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Morocco secondaryaccount0 
You heard it here first
2020-09-15 16:48
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Finland nexustron
2020-09-15 16:48
Nah Woxic replaces YnK.
2020-09-15 16:48
would probably do a better job
2020-09-15 16:52
maybe, something is definitely not well with preparation and/or IGL
2020-09-15 17:15
Brazil 1930
Woxic should replace rain, cold and snakerbye and niko as IGL
2020-09-15 16:49
Rain is not the problem at all.
2020-09-15 16:49
+1 kick c0ld and sign igl
2020-09-15 16:52
Niko rain cold is the problem if you ask me
2020-09-15 16:54
rain is the only person there who doesnt have a huge ego, he plays support and entry roles because nobody else will niko is terrible now, broky is the best player on faze -niko -cold -kjaerbye +igl +support +awper
2020-09-15 16:57
+kjaerbye was a horrible mistake same as cold
2020-09-15 17:14
they added cold instead of getting aleksib LMAOOOOO also the person niko asked about aleksib was allu, you know the guy who fucking kicked him because he didnt like him
2020-09-15 17:14
Haha. Meme clan to title contender with aleksib. Now back to firepower meme clan. And yeah, you're right. The irony is faze didn't want aleksib because his igl style didn't suit them. Now they try the same slow astralis style strats.
2020-09-15 19:36
they trying to do the ence except they are missing Miikaa "Firepower" Kempii
2020-09-15 19:37
the problem is that noone is fragging, and with a lack of leadership this can't happen
2020-09-15 16:58
Exactly. Rain is not a problem. They just never support him when he goes dry entrying.
2020-09-15 17:17
woxic replaces botzera
2020-09-15 16:49
Finland ManLikeRopz
And Bymas replaces YNk?
2020-09-15 16:50
That makes no sense,you should give up
2020-09-15 16:50
NEO | 
Italy Wakkaa
as if FaZe has ever made a decision that made sense
2020-09-15 16:51
you got a point
2020-09-15 19:37
Broky to c9 Woxic to lul clan
2020-09-15 16:50
had the same thought earlier I think it would be too crazy though
2020-09-15 16:56
2020-09-15 16:58
Germany _PH1L
sure kick the only sane player
2020-09-15 17:15
2020-09-15 19:18
If woxic replaces rain faze is gonna suck even more...
2020-09-15 17:16
device | 
Denmark JKTP
Woxic playing support?
2020-09-15 19:37
2020-09-15 19:38
just disband plz and save broky
2020-09-15 19:42
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