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Lebanon Dogman69
rip the dream
2020-09-16 18:05
Denmark Raskoiano
Must be though for forest benching his best mate for the second time. Im not sure Dignitas will do much better with two new player maybe top 30 if they get lucky.
2020-09-16 18:06
Isn't Get Right their second best player behind Forest RN though? i don't see how benching Get right can help.
2020-09-16 18:13
Ya honestly that was stupid, GTR is the reason why they beat Fnatic. If they needed to bench someone it would have been Friberg
2020-09-16 18:14
-Friberg +olofmeister Ateast he could get to play some good roles
2020-09-16 18:19
North America 007DBR9
olof used to entry on fnatic didn't he? that actually sounds pretty good
2020-09-16 18:22
Germany 1fRaNkkK
It seems like they play much better against top tier teams. I'm not really sure about GTR, I was hoping for them to start slow and bench only the IGL and try with a new one. About friberg he is a very good support player and when he comes alive(which he does mostly on important rounds) he plays well.
2020-09-16 18:25
Xizt is a really good support when he 'comes alive' They played well against top teams but dropped off against lower tier teams. Benching GeT_RiGhT makes no sense honestly.
2020-09-16 18:28
Benching friberg made more sense but who knows
2020-09-16 18:17
well i mean hes entry and he doesnt give a shit about his rating aslong as his entrys/openings make them win, but its not the case here, so i dont know why they didnt bench him instead
2020-09-16 18:20
fnx | 
Vietnam chad47
kick friberg too and make a good lineup with freedyfrog relaxa and hampus
2020-09-16 18:11
United States Magma_44
hampus won't leave NiP for this deadend shitshow lmao
2020-09-16 18:12
fnx | 
Vietnam chad47
they need some igl for real
2020-09-16 18:12
Nepal askyee
ye, hampus will leave nip for dignitas, noice
2020-09-16 18:12
Ty for saving forest
2020-09-16 18:12
Myanmar Guzhas
haha no more paycheck stealing for gtr :D
2020-09-16 18:14
Nepal askyee
wtf are they thinking xD first f0rest left nip to play with his old friends and know they benched 2 of them? lmao
2020-09-16 18:15
2020-09-16 18:20
Thailand hahahoha
it will be easier for f0rest to just join NiP or fnatic instead of looking for 3 new players who are some good swedish players right now?
2020-09-16 18:21
I don't see benching gtr as necessary. I reckon the main problem is how bad leader xizt is and they could've done decently if they just replaced him with a decent igl
2020-09-16 18:23
United States burzeus
gtr still has it in him , benching xizt was alright , maybe get fifflaren to igl?
2020-09-16 18:25
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