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FaZe 0-5 EPL
s1mple | 
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Coldzera playing the worst cs in his career when his buyout was 1 million $ . Niko should actually just take any IGL that is decent and change coach as well who is just to feed Niko ego there, someone who is not scared to criticize the players and will build different structure. Ynk might be good but no sort of result or structure or stability was brought with him.
2020-09-15 17:15
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cold niko and ynk should be banned from partying every day
2020-09-15 17:16
I don't think they are partying as much as you think they are but it's sad that big amount of money being wasted from investors by FaZe clan with 0 return. They might just eventually drop the team and say there is so much loss financially from their CS team that there is no point keeping it
2020-09-15 17:22
i don't think the org gives a fuck
2020-09-15 17:22
1 million dollar
2020-09-15 17:16
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