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Edward Snowden
United States TrumpPrison2020 
American hero.
2020-09-16 14:38
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2020-09-16 14:39
Watch these and you will understand so much more and will most likely lose your naivety if not ignorant
2020-09-16 21:59
I only said "ok" wtf
2020-09-16 22:25
2020-09-16 22:25
Go start tribal warfare somewhere else please!
2020-09-17 11:22
2020-09-17 11:23
They're ok, but if you TRULY want to expand your mind, do yourself a huge favour and watch these:
2020-09-18 11:19
stop spreading your retarded far-right propaganda bs
2020-09-18 11:43
??? Propaganda??? Bullshit???? Far Right??? Portugal is a shithole because of people like you irmao...
2020-09-18 11:54
its disgusting brain-damage stuff the guy thinks hitlers invasions were self-defence in response to us-propaganda by their 'ruling communists'. he supports slavery and thinks whites have higher iq for genetic reasons. basically an outspoken nazi and conspiracy theorist. and please stop insulting our european friends from wonderful portugal
2020-09-18 12:04
"the guy thinks hitlers invasions were self-defence in response to us-propaganda by their 'ruling communists" He doesn't think this at all what the hell??? I watched all of his podcasts and read all of his writings, what you're saying is simply not true, he criticizes the atribution of things to the nazis that simply werent true, such as the claim that nazis planned to annex all of Western Europe and U.S. And he criticizes the media's atrocity of hiding the soviet anti human crimes and genocides in the Union. That's what he usually talks about between communists and nazis, what you claimed he said is false. He doesn't support slavery, this is extreme bait. The race and IQ claim was merely mentioned once in a podcast, he never made any comments on it. You are however, an outspoken communist piece of shit.
2020-09-18 12:07
your insults are not helping your cause. weak stuff i am not a supporter of communism. but i guess in your book even conservatives qualify as such. thats the problem with consuming all this extremely dumb conspiracy stuff. you are nowhere near reality and it shows
2020-09-18 12:12
2020-09-18 11:04
This guy is a hero
2020-09-16 14:42
India mr_magician
2020-09-16 14:42
To? The spying government? And you support them, rather than your fellow man?
2020-09-17 11:30
He was not following his professional ethics. also the govt spies all of its citizen, it was true before and true today, thats not a big deal. it has no interest in your data personally, they do this for national security and i dont see any problem unless you are indulged in activities which maybe threat to national security. although i know many people think differently :)
2020-09-17 14:54
Or if your a threat to the government... for better or for worse. Privacy is a hill EVERYONE has to die on, because without privacy, there is no freedom.
2020-09-17 15:43
I forgot to provide the disclaimer. I am assuming the govt to be democratic (as was the case in US). however, i do not support spying by an autocratic govt (like that in china or russia) because they use the data to target individuals who speak against them. this is surely not acceptable.
2020-09-17 15:50
You assume democratic governments are inherently good, something that is obviously not true, considering the USA's blatant corruption and foreign atrocities.
2020-09-17 15:52
ofc they are corrupt and I am not assuming they are good. All I am saying is that spying is justified (imo) as long as it is used by govt to protect the nation, but not the govt itself (like by curtailing speech against govt etc., which generally doesnt happen in democratic states).
2020-09-17 16:11
i mean, if there was a way to guarantee that's the only way it's being used, then sure but there isn't, because humans will be humans, and governments seek to keep themselves in power, at almost any cost, meaning all of it has to be banned
2020-09-17 16:13
Asia loveall
If you expose wrong things in your country you are not a "traitor".Sadly these type of people are called traitor nowadays.
2020-09-17 13:42
2020-09-17 14:50
cia would be proud of you good boy
2020-09-18 11:50
Sweden crindz
he's in a new episode w/ joe rogan btw.
2020-09-16 14:44
Europe im_we
I thought this was a year ago.
2020-09-16 15:05
There's a new one came out like a day ago.
2020-09-16 20:45
Europe im_we
Yeah , I'm watching it right now. Thank you guys.
2020-09-16 20:58
Sweden Svahn
Joe talks alot in the new one 😂 but otherwise another great episode with Ed
2020-09-17 10:47
juicer | 
Brazil ricca
2020-09-16 14:45
Azerbaijan IMakeHS
too bad braindead people in usa are calling him a traitor.. lmao
2020-09-16 14:47
yeah that's the work of brainwashing
2020-09-16 22:31
very few civilians actually call him a traitor; it's a very popular move to pardon him for everyone except government people that don't want to make it more acceptable to leak secrets
2020-09-17 11:15
"traitor for exposing his own country of spying on their own people" logical thinking left the chat. I liked the movie aswell tho :)
2020-09-16 14:49
Dude im no way leftist but he exposed unconstitutional government activity tho...
2020-09-16 14:51
first of all, nothing wrong with being left, it all depends on how your personal takes on things are. Second of all, so? He exposed them for being massive hypocrites aswell - like how at this point in time Trump accuses China of using tiktok to spy while literally the US spies on China aswell lmfao. Its still denying that youre doing something wrong, while you literally are, it destroys peoples trust in how genuine your government really is and whether or not you should blindly follow them
2020-09-16 15:13
Afghanistan TaIiban
There is a massive difference between how China spies and illegally collects data about every person in the world and how US is having surveillance towards the Chinese military. Can’t you see how China is quite literally buying up the whole world? Even the Swedish government are fighting with China.
2020-09-16 17:28
if all governments would just work together and get rid of corrupt leaders then there would be no need for spying and/or fighting :)
2020-09-16 17:59
Afghanistan TaIiban
Well, don't act like it's America's fault. Can't you see what China has become? They are literally trying to buy the whole world, they talk like they are a big mafia. For example, they threatend a number of Swedish politicians for handing a prize Gui Minhai, a swedish-chinese who is imprisoned in China for criticizing the state. Think about that for a second, do you want illegal spyware on your phone that they save literally everything about you in their registry forever?
2020-09-16 18:56
youre delusional if you think only china does this XD if youre really from afghanistan you'd maybe be aware of the fact that theres literally a war over oil being fought out there, under the lead of the US.
2020-09-16 19:24
Afghanistan TaIiban
I'm fakeflagging. Have you perhaps heard of the Taliban? They are being fought by both Afghanistan and the United States. There is no war over oil in Afghanistan, who led you to believe this? A huge majority of the oil imported to the US comes from rich Arab states. You seem to state things without actually knowing anything, you have "heard" it being mentioned sometimes and therefore you take it as truth. It's dangerous. There is no democratic country that is behaving like China is, they are just horrible in every single way.
2020-09-16 20:20
look buddy, youre clearly biased, which means you cannot make an argument that isnt in favour of any sides. NT tho. Keep getting brainwashed by your 20iq president!
2020-09-16 20:44
Afghanistan TaIiban
What? I'm Swedish, it is YOU who is biased. Don't you see that? Base your opinions on facts and not on fiction, and stop being so emotional. I can agree that you are right, but that was during George W. Bush's administration, and Saddam Hussein wasn't a very humble person anyway was he? But i get that it is easy to confuse the Iraq War with The War on Terror.
2020-09-16 20:50
He never said ONLY China does it, he says there's a difference on HOW they do it. Regardless both cases are wrong, but this is the world we live in. Privacy will soon be a thing of the past whether we like it or not. And btw if you give the government a lot of power, guess what? This is what the government does.
2020-09-16 20:47
yup, both are bad and I am against governments either way, theyre always corrupt lmfao
2020-09-16 21:07
Italy Luca_Toni
True :D
2020-09-17 16:55
you also have spyware from Epic Games Launcher. but anyways imagine the world today if that US general (mcarthy I think same guy who led the japan stuff in ww2) went through with nuking china during I think the 1950s
2020-09-18 11:38
Afghanistan TaIiban
The world would be a greater place. I’ve always said that if we were to level china with the ground 75% of the world’s problems would be gone.
2020-09-18 11:40
Ehh I think many problems would be solved, but you can't disagree with the fact that there are many atrocities created/not stopped by the UN/US/EU sometimes which China had no hand in it. Ofcourse china are by far the most blantant and worse (the Uigher muslims sent to those concentration camps and apple being involved in helping find them.), but you also have Serbia getting bombed in recent history the 5000 civil wars in the arab countries. 400000000 genocides in Sub Sharan africa which UN does nothing about and rather labels it ethnic cleansing.
2020-09-18 11:44
Korea XigNw0w
It's not a classical right-wing or left-wing issue.
2020-09-18 09:06
I miss read the left out of chat so my comment was kinda stupid
2020-09-18 09:28
Movie was so good
2020-09-16 15:29
Pardon him, and pardon Julian Assange too.
2020-09-16 14:50
Yugoslavia RIP_MY_NIP
Pardoning him is more symbolic because there is no way that Snowden would ever return to the US, especially while some people still consider him a traitor that should die.
2020-09-16 14:56
Symbolic or not, its still good to do it... And pardon Julian Assange! He is hero too!
2020-09-16 15:05
Yugoslavia RIP_MY_NIP
I agree. However, if the US government pardoned them, they would also open the floodgates for many more whistleblowers that would reveal more illegal shit that government is conducting, all with the knowledge that they too could get a pardon for their actions. The US government is simply to cautious and shitty to do something like that.
2020-09-16 15:16
Everything should be for public to see
2020-09-16 17:20
Yugoslavia RIP_MY_NIP
Well yes, but you and the US government hold differing views on that matter.
2020-09-16 17:22
Governments could have been more transparent about many matters but (excluding this topic) it could turn into do what the herd wants you to in this day and age and probably twitter would start to rule countries or sth.
2020-09-16 21:31
Afghanistan TaIiban
Trump said he’ll think about it, hopefully he’ll make up his mind before the election and be elected once again.
2020-09-16 17:24
2020-09-16 18:01
Germany _PH1L
if he would pardon him and assange i would actually vote for him .... biden is no real option too soo ya probbly would still vote for the 3rd party candidate if i were US citizen
2020-09-16 20:52
Libertarian candidate is a sellout... Styxhexenhammer666, most subbed libertarian youtuber even says that and he votes trump... 2016 libertarian candidate was actually better than trump
2020-09-17 07:25
Germany _PH1L
I also heard Bernie would still be running?
2020-09-17 10:40
Nah he endorsed biden, google search bernie endorsed biden, bernie is sellout, he wasnt in 2016 and he wanted a border barrier before trump aswell, trump copied bernie's idea... Im from finland but i follow these things closely
2020-09-17 10:56
Germany _PH1L
wasnt he proposed by some ppl on the demnocratic tzhing .... where also biden was?
2020-09-17 13:04
Yes but after that he endorsed biden
2020-09-17 13:37
Lmfao nothing is gonna happen to Snowden if he returns. People who call him a traitor are brainwashed idiots but wont do shit relax.
2020-09-16 20:48
Yugoslavia RIP_MY_NIP
I wouldn't be so sure about that in a country where policemen think they are the equivalent of the Punisher, with the allowance of eliminating anyone they deem a threat.
2020-09-17 12:36
He will never come back, because some agency will always have bad blood and murder him.
2020-09-16 20:23
Germany _PH1L
But bad Russia for killing a double agent xd*trying
2020-09-18 08:44
trump is considering pardoning him would be a good message that theyre trying to improve the country
2020-09-16 15:08
Afghanistan TaIiban
Starting to sound like Trump there Mr. TrumpPrison2020
2020-09-16 17:22
2020-09-16 20:48
Yes, you should also read his auto-biography, it's very informative and entertaining aswell
2020-09-16 20:49
Germany _PH1L
or just wathc the docuemtary ;)
2020-09-16 20:50
It's not even comparable.
2020-09-17 07:35
Germany _PH1L
Nicolas Cage nothing more needed tho
2020-09-17 10:41
Hes a good guy, i wish there were more people like him who is not scared of exposing frauds Hope this helps
2020-09-16 20:49
Germany _PH1L
actually just cross the "american".... i also dont think many of ur fellw NAs are gonna sign on this statement although ofc they should
2020-09-16 20:49
pistol king!!!
2020-09-16 20:51
2020-09-16 22:02
What real patriotism looks like
2020-09-17 07:28
+1 Hero
2020-09-17 07:33
A hero to us libertarians
2020-09-17 07:34
Russia armando_o
go loot some shit and dont associate urself with real mens like edward
2020-09-17 10:46
Wym right libertarianism is all about capitalism so why would we destroy businesses.
2020-09-17 10:55
bc maybe thats what u wanna do
2020-09-18 11:32
The US is build on liberal ideals. All Americans are libertarians, even if they don't want to admit it
2020-09-18 11:43
Dev1 | 
Slovakia Trav1s
Hero of heros
2020-09-17 10:47
Edward Ioann Sukhariev
2020-09-17 10:51
2020-09-17 12:38
He's a naive idiot LMAO. NSA's HR must really suck if they hired him.
2020-09-17 12:40
Europe im_we
Elaborate on the idiot part. Have you heard him speaking?
2020-09-17 15:40
Dude was disappointed with US intelligence activities, fled to Russia (a country, that's waging at least 4 proxy wars at the moment, where oppositioners are poisoned with chemical weapons, and the president remains in power for as long as he wants) calling it one of the best countries in the world? What is that if not a definition on a naive idiot?
2020-09-17 16:34
Europe im_we
Lol what where did he call Russia that? He also had never planned to end up there, and he wouldn't if the US didn't cancel his passport while he was on his way to South America. At the moment? Snowden blew the whistle back in 2013. Dude, you are highly delusional.
2020-09-17 21:01
Fri 13 Sept 2019 - In 2013, yeah sure. Putin was in power "only" 14 years back then. What a nice country LMAO. Dude, you're a delusional one, together with dummy Snowden.
2020-09-17 21:15
Europe im_we
He at no pointed planed to stay in Russia. Can you provide an exact quote from that article? I can see anything that resembles what you said previously.
2020-09-17 21:17
if you cannot ctrl+f the article with the words "warm" and "friendly" by yourself, I'm wasting my time talking to you. dude was used and thrown out like a cheap condom LMAO
2020-09-17 21:21
Europe im_we
"The people are friendly. The people are warm," and what you said: "a country, that's waging at least 4 proxy wars at the moment, where oppositioners are poisoned with chemical weapons, and the president remains in power for as long as he wants" Lmao. You must be out of your mind. He also criticised Russian government on numerous occasions:
2020-09-17 21:31
literally 2 lines above: "One of the things that is lost in all the problematic politics of the Russian government is the fact this is one of the most beautiful countries in the world." Now, re-read #85. That number - "85", must be doubling your IQ at least.
2020-09-17 21:32
Europe im_we
And what's wrong with saying the people are friendly and nice? It's the biggest country out there. From that alone, what are the odds that doesn't cover many most beautiful places on this planet?
2020-09-17 21:35
things described in #85 don't happen in a country with "nice" people
2020-09-17 21:36
Wow you're dumber than I thought.
2020-09-18 12:07
You and "thought" isn't even supposed to be in one sentence.
2020-09-18 12:09
No shit he's going to call Russia a good country. The country keeping him safe from the CIA and other agencies that will literally murder him if he steps into another country.
2020-09-18 09:29
Calling one mofo "best" and "beautiful" for saving him (with the purpose of prodding US govt) from another mofo? As I said, he's an instrument e.g. - naive idiot in other agency's hands. Because not only Russia doesn't give a fk about human rights (neither US govts does) they also keep their own people in extreme poverty spending billions on sabre-rattling around the globe. What a douche, his betaness is literally written on his face LMAO
2020-09-18 11:25
2020-09-17 21:15
Sadly cyberpunk is still coming
2020-09-17 21:24
Afghanistan TaIiban
Listened to Joe Rogan’s interview of Snowden yesterday. An absolute legend no matter what party you vote for. He is the definition of a patriot.
2020-09-17 21:31
He is hero ofc goverment etc try to blame him and sheeps believe that he was the bad guy
2020-09-18 11:07
Finland OldStager
2020-09-18 11:26
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