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Liquid's new EU training facility = dayum
South Africa LustedSilli - 
Team Liquid really outdone themselves with this one. New Alienware training facility in Netherlands, Utrecht. Looks crazy, I mean dayum, 1060 square meters, full-time chef, 120 alienware displays, viewing areas for fans... Thinking back at playing in a friend's mums garage to get ready for a small tourney really doesn't seem like good times anymore
2020-09-16 06:31
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South Africa @FyreCS
2020-09-16 06:33
Can't wait for this esports bubble shit to explode, these people out there spending millions and millions while they not making any money lmao.
2020-09-16 06:35
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2020-09-16 06:42
Oh let's hear from this rando on hltv on how he knows about economics of esports bette than the TO and sponsors 🤡
2020-09-16 06:56
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+99 lol
2020-09-16 07:33
if they don't make money how/why invest?
2020-09-16 10:14
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Ask spotify
2020-09-16 11:11
7 replies
if you plan on replying next time give a real answer or no answer
2020-09-16 11:13
6 replies
I told u the answer u idiot
2020-09-16 11:17
5 replies
you can't even elaborate and type a proper sentence and call that an answer
2020-09-16 11:22
4 replies
Cuz im not explaining to someone who cant even make an attempt to get an answer himself
2020-09-16 15:17
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i didn't ask you in the first place and your poor reply doesn't make any sense
2020-09-16 15:18
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U are fucking retarded
2020-09-16 16:36
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nope, you acting all cool and knowing but still can't even give a proper answer. conclusion, you don't have a real answer yourself.
2020-09-16 16:39
There are so many other things where you think something like „oh how do these people make money with this!?“ I’m sure those companies or people wouldn’t do it if it wouldn’t make them revenue or serve some other purpose
2020-09-16 11:09
Stick to football pls, frog
2020-09-16 16:38
I was about to make a thread on this lol Its honestly crazy how rich Liquid got like god damn Not only do they have strong teams but their franchise players are strong too. They have really strong sponsors and even a mascot.
2020-09-16 06:48
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Same goes for Faze, mabye the csgo team struggle atm the whole org Faze is still insane!
2020-09-16 07:01
United States noCap
They have Michael Jordan money
2020-09-16 07:03
Switzerland gachinko
They have strong teams but not in CS 😂
2020-09-16 11:12
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Liquid CSGO team is strong still, maybe not as good as in 2019 but still good. Their other teams are also really nice and maybe not the best, but above average for sure which is good.
2020-09-16 13:48
at this point i think theyre just trying to flex on 100T
2020-09-16 07:05
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Denmark pdxm
Have you seen the upcoming TSM one though?
2020-09-16 07:16
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2020-09-16 07:18
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Denmark pdxm Take a look, probably best i have seen
2020-09-16 07:21
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honestly cba, ill take a look tmrw 😎👍
2020-09-16 07:22
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Denmark pdxm
2020-09-16 07:23
India spiderCAKE
It's fucking sick but why in LA tho? Should have made it in the EU. Larger player base compared to NA there.
2020-09-16 09:49
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Bcuz americans are idiots
2020-09-16 11:18
Denmark pdxm
Yea, maybe more of their players are in NA
2020-09-16 15:45
United States noCap
I see LIquid bootcamping here more often than not
2020-09-16 07:08
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imagine playning half of year against same NA teams its sick
2020-09-16 07:31
India spiderCAKE
Holy shit.
2020-09-16 09:53
ropz | 
Netherlands ONGix
It's probably for real E-sports teams like LoL or Valorant
2020-09-16 11:05
Crazy cuz they are tier 2 lol
2020-09-16 11:12
Why are you making so many weird threads?????????
2020-09-16 11:18
why this guy looks like he has negative testosterone? Also great facility
2020-09-16 11:24
Latvia latvianguy
All good, but they stuck playing with sponsored shit Alienware mouse and keyboard and headset?
2020-09-16 11:27
2020-09-16 14:06
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