23 15:07
Trust this guy, He knows what He is doing. Make a joke about their profile or comment about it. You could comment on their photos aswell (choose carefully as that might be your last message)
2020-09-12 11:48
Send dick pic
2020-09-12 11:05
nEGRo | 
Finland Nexpo
i can tell ur a virgin
2020-09-12 13:11
Spain N0Love
2020-09-23 15:20
Idk how to start conversations I can only continue them
2020-09-12 11:05
"I dont know. What do you think?"
2020-09-23 12:11
just type: DTF? ... profit
2020-09-12 11:06
tf is DTF?
2020-09-12 11:07
do the flop
2020-09-12 11:08
do the stanky leg
2020-09-12 11:16
"down to fuck"
2020-09-12 11:11
offer them food, unless theyre already fat
2020-09-12 11:10
wtf xd
2020-09-12 11:27
Something creative/funny about her pictures or bio always works for me. If she has for example a dog in her picture say: You have a really cute dog :) Well and you are also kinda beautiful. Keep in mind I´m german and the translation is a bit diffficult for me
2020-09-12 11:12
African Union IcanSEEit
no homo pls
2020-09-12 13:09
Norway m16rlul
i thought u'd say "halt die schnauze"
2020-09-12 19:39
and that message will get only one possible answer: "aww thanks" pls never give advice again virgin
2020-09-23 15:14
Man what happened with the girl you had? :(
2020-09-12 11:13
Idk I really liked her but apparently she didn’t want to spend as much time together as I did. Maybe in the future it will work out eventually but right now I’m considering other options as well
2020-09-12 11:30
Good luck then. I have used Tinder for a couple of times, got the same problem as you have here. Talked with only 1 and not much, most of them just ghosted me
2020-09-12 11:32
Maybe you guys will match together
2020-09-12 11:34
Don't use tinder...girls u meet there have inflated egos
2020-09-12 11:31
and most of them have sexual diseases. Can tell from experience)
2020-09-12 12:23
What else would you suggest then? Also I think it differs and depends on the country
2020-09-12 12:37
I think in every country the girls are in very high demand such that even very average girls get very frequent matches. What will I suggest? Well meet girls at places of your interest. Like music festivals, or just whatever hobby you have..that's a good place to start
2020-09-12 17:33
Spain N0Love
Well my interests huh? - I love music festivals: ALL CANCELLED CUZ COVID - I love doing bjj and mma: MY GYM IS CLOSED CUZ COVID - Partying and going out late night: NOT GIVING DRINKS AFTER 24:00 CUZ COVID AND ALL CLOSED AT 01:00 - My workplace where there's actually several young chicks? OFFICE CLOSED EVERYONE TELECOMMUTING FROM HOME Imma die alone
2020-09-23 15:33
Copy paste to all your matches: Hey, your eyes are really gorgeous. What are you up to today? Max 3 Chat exchanges, then you ask for her number. Chat a bit call her FaceTime the next day after you come back from the gym (muscles on boost). Invite her over for chill. Then go next.
2020-09-12 11:36
wow pls dont do that.
2020-09-12 12:08
2020-09-12 12:38
Why nerd
2020-09-12 20:16
use a detail on her picture and joke about it never, NEVER send "hi" or "how are you?" you have to send to something that will make you stand out from the other guys Doesnt have to be complicated, just something personalised generally = compliment + joke in 2-3 sentences. Don't need more
2020-09-12 11:39
Europe Nuskel
+1 most girls won't even answer those who start their conversations like that.
2020-09-12 12:13
send her your wifi password if she ask say when u come u dont have to ask for it
2020-09-12 11:40
good one actually
2020-09-12 12:06
nice one
2020-09-23 12:14
Poland TheTytek
Hey, how are you? OMEGALUL
2020-09-12 11:48
including OMEGALUL?
2020-09-23 12:14
yes, or poggers
2020-09-23 12:32
Ask her what she likes or the hobbies and make opinion about it. Then the conversation will flow ;). Also you can tell her what you like to do (PLAY CSGO).
2020-09-12 11:56
my best advice is just say what comes to mind and if u fuck it up who cars just message the next, one will appreciate you autistic king
2020-09-12 11:59
Send ur hltv profile, so she can see ur topics and delete u from her matches
2020-09-12 12:03
my best advice for everything in life i can give. just have fun. don't take shit too serious and make the best out of it and dont be needy. ur main objective on tinder is it to meet the woman/girl, so u should get to the point quick cuz if u already tell ur whole life story on tinder, u will lack conversation if u actually get to meet her once.
2020-09-12 12:06
Just make random small talk
2020-09-12 12:09
Canada sad_face
It won't work in most cases. Girls on Tinder want men to surprise them, which is fucking ridiculous.
2020-09-12 12:14
isn't the case here xd
2020-09-12 12:28
+1 true
2020-09-12 12:30
Switzerland noxer*
Does not apply if you re good looking
2020-09-23 12:49
Europe Nuskel
Find analyze the photos and find something you can talk about.
2020-09-12 12:12
mostly bad things and nag her a little bit. this works always. dunno why but woman not really smart creatures from god.
2020-09-12 12:17
2020-09-12 12:13
just say: "hello mens))" if you get reply, shes the one.
2020-09-12 12:21
hello mens))
2020-09-23 12:50
2020-09-23 14:52
Be creative and unique, most girls that are good looking get 100 matches a day and the same text like hi, how are you, you look beautiful etc etc. just find something unique about the person mayb a picture and ask something
2020-09-12 12:23
Denmark KalasYoP
2020-09-12 12:40
+1111 find something usable on their pictures, make it into a joke and start the conversation with that, always worked for me
2020-09-12 12:58
nEGRo | 
Finland Nexpo
this is what I call tinder lvl 10
2020-09-12 13:12
funny part is , i dont even use it. it's just from my perspective. i dont even reply to whatsapp text that say hi how are u
2020-09-12 13:20
Czech Republic realProkda
Tell her something provocative about her photos, looks etc. In 8/10 cases she will respond and you'll carry on from there.
2020-09-12 12:48
just ask if they wanna fuck, if you look good she'll respond with a yes
2020-09-12 12:59
ya tebya khochu
2020-09-12 13:06
Faroe Islands AdNauseam
open your conversation with a provocative phrase, but in a playful tone (do not use a standard pick up line). After that you will have something talk about and get to know each other..
2020-09-12 13:19
start with a little funny convo just to get their attention and number as soon as u get it call her next day and arrange the date but dont talk like a weirdo but try to be fuuny and positive instead.. it sounds a lil crazy but it actually works and this move actually shows ur confidence and build ur confidence overall so thats what girls love about men. If u make it happen this way youre a winner and probably it end up well later but if you failed to arrange the date nothing happened it made you stronger and just keep grinding. GL King
2020-09-12 13:21
go all in.... you have to think match is match so she wants to f++ you. But the rule n1 in tinder is.... talk in the correct moment... girs when are hot act different... Basically tinder is 90% correct timing to chat with girls in the moment they are naughty. So... if you match swipping maybe not good timing, but if you recieved a match alert, thats the moment when the oven is hot (because she is swipping and that means is the moment she want to get f```` hard) You are welcome
2020-09-12 13:21
this is the only advice you should read here, the rest are children playing fornite
2020-09-12 13:25
+1, everyone knows why they're on tinder, no reason to act stupid.
2020-09-23 12:38
yeah, thats it
2020-09-23 14:20
Terrible advice! Naughty mood or not.. Girls don't like to be seen as cheap or talked vulgar to from the beginning! You've would have to work for that first. Start out with humour or give a compliment. Ideally with a combination of both!
2020-09-23 16:21
Man... maybe you dont know.... but a girl online on tinder knows exactly what she wants, and more with a match. Read again my comment, i said is perfect timing, in the same moment SHE match you she is hot as fuck bro and you can start like a pro. If you see the match next day and talk maybe she is not as hot as when I say. I dindt said anything about talk dirty in first time, but maybe it works it depends.
2020-09-23 16:24
I know.. Been fucking the first 17 girls i meet trough tinder just in 2020;) OBviously it's best to write as soon as possible instead of let them wait! But don't think with your dick while reeling them in. Use your brain and reel em in with humor, intelligence and confidence! Alot of girls on tinder gets tons of offers on tinder and therefor plays and is hard to get if you don't make yourself stand out..
2020-09-23 16:38
+1 brother
2020-09-23 16:58
avoid closed questions that she can easily answer with yes and no. this will most likely keep all conversations going for a long time.
2020-09-12 13:21
keep the conversation going, if there's a vibe ask for her phone/whatsapp/whatever. be yourself, but read her signals and adapt when you get more personal, invite her to do something casual so you can meet in person if you can't do that, you need irl experience first. so you should meet new girls, approach them, go through the awkward initial experience, etc also, treat them right - always. gl
2020-09-12 13:28
Tell them you are a westerner on a business trip Ez thots looking for a way out of russia
2020-09-12 13:33
But that would be a lie
2020-09-23 12:02
Hello mens, I thought you were interesting....
2020-09-12 19:40
Finland RamboAAA
Imagine using tinder /close
2020-09-12 20:37
Imagine getting a match in Finland. Cross-eyed albino yelling lakkupippu. I'd tap that.
2020-09-23 12:19
be creative and dont use the same shit 100 others use like hi, how are u. or uoooh ur beautiful.
2020-09-23 12:03
Don’t use tinder, especially in Russia, especially when dai vinchic is available
2020-09-23 12:04
Switzerland noxer*
Whats that
2020-09-23 12:47
1) If you were a triangle, you'd be acute one 2) On a scale of 1 to 10, you’re a 9 and I’m the 1 you lack 3) Roses are red. Violets are fine. You be the 6. I'll be the 9 4) Can I walk you home? Cause my parents always told me to follow my dreams
2020-09-23 12:26
Belgium maxydooda
Look at their interests in their bio and use that to ask a question. eg. 'I like dancing' is in their bio. Your first message could be: "Hey, I saw you liked dancing. Where did you learn it?" after that, you should try to find things you can relate on
2020-09-23 12:30
Beta move
2020-09-23 15:22
dont overthink it; "hey you're pretty, whats going on" ctrl+c ctrl+v and u are good dont be a cringe virgin and ask about something u are clearly not interested in, like #109 and a lot of other people are suggesting here
2020-09-23 12:36
Denmark Sundive
Just ask her if she is an American school, because you want to shoot kids inside her.
2020-09-23 12:38
LMAOOOOOOOO best pickup line ever HAHAHHAHAHA
2020-09-23 12:44
;DDD good one
2020-09-23 14:54
The easiest start is to focus on a detail of their pictures/presentation and ask something original and funny about it. Usually she will answer and then ask you something in return. If she don't then either your question were too comon/boring either she is not interested. If you are new at it, don't neg her right from start with your initial question. It require some experience to do so right of the start.
2020-09-23 12:53
Write "You're a real treat <3"
2020-09-23 12:55
Say : ya jest bolshoy hui
2020-09-23 14:25
Ukraine Dert38
just have a photo like you'r millionaire or it won't work anyway
2020-09-23 14:25
Drop an ball emoji and then in the next text you write "Ups. Dropped my ball, but now im here, sushi date?" Works for me everytime
2020-09-23 14:27
1 message and you have a date?
2020-09-23 15:17
Flex with on her with your HLTV upvotes
2020-09-23 14:37
Uninstall /closed
2020-09-23 14:38
abhahah dont use mann
2020-09-23 15:04
ask something about her bio or just something that she has to think about the answer and then you can go from there and comment something to what she said but if you want girls, get good at something (for example playing an instrument), then make videos of it first in tiktok, then ig and youtube and then when you're famous and rich they will slide in your dm's
2020-09-23 15:16
practice makes perfect
2020-09-23 15:41
I usually go to the "matches feed", and give a emoji reaction in someone picture that i like. Sometimes people answer and then start conversation, in other situation they just do give a fck ekkekeek. But anyways, the person in the other phone are thinking the same thing as you, "How the f*ck i start this conversation". Keep it calm and simple, and of course dont be like a stalker or someone that needs all the atention, ur a talking with a stranger. hope this helps you
2020-09-23 15:45
tip 1. dont use tinder
2020-09-23 15:55
ask about their makeup
2020-09-23 15:56
If you get matches it means they are interested, so don't worry about "forcing a stupid undesired conversation" :D
2020-09-23 16:23
Most girls get 200+ match a day - You still have to stand out
2020-09-23 17:00
1 Message: Titanic... 2 Message: ...Sorry! That was a terrible icebreaker!;) btw. You look gorgeous! You're welcome
2020-09-23 16:54
Finland polly147
i hate you
2020-09-23 16:59
Your first mistake was using tinder to begin with smh
2020-09-24 16:16
Gotta just sex her
2020-09-24 16:16
Sei "ruski est? Blyat pizdec davai zalupa"
2020-09-24 16:17
i usually start with whats good in the hood followed by the n word
2020-09-27 19:17
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