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Denver and Jokic
Serbia bilostabrate 
Nobody talk about Denver even though they beat Utah after losing 3-1 and they tied to 3-3 after losing 3-1 and -19pts in game 5 against Clippers who are arguably the best team in NBA together with Lakers. Same goes for Jokic, hes the best center of NBA but nobody talk about him and still some people say the Embid is better which is ridiculous. Jokic shoot for 3p, passing like crazy, hes one of the best clutch players and hes so consistent, just look at his stats during playoffs.
2020-09-13 21:51
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2020-09-13 21:56
Luka Jovic?
2020-09-13 21:57
2020-09-13 21:57
2020-09-13 21:58
dont know him
2020-09-13 21:59
LOL didnt saw that :D
2020-09-13 21:59
he is playing with a very different style, never seen a guy like him
2020-09-13 22:13
Yeah, u will never see a centre that is all around player like him..
2020-09-13 22:30
Besides, he has playmaking and pass ability, I think these are the advantages of coming from Europe
2020-09-13 22:59
Thats true. Players from Europe play smart because they dont have athletic abilities like those from NA so they use brain more to compensate that.
2020-09-14 01:15
device | 
Denmark 4vs0
"Yeah, u will never see a centre that is all around player like him." Hakeem Olajuwon was all around and a top 5 defender of nba history while jokic plays none don't overhype him
2020-09-16 06:01
its cuz hes in denver and they don't get pushed by the media unless they're in the playoffs, I hope they beat the clippers on tuesday
2020-09-14 01:18
Jokic MVP
2020-09-14 01:19
Its just a set up to get more games. More games more money. There's no way clippers blew up such a big leads on 2 games like that if it wasn't a set up. Watch carefully at game 7, the refs will do anything to help clippers win so we can see LA battle on WCF.
2020-09-14 01:19
Jokic happened, thats all. I still think Clippers will win cuz they are a lot better but still, who knows.
2020-09-14 11:26
this didnt age well
2020-09-21 07:56
lik je skroz underrated
2020-09-14 01:25
U vs the guy she told u not to worry about :D
2020-09-14 11:24
Austria mo_bamba
Boban > Jokic
2020-09-14 11:27
Everyone who talks about basketball, talks about denver and jokic right now. But murray was the best denver player in the playoffs so far. He sent my jazz home :/
2020-09-14 20:02
Jokic were most consistent player in playoffs so no, Jokic was better. But ofc Murray did a great job too and Denver couldnt beat those team without him.
2020-09-16 05:44
Nuggets won't get past jazz if Murray doesn't show up and score multiple 40pts++
2020-09-16 05:50
2020-09-16 20:45
2020-09-14 20:05
Xaxaxaxaxa REKT
2020-09-16 05:39
jL | 
Estonia pj4
yeah Jokic is a god. well deserved win :)
2020-09-16 05:44
murray is on another level
2020-09-16 05:47
hahahahahah Pandemic P sucks like usual and Kawhi forgot his OS update HAHAHAHA
2020-09-16 05:48
Such a shame Denver lost like that in the last second from the 3p shot. Jokic with 30pts, in the last 3 mins when they were losing 100-92, Jokic scored 13pts in a row for Denver and they took a lead but in the last seconds AD scored 3point and Lakers won.. Quality game anyway..
2020-09-21 07:48
yea nuggets were kinda unlucky today. they imo deserved that win(and im lakers fan since my 12 so 20 years:DD)
2020-09-21 07:57
I am more of a Sacramento fan cuz of Vlade Divac and Pedja Stojakovic who are from my country.
2020-09-21 08:09
Lmao so nuggets made it to the final? I remember there was a thread before this tournament started that went smth like “who’s going to win?” with a list of teams. I laughed at the name “nuggets” (I know literally nothing about basketball) and said they were going to win. The dude laughed at me and said there is no way they even make it out of groups (or whatever). WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?
2020-09-21 08:11
They were losing 3-1 to Utah and Clippers but still managed to beat both teams 4-3 lol.
2020-09-21 08:28
I am now officially a basketball expert
2020-09-21 08:57
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