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KNG updates!
Portugal LADY_NINI 
Vito "kNgV-" Giuseppe is back to Brazil and we’re still waiting for the new developments regarding the MIBR situation and we’re not alone on waiting in the dark. Tweet translation: “Back to Brazil and I have no idea what’s going to happen, but I’m focusing on the next challenge, I want to play again as soon as possible. Thank you for all your messages.” Do you think KNG will stay with the Brazilian team or do you think he’s ready for a more international challenge?
2020-09-17 21:06
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OK | 
Other gastivy
-s1mple +KNGV-
2020-09-17 21:06
he doesn't really know how to speak english, coms would be fucked up with this line
2020-09-17 21:37
Brazil finexys_
i hate that move bc i dont want to see navi #1 again
2020-09-17 21:38
OK | 
Other gastivy
2020-09-17 21:42
2020-09-17 21:43
2020-09-17 23:54
2020-09-17 23:55
Brazil wenty
nice move
2020-09-17 22:52
I was hoping for C9 Kng that's be pretty good
2020-09-17 21:07
You really hate C9, don't you?
2020-09-17 21:08
better than fuckin smooya
2020-09-17 21:09
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
Das true but theres alotta talent hidden in the NA/SA scene I mean mayb not alot but still, no need to pick up whashed up fuckers
2020-09-17 21:18
how tho
2020-09-17 21:19
in and out of server, the only situation smooya has an edge is getting tested for autism 👌😎
2020-09-17 21:28
Kng doesn't speak english
2020-09-17 21:20
2020-09-17 21:24
He will stay in BR team. He can not speak english.
2020-09-17 21:08
I did not know this details
2020-09-17 21:09
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk expected
2020-09-17 21:18
axaxax no ingles 2020, only habla br
2020-09-17 21:25
We talk portuguese, there is no "br" language
2020-09-17 23:00
yy was a portugal men bait, always big cry )) but forgot no portugal mens on hltv
2020-09-17 23:52
2020-09-17 23:56
prove it or...
2020-09-18 00:14
I dont think kNgV will move to EU if he leaves MIBR. Remember, he got a kid now, and kNgV is not exactly young anymore. If Boltz and Felps isnt baiting then MIBR will look like this: kNgV, or someone else if he leaves obviously. Boltz Felps TRK + someone from YeaH Gaming, like RCF or Dumau? Idk.
2020-09-17 21:11
Argentina Proxx_Arg
I think Boom is a better team than that one, even Sharks is a better team
2020-09-17 21:16
What do you mean? EDIT: Ah i get it. Well, tell me a better option then.
2020-09-17 21:20
Argentina Proxx_Arg
I mean Boltz and Felps shouldt join MIBR because that would be a worse team than Boom
2020-09-17 21:21
Well...maybe. But, that depends on if kNgV stays or not. Imo a trio of: Felps Boltz TRK Isnt bad. Could maybe add Shz as well? idk
2020-09-17 21:39
Indonesia Deluxio
2020-09-17 21:19
Dosia | 
Russia Rapu
+Boltz +Felps +FNX
2020-09-17 21:18
I dont think many orgs outside brazil would want him after the death threats and homophobic remarks
2020-09-17 21:18
Honestly, with his behaviour track record, he shouldnt get any more chances in CS at all.
2020-09-17 21:19
Vietnam Renalph
he can go to an international team sure but who tf will pick him up after that mibr disaster
2020-09-17 21:22
Pakistan LoOuU2
his attitude may be shite but he was literally the most consistent player on the MIBR side. If he is smart, he will stay in MIBR and ask for a team to be build with/around him and TRK.
2020-09-17 21:25
i hate when the pic has nothing related to the message.
2020-09-17 21:26
Chile esanchez47
even if Vito knew english, he has just became a father before the EU bootcamp if i'm not wrong, so moving anywhere out of Brasil in this right moment would't be that probable.
2020-09-17 21:45
no org would want someone that could take them hostage by leaving or benching himself when he wants to. he better not act unprofessional because he is under contract still and as I said orgs could put him on their black list and end his career like that.
2020-09-17 22:51
poor english is the problem
2020-09-17 22:53
No international Team will pick him up unless they have a safe clause if he misbehaves again with a hard punishment so he won't. He could have been one of the big AWPs, if he weren't drunk and did death threats.
2020-09-17 22:54
Europe w1ntermu7e
Just read his English tweets, he can barely speak London
2020-09-17 23:56
You're a shit wanting to show up with lies, I really do have you! garbage and liar, you owe us respect.
2020-09-17 23:56
France cestkazz
wait, did he got kicked from mibr too?
2020-09-18 00:17
He will found new team with FOX
2020-09-18 00:21
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