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Top5 Washed Up Pros?
DemoN | 
Brazil Loocifer 
top1 coldzera
2020-09-13 12:35
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1. mibr 2. made in brazil 3. Fallen 4. fer 5. Taco
2020-09-13 12:37
taco was always taco, he is not washed up
2020-09-13 12:38
neo taz fallen fer
2020-09-13 12:37
neo doesn't pretend he's still a tier 1 player though, unlike the other 3
2020-09-13 13:47
All of VP All of NiP All of MiBR
2020-09-13 12:38
f0rest | 
Finland Aeryd
2020-09-13 12:40
ye i meant the old school NiP not new Generation
2020-09-13 12:41
Forest Hallzerk arent washed
2020-09-13 12:44
Hallzerk was never apart of NiP & while F0rest stats are still decent, he's never going to play tier 1 cs again
2020-09-13 12:49
f0rest would be still easily able to play on t1 level...
2020-09-13 14:40
2020-09-13 13:24
2020-09-13 12:39
Get_right Xizt Friberg Fallen Taco
2020-09-13 12:40
Pakistan LoOuU2
GTR can still pull his weight in DIgnitas, XIzt and Friberg cant.
2020-09-13 12:54
Gtr cant do shit
2020-09-13 12:57
Pakistan LoOuU2
he still top frags in the team once in a while, rarely but he does do that. Xizt on the other hand, is always at bottom and Friberk at 4th.
2020-09-13 12:59
Get_right "occasionally" top frags against tier 3, maybe 2 teams. Get_Right is done.
2020-09-13 13:05 yeah, just look at those opponents dude xd he sucks and is washed up
2020-09-13 13:07
He had a good series against Heroic in early may, that's it.
2020-09-13 13:09
Pakistan LoOuU2
same opponents and Friberg and XIzt shit the bed against them , i am comparing them both with GTR, they would have even more bad ratings than him against them
2020-09-13 13:36
We know, but he's still washed up
2020-09-13 13:46
United Kingdom iancurtis
2020-09-13 12:42
2020-09-13 12:45
United Kingdom iancurtis
yes i know((
2020-09-13 12:46
2020-09-13 14:32
2020-09-13 12:49
Seized Fer Friberg ChrisJ B4rtin
2020-09-13 12:50
2020-09-13 12:53
coldzera kennys apex gtr mou
2020-09-13 12:55
Denmark depart3g
are u on drugs mate xD
2020-09-13 13:03
Turkey uen4l
1 rain rest irrelevant
2020-09-13 13:01
2020-09-13 13:03
coldzera rain kennys get right guardian
2020-09-13 13:03
fnx | 
Vietnam chad47
kennyS FALLun fer kNG rain mouzsports
2020-09-13 13:10
rain jw kjaerbye kennys pasha
2020-09-13 13:12
Guardian numba 1
2020-09-13 13:13
1. Guardian 2. Pasha 3. Kenny 4. shox 5. Cold
2020-09-13 13:13
if you want to make team then maybe this might have some energy: Ange1 (IGL) Kioshima (entry) Snax (rifle, 2nd AWP) Oskar (AWP) GeT_Right (lurk)
2020-09-13 13:14
Russia Jet1k
if it was in 2018.... omg
2020-09-13 13:44
Lithuania Edze
What does that even mean i dont get lol
2020-09-13 13:19
Look valorant pros
2020-09-13 13:22
forest wasnt washed initially but he put himself in a washed pre-retirement team So 1. f0rest
2020-09-13 13:32
From current top 30: JW (for sure one of the most washed up players on the scene, has been playing trash for years now) Fallen (not even the primary awp and not even the IGL anymore, I'm not sure what his role is now and neither does he) Fer (just nowhere near his peak of 2017, typical lurk/smokepush player that once people figure out how to play against his effectiveness drops massively, but at least then he was also one of the best aimers, well not anymore) TACO (seeing him play looks like his entire reason of his existence in competetive CSGO was to support coldzera, now that cold is gone, he's just lost) rain (closing the scoreboard pretty much every game, he dies in almost every round and the only reason he can get 8-15 kills per match is due to some multikills, usually spraying through smokes on eco. From one of the best and most consistent riflers to this)
2020-09-13 13:44
Maybe kioshima but i dont remember if he was ever good
2020-09-13 13:50
NiKo | 
Europe marQQs
Check Valorant for washed up CS pros
2020-09-13 14:34
Notice how nobody has said RPK even though he's 2 years older than everyone else. Also Rain is still god. Check the ct pistol rounds. He entry's 90% of t side pistols and still gets 1.01**. On ct pistol he has a 1.4 rating. He's literally a support/entry player at this point. No way he gets any resources with Niko and Coldzera on his team. Rain still god.
2020-09-13 14:40
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