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Thorin on Niko
GuardiaN | 
India I_browse_hltv@work 
2020-09-16 02:04
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Why is Thorin Haters Brigade having a Renaissance?
2020-09-16 02:06
I love that everybody who themselves unable to play at a high level at all are experts on who is talented and who is not but I get that players are celebrities and should be criticised and faze Niko needed somebody to tell the truth.
2020-09-16 10:17
Well, HLTV forums are full of these "experts"..
2020-09-16 10:25
2020-09-16 11:38
just look at the krystal haters xd no idea about cs, only watch their k/d ratio in MM
2020-09-16 13:13
Europe the_NDR
thorin was kinda right tbh
2020-09-16 02:07
Straight to the feels
2020-09-16 02:34
2020-09-16 11:22
2020-09-16 13:37
2020-09-16 13:40
Sweden changrai
he tells the truth in this video
2020-09-16 02:07
Europe the_NDR
i bet if i bought a major trophy from fnatic, niko would pick me up
2020-09-16 02:09
+1 start a gofundme
2020-09-16 02:20
Great video
2020-09-16 02:27
2020-09-16 13:40
FaZe could get daps cheap
2020-09-16 02:14
You think Daps would want to work with players that have Ego's bigger than a room? NiKo & Cold?
2020-09-16 02:35
more like ya really think niko and cold would respect any NA igl
2020-09-16 02:43
+1 spot on
2020-09-16 06:01
Who tf would respect such a passive guy whos won nothing in comparison to these 2
2020-09-16 12:42
good point as well lmao
2020-09-16 15:01
Daps is too beta, he'd be a mousepad in FaZe.
2020-09-16 03:24
Finland jakem0n
2020-09-16 10:30
says Berazategui lmao
2020-09-16 22:06
+1 one of the only IGLs that could handle the ego would be Zeus
2020-09-16 22:07
North America pkheat
yeah good choice to neuter your rmr points while still playing with your team from across the atlantic ocean during the pandemic
2020-09-16 04:47
They havent loss points yet for Kjaerbye, Canada can travel to EU, still an upgrade
2020-09-16 09:59
Daps would get bullied so hard lol
2020-09-16 11:38
Yeah i can see that, he seems a very chill dude
2020-09-16 12:08
+1 Good video
2020-09-16 02:15
Malaysia Suno[t]
I'm going to let this one slide, if it's not enough getting faze/niko threads and having thorin do one is just too much for me. yes we know niko sucks in faze can we move on now?
2020-09-16 02:16
No, we cannot move on until there is a significant change brought to resolve the issue.
2020-09-16 11:36
I really like how straightforward he is! No excuses , saying just exactly how it is
2020-09-16 02:18
2020-09-16 02:28
man your username is completely me LUL wow
2020-09-16 02:35
2020-09-16 03:16
Japan dayyum
funny headphones tho
2020-09-16 02:21
Yugoslavia RiggedShit
100% truth
2020-09-16 02:29
Thorin is 1000000000000 IQ he so smart and always right <333333
2020-09-16 02:30
He spit straight facts in that video
2020-09-16 02:35
2020-09-16 03:17
New Zealand rOtten_97
niko (heroic) > NiKo (faze)
2020-09-16 02:42
Portugal joaosenra
Thorin is an brazilian hatter and kind of retarded but about this subject NIKO is 100% correct
2020-09-16 02:44
he is right about this subject and also every other subject he speaks on
2020-09-16 03:18
Germany LYCRIs
Not all lad, remember when he said that BIGs spot on ESL Cologne is wasted and they went to the final? He said that they will get rekt in every match and that it is totally wasted and unfair for other teams, yet they still managed to win against nearly all favorites except navi (the #1 favorite besides astralis)
2020-09-16 13:05
Russia VelsVivard
I always liked him, since 2015, he was on point for the things he cared and was involved in.
2020-09-16 02:48
United States raymoney
Just watched the video. He isn't wrong, FaZe need to bring in someone with the balls to stand up to NiKo. Either that of Niko should just leave while he still can salvage his prime. I think if he were to go to a team like C9 along with Cold, that team could genuinely have an era.
2020-09-16 03:24
Argentina Joedash
Or maybe just bring an IGL and kick kjaerbye, they dont need to throw all the time with rain and faze to the trash imo.
2020-09-16 04:20
United States raymoney
The thing is what IGL can they get that would be good and is availiable
2020-09-16 04:47
Argentina Joedash
Daps or Krystal are a good choice imo.
2020-09-16 15:47
United States raymoney
Krystal would not work, he even said so. Daps could work, but idk if he would be able to handle NiKo and Cold esp. if he could not handle tarik and stan
2020-09-16 18:10
Zeus would be best he would beat the shit out of them if they didn't listen lmao
2020-09-16 22:08
United States raymoney
Would be an ok move but far from iudeal
2020-09-16 22:29
Argentina Joedash
Well, you can't compare tarik and stan, both snakes, to Niko and cold. But I think he would do a great job in the team, we'll see what will happen. But I'm sure a change will come after they don't get qualified for EPL playoffs.
2020-09-16 23:15
great video
2020-09-16 03:24
Switzerland Jeded
Thorin always has good takes on the scene, just salty Brazilians can't handle the fact that sk was good 3 years ago
2020-09-16 03:28
true af
2020-09-16 03:31
Argentina Joedash
Loved this video, and is hard as a faze fan watching niko destroy his and his teammates's career with such decisions. I hope faze after this tournament kicks kjaerbye and gets an IGL, if not... Its gonna get worst and worst and more and more sad...
2020-09-16 04:18
2020-09-16 04:35
Such hard to watch ...
2020-09-16 04:51
2020-09-16 04:40
North America 007DBR9
honestly a great pickup for mouz
2020-09-16 04:51
North America 007DBR9
he's speaking fax
2020-09-16 04:51
Norway Rattyy
Thorin talking shite as usual.
2020-09-16 04:59
Flair checks out.
2020-09-16 11:42
Croatia _doppler_
literally everything he said is 100% true
2020-09-16 11:47
Haha can’t handle the truth
2020-09-16 12:19
+1 hah Such a lil' snowflake
2020-09-16 12:39
Ur delusional
2020-09-16 13:02
he's right tho
2020-09-16 06:00
Asia loveall
2020-09-16 11:19
Turkey TheKaiser
I REALLY don't like Thorin but he's probably right on this one.
2020-09-16 11:21
He says Niko is better than S1mple. Hahahaha Thorin is delusional Niko sucker. And says nex and ChrisJ is a joke. ChrisJ already won more than Niko ever will. 5 minutes and full bullshit.
2020-09-16 11:26
>ChrisJ already won more than Niko ever will. 8 lans for chris 10 lans for niko Jermanistan's brain in action i guess.
2020-09-16 11:44 15 S and A Torunament wins 12 S and A tournament wins click order by placements and start to count Aha bye
2020-09-16 12:14
Wow minors wow Wow 1st-4th wow Wow some online shit wow Woooow jermanistan brain woooow
2020-09-16 12:38
Niko Blast wow amazing wow Swedistan LUL
2020-09-16 13:32
Ikr joke af Still better than minors, 1st-4th VICTORY and online garbo
2020-09-16 13:35
minors more important than a shit blast. But Swedistan no IQ for cs anymore. With pronax your last brain retired.
2020-09-16 13:35
Oh ye minors vs t2-t3 shitholes is better thats right ye Lmfao
2020-09-16 13:38
at least they play bo3 there. minimum standard for being competitive.
2020-09-16 13:38
2020-09-16 13:39
2020-09-16 13:40
Lol online winss hahah. Btw ChrisJ and nexa didnt have balls to take igl role, so niko with 17 18 years old had to take it. He said everything right about ChrisJ and nexa.
2020-09-16 13:03
Denis was in the Lineup and he was IGL sprout. He had the ball but Niko needed an ego show.
2020-09-16 13:33
Haha naah, if he had the balls he wouldnt let some kid take igl role.
2020-09-16 13:35
So you say a Coldzera has no ballz to say niko quit IGL?? That is what your logic means.
2020-09-16 13:36
Hey bro, coldzera is not in mibr anymore. He cant do things like in mibr, NiKo runs the show here. After all, only reason why cold is in faze and probably has bigger paycheck than in mibr is cuz niko brought him.
2020-09-16 13:45
"In 1896 he renounced his German citizenship. He was not a citizen of any country until 1901 when he became a citizen of Switzerland".
2020-09-16 12:25
Einstein born as german die as german. Hitler born as Austria die as Austria.
2020-09-16 13:34
Keep being proud about it, when Einstein wasn't. Celebrate him for his persona, not his nationality. He despised jermany gov for their influence in 1st ww.
2020-09-16 13:36
I am not proud. I only show the world that they are stupid. If you feel so offended by that I do it obv right.
2020-09-16 13:38
If I was offended, I would have never replied. Instead I would've reported you and go on with own business. Falsely I thought that dialog would help you grasp the perspective shown to you. I can see now that was a bit blue-eyed. "I only show the world that they are stupid" - If that is the main reason for your name, I wish you a very nice life ;-). I'm sure Einstein would have found you a very sensible individual.
2020-09-16 19:51
I don't care what Einstein wanted cuz he was a coward
2020-09-16 22:04
Finland 0lter
hitler was german
2020-09-16 13:37
He said that there’s a case for people to say that niko was the goat in 2016-17 not that he was the best you idiot listen to the video and now you’re gonna say that Chrisj and nex are even comparable to niko, you’re not only an idiot you’re a delusional idiot bye bye jerman
2020-09-16 12:30
He said Niko is more talented and better than S1mple. Learn to listen.
2020-09-16 13:34
Finland 0lter
No he didnt lmao german listening comprehension hahahaha
2020-09-16 13:37
expected from cheater nation that you can't listen. maybe you gonna sue me as well for your mistakes. LUL
2020-09-16 13:40
Finland 0lter
germany talking about cheater nation hahahahaa
2020-09-16 16:22
Absolutely true.
2020-09-16 11:46
i like thorins takes he seems to be honest.
2020-09-16 12:08
Pretty much spot-on.
2020-09-16 12:21
Sweden RaaCCooN
2020-09-16 12:29
One of the very few times I agree with him. Good video honestly.
2020-09-16 12:44
Spot on man. Unfortunately tho , i don't think NIKO would change anything.
2020-09-16 13:11
That's the sad part
2020-09-16 20:13
That is so fucking true
2020-09-16 13:11
I know. Just what everyone is thinking
2020-09-16 20:12
He said everything most people are thinking. Great video!
2020-09-16 13:15
Sure did
2020-09-16 20:12
Germany TrTafitson
He's 100% right about this He's still an idiot though
2020-09-16 13:44
im 100% agreeing with thorin unfortunately tho i dont understand why they didnt pick up Alex instead of kjaerbye
2020-09-16 13:47
OOF ... When u don't listen to anyone , you bring in Thorin to spit cold , hard facts at your face..
2020-09-16 14:55
2020-09-16 20:12
At least he tells the truth
2020-09-16 22:12
Who gives fuck about this redhead ginger retard. I think he legitimately has mental problems, he's so stupid.
2020-09-16 23:18
2 yersssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
2020-09-17 00:24
thorin honestly normally does have really good takes. He spit nothing but facts in that vid
2020-09-17 00:27
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