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16:1 or 16:14
Germany MTD3 
Whats worse?
2020-09-18 11:40
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Germany MTD3
For me 16:14 is worse than 16:1 what do you think?
2020-09-18 11:41
Russia VelsVivard
Same for me.
2020-09-18 11:42
totaly agree in 16:14 u have hope fight to the end just to lose by 1 stupid round and in 16:1 u just gave up long time ago
2020-09-18 11:43
2020-09-18 12:05
after game finished in 10 minute : 16-14 is worse after game finish in 2 hours or days : 16-1 fucking worse
2020-09-18 12:44
Turkey rivaluk
?? what are you trying to say
2020-09-18 12:54
10 minutes after the game ended the 16:14 feels worse, a few hours/days later the 16:1 feels worse, i agree with him on that point
2020-09-18 13:09
France Il_padrino
2020-09-18 13:39
wat you totally lost me
2020-09-18 13:56
ty man for the translation :)
2020-09-18 15:32
Switzerland Jeded
Depens if you comeback to lose at 16:14 then it's way worse
2020-09-18 11:42
In my opinion it's worse when you're winning sth like 12:3 and then lose 14:16 instead of losing 3:12 just to lose 14:16 because in 2nd scenario you knew that you were trying but in the first one you just choked :(
2020-09-18 12:28
2020-09-18 12:51
2020-09-18 13:00
Germany XpiRieNZ
16:1 is wayyy worse.
2020-09-18 11:42
better lose fast
2020-09-18 11:43
Serbia LtN))
2020-09-18 11:43
Georgia Megobari
If you're doing comeback and losing 16-14, this is way worse
2020-09-18 11:44
Turkey sonbafrali
If you were leading 14 - 0 then lost 14 - 16... worstest scenario...
2020-09-18 12:25
It is indeed one of the worst feelings, but being 14-0 down and climbing up to 14-14 just to lose 16-14 must be much worse.
2020-09-18 12:27
Dunno i mean maybe directly after the game but half an hour/hour later ull realise that u had a nice comeback going on and played quite well...
2020-09-18 13:10
Good point.
2020-09-18 13:15
jL | 
Estonia pj4
I dont think comeback from 14:0 had ever happened in higher ranks
2020-09-18 12:37
?? Reply needs to have actual content
2020-09-18 12:37
Czech Republic Guczy
Once I comeback on faceit from 15/5 to 15/19
2020-09-18 22:29
16:14 loss definetely worse than 16:1 loss, I have accepted that I lost already before the end of the game, but losing that final round that stands between loss or tie is devastating
2020-09-18 11:44
Europe Pts
That's why u lost 16:1 tho. You gave up during the game.
2020-09-18 12:40
thats not true of course you always believe there is a chance for comeback but when you are 13-1 down and you lose 16-1 its not that big of a sursprise. when you are 15-14 behind you know it was a tense close game and for that one last round if you lose it it hurts a lot more
2020-09-18 13:02
United States @Fridzu
16:14 waste time
2020-09-18 11:45
jL | 
Estonia pj4
if u play for stats losing 16-1 is worse for u :)
2020-09-18 11:46
Philippines B3nk4i
id rather get a 16-1 if im gonna lose anyway might as well make it a quick one, rather than putting in so much effort then still lose
2020-09-18 11:47
Kazakhstan BE41DIE
16-14 ofc, just waste of time
2020-09-18 11:48
Serbia hltvmens
16:1 - u know u are shit and had no chance 16:14 - u know u had the chance, but u werent lucky enough or something happened, but it was close, you could have won agains a little bit weaker opponent i would always prefer 16:14
2020-09-18 11:48
16:1 = pure suffering, boring, unequal match 16:14 = equal match, good game, enjoyable competition I'd much rather even lose 16:14 than win 16:0 just because I can have an enjoyable game where both parties are equally matched and there is some notion of challenge
2020-09-18 11:49
+1000000 Why do people care so much about winning? Aren't we all playing to have a good time? I fucking hate winning 16-0. It’s the most boring shit because most of these matches opponents are boosted raw trash who are not fun to play against at all. And if we loose 16-0/16-1, we clearly didn't deserve the game, so what is there to be mad about? On the other hand, a 16-14 loss to me would be the same as a 16-14 win. 15-15 is the most frustrating one for me. It just feels like the game shouldn't end there, when will we be able to have an optional overtime in mm?
2020-09-18 12:04
winning 16:0 feels almost as boring as losing 16:0 honestly
2020-09-18 12:35
Denmark Sundive
Just wanted to let you know that overtime is available in faceit. (probably also esea?)
2020-09-18 12:40
only correct answer.
2020-09-18 12:34
Germany MTD3
i did have games where i thought the same way. but at the moment the only thing i see when i lose are the mistakes we made as a team which led to the loss.
2020-09-18 12:39
I know it can be frustrating, especially losing a very close game, but I think in the long run it is much more valuable and exciting to have these kinds of close games where you can learn from your mistakes and find room for improvement, rather than having games where you just get stomped or stomp and which don't do anything besides hurting or boosting your rank and ego.
2020-09-18 13:12
if the half ended 1:14 and you lost 16:14, then i rather take 16:1
2020-09-18 11:49
16-14 Cause in 16-1 situation you have time to go buy a paysafe card for the next bet.
2020-09-18 11:51
Finland naamapaab
Gg lose fast
2020-09-18 11:51
16:14 = you probably got unlucky a few times. Could have won the match. Some minor mistakes to fix 16:1= you did everything wrong
2020-09-18 11:52
Denmark dyinbyran
2020-09-18 11:53
16-14 is worse if your team are toxic idiots 16-1 is worse if your team is just getting crushed 16-14 may be a waste of time if you are some stat hunting tryhard, but if your teammates are nice I still have fun
2020-09-18 11:54
How else would you get 16-1d?
2020-09-18 12:00
I meant ‘16-1 is just your team getting crushed, which is no fun’
2020-09-18 18:10
FaZe clan regularly achieve both so I wonder what they think
2020-09-18 11:54
jL | 
Estonia pj4
We should ask them
2020-09-18 12:38
16 1 way worse cuz u felt shity the entire match whereas 16 14 game was fun overall but a little unlucky at the end
2020-09-18 11:55
16-14 losses feel worse tho... cuz it feels like you had a shot at winning and it just didn't happen
2020-09-18 12:04
16:14, especially if you have a mini comeback and lose a stupid round to give them 15 and consequently 16 rounds
2020-09-18 11:57
Losing is losing.
2020-09-18 11:59
16:1 because you know you're genuinely just worse than them
2020-09-18 12:00
7-1 or 7-6?
2020-09-18 12:01
16-1 is that you just got outclassed. 16-14 when having a back and forth series... both sides unable to string rounds, is probably the most fun but hurts more than losing 16-1. 16-14 when having a 5-10 or 4-11 half and then coming back and losing barely is worse 16-14 when winning 11-4 or 12-3 and then having your opponent come back and win is the literal worst.
2020-09-18 12:03
this +1
2020-09-18 12:57
16-1 Because I have to sit there and accept the pain for like 5-10 mins before it ends
2020-09-18 12:03
Brazil zangxv
16-14 for the chance of victory and loss in final
2020-09-18 12:04
16-14 because you had some fun at least winning those rounds,getting completely destroyed is neither dun nor exciting
2020-09-18 12:04
16-14 cuz its excited atleast
2020-09-18 12:05
If I had a feeling my team's gonna lose 16-0 or 16-1, I would just quit and take the cooldown ban.
2020-09-18 12:06
16-1 if you are a pro 16-14 if you are a casual
2020-09-18 12:06
How could 16-14 possibly be worse than 16-1? if you lose 16-14 at least you have the satisfaction of knowing that you fought hard and were almost as good as your opponent. 16-1 means you know that you are in a different league from your opponents.
2020-09-18 12:10
Ukraine Hierophant
ofc 16-1 that's mean that u cant even kill or do something on map this is shiet
2020-09-18 12:10
16-14 = its fine, could have gone either way 16-1 = change crosshair, sensitivity, mousepad, resolution, hair product, school, gf
2020-09-18 12:12
at least u can learn something from a 16-14
2020-09-18 12:13
16-1 is worse, in 16-14 atleast u get a good game and u might have good stats too
2020-09-18 12:14
Germany danny_7x1
16:1 worse cuz 16:14 is most times a really nice and exciting game even if you lose
2020-09-18 12:14
Serbia TheSerb
Depends i love close games where i have to put my max to win (16:14) on a 16:1 i just get tilted at some point becouse we suck
2020-09-18 12:17
16-1 is dog shit i play with friends premade on faceit,if we lose close game with a good fight we are happy,if we lose easy game i fuck every1 on the team and become super toxic. for me playing a close game with some good communication>>>>win. not to forget that playing with good communication will bring u more wins than lose.
2020-09-18 12:19
Ofc 16-14
2020-09-18 12:19
16-1 ofc because I prefer close game that one way
2020-09-18 12:20
Finland FlNLAND
7 last faceit matches, 5 losses on overtime. Fucking kms.
2020-09-18 12:21
16:14 is always better, more to analyse, you can find and fix your mistakes so next time you win 16:14.
2020-09-18 12:21
2020-09-18 12:23
Finland kaameri
16:14 is pretty close to the aspect ratio of 4:3, but 16:1 how do you even play with that?? I'm going with 16:14
2020-09-18 12:22
when you lost 16-1, you already know that you would lose when its like 10-1, but when you lose 16-14, you had a chance to win, but you couldn't, so 16-14 is worse
2020-09-18 12:28
2020-09-18 12:33
16:1 is better cuz 16:14 will tilt you so hard especially if you had the lead like 11:4 or 12-3 or was so close to comeback and then you lost eco round, clutch like 1v2 or 1v3 or 2v4 and anything else and after that you just hate everything in this world cuz you was so close to win and then all your hopes and dreams broke in one second
2020-09-18 12:34
why would anyone ever play on 16:1 resolution xaxaxa
2020-09-18 12:40
16-1 enemy just gooder 16-14 unluko on the last rounds, also depends how to game went, if enemy combacked when u had 14 rounds it sucks
2020-09-18 12:44
16;1 is easy game for you 16:14 is hard game for you You can enjoy both. Or are you talking about losing? Then 1:16 is worse.
2020-09-18 12:44
1:14 -> 16:14 is like a rape. 1:14 -> 1:16 is like finish on your face.
2020-09-18 12:44
intz 14x1 over envy is so pretty good to see
2020-09-18 13:00
16:1 is much worse at least 16:14 is a fun game to play or to watch 16:1 is just a waste of time
2020-09-18 12:49
Poland NAR1
16;14 Doesnt matter how you lose - you still lose It's like "You prefer slow death or quick death?"
2020-09-18 12:53
if you are a good team or is playing on a top tier team 16x1 is just another game but if you are a team like faze or mibr 16x14 is better than 16x1 cuz you make a evolution and can say shit on twitter with no fans drama
2020-09-18 12:59
Romania Xyst
Being a faze fan is the worst
2020-09-18 13:04
Finland Faifainei
Be a B site anchor. T's go to A almost every round. You end up in something like a 1v4 retake every round. A site players flame your stats. I think that is the worst.
2020-09-18 13:05
16:1 is worse, it means you were shit. 16:14 there was good competition.
2020-09-18 13:08
16:14 imo especially if you score 14 and then start choking and losing close rounds
2020-09-18 13:09
Top or bottom frag? Top 16-1 Bottom 16-14
2020-09-18 13:13
I'd rather get crushed on a 16-1 than have a really close game and still lose 16-14. Losing 16-1 means that I never had a chance, and I'm ok with that, whereas losing 16-14 is extremely tilting especially since I'm sure I'll be thinking I could have won the game
2020-09-18 13:24
Ukraine ksay
16-1 is worse idc so much about winning. as long as we tried and i did decent i'm ok with that also 16-14 is just fun. these type of games are the best part
2020-09-18 13:30
I remember one time me n my friends miserably lost t side on overpass 2-13. We lost all hope wanted to get over with it. We were chill. But fuking hell we came back and won 16-13. Those last few rounds were insane nightmare. Everyone went fuking diehard mode, screaming for rotations haha. Damn 16-14 is tough as hell. Bad for heart, brain n ear lol
2020-09-18 13:35
DEPENDS, if im playing a final if i get 1-16 there shows a huge gap between 1st and 2nd place if i lose 14-16 i feel bad cuz i can win but at least i get the feeling that im really close to that
2020-09-18 13:38
16-14 from 14-1
2020-09-18 13:39
I lost 16-0 in matchmaking last night. I could not care less. Enemy team, 4 out of 5, were using a cheat that has anniversary sale rn. I just stayed in spawn. Called timeout etc.
2020-09-18 13:40
16:14 is worser, In 16:1 situation atleast you finish the game
2020-09-18 13:40
just write it 14-16 and 1-16 ..
2020-09-18 13:43
16-14 is much worse for me personally. If it's 16-1 I can get tilted during the game but then I just forget about it when it ends. If it's 16-14 I'm tilted even after the game ends.
2020-09-18 13:43
14-1 half, 15-15 draw and we lost 28-26... I could not sleep that night...
2020-09-18 13:44
Germany EiCK
16:14 big shit
2020-09-18 13:45
16;14, so much time wasted
2020-09-18 13:46
Poland Este
Obviously losing 16:1 feels more painful for me. I can't stand feeling of being hopeless during a game or being outplayed or simply the fact that someone is THAT much better than me. 16:14 is OK, I can always make up for that one lost game but at least I feel like we've put up an even fight.
2020-09-18 13:48
16:14 much worse i wasted a shit ton of time just to lose or choke a match
2020-09-18 13:49
of course 16-1
2020-09-18 13:52
16-1 ofc 16-14 is tie close game imo
2020-09-18 13:56
16-1 is way better, if i get outskilled/the have better team it's ok and atleast i can be in the next game much sooner where i will have a chance to win again. 16-14 is just worse because it's exactly like 16-0 (L) but draged out.
2020-09-18 13:59
16-1 only if enemy is blatant cheater so its not even annoying so my answer is 16-14 because its waste of time to play such a long game and losing it
2020-09-18 14:01
16:14 mentally for me, by the time im getting rekt 9-0 or 9-1 i can already start having fun with whatevers left of the match cuz i know its a Fin. 16-1 is worse for Optics Fags...
2020-09-18 18:13
Denmark Jonasnhj
16-1 is quicker over and you dont waste as much time, and you in general have more to think about. such as what you did wrong. Unless its just better players
2020-09-18 18:14
1:16 is worse by far. Close 14-16 games are much better.
2020-09-18 22:16
depends how you lose but in general close games are much more fun. still annoying to lose 14-16 cause ur teammates are braindead tho
2020-09-18 22:17
loss is a loss, rather do it quickly and move on.
2020-09-18 22:21
win is a win, idc if its 16:1 or 16:14
2020-09-18 22:23
To me would be 16-1 tbh, cant use it to anything 16-14 is close sure and sucks just same but it least shows you tried
2020-09-18 22:29
16-14 loss feels disappointing but after a 16-1 I'm usually too tilted to play another match
2020-09-18 22:30
I'd rather get 16:14. At least it was a decent fight. 16:1 and I'd get tilted off my fkin mind, and start malding.
2020-09-18 22:30
Poland Astoner55
I'd rather have my ass kicked fast 16:0 or 16:1 than tryharding for almost an hour just to lose 16:14 to know that it could've been a won game.
2020-09-18 22:33
Wisla Krakow
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