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Now we know the price, will you get the playstation 5 ? And if yes digital edition or standard ? I never had a console in my life, was always a PC gamer, now it seems like a good opportunity to try something new. Is getting an expensive TV worth it or monitor should be fine ? Thinking about LG C9
2020-09-17 08:34
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Slovakia Lavend
Not worth it
2020-09-17 08:35
Why not ?
2020-09-17 08:38
Slovakia Lavend
Trust me bro
2020-09-17 08:39
2020-09-17 09:19
Germany Gugsch
2020-09-17 11:19
I will buy it as gift next year i guess paired with some new games
2020-09-17 08:36
2020-09-17 08:39
gift for me? thanks mens))
2020-09-17 09:30
United Kingdom MorrisonMan
I'll get the standard edition next year maybe
2020-09-17 08:37
Why not this year ? Not many launch games ?
2020-09-17 08:41
United States 5ylvan
Too expensive in the start of sales.
2020-09-17 09:20
What is exact price over there?
2020-09-17 09:22
United States 5ylvan
$499 for the official version, and $399 for the digital one.
2020-09-17 09:27
2020-09-17 09:58
Adamlar 500dolara çok diyor hayata bak amk
2020-09-17 10:22
salam alaikum
2020-09-17 13:38
Aleyküm selam.
2020-09-17 15:12
Öyle knk şimdiye kadar 300 350ye aliyorlardi
2020-09-17 15:12
£450 for the standard £350 for digital
2020-09-17 17:04
1. Price (can afford but it will go down a bit) 2. The launch models usually have some hardware issues which are usually ironed out soon after launch 3. I have end of school exams (GCSE) 4. Launch games although this isn't really a problem compared to last generation
2020-09-17 17:06
Jamppi | 
Finland Owava
monitor is fine, if you don't need to play with 3 friends in splitscreen :) I'm not getting PS5, at least for few years; only game I'd need it for is NHL games, and it's just not worth :)
2020-09-17 08:39
Czech Republic Poloolpp
+1 consoles only good for nhl
2020-09-17 08:41
consoles only good as coffee mats
2020-09-17 09:26
Czech Republic Poloolpp
that too))
2020-09-17 09:42
Got it
2020-09-17 08:41
It's pretty expensive but will be worth it if you like consoles. I personally use them to watch netflix and youtube, so not for me.
2020-09-17 08:40
I don't know what to expect from a console, never had one.
2020-09-17 08:42
Well then expect to be shit on a controller and feel useless.
2020-09-17 08:43
That's what I'm afraid of, I only touched controller once and it was awful, don't know if I can get used to it after so many years on mouse and keyboard. Controller feels limited
2020-09-17 08:44
I never got used to it. I can play FIFA and stuff like that, but anything with actual aiming like an fps, then it's just not fun for me on console. I gave it a decent shot, but like you said, you are limited. I have been aiming with a mouse in games since 2003, it's hard to switch.
2020-09-17 08:46
I will try
2020-09-17 08:49
Lithuania Paulius_CS
PlayStation that's PS2... even tho probably original xbox would have been better, back then I was a tech noob
2020-09-17 08:43
What ?
2020-09-17 08:44
Stroke ?
2020-09-17 10:04
BnTeT | 
Indonesia 9uesz
i are not understand
2020-09-17 12:17
Wtf akjsjajdjskd
2020-09-17 12:22
2020-09-17 13:40
PS2 sold like 150 million units , and really long time ago. Many people never went back, didn't think its so hard to understand.
2020-09-18 03:21
LG C9 if you go 55", B9 if you want 65"
2020-09-17 08:49
Why not C9 65" ?
2020-09-17 08:50
It's quite expensive comparing to B9 65", in 55" TVs the price is quite similar. And i cannot find any C9 55" anymore, it might been replaced by CX model. EDIT: And they both have identical panel, and picture quality. Main difference in C9 is, it got better cpu or processor or what ever. EDIT2:
2020-09-17 08:56
Ah, got it
2020-09-17 08:56
Australia eClipz_AU
Reason Sony OLED is more expensive is because they actually use the LG OLED panel, and that’s why you pay more for it too, because they pay royalty to LG.
2020-09-17 13:43
2020-09-17 14:02
It all depends on where will you use the console, if it will be used in a living room, then go for a TV, if you want to you use it on your desk or w/e then a monitor is fine.
2020-09-17 08:52
I could make a proper living room, get a tv, bigger couch, better lighting and so on but don't know if it's worth the hassle. Might just try with monitor first, I have a 1440p 155hz monitor so should be fine I guess ?
2020-09-17 08:54
155hz is useless when it comes to consoles because games wont even run past 30 or 60 fps
2020-09-17 10:13
I was mainly pointing out that I have a 1440p screen
2020-09-17 10:14
reasons to buy console exclusives +fifa,more portable than pc,splitscreen games reasons to not buy controller is only good for sport and racing games,no mods,smaller community, every game which need precision aim is nightmare , games cost more ,almost no discounts on games ,game libary is a joke in compreme with pc
2020-09-17 08:56
Got it, I recently got interested in sim racing and was thinking in buying a proper sim racing setup, chair, wheel and so on. And I don't like fifa and football in general, so I guess the console doesn't really make sense to me ? I also have a powerful pc, ryzen 3700x and 2070 super, thinking about picking 3090 in the future, I guess I see if my friends will get the console so I can try with them before buying one.
2020-09-17 08:58
if u have that powerfull pc only what u need more is racing setup console is unnecessery
2020-09-17 09:02
sim racing on console LMFAOOOOOOO
2020-09-17 09:27
Are you retarded ? I plan on getting a second pc for that, I bet even more powerful that you have right now
2020-09-17 09:28
if you're spending 10k + then yeah it is more expensive.
2020-09-17 10:06
I would rather upgrade my pc with rtx 3080 + amd ryzen 4th series p.s. these games they showed yesterday don't look next gen to me
2020-09-17 09:01
Of course, pc comes always first.
2020-09-17 09:27
Console is irrelevant today.You can play any of console games on pc,if you like controller pc also supports it,you have access to mouse and keyboard,and pc specs are vary.Consoles in 2020 are more useless than MIBR
2020-09-17 09:07
That's not true. If you want more casual play on sofa, then it's console time. PC is more "competitive" gaming option.
2020-09-17 09:11
Buy sofa instead of chair Solved
2020-09-17 09:44
France Carrotaboy
You can set up a pc in you living room just like a console (even better than a console from my experience)
2020-09-17 11:29
Yeah i know, but then you would need good table for mouse and keyboard, and sofa isn't the best sitting platform when it comes to mouse and keyboard. If you would play with controller, isn't it easier just get console then? TVs are usually 60 hz or 120 hz panels, so extra FPS wouldn't help tho. And Xbox X is marketing playing at 120 fps.
2020-09-17 12:45
uuuuh just connect a controller to the PC? its not that hard
2020-09-17 13:17
Yeah, but why not just buy console then?
2020-09-17 13:26
because performance is always better on a decent PC
2020-09-17 17:00
70-80€ per game. Unsure about performance. Only a few games available. Not every game manages 4K 60fps. I actually got to pre order 2 consoles in Germany, but canceled them both this morning after sleeping over it. Someone will enjoy it more than myself.
2020-09-17 09:24
Why two ?
2020-09-17 09:29
Because I didn't get confirmation that I got it for release on the first website.
2020-09-17 09:30
Finland Acoz
Only reason to get a ps5 is to play NHL
2020-09-17 09:30
what's that ?
2020-09-17 09:31
Finland Acoz
Not sure if trolling or not xd
2020-09-17 09:33
No I seriously don't know, is this a console exclusive ?
2020-09-17 09:34
Finland Acoz
2020-09-17 09:37
bruh this is some troll video, clips are from 2017 read the description, anyway this is just fifa but hockey and I'm not interested in sports
2020-09-17 09:38
Finland Acoz
as I edited like 10sec after my post
2020-09-17 09:39
so what about nhl this year ? is the joke that it's not coming out ?
2020-09-17 09:50
Bulgaria gosholin
I'll buy it only for gran turismo and to play fifa with friends. I think to get the standard edition because I like having physical games
2020-09-17 09:58
But if you scratch a disk or something then you can't play right ?
2020-09-17 10:02
United States xcalibot
nah you can still play it as long as the scratch isnt that tooooooooooooooo bad ( i owe ps4 before and sold it before the price went downhill)
2020-09-17 10:15
Bulgaria gosholin
It's not a big deal my ps2 games still work fine
2020-09-17 12:24
no because pc best
2020-09-17 10:05
Well duh, console is not the main gaming station
2020-09-17 11:00
Depends on you. Personally there's no way im spending money on a console because i dont have a use for it. Id rather spend a bit more and just upgrade my pc because i use it for more things than just gaming and i just prefer gaming on a pc (144hz 1080p > 4k 60 hz). But as i said that's just me, if you really want to try a console and have the money to spend then you should do it.
2020-09-17 10:19
get a 1440p monitor
2020-09-17 11:01
Sweden Zolity
xbox is better though this year though
2020-09-17 10:23
No ? Xbox will sell their games on pc as well so xbox is kinda useless
2020-09-17 11:02
Sweden Zolity
well yes, but in a console perspective xbox has the better console this year. More "console per buck" lol.
2020-09-17 13:11
Doesn't matter if there is nothing to play
2020-09-17 13:12
I would never betray my Rx 5700 xt
2020-09-17 10:26
You will never betray shitty drivers ?
2020-09-17 11:02
wtf you talking
2020-09-17 12:14
AMD gpus have bad drivers and it can be frustrating to get it running properly
2020-09-17 12:16
Or Ur Just stupido LUL
2020-09-17 12:17
That's a well known fact, dumbass. I never even had amd gpu because I have money for nvidia, little child
2020-09-17 12:18
OK Boomer 😎😎😎
2020-09-17 12:22
You are dumbo
2020-09-17 12:18
2020-09-17 12:22
Its always hefty to have a PS for the good exclusives such as God of War, Spider Man, The Last of Us and whatever else is coming but its for people who can spend 2000-3000 euro for a console + nice oled 8k 55+ inches TV, anyway i will prob get it next year because no time for games at the moment Ps. I dont understand people who have a gaming monitor connected to a console
2020-09-17 11:13
No point in 8k yet.
2020-09-17 11:37
Going for the disk version myself. Love building a physical copy collection. The LG OLED C9 series is good!
2020-09-17 11:13
Yeah I'm leaning towards disc version as well.
2020-09-17 11:37
World Notb8ing
IDK which I go but seems they are asking 80€ for games, I might consider building new PC rather than supporting this price point :). Also I find LG oled TVs pretty overrated for gaming as movement on this TV hardly looks that great but IDK if there is better options honestly with hdmi 2.1, whole market seems kinda trash ngl.
2020-09-17 11:50
yeah 80€ for games is shit i agree but EA, Ubisoft etc... also all already agreed that the next gen games for pc will be 70€ as well so it doesnt make much of a difference
2020-09-17 12:11
Connect your PC to your OLED for single player gamers. ezpz
2020-09-17 13:35
World Notb8ing
yeah playing 120hz and variable refresh rate on these TVs sounds pretty good =).
2020-09-17 14:08
i'm playing everything on PC.. last console i had was a PS2, i also got a switch but thats more like a handheld anyway but i pre ordered the PS5 last night, playstation exclusives are just too good to miss out if you like good story driven games IMO
2020-09-17 12:10
Gaystation LUL
2020-09-17 12:16
Gaming is for children
2020-09-17 12:17
Then leave this forum grandpa and read a book and go gardening or something or what old people usually do
2020-09-17 12:19
So for u young people only play videogames???????????????
2020-09-17 13:30
That's not my point. I had a "conversation" with this guy before, he was trying to convince me that normal watch is better than an apple watch. This guy is a stuck up 40 yo who hates technology and everything new.
2020-09-17 13:36
if you can attach an extern HDD i will definettly get the Digital edition tho
2020-09-17 12:26
Netherlands Evaded
how else can i play persona 6, bloodborne 2 and god of war
2020-09-17 13:28
PlayStation for gays
2020-09-17 13:37
pc only
2020-09-17 13:39
No i wont buy. Bought PS4 and hardly used it so far. Dont need it for Netflix and stuff either because my TV has that option. But PS5 seems pretty good value to what you get for it.
2020-09-17 13:40
Im not okay with the price.. If you have to spend this much money on a console, you might as well buy new pc parts. And keep in mind that im from sweden so the price for us is always more, its 576 in euros.
2020-09-17 13:42
I'm going to buy digital console as it is 90 cheaper at 359.99, but games cost more when downloading from store only like 15-20 more. I usually only buy 2-3 games in a year max anyway which is just fifa and maybe cod too, so makes sense for me. Don't really buy discs anymore too.
2020-09-17 13:46
PC>Consoles everyday of the week
2020-09-17 13:52
Life is getting sad, many games dont come with co-op option Man it was so fun playing resident 5 with friends or call of duty special missions Anyway, playing in a couch with a good joystick in a big screen its amazing, yes buy the ps5,
2020-09-17 14:00
Its kinda good
2020-09-17 15:13
Probably at launch. Probably gonna try to get my fiancee into ps5 with that harry potter legacy game :P
2020-09-17 15:44
To all people saying PC>console, can you tell me if you can buy a brand new prebuilt gaming PC that runs the newest games 60fps for 400€? Yeah that's what I guessed, you can't
2020-09-17 17:07
Actually u can but obv u will need a monitor and peripherals as well
2020-09-17 19:07
79€/game. No thanks
2020-09-17 19:40
Maybe in two years.
2020-09-17 19:44
Exclusive for playstation 5, *also available on pc* I think that says it all...
2020-09-18 03:24
No because my pc is way better
2020-09-18 06:41
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