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Cloud9 future
felps | 
Brazil FelpsOnFire 
-cloud9 has the financial backing to build one of the best team in csgo. -they finally have the structure and plan to build around. with HenryG, Kassad and Alex 3 great minds c9 is in great hands for the future -none of the players from former c9 will join. This pretty said bc of how good oSee and floppy are. -HenryG eventually wants a 6man rooster when the inicial 5 are announced and stablished. -they already have talks with 4 players and has 15 days to sign all 5 -he is looking for players with stablished roles available players : Fallen - he is a top level awper and with Alex as the igl he could be even better - I don't think he would join but it would be a good pick up taco - He is highly regarded in NA and I think he would be a great pick up for c9. oskar/snax - both of them would bring the same qualities. both are veteran awper and still are very good. also great communication for both of them mHL - He is one of the best young awper in the world. woxic - great awper. even do im not a big fan he a incredible player teSeS/stavn - I think any of this player would be a great pick for c9. together with Bub they are the best young rifler of Denmark xyp - xyp is one of the GOAT and that is that. highly unlikely there is also a lot of other options : xeppa, zenh, styko, maden and others what u guys think will be they roster
2020-09-15 15:48
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pago izak saju easy powlie
2020-09-15 15:49
Hiko Neo NiKo niko Styko
2020-09-15 22:04
Too much "o"s
2020-09-15 23:53
I read it as ''taco - he is highly retarded''
2020-09-15 15:51
2020-09-15 15:57
2020-09-15 15:57
2020-09-15 16:01
Netherlands wesbvb
+1 lol
2020-09-15 16:02
Indonesia DioBrando
2020-09-15 22:04
+1 actually true
2020-09-15 23:29
Argentina trackssZZZ
2020-09-16 09:43
Canada AyyyJayyy
2020-09-16 09:46
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
C9 is going to be OG 2
2020-09-15 15:51
2020-09-15 15:55
but better
2020-09-15 16:01
France LorisDF
2020-09-15 22:43
C9 is going to be OG 1. OG is gonna be OG 2
2020-09-15 16:44
2020-09-15 16:46
2020-09-15 16:51
Would w0xic be considered a potential signing for C9 ?
2020-09-15 15:55
idk I was just listing good players that are on the market
2020-09-15 16:02
If so, I would guess this C9 lineup: w0xic jks ALEX FalleN stavn
2020-09-15 16:45
why jks? i dont think he will leave 100T
2020-09-15 22:05
Yeah It's true It remains a difficult move but who knows what future holds.
2020-09-15 22:41
would be a good thing for C9 though, especially since 100t is dying
2020-09-15 22:43
Yes exactly. Sadly, I cannot see a bright future for 100T.
2020-09-15 22:48
ALEX W0xic artStar smooya jks guardian 6th watch HLTV incels seeth as they see a woman playing in the pro scene
2020-09-15 15:55
Smooya and woxic together wouldn't work, they're both pretty much only good with AWPs, Woxic's proven himself in tier 1 while smooya hasn't played in a tier 1 team for a year or more now. Who the fuck is artStar? JKS buyout from 100T is probably out of C9s budget. HenryG said that he doesn't think GuardiaN can play in tier 1 anymore.
2020-09-15 15:59
well, i disagree with you but i understand your points. BUT, alex said that he is not aiming for T1, but for t2 to turn into t1, so GuadiaN is someone to be considered. if you ask me? no, bad idea, but it does make some kind of sense.
2020-09-15 16:00
Where did he say that they were aiming for t2? C9's got a solid tier 2 roster rn, i doubt they'd want to splurge 5+ mil on CS just to be a tier 2 team...
2020-09-15 16:07
He didn't explicitly said he aimed for T2, this was my read of him saying that this is the opportunity to prove himself without the best in the world, so to me this means that he knows he will have to aim for a T1 contender and use his ability to make them T1
2020-09-15 16:11
HE MEANT NOT HAVING THE LITERAL NR. 1 PLAYER IN THE WORLD. How in the fuck did u read out that he wants tier 2 players? LMAO He said that he has to prove himself without having a player like ZywOo carrying the team. C9 is aiming to be a full tier 1 team lmao...
2020-09-15 16:25
Dude, chill. Its just my read of it. They won't pull players from the current T1, right? How many T2 teams have T1 players that can be bought off? Considering this and the fact that Alex is not an idiot, he knows he will have to work with some T2 players amongst their pillars thus making a T1 contender but not full T1 from the start.
2020-09-15 16:45
They're gonna go for as many top players as possible. There's no way they'd spend the amount of money on cs as they are spending currently not to get a tier 1 team full of tier 1 players lmao.
2020-09-15 16:47
Yes they will go for as many T1 as possible but aside Alex that is T1, who else do you see going to C9, that is already on a T1 team? How many T1 players are free agent right now? My point is that they will have to take their chances on some T2 prospect and this automatically says that they won't build full T1 from the beginning
2020-09-15 16:51
you had a fucking terrible read of it they are probably going with 4 vets and 1 young gun, like any new team (or even established team) does. Not "ALEX IS GONNA PLAY WITH A BUNCH OF T2 SHITTERS" learn. to. read.
2020-09-15 21:26
i didn't said he was going to play with a lot of t2 shitter. could you please answer my question? "Yes they will go for as many T1 as possible but aside Alex that is T1, who else do you see going to C9, that is already on a T1 team? How many T1 players are free agent right now?"
2020-09-15 21:27
buddy, go to Liquipedia and look at it. Regardless - who cares about free agents?? C9 has money as they clearly demonstrated w/ Alex and aren't fucking around. C9 is committing to 100% EU, so any EU player could join. Complexity had issues getting EU players because they needed them to move to the US. It's like any team looking for players lol not sure how u don't get it
2020-09-16 00:42
2020-09-15 16:02
fine tactics... she asks for drops, enemy simps comes running to drop weapons - ambush is set, slaughter imminent.
2020-09-15 15:59
It's no simp september dude.
2020-09-15 16:08
wtf is simp september?
2020-09-15 16:13
India somecunt
Smooya falied hard with rifle in recent standups so him and woxic together as awper is unlikely,Jks is hard to get 100T would disband and who tf is artStar?
2020-09-15 16:07
who the fuck is artstar?
2020-09-15 16:50
search it you monkey
2020-09-15 20:21
hahaha what a disgusting simp
2020-09-15 21:10
A girl from NA that has an incredible 1.10 rating against other female teams lmao
2020-09-15 23:56
stopped reading at taco - He is highly regarded in NA and I think he would be a great pick up for c9.
2020-09-15 16:15
u can disagree that he would be a good pick up, but he is highly regarded in NA and that is a fact.
2020-09-15 16:20
and thats why they brought in henryg, to bring some sense into na cs.
2020-09-15 21:20
how are players playing in the active lineup are available? you should be talking about benched or free agent or roster who are struggling you mentioned some players who are doing good in their team so whywould they leave their team w0xic natosaphix GuardiaN Olof smooya(on trial) fallen taco fer
2020-09-15 16:20
Denmark SSJona
xyp is not available hes just taking a break and once his break is over he will join astralis again
2020-09-15 16:23
dunno man, es3tag has been fitting REAL nicely over there, even carrying the old dudes occasionally
2020-09-15 16:33
Denmark SSJona
well atleast he is meant to comeback as they are creating a 7 man roster so at this particular time hes not available
2020-09-15 17:34
Yeah but Xyp is a support. Every team needs a support and I would love to see Xyp playing in c9 but more possible is prob someone like Styko or NBK
2020-09-15 23:32
alex ottond UK player olof juho
2020-09-15 16:23
Poland Moderee
tudson mb
2020-09-15 23:49
FalleN could be interesting if he's exclusively a player. His in game leading and excuse making is shameful at best though and has hurt the BR scene more than he's helped it. 100% agree with having taco as a support/ anchor player. He's proven his value time and time again. Oskar and Snax are a waste. mHL or woxic would be interesting. Don't think the Danes would leave their teams.
2020-09-15 16:24
United Arab Emirates DynamicAWM
is it just me or are people forgetting about draken?
2020-09-15 16:32
He's going to Valorant isn't he?
2020-09-15 16:33
yep, i took a look at the valorantify or sum shit and one of the top news is draken joining a team for valorant
2020-09-15 16:34
United Arab Emirates DynamicAWM
can't believe he joined a random swedish valorant team when he could've joined c9. rip
2020-09-15 16:37
hes trash, glad hes gone
2020-09-15 16:51
Valorantify was bought by
2020-09-15 16:53
and when was last time he played in top100 match? :D
2020-09-15 21:30
2020-09-15 16:33
United States clockworkk
i have a feeling they gonna get jks / jkaem or both
2020-09-15 16:35
United Kingdom StonkBonk
HenryG is all about roles while building this roster, so I think he’ll go for very defined players in their roles. I’ll predict something like: ALEX Rain TACO w0xic Dycha
2020-09-15 16:43
That is good actually
2020-09-15 16:45
United Kingdom StonkBonk
I feel like their actual roster might be a lot flashier than this though, especially with how HenryG has hyped up how good they can be in all the interviews. This roster would definitely make sense though imo. Feel like they might buy out a top 20 player.
2020-09-15 16:50
and which top20 players would benefit going into brand new team with inactive igl and commentator gm?
2020-09-15 21:25
United Kingdom StonkBonk
1) Working with a top esports org, a top coach right now (Kassad), and a GM who clearly has the right mindset for the job, and is putting a lot of emphasis on both winning and player well-being, is a very enticing prospect for any top player. 2) Money 3) ALEX is a well-established, well-respected IGL in the scene, who with HenryG's emphasis on player well-being, will be highly motivated and working at top form 4) There are many top players in struggling projects right now - for example: NiKo, jks and Broky just to name a few. Also w0xic is an FA right now, and xyp9x's future in Astralis is unknown. There are quite a few top players who could be available for the right price imo.
2020-09-15 21:50
i love how number 2 is just "money" with no other explanation
2020-09-16 03:52
lmao c9 cant get niko and if u think bench warmer in #21 team is top20 player there is no point to even try to explain u anything.
2020-09-17 21:10
Alex Woxic Jks Olof Xyp9x
2020-09-15 16:46
that would be sick
2020-09-16 00:14
Looking at 100t / faze right now, I really hope c9 want to expand their budget and buy an actual good players ALEX broky/rain/both jks/jkaem/both woxic mezii? 6th probably guardian / olof
2020-09-15 16:54
Yeah and 90% of players on your list are in good team/under contract xd Gl buying out xyp9x from his own org xd
2020-09-15 16:55
INS from Renegades would be nice.
2020-09-15 17:03
Sweden quacke
He's appearently already got 3 or 4 players signed and confirmed, just not announced yet. He's in talks with several over the remaining spots.
2020-09-15 20:23
AdreN? Seized? Deadfox?
2020-09-15 21:22
+Dosia +1 = new CIS tier 5 trash
2020-09-15 21:41
Dosia can’t speak english too well so no
2020-09-15 23:33
adren seized and deadfox speak rus, so does dosia why would they need to talk english?
2020-09-16 09:38
Because of Alex?
2020-09-16 15:03
2020-09-15 21:23
Ukraine Dert38
taco fallen oscar snax woxic ????? )))))))) mens are you retarded or what
2020-09-15 21:44
For me right now ALex mhl cant join c9 he is 18 yeras old he dont even finish school and i think i wouldny join international team right now but if he fell confident with english and c9 will play in eu athomathicly he can try ofc the second option what henryg is beleving is tudson for sure Woxic smooya ofc they are options for now but i think they will pick young perspektiv awp Snax can be very good option AWP still good igl he can help alex and ofc experience other options for other positions They need firepower so they need somebody who join and will be shooting JKS for sure is main theme right now they shold try buyout him firepower Pimp will be the 6th player i think they can take player like rallen who is still young in fpl he is just monster everybody says good teamplayer and skill so why not? next guy juanflatroo its a option just MONSTER If innocent will be benched they should pick im If they have enough money they can try buyout sjuush or acor but imo no chance NUkkye ofc is free so why no? can try pick up bubzkji or brollan but imo no chance again right now fer is good pickup ropz would be insane but i dont think so he will leave mouse last one is sh1ro So imo this will look like that ALEX JKS tudson/woxic rallen innocent/ropz/nukkye pimp
2020-09-15 22:02
smooya, woxic are likely I don’t think they will sign any brazilian players rn
2020-09-15 23:32
South Africa Graug_RSA
If the Brazilian players are Keen, then I would highly recommend that they sign Taco And HenryG will probably agree. DOubt about Woxic, but Smooya might be a possibility...?
2020-09-16 14:41
Dream lineup Alex Woxic JKS Xeppa Floppy Established core. Up and coming talent. NOA style. Won't happen but it'd be cool. Floppy is going to gen.g tho me thinks. Br players won't get signed. And um I highly highly doubt Smooya is signed by a tier 1 org til he proves he can be a team player in T2 land at a HIGH level for at least a year. Dude is dead to tier 1 teams and even teams like Chaos weren't that interested in holding onto him hard when it could have been done.
2020-09-15 23:40
I did not even talk abou smooya for a reason lol. idk floppy will go to gen.g
2020-09-16 02:31
That's a good read of smooya, always felt the same about Wardell and he's even more uncalibrated.
2020-09-16 09:01
Turkey TheKaiser
I've read the text next to taco as "He's highly retarded" lmfao wtf
2020-09-15 23:57
2020-09-16 02:29
I would've loved to see a 5-UK Lineup but EnVy fucking cockblocked C9 man...
2020-09-16 00:08
Denmark devnr1
Will probs keep an eye on C9
2020-09-16 00:43
Cloud9 Roster Prediction: Alex, JKS, woxic, tudson, and mezii
2020-09-16 00:56
Sweden Lagge15
They have signed 4 players already, but nothing announced except Alex. They hinted at them having one or two players before that during the announcement of Alex. I think Xyp9x, Woxic and Mezii. On thursday both C9 and Astralis have announecements coming out and even though there are instagram stories where you can see Xyp9x with the Astralis players, and in the pracc room playing, nobody have officially said he is back. But he has been on the roster sheet for EPL and ESL One Cologne, but he is not on the DHO Roster sheet, even though Device earlier said that he expected the "old 5" to play the major. They also didn't play RMR CS_Summit 6 to not loose points on changing players, which they then hinted at using all original 5. But yet he will not play. Why other would someone make multiple teasers about a jersey release if it wasn't connected to a roster change? Woxic has signed, but will not be announced until 19th or 20th. The last signed player is Mezii that will be announced between 24th and 30th september due to GamerLegion play schedule. That's what I think
2020-09-16 02:49
Mate, this is one hell of a theory. If they get xyp I'll get super hyped. Best possible pick they could get. Henry said in hltv confirmed that the next announcement would be massive to the scene. But also, I really think he will get Taco, for the reasons people said above. He is a great entry and support player. Henry values that. Also, he is an really good form right now, probably the best he ever been. Also, he flight to US, why? Fer flew to Brazil and the othersare in eu still.
2020-09-16 05:48
Sweden Lagge15
henry won't go for any MIBR player
2020-09-16 08:53
woxic is FaZe's 6th which means they probably got smooya unfortunately. Instead of mezi I hope they get Nivera or Bodyy both very very good. I'm also hoping they got bubzkji.
2020-09-16 09:49
Sweden Lagge15
YNk said "We are not doing any roster changes and I have no idea where that rumor comes from. Someone is just talking out of their ass" live on EPL yesterday. The only source for the Woxic to FaZe is a turkish blogger with little to no connection to players, orgs and the scene. I got sources that Woxic is done for C9
2020-09-16 14:23
good if true
2020-09-16 14:35
Sweden Lagge15
Xyp was wrong though I thought they delayed the jersey sale because they needed to explain why you can't buy Xyp shirts. But he is in the new shirt, so he is still in Astralis. But I wonder when they will let him play, since he isn't registered for DHO either. That means End of october is the next oportunity.
2020-09-16 14:37
Portugal joaosenra
Just buy LEAF and Xeppa nod even need the 4º and the 5º player leaf +xeppa ez major
2020-09-16 02:54
These are the cheaters that ended the mibr brand?
2020-09-16 14:41
Portugal joaosenra
they are clean its just rumors 100% legit
2020-09-16 14:58
Fallen is terrible he can’t even beat tier 5 mdl players and now you think he can join c9, and then snax and Oskar maybe in 2017 this could be good
2020-09-16 09:55
Stopped reading at taco
2020-09-16 15:04
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