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new 100t lineup?
autimatic | 
Liechtenstein Denial123 
Players 100T could pick up -Dexter -Hellzerk -Rain -Sico Others?
2020-09-18 18:36
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did i miss something? everyone is saying 100T +rain
2020-09-18 18:37
Mongolia Kkura
Faze are probably going to disband from the CS scene
2020-09-18 18:38
2020-09-18 18:41
Denmark Jeffersond
Ofc they arent hahaha
2020-09-19 06:27
Yes they are
2020-09-19 09:00
Sweden quacke
2020-09-19 11:05
jks | 
United States Fule
Niko looks like he is leaving Kjaerbye is playing like shit Rain has been there from the start I bet he is tired Cold is falling off Broky needs a new team
2020-09-19 11:09
Sweden quacke
The problem with FaZe is not individual. How do you expect three players to play the same role? Especially without a support player or even a proper IGL? I mean they could disband but they probably won't.
2020-09-19 12:18
I think because jkaem is norway. Doesn't really make sense when really I think AZR is the one who needs replacing unless they just go for a new coach.
2020-09-18 18:39
yeah idk
2020-09-18 18:41
Mexico tscXvnx
nah azr is fine. liaz and gratata too unstable for t1
2020-09-18 19:21
True they just blow up in your face half the time
2020-09-19 08:57
liazz can blow up in my face
2020-09-19 11:18
Would rather have jks but a win is a win
2020-09-19 17:08
Mongolia Kkura
Jks Jkaem Liazz should stay on the roster
2020-09-18 18:37
2020-09-18 18:38
jks Liazz dexter hallzerk jkaem
2020-09-18 18:44
Mongolia Kkura
Sounds good imo
2020-09-18 18:46
actually it is great imo
2020-09-19 11:20
Australia Rezonact
That could work well considering that Liazz and Dexter have played with each other in the past.
2020-09-19 11:32
Portugal NACKZ
Jks jkaem rain Dexter hallzerk
2020-09-18 18:38
I was thinking this but then they lose the OCE feeling as well as team chem I don't think will be that great. Also, lose OCE major qualification.
2020-09-18 18:41
Portugal NACKZ
Then sico instead of hallzerk
2020-09-18 19:19
ropz | 
United States omaega
But they don't use OCE major qualification, they relocated to NA, the OCE major spot is going to RNG.
2020-09-18 19:20
No, they couldn't travel to OCE cause of corona.
2020-09-19 06:24
they live in NA
2020-09-19 07:05
Please I know I'm right like how they have qualified for every major since 2014... Through OCE they only did it in NA this year because of corona............... I know they live in NA. They have 3 Australians and 1 kiwi they do OCE major Quals ...............................................................................................
2020-09-19 08:52
I don't think they would consider the ability to qualify in OCE as a factor in picking up players, their goal should be winning a major not just qualifying. If they cant qualify in NA then there is something seriously wrong.
2020-09-19 09:26
They can be a NA team and participate in NA but why go through NA quals when they can do OCE quals and with ez and not show strats and stuff. That's what they have done for there entire time bing in na since 2015
2020-09-19 15:36
jks | 
United States Fule
They are now fully staying in NA for anything related to the major no matter if corona hits or not. Old kassad tweet or interview i can't remember but i do
2020-09-19 11:11
New Zealand rOtten_97
They're in NA now, OCE is Renegades/Order
2020-09-19 06:58
oSee, hallzerk, Cooper
2020-09-18 18:47
oSee or Hallerk could be good
2020-09-19 06:24
Australia opzy
INS is better than dexter firepower wise these days, but dexter is IGL
2020-09-19 06:31
wheres JKS, he is the key to 100T
2020-09-19 06:45
What is this tier 10 team? WHy people make some bullshit and then think it could work out. This lineup would never ever go to big stage
2020-09-19 09:13
Namibia doggc
Some of those players only look good because they are playing against bots in AUS server.
2020-09-19 09:14
-gratis +sico -liaz +dexter
2020-09-19 09:15
burnruok flusha xccurate forsaken elemeNt
2020-09-19 09:17
jks AZR Jkaem rain smooya
2020-09-19 09:17
Kazakhstan xep1x
Guys, excuse me for writing off topic, but why do we need points in the group stage of the tournament?
2020-09-19 09:18
Few thoughts Jks AZR Rain Jkaem Hallzerk Jks AZR Liazz Jkaem Hallzerk Jks AZR Liazz BnTeT Xccurate Jks Dexter Liazz INS aliStair Jks AZR Liazz Jkaem (Star International AWPER)
2020-09-19 21:07
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