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Niko traitor? FaZe disband?
Germany Golllum 
If he leaves faze it basically means disband cuz no one else can take care of such teams. And in this sutiation Niko comes out as a traitor, he leaves all the problems behind him to just join a completed team with good IGL and great coach, gj Niko, its ofc a HUUUUGE upgrade for G2, they will be insane with this roster not gonna lie, but its still a betrayal. FaZe probably closed down csgo roster, as it was rumored sometime ago. SO MANY GREAT PLAYERS, ddaaaamn My prediction: Rain goes to Fnatic Coldzera goes to C9,100T Kjaerbye goes to North again? Or maybe MAD LIONS? Broky goes to some really good team
2020-09-18 15:29
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2020-09-18 15:33
when niko joins g2 nexa will no longer have to focus on igling and he can unleash his full potential as a star player
2020-09-18 20:10
maybe he just tired or partying. Who knows.
2020-09-18 15:33
FIrst of all people were telling that NiKo is a problem, now when he leaves they are saying 'DISBAND FAZE', lmao, jokemen.
2020-09-18 15:35
Are there any IGLs that can fill up the place tho?
2020-09-18 15:36
Rain will, there is no other option.
2020-09-18 15:37
Rain doesn’t want to igl, cold maybe
2020-09-18 15:41
2020-09-18 15:42
Argentina Joedash
Niko taking the IGL role and bymas saying that Niko wanted to stop being IGL but no one else was willing to take that role.
2020-09-18 19:09
It's different situation, NiKo was in team back then, now someone will be forced to do it.
2020-09-18 19:12
Argentina Joedash
No one will be forced whatsoever. They can go to c9 or disband from faze.
2020-09-18 19:17
'Cause of one player? That's stupid.
2020-09-18 19:24
force a player to be an igl and he'll most likely be a bad one
2020-09-18 19:46
You see better perspective for having this roster alive? FaZe fucked up everything they could.
2020-09-18 19:55
i mean roster is fucked up since they kicked karrigan imo they should just keep the players they want and build a team from the bottom
2020-09-18 20:08
Niko Fucked his team m8 and then he left lul. But that is also the fault of the 4other sheeps especially rain and olof who have no intention to be a person. Just a name in a roster.
2020-09-18 15:41
Argentina Joedash
+1 When karrigan was playing bad "karrigan is the problem" threads, he got kicked "LUL Faze dumb". When olof was playing bad "Olof is the problem" threads, he got a break(for the eternity)"LUL Faze done". My goodness.
2020-09-18 15:42
All we were saying was get a proper igl not for niko to leave. Now if faze can't find a proper igl they probably gonna disband cause bad results. This is gonna fuck everyone over. Theres literally no good teams for the rest of faze to join. Maybe broky has a chance of getting into mousesports but i don't see anyone else making it to a t1 team.
2020-09-18 15:46
Why would they disband? Look at North, these jokemen are still getting their paychecks. FaZe won't fall worse as that was with NiKo.
2020-09-18 15:48
they just lost a lot of firepower. and who would they get to replace Niko? A good igl right? But who is out there currently that is a good igl that is not already in a better team than faze. Remember faze is currently having a huge string of losses right now so morale is very low. If it continues, i can see players getting burnout and leaving
2020-09-18 15:51
They can let IGL to most experienced players. It's already known that woxic will join, bad they lost their chance to get ALEX on their side.
2020-09-18 15:53
when has it been said that woxic will join faze? Source? (I'm genuinely curious about this. They probably won't settle any igl unless they are at the top of the pro scene. Rain and coldzera are amazing players so they probably won't get along the new player if they don't respect him remember when alexisb got kicked from ENCE? they didn't pick him up cause they felt he wouldn't be right for the team. Alexisb has already proven himself to be a very capable leader. the only problem was he wasn't a very good fragger so faze went for cold
2020-09-18 15:59
Just search up that, I'm pretty sure you will find some links with rumours of woxic joining FaZe. I'm very doubt someone will join instead, there are no vacant benched players.
2020-09-18 16:00
those are all rumours as far as i can see. anyway they have broky who's an pretty amazing awper. don't think that they need more firepower
2020-09-18 16:19
It's FaZe lmao, you can expect everything from them, but always far away from good decision.
2020-09-18 16:20
well that's low-key hoping that they niko g2 deal fall through if niko is to succeed i want him to succeed in faze and i think that niko isn't wat g2 need. replacing amanek means u lose an amazing support and anchor. Both these roles niko can't and won't ever fill
2020-09-18 16:22
Nexa, as most IGLs do, can fill that support niche instead of lurking. Jackz stays on entry and Niko can easily anchor a bombsite lmao. Wdym he cant fill anchor position? Im certain Niko is capable of sitting at a site and shooting people
2020-09-18 20:55
nexa is an insane entry. limiting him to a support will cut the firepower a lot and i might be wrong but amanek plays on different bomb sites than niko
2020-09-18 20:59
1. Jackz is the entry and is one of the most pure entries in the game right now 2. Nexa doesnt entry very much at all Jackz and Hunter take the vast majority of early rifle duels 3. Nexa has said in interviews that his role is usallly "3rd man in" to clean up. Which Niko would excel at 4. Youre replacing Amanek with NIKO bro NIIIIKO. How does that limit the firepower???????
2020-09-18 21:02
amanek-10 tho :(
2020-09-18 21:03
What? Nexa - IGL/Lurk support Hunter - Trade fragger Niko - Cleanup/2nd AWP Kenny - AWP Jackz - Entry/Anchor Looks fine to me
2020-09-18 21:06
Maybe because those players are shit lmao
2020-09-18 19:22
United States Masshole
2020-09-18 19:43
Mad Lions kjaerbye hmmm. This could be actually very good.
2020-09-18 15:35
2020-09-18 15:37
innocent obvs
2020-09-18 15:42
innocent ofcourse.
2020-09-18 15:43
could be good move
2020-09-18 15:43
in that case they could go back to danish coms.
2020-09-18 15:44
To going danish com they have to change coach ?
2020-09-18 15:52
The game coms were danish before innocent arrived.
2020-09-18 15:54
Innocent left the team. Polish Leaks Twitter is a good page.
2020-09-18 15:46
Untrusted source.
2020-09-18 15:49
Well yes you're right about that but most of the time, leaks are true. However, there are some false leaks as well. Example: But even without the leak, it's pretty much obvious that innocent would be kicked for kjaerbye
2020-09-18 15:56
or maybe faze will get an ACTUAL IGL and be a good team, their players are great individually and (imo) just need someone to put them on the right positions to shine
2020-09-18 15:36
kjaerbot goes retirement
2020-09-18 15:36
they arent disbanding
2020-09-18 15:38
+tier2 IGL?
2020-09-18 15:39
Cloud9 broky
2020-09-18 15:39
Spain N0Love
2020-09-18 15:45
pls do it
2020-09-18 20:26
I think this will benefit both teams. G2 should be better on paper with NiKo and FaZe will most likely get fallen and maybe even fer instead of someone else(rain possibly). But nothing is confirmed yet , so better not jump to conclusions , ynk himself said that no changes were planed.
2020-09-18 15:39
Rain to fnatic? I don't think he can speak Swedish and who will fnatic kick anyway ?
2020-09-18 15:40
2020-09-18 15:49
ok.didn't knew these two languages were so similar
2020-09-18 15:50
If I know correctly, Norwegians can understand like %80-90 of Swedish, just like hallzerk at Dignitas. they're very similar languages.
2020-09-18 15:50
wow :O
2020-09-18 15:51
Niko is a fucking cunt. He goes and ruins 3 great players careers, (broky, rain coldezera, Fuck snakerbye) when a problem arises that he created he just yeeted out of the team to join a better team fucking up the rest of his current teamates. FIX THE FUCKING PROBLEM U CREATED NIKO
2020-09-18 15:40
2020-09-18 15:42
Why? Does he have any incentive to do that if he can go to Djitou?
2020-09-18 15:42
wats dijtou?
2020-09-18 15:42
2020-09-18 18:58
how tf did g2 become djitou?
2020-09-18 19:39
and how were u able to read it
2020-09-18 19:39
Argentina Joedash
Mmhh, no, it is not being a snake but if you get an offer with a familiar of yours, you would accept the offer. He is fixing the problem btw, by kicking himself from faze clan and starting from zero again. So Ffs stop trash talking since this is an opportunity to disband faze org in cs, and make rain broky and cold go to c9 or tier 1 teams starting from zero.
2020-09-18 19:14
that's not really the solution people expected. what we wanted was Niko to give up the igl role to a competent igl and become the star player he is not just jump ship. Faze may become better but I'm just pissed Niko is running from the mess he created
2020-09-18 19:42
Brazil oldStar
2020-09-18 19:18
arT | 
Brazil logzera
Niko is fixing the problem by leaving.
2020-09-18 19:25
Niko is just fleeing his responsibilites.
2020-09-18 19:40
wtf you say stupid
2020-09-18 20:00
can't u read retard?
2020-09-18 20:17
no i can't read stupid write smart please
2020-09-18 20:24
My Apologies that ur origin is from one of a poverty stricken nation My sincere condolences
2020-09-18 20:26
did u understand a single word u prick
2020-09-18 20:26
you are brick more than me ! you brick !
2020-09-18 20:31
FaZe wasted his career
2020-09-18 15:41
Nah Niko wasted his own career and his teammates careers. Now he yeets the fuck out of faze leaving behind the mess he created Fucking selfish prick
2020-09-18 15:43
Spain N0Love
Well it's a negotiation between G2 and Faze I don't know why you're all blaming Niko for this trade
2020-09-18 15:46
cause its most likely Niko decision to leave. Faze clan is fucking rich. If they didn't have enough money they would have pulled the plug on CSGO way earlier, probably before they got coldzera. So this is most likely Niko decsion and Faze will go with it cause money
2020-09-18 15:49
Spain N0Love
Well... Could be, yeah
2020-09-18 15:50
He has a right to find a better team, and he has no reason to fix FaZe’s problems if he can just leave
2020-09-18 18:10
that's just being a huge fucking snake. Imagine being in a project at work and one of your coworkers takes charge and fucks everything up. When an opportunity appears for him to take on a larger project and he leaves, leaving the rest of u to deal with his mess. How would u feel? that's what Niko is doing now
2020-09-18 18:45
I would feel like i had an opportunity to take that guys job now and prove my worth. If your boss gets promoted that means theres an open spot for you now, right?
2020-09-18 20:53
allu | 
Finland t1ree
If NiKo goes to g2, faze will 100% disband. They will sell cold and NiKo so they get profit and dip from the scene
2020-09-18 15:42
Pretty much. Well at least woxic will most likely join C9 in that case.
2020-09-18 15:51
Actually thinking same if he goes Faze will use this as a chance to exit CSGO. Broky might work going to mouz in place of ChrisJ then they actually have a good awper. Just curious who would you remove on Fnatic for rain
2020-09-18 15:43
jdm64 | 
United States ekwi
actually happy to see kyaerbee go to mad lions or copenhagen flames. He might not really cut it in tier 1 CS but he could be a solid player for a lower tier danish team
2020-09-18 15:42
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
NiKo just feels like destroying a new team
2020-09-18 15:44
Faze is one of the biggest org in the world, they shouldn't have believe to him, he never been IGL role before, it was completely gamble and they lost it with cost atleast 1.5m$. most expensive fiasco in the esports scenes ever.
2020-09-18 15:46
NEO | 
Italy Wakkaa
what's up with all these threads that Niko is leaving FaZe. have I missed something? nvm just saw the G2 bid
2020-09-18 15:46
If that deal's happening, be prepared to see +FalleN in FaZe
2020-09-18 15:48
G2 NiKo (for Amanek) C9 coldzera (he could team up with some old mibr mates) mouz broky (they have AWP problem, he might come in for ChrisJ) FaZe rain FaZe kjearbye FaZe woxic FaZe ChrisJ FaZe olofmeister
2020-09-18 15:49
Olof was terrible for a really long time in FaZe, hence why he stepped down. Adding Olof to a team which ideally would be tier 1 is a really big gamble.
2020-09-18 15:54
1. That just sounds like a huge downgrade for faze. Could happen tho 2. Why would c9 want anybody want old MiBR players other than cold. Fallen fer taco are al washed up and remember HenryG is cloud 9 gm and he as spoken out against the actions of the controversy of the mibr core. Fallen fer and taco will never ever get back to the tier 1 scene, due to their actions and how old they are.
2020-09-18 15:54
rain to dignitas pls
2020-09-18 15:52
Denmark Y3kx
"traitor". Player trading and buying is literally the lifeblood of ESL.
2020-09-18 15:53
Lithuania KingOfPing
Or maybe this is good for faze, not need to wait until be like Mibr, maybe keep broky and build new team. With Niko as a team leader (when karrigan left) this team going down. Faze need a new page and if Niko leaves this can be start for that. He is not leaving problems behind, maybe he is the problem for faze right now.
2020-09-18 15:53
Poland kvvach
it will be no faze after niko
2020-09-18 16:01
Lithuania KingOfPing
No, faze was before niko and stay after him. Just what potential they have. Niko is not a god, u can change him.
2020-09-18 16:05
Poland kvvach
no. faze will sell niko. cold broky. earn big $ and quit cs
2020-09-18 16:07
Lithuania KingOfPing
maybe, i don't see in the future so this is only guess.
2020-09-18 16:10
Rob4 | 
Serbia e_loK
Well he did try, and has failed, to fix fazes problems. Its time to disband unfortunately
2020-09-18 15:54
How is he a traitor by doing that? They've tried many fixes for FaZe and none of them have worked. It's smart for him to jump ship to a better team, if G2 get NiKo then they'll become real contenders for the major trophy whenever the fuck the next major is.
2020-09-18 15:55
cArn | 
Philippines J4DEM
lebron NiKo? cant win titles so join other team maybe
2020-09-18 15:58
I will glady watch g2 fall ;)
2020-09-18 15:59
Poland kvvach
2020-09-18 16:02
broky to mouz would be good
2020-09-18 16:02
If Faze grab a real IGL, maybe Coldzera back up to form
2020-09-18 16:02
"traitor" lul, are you 14 y.o. ?
2020-09-18 16:03
FaZe will get to finally leave the scene as they have wanted for a while
2020-09-18 16:08
Poland kvvach
any prove?
2020-09-18 16:12
2020-09-18 16:21
Brazil Fir3ss
If Niko leaves the FaZe Clan, it's likely Fallen's entry or a possible disband (Maybe). If the disband probably occurs Coldzera goes to Luminosity Gaming, to recreate The Last Dance Rain goes to C9 Broky goes to Fnatic or will join as the 8 player on the Astralis line Shakerbye goes to retire
2020-09-18 16:24
Broky probably also will go to C9 with rain.
2020-09-18 19:44
United States ItsImpact
I mean maybe it’s just me but I’m pretty sure it’s the org that is selling him to G2 not him leaving FaZe
2020-09-18 18:48
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
If FaZe replace NiKo with a decent, dynamic IGL then they won't need NiKo.
2020-09-18 19:13
Denmark dyinbyran
Before Niko G2 : "Niko shit , he is the problem" "Niko baiting for his stats" "kick Niko" When Niko leaves : "SnAkEeeee"
2020-09-18 19:26
Cold to Luminosity
2020-09-18 19:31
rain to fnatic would be really sad for rain
2020-09-18 19:45
Not really, he will finally get a chance to play for a well sturctured team
2020-09-18 20:27
What are u talking about. All kicked faze players go to mousesports.
2020-09-18 20:41
Coldzera 100Thieves XDDD -WHO JKS ?
2020-09-18 20:42
Brazil onlyhauch
Niko knows that this team is going to be a shit with the time. Cold is not the same as and he wants back to the last dance...
2020-09-18 20:43
rain to fnatic hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahhahahahhahaha and i think cold reunite with brasil upcoming player "falled"
2020-09-18 20:50
better for Faze. And i think for G2 its not gonna work anyway. but who knows, Niko ego come with him. so time will show. and probably cold go to c9 6player, marketing guru.
2020-09-18 20:54
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